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April Showers bring baby showers

by: Tazz Last updated Apr 13, 2008

In a certain family, the women are spring witches. Every year on the first day of spring, all the woman gain a power to turn people into things based on a theme. And this year its babyhood

Be carful of how much you spend

by: Tazz Last updated Dec 22, 2005

A man gets a gift card from his wife for christmas with no limit to how much money he can spend. But instead of money being spent, and going lower his age is.

Halloween's Past

by: Tazz Last updated Oct 27, 2008

An 18 year old relives his Halloween past but how much of it?

Held Back

by: Tazz Last updated Oct 18, 2005

What if there was a new drug at there that could make students who were held back a few grades, become the nomral age for that grade

Just Like New

by: Tazz Last updated Jun 8, 2007

Frank, a private investigator is hired to look into a strange antiques shop called Just Like New. There he finds something he didnt expect

Kerry's revenge

by: Tazz Last updated Oct 18, 2005

A little ar story I wrote when Bush got re elected

Look young for your age

by: Tazz Last updated Oct 31, 2014

Amanda has always gotten away with how young she looks especially on Halloween. But what happens if it becomes real. Kind of a sequel to a Halloween story I did a while back called "Halloween's Past"

Themed Halloween Party

by: Tazz Last updated Oct 28, 2006

James attends a themed Halloween party thats well magical

Trick or Treat without the treat

by: Tazz Last updated Oct 27, 2011

Luke and Melinda have bought magical age candy for themselves on Halloween, but what happens when it is accidentally handed out to trick or treaters? (Note this story will be told through different points of view for the first 2 chapters)

Venny Family's magical holidays: Easter Egg Hunt

by: Tazz Last updated Apr 13, 2006

A teen's family easter egg hunt has more then candy in the eggs.

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