Discuss: AR is 1st episode of Netflix's "The Sandman"


AR is 1st episode of Netflix's "The Sandman"

Tazz ยท Aug 25, 2022

In the episode Morpheus (basically the god of dreams, sleep, etc) is captured and put into a glass prison by a man who seeks for him to resurect his dead son. Morpheus doesnt say anything and for decades Morpheus remains in the glass prison as the man eventually dies, his son takes over and only seeks to not be harmed if released. Morpheus doesnt respond. Eventually when the son is an old man. Morpheus is freed by a guard. Morpheus enters the son's dreams to make him aware he is freed. In the dream the son walks down a corridor gradually appearing younger from an old man (what he was at the time) to a child (the age he was when Morpheus was first captured). Because of the son not releasing him and causing the world to be in turmoil (people getting sleeping disease which causes them to not be able to sleep or wake up). Morpheus gifts him the gift of eternal sleep.

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