Trick or Treat without the treat

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Chapter 2
Terry, Jamie and Mark

Chapter Description: Terry, Jamie and Mark's side of the story

Jamie was in her room getting ready for spending Halloween night with her best friend Terry. Terry was given the task of handing out candy to trick or treaters while her parents were at some party. Jamie had agreed to hang out with her so she wouldn’t be alone. After getting ready, Jamie went downstairs to find her parents.

So Jamie what are your plans for tonight asked Melinda

I am going to go over to Terry’s house and watch some scary movies while she watches her younger brother and hands out candy for trick or treaters when he her parents are at some party explained Jamie.

Well don’t stay out late, you do have a curfew said Luke

I wont be out too long, now I got to go said Jamie

Jamie then went to table where she had placed the candy and saw two bags.

Now which one is the one I am bringing? Jamie thought to herself.

Realizing it didn’t matter, she grabbed the one on the right not realizing the one she grabbed were magic age candy meant to make whoever ate it the age of the number on the candy. Like she had been told, Terry’s parents picked her up and took her to their house.

Ok bye you two, Terry please keep a good eye on your brother said Terry’s dad

Once inside Jamie placed the bag of candy by the front door for when trick or treaters come by later.

So did you bring the movies asked Terry

Yeah, I brought over “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Friday the 13th” and not those stupid remakes…the originals said Jamie

I cant believe I am stuck here watching Mark. I could be out hanging out with Will.

It isn’t that bad, look I could’ve done the same thing but I decided not let you hanging by yourself watching your little brother.

About 30 or so minutes later was when the trick or treaters started coming. Jamie and Terry each took turns handing out the candy to the kids who came to the door. Eventually when things calmed down. Jamie and Terry went back to watching movies. Until Terry’s younger 7 yr old brother came downstairs.

Im bored, why cant I go trick or treating complained Mark

Mom and dad told you. You are grounded for pouring the punch bowl over that girl at your schools Halloween party said Terry

But that isn’t fair. All my friends are outside.

You think I am enjoying this. Watching you instead of hanging out with my friends?

Can I at least take a piece of candy?

No, mom said no candy

Come on!

Terry, just let him have a piece of candy. It isn’t going to kill him. Plus it will get him to stop bothering us said Jamie

Good point. Ok squirt, you can have one piece of candy. Be good for a hour or so and maybe Ill take you out to get candy said Terry

You promise?

Yes, now go upstairs, so me and Jamie can be by ourselves for a while.

Mark then went to the bowl and grabbed a piece of candy, then went upstairs.

Finally I thought he would never leave said Terry

Are we actually going to take him out later? Asked Jamie

Oh god, no. I figure if I said that he wouldn’t bother us for a while. Plus in a hour or so my parents will be ho….

Before Terry could finish, both her and Jamie her a scream coming from upstairs that didn’t sound like a 7 yr old but a teenager.

What the hell was that! Asked Jamie

I sounded like it came from Mark’s room said Terry

Both Terry and Jamie hurried upstairs to see who was making that screaming. Inside Mark’s room, they did not find Terry’s 7 yr old brother. Instead they found a teenage boy who looked to be around 19 years old. He was wearing very tight and torn clothing that Mark was wearing earlier.

Who the hell are you? And why are you wearing my brother’s clothes asked Terry

Terry its me Mark.

Nice try, but my brother is a bratty 7 yr old and not some teen.

No, I’m serious. I ate one of the candy and then I grew up. I am telling the truth.

Start telling the truth soon. Or I am calling the cops. People don’t just age 12 years in a matter of minutes.

Well he is wearing Mark’s clothes and Mark is no where to be found said Jamie

What could have caused this? Asked Terry

Maybe it was the candy I ate. Not long after I ate it, I got older. Said Mark

The store I bought the candy from didn’t say these made people older. I wonder why they didn’t mention something as important as that said Jamie

Where did you buy them asked Terry

Walmart, and I doubt they started selling magical stuff.

Why don’t you two take some candy and also become older. It feels very weird that my older sister isn’t older then me said Mark

I don’t know, what if we become really old or something. I don’t want to have wrinkles and grey hair when I am 16 said Terry

Actually it might be fun. I hear there is a college party and if we are old enough we can go and have fun said Jamie

Ok, but we better hope it wears off because it will be hard to explain to my parents why all of a sudden we are all older said Terry

Jamie and Terry rushed downstairs to the candy bowl. They each took 1 random piece of candy not knowing that there were numbers on them.

Ok here goes nothing said Jamie as both her and Terry ate the pieces of candy.

Immediately they both felt odd, which they did expect. But the result wasn’t what they had expected. They didn’t feel like they were getting older. In fact they felt as if they were getting smaller…and younger.

What is going on? I thought these made people older. I mean Mark got older asked Terry

I don’t know, but soon we might be little kids…or worst be in diapers said Jamie

The 2 teenage girls continued to get younger as Mark watched in awe as his older sister started to not look that old. In fact soon they were both bare chested pre teens. Their clothes were really baggy and they weren’t stopping. But for one thing, once the two had reached age 10. Jamie was slowing down. By the time she had stopped getting younger she appeared to be 8 years old. She actually looked like she was wearing her older sister clothes. But Terry on the other hand was much smaller. She now appeared to be roughly 3 years old and looked to be about to burst into tears.

Best Halloween ever! Im big and my sister is a baby said Mark

Im not a baby! Im a big girl said Terry not realizing how childish she now sounded

Hey watch it. I am now in charge little sis!

Mark you might look older then us now, but we are still in charge said Jamie

No one is going to believe a 8 yr old and a 3 yr old are in charge of a 19 yr old said Mark

Jamie knew this was true. Until they could fix this. Mark was in deed in charge.

Hm, as the one in charge. What should we do?….I know lets go trick or treating. Since I am now too old for that. I will have you two do it and then give me the candy. If you don’t, Ill give you both a spanking laughed Mark.

That’s not fair! Said Terry

Well too bad. Now I believe mom and dad saved some of your old costumes. So I am sure we will find something that will fit you.

Mark went into the attic and did find costumes for Jamie and Terry to wear. Jamie wore a Princess costume while Terry wore a clown costume.

There arent you two look cute said Mark

Mark then led the two young girls out trick or treating not noticing the chaos that was happening with kids and babies wearing large clothes and adults wearing tight clothes. Jamie didn’t want to admit it but being 8 again wasn’t that bad. Well for the moment at least. She had stopped going trick or treating the year before and wished she could but couldn’t since she was now too old to do so.

About 10 minutes later, they don’t seem to notice Jamie’s parents driving up the driveway with her parents rushing to the door.



End Chapter 2

Trick or Treat without the treat

by: Tazz | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 27, 2011


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