Look young for your age

by: Tazz | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 31, 2014

Chapter 2
The night is still young

Chapter Description: Amanda's Halloween has just begun

It was October 31st. I had just put on the costume I would wear this year. A Elsa costume from the movie “Frozen” that was meant for a girl around the age of 10. I was able to even braid my recently dyed hair to make my brown hair look blonde. I never keep changes like that. Mostly in fear of someone who didn’t know what I did would spot. On the few occasions where a friend or co-worked saw me. I would just tell them it wasn’t me because I wasn’t a kid or the kid had a different hair color, had braces (long story) or was a clearly a boy (lets just say a year I went tom boy just so I could just go as Thor) Of course they would believe me because they would never expect an adult like myself would do something so childish.

My only rules were:

1. Never trick or treat in the same place. Too many questions

2. Never trick or treat in an area where I knew people.

3. Never stay out late as other adults will ask questions.

4. Walk…never drive. Same reason 3. If its far. Drive to somewhere close enough to walk.

Simple enough. Because of this I manage to hide my little secret with few exceptions like I mentioned. This year I was going to drive to a nearby town. I had heard other kids from the previous year say the residents are really generous with the candy and sometimes do a trick that you will never forgot. But when asked what they meant. They said it was a secret…a rule.

The town was like any other. Mostly family homes decorated head to toe in Halloween decorations. I continued driving with the windows down so no one would think a kid was driving the car. I always do this to get a layout of the neighborhood so I wouldn’t get lost. Eventually when I figured if I laid out a good enough plan, I found a public parking lot and parked my van waiting til the coast was clear before getting out.

It started out like any other Halloween. Luckily no problems. No one that I knew. So far a perfect Halloween. I went by a house and was met by a boy who appeared to 18. He thought I was a friend of his sister. But I said I wasn’t and that my family had moved a week prior. A lie I usually tell when I am asked who I was. I would normally lie and say my name was Emily and point to a random car saying that’s where my parents were. Well anyway, he asked me if I wanted a real Halloween trick/treat. Intrigued I said yes. He told me to go to the house down the block. There I would meet an old woman named Mrs. Rudor and then tell her Jason sent me. He told me she would give me a treat I would never forget. He then proceeded to give me candy. I thanked him and headed my way.

I went to the next houses and I came across the house that boy Jason mentioned. It looked exactly what he described. An old Victorian home. They looked like a haunted house. I knew it was the home he had mentioned because on the mailbox it had “Rudor” on it. I slowly went up to the door with other kids looking and not going to the door.

Hey are you going to Mrs. Rudor’s door asked a boy who was dressed as Batman

Yeah, why? I asked trying to make my voice sound childish

Nothing just be prepared to get a real treat that you will never forget said another boy who was dressed as a cop.

I keep hearing that. What does that mean?

Wait you have never heard of Mrs. Rudor asked a girl dressed as Elsa as well. She was most likely the girl that boy confused me for as we looked similar.

No, my family moved here a few days ago I lied continuing my charade.

Oh what grade are you in? asked the Batman

I am in the 4th grade.

Oh then you will be in the same grade as us. Im Ellie, this is Josh (the Batman) and this is Zach (the cop) said the girl

So why should I be prepared to this house? I asked

It’s a secret. All I can say is my friend’s brother had a Halloween where it still freaks him out. But either way you find out soon said Josh

Look its nice meeting you. I hope to see you at school said Zach

The three kids then headed off to the next house as I walked slowly to the front door.

What does everyone mean? Does she do cheap scares? Is she know to scare kids too much? But what did that boy mean one kid never felt the same again I thought to myself as I rang the doorbell.

Instead of the normal doorbell I heard a witch’s laugh repeat itself for a few times. Shortly after the door opened and an older woman answered the door. Was this kind looking woman be responsible for scaring kids to the much people are afraid to stop by her door.

My what a beautiful Elsa you are said the woman

Thanks I said acting a little shy like most kids do.

Whats your name? she asked

I answered Emily also that I was 9 (sometimes I forget what age Im pretending to be) and my parents were in the van across the street.

Oh is that so? She said looking at the van. Now that isn’t true. Is it Amanda said the woman

I was shocked. How did she know my name. I had never seen this woman before. She clearly knew who I was and what I like to do.

How did you kn…

Oh its who I am. I am a witch.

Yeah right.

Oh I am telling the truth. I give a treat to special boys and girls on Halloween based on what I think they want or need she went on saying

I of course didn’t believe her. But how did she know who I was. But no one was a witch and maybe she knew someone who knew my secret and they told her in advance. But I didn’t tell anyone where I was going.

I see that you like to take advantage of looking young for your age. So maybe that’s what your treat should be.

What do you mean?

You will find out. As soon as you leave my property you will find out.

She then proceeded to put candy in my bag and closed the door. I just shrugged her off and left the property. Not knowing as soon as I touched the sidewalk that my Halloween night had only just begun.




End Chapter 2

Look young for your age

by: Tazz | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 31, 2014


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