Look young for your age

by: Tazz | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 31, 2014

Chapter 5

Chapter Description: Amanda is getting close to either returning to diapers or getting the curse lifted.

I was almost home free. All that was in my way of possibly becoming older again was one block. All me, Ellie, Josh and Zach had to do was get to Mrs. Rudor’s house and hopefully she would undo the curse she placed upon. But fate said otherwise.

The block was crowded with kids with their parents. Knowing any person when they saw a kid my age in a cute costume they had to say so and even ask my age.

“Amanda, whatever you do be quiet. We will do the talking for you. Whatever you do, don’t say any age.” Said Ellie

“I wont” I said with confidence. It was still had believe the voice coming out of my mouth was something I hadn’t hear in years.

We made our way through the wave of kids and parents. Of course we were stopped by other parents asking about. I kept as quiet as I could and let Ellie do the talking. She continued the masquerade of me being Josh’s 6 year old cousin.

“My why a quiet little girl” said a woman

“She is very shy around strangers. You should have seen her when she met us.” Said Zach

“Well either way she is such a cutie” the woman said

“Thanks” I said in a small whisper

“Ah she speaks. Now how old are you sweetie?” asked the woman

“She is…” Ellie tried to say before I interrupted her by saying 5.

“My what a big girl you are. Having fun with your big cousin and his friends.” Said the woman before leaving. Luckily she didn’t notice that I had shrunk from a six year old to a 5 year old. The snow white costume growing quite large on me.

“Amanda what did I say? Look at you! I don’t think that costume is going to cut it anymore. Look go over to the bushes and change into the costume I brought that should fit you.” Said Ellie handing me a cat costume.

I had behind bushes and changed into the costume. Fortunately no one saw me. I mean what an embarrassment it would have been to be seen naked. When I was done Ellie put the costume in the backpack she had brought that had the other costumes.

“Amanda unless you want to be in diapers soon. You have to be quiet especially when being asked about your age. We are getting close to the house. You think you can make it without lying about your age?” asked Josh

“Yeah I think so…unless you want to carry me. I could always say my age is…” I said

“Amanda don’t even think about it.” Said Zach

“Don’t worry. I don’t want to be that helpess. I will be more carefu…” I said interrupting myself

“What is it Amanda” asked Ellie

“I have to use the bathroom!” I said

“How bad” asked Josh

“Really bad” I said doing the look a small child would do when they really had to go.

“Can you hold it?” asked Zach

“No…” I said trying real hard to hold it in. It seems not just my body had gotten younger but my bladder did as well.

“Look a friend of mine lives near here. I am sure she will let you use her bathroom.” Said Ellie

“But what if she is asked how old she is?” asked Josh

“If we are quick about it, we wont have to worry about it” said Ellie

Ellie then led us to her friends us and as she said. Her parents were kind. As soon as they told me where it was. I ran to the bathroom. When I got out Ellie, Josh and Zach were talking with their friend Beth.

“It was no big deal. My sister Lucy would do the same thing. How come I have never seen her before” asked Beth

“Oh she is my cousin” said Josh

“Funny how come I never seen her before. Don’t forget I saw your cousins at your last family reunion a few months ago and she wasn’t there.” Said Beth

“Well she…uh…” Josh tried to explain

“Let me guess my Grandma did this?” asked Beth who was Mrs. Rudor’s grand daughter.

“Yeah. Amanda is really a 23 yr old woman who looked young for age. Enough so that she could pass as a 9-10 yr old. So your grandma put a curse on her so every time she lies about her age she becomes it.” Explained Zach

“Yeah and each time she is asked. She has the urge to lie” said Ellie

“Oh…really. Amanda how old are you.”

“Amanda don’t answer her…” Ellie tried to warn me.

“4” I said as I felt my body shrink further inching closer to toddlerhood. The cat costume now becoming baggy on my smaller body.

“Beth you should have done that. We are leaving and hopefully her curse will be over very soon.” Said Ellie

“Why its not like she is going anywhere…now.” Giggled Beth

“Come on Amanda lets go before she gets any ide..” said Zach before being interrupted by Beth

“Amanda how old are you really” asked Beth knowing the answer that would come out of my mouth.

“3” I said and of course I shrunk to a three year old toddler with the costume now really big on me.

“Awe… is the little baby going to cry” mocked Beth

“I am not a baby. I am a big girl” I said not noticing I was now even acting like a child.

“Not if I have anything to say about it. How old are you Amanda” said Beth

Before I could answer, Ellie covered my mouth so I couldn’t answer.

“Come on lets go. We did what we came here for” said Ellie holding my hand as we left the house.

“Hey Amanda, I said how old are you!” yelled Beth

Since Ellie’s hand wasn’t on my mouth at the moment I of course responded “Two years old” and of course my body shrank to that of a 2 yr old toddler. My costume pants were now at my ankles. Ellie looked down to see me teary eyed.

“Come on Amanda lets get you into the that Minnie mouse costume I wore when I was 2 years old” said Ellie

Like last time, I was led to bush and I changed clothes with help of course since a 2 yr old cant change themselves. Luckilly Ellie was willing to help. She said she had always wanted a baby sister to which I blushed.

We continued walking…well Josh, Ellie and Zach did. Since my legs were small, Ellie was kind enough to hold me in the final steps towards Mrs. Rudor’s house.

“Don’t worry Amanda we are almost there. Just another minute and we will be there” said Ellie

Just as we got to Mrs. Rudor’s house we ran into another roadblock in my quest to get this curse lifted.



End Chapter 5

Look young for your age

by: Tazz | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 31, 2014


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