Trick or Treat without the treat

by: Tazz | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 27, 2011

Luke and Melinda have bought magical age candy for themselves on Halloween, but what happens when it is accidentally handed out to trick or treaters? (Note this story will be told through different points of view for the first 2 chapters)

Chapter 1
Luke and Melinda

Chapter Description: Luke and Melinda's side of the story

Hey honey I got the candy like you had asked said Luke holding what appeared to be a bag of Halloween candy

Are you sure you got the right ones. My friend Lucy told me about these candies and how they are magic explain Melinda

Yeah I know, each candy has a number on it. Eat the candy and you become the age of the corresponding number. Want to try one now?

Oh god no. Not with Jamie still in the house. I don’t want to be the same age as her or younger with her still around. Look tonight she has is hanging with her friends. When she leaves we will have fun but wait.

After talking, Luke and Melinda went into the kitchen. Luke placed the bag of magic candy on the counter, not noticing the other bag of candy that Jamie had bought.

So Jamie what are your plans for tonight asked Melinda

I am going to go over to Terry’s house and watch some scary movies while she watches her younger brother and hands out candy for trick or treaters when he her parents are at some party explained Jamie.

Well don’t stay out late, you do have a curfew said Luke

I wont be out too long, now I got to go said Jamie picking up one of the bags of candy.

As Jamie left the house, both Melinda and Luke decided to just wait a bit before trying out the magic candy. I mean they knew even though Jamie said she wouldn’t be out long, but knowing her, she would be gone all night. Which was fine since it wasn’t a school night. They did though wait so they could hand out the candy they had in the bowl. But after a hour or two, they couldn’t wait.

Ok honey it is time for us to have a little Halloween magic said Melinda

Oh man I cant wait to see you possibly in diapers said Luke

Oh I am going to go that far. So what happens when we want to return to normal?

The guy at the store said that there would be several candy that instead of having a number it would have return, which will make the person back to the age they were before.

Ok lets do it. You got the candy

Right here.

Luke and Melinda then began to open the bag of candy but something wasn’t right. They assumed the wrappers would have numbers on them. Instead they were typical Halloween images.

I thought you said these would have numbers on them representing an age said Luke

Maybe the numbers on the candy themselves.. like if it were a game or something said Melina

Luke then opened up a candy and there was no number. Luke then proceeded to eat one and when nothing happened. They realized why nothing happened.

Jamie must’ve taken our bag of candy by mistake.

Oh shit, do you know what this means? Right now there are kids getting age changing candy.

Oh man some of our friends live in that neighborhood with kids. It will be hard to explain why their kids got turned into babies or elderly because they ate a candy our daughter handed out to them.

Lets not get too crazy, I mean not that many kids eat candy while trick or treating. We can simply ask each kid if they got candy from Terry’s house. If they do, just try to convince them to give it back. Easy as that.

I sure hope so.

Luke and Melinda then rushed out of their house and into their car. When they got near Terry’s house, they saw that their worst fear had come true. Driving through the streets, Luke and Melinda saw adults wearing really small kids costumes, babies wearing kids clothes, elderly wearing a little child’s costume. In fact they saw babies in large adult clothing, kids in teen clothes, etc meaning some of the parents had eating some of the candy. Most of them were with a confused parent or child wondering what the hell was going on.

We are too late, and what’s worst it seems some of the parents ate a candy said Melinda

Look we will worry about this later, but we need to make sure Jamie and Terry didn’t hand out all of the handy. If we are lucky then, not that many were given out said Luke

But there has to be dozens of people who ate the candy.

Yeah but that bag had at least 100 pieces of candy.

True but what if some kids are saving that piece of candy. They could be all gone.

Luke didn’t respond, he kept driving and turned onto Terry’s street seeing more kids and adults who ate the age candy. Luckily not as many but still a similar sight. Before he could turn into Terry’s driveway a old woman in torn clothing holding a half naked baby jumped in front of the car.

Please help, I was trick or treating with my mommy, I got 2 pieces of candy, I ate one and I became a really big girl and my mommy became a little baby said the woman

Judging by the tone of the woman’s voice and the way she was talking, most likely she was earlier no older then 4..5 maybe.

Oh my god, I know that girl. That’s Elizabeth, Mary’s little girl. I know her from work said Melinda

How can you tell? Asked Luke

I’ve seen her once or twice and she had this birthmark on her neck and clearly it’s the same one. Oh my god…if that is Elizabeth that means that baby is….Oh poor Mary. Luke we have to find a way to turn everyone back.

We will. I am the store I got the candy from has a bag of candy that will return everyone to normal in case this ever happened.

Luke then continued to drive past the now much older Elizabeth and pulled into Terry’s driveway.

Ok we are here. Lets hope the damage isn’t too bad said Luke

When Luke and Melinda got of the car, they rang the doorbell… response. They tried again…same thing.

I thought she said that her and Terry would be here all night? Asked Luked

Yeah and neither of them are responding. Luke do you think??? Said Melinda

Lets hope not.

Luke then opened the door since it was unlocked to find the house empty.

Luke where are they?

I have no idea.

Luke and Melinda then walked around with no sign of Jamie nor Terry. Soon Luke heard a scream that sounded like his wife.

Luke then ran to the living room where he found Melinda standing gasping.


Luke looked down to find a pile of discarded clothing. One he recognized as the clothing Jamie was wearing right before she left their house and the other probably Terry’s.

Luke do you think, both of them ate a candy that made them unborn?

I doubt it. Why would the candy company make one that would kill the one who ate it.

Then where are they and why are their clothes on the floor asked Melinda knowing the most reason why.

I don’t know but we need to find them.



End Chapter 1

Trick or Treat without the treat

by: Tazz | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 27, 2011


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