April Showers bring baby showers

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Chapter 2
Enter year of the babyhood

Chapter Description: The first day of spring is here and the fun begins

Chapter 2:

Enter year of the babyhood

That night Amber couldn’t sleep because of how excited she was that for the next two weeks you could turn people including her and you into babies and back. Now we both decided that I would not use my powers until after school, I mean we couldn’t be babies in a high school, there would be too many questions.

That day Amber could not keep her smile off of her face. As a result it got a lot of people asking why she was smiling so much to which she replied “Nothing”. People knew something was up but of course they had no idea the reason she was smiling was something magical that only you and her would get involved with.

Later that day we went straight to my house and went into my room.

Ok can we NOW have fun with your powers? I have been looking forward to this day for months since the two weeks were up last year asked Amber with anticipation.

Alright hold your horses. Now remember the rules.

I told you. I wont tell anyone.

Ok, who should go first?

I wouldn’t mind playing mommy for a short while before I try out being a baby.

Sigh...alright but if you make things a little too rough, I can easily make it the other way around.

I promise Ill be a good mommy to you.

You could tell Amber really couldn’t wait for you to be back in diapers. You always thought Amber had always wanted to be a mom and for at least today she would get her chance. After 30 minutes of preparation of getting diapers, baby food and other baby needs that your mom had bought for when you and her try your ability to turn others into babies.

I cant believe your mom buys these kind of things every year.

Well she has to depending on the year. Sure our clothes change along with us but what if we decide to stay like this for more then a day, we need spare clothes.

Good point, and when are you going to turn yourself into a baby, you know how impatient I can get.

Don’t remind me. Ok here it goes.

The one thing I forgot to mention is how easy it is for us spring witches to do our transformation. Its as simple as blinking, we just think it and it happens. So as soon as I thought of making myself a baby, it happened. In the blink of an eye, my room had become huge. Amber now towered over me as I sat on the floor. I don’t know why I was now sitting when I was originally standing up. My mom told me that her grandmother believed the reason is this was our body’s way of getting used to our new body. Like in an animal theme, we would be on all 4s even if the animal could stand up. I soon then realized what I was now wearing. I was wearing a pink tee, jeans and I definitely felt a diaper underneath.

Amber continued to look at me with a huge smirk on her face.

Why aren’t you a cutie.

Amber then lifted me up and placed me on my bed. She then all of a sudden started to tickle me, I couldn’t resist I started giggling like the baby I was at the moment. After about a minute of doing this, Amber got bored.

Ok now what to do with you? I know!

Amber then lifted me up and carried me to the bathroom. I had no idea what she was thinking of doing since she knows that I could easily turn the tables. Inside the bathroom, Amber then turned on the bathtub and proceeded to undress me. It was clear, she wanted to give me a bubble bath. I didn’t know what Amber would do but now I see she would treat me like a mother would treat her baby.

After 5 minutes in the tub my mom entered the bathroom. She took one glance at me and then Amber.

I see that you are letting Amber take care of you while you are a baby. Now Amber remember the rules we gave you when you learned of our little secret said my mom

Yes, Jessica reminded me as usual. Now I will keep this a secret you can count on me. By the way have you used your powers yet? said Amber

Not yet but I have something planned and don’t worry it doesn’t concern you.

After a few minutes of adoring me, which I couldn’t blame her. She always spends a hour looking at some of my baby pictures. I could tell she was looking forward to this year’s theme more then Amber since it would be her chance to see her daughter a baby again even for a short while.

Amber actually did a good job taking care of me in the tub. She cleaned me, played with me and even splashed me a few times. Actually it was so fun, I giggled like a baby a few times. I was actually enjoying every second of it. Then after about 10 minutes later, Amber decide it was time to take me out of the tub. She dried me off and then put a fresh new diaper on me.

Oh I wish I had a camera on me said Amber just looking at you still smiling.

I decided I was going to let Amber have her fun but come the next morning, I would have the roles reversed, since I could change back and turn Amber into a baby at will. After a minute of adoring how cute I was, Amber decided to put me in some of the baby pjs my mom had bought when one of us decided to use the powers.

Then it was time for Amber to play with me some more. She forced me to play with the baby toys that was in the house and like earlier, started to tickle me. She will have her fun but come tomorrow she will see what its like to be a baby. I was thinking of doing it right now but you thought it would be more fun to do while she is sleeping so she would wake up to a shock.

When she was finished playing with me, she thought it would be fun if she tucked me into my bed and read me a bedtime story. Even though it was way too early for me to go to sleep, for some reason I felt very tired. Perhaps my body is acting like a baby and not just looking like one, so my body was telling me it’s the perfect time for a baby to go to sleep. I allowed Amber to put me in my bed, now normally a baby doesn’t sleep in a bed but mine was big enough to keep me from falling out. She read me a book on nursery rhymes and after a minute of listening I fell to sleep quickly.

That night, I had a strange dream. I dreamt that Amber found a way to keep me a baby, and I couldn’t turn back. Then the two weeks were up and I now couldn’t turn back even if I was able to.

This wasn’t the first time, I had a dream that Amber would do something stupid that I would be punished for. In the year the theme was chimp, while as a chimp, I dreamt that Amber had me be put in a zoo that prevents spring witches from turning back. One time I had a dream that Amber told everyone my secret and there was a witch hunt. Each time was always the same, Amber turning on me.

I woke up that morning with a lot of sweat for my little body. I then noticed right away that I had wet my diaper and worst I was actually sucking my thumb. Again it goes back to my theory that my body is acting like the age it is right now so I am doing things I normally wouldn’t do. I quickly took of the diaper and pjs and prepared to turn back. I knew that my clothes would turn into normal clothes once I turn back, but I didn’t want to see if as a result of me wetting my diaper would cause my normal clothes to be wet.

I then quickly aged myself back to normal and quickly changed back into normal clothes. I had to admit being a baby again was very fun and some time before the end of the 2 weeks, you would defiantly do it again but for now it was Amber’s turn. I then noticed Amber sleeping on the floor in the sleeping bag we always have for her when she sleeps over.

Amber sleeping like a baby but that wont be far from the truth I said with a grin on my face.

I quickly did my magic and in an instant, where Amber was sleeping now was a infant girl. I couldn’t wait to see her face when she woke up, luckily I didn’t have to wait long as a few minutes later little Amber woke up.

Amber rubbed her eyes as she woke up, not noticing what Jessica had done. All she noticed was the sun was in her eyes. That’s when she noticed that Jessica had aged herself back while she was asleep. She then realized she was now a baby when she felt a diaper around her waist and plus Jessica’s room was now huge compared to her. Amber then decided to look at her body and saw she was now wearing a pink nightie and a diaper.

I told you I would change the roles said Jessica

Amber wasn’t upset she just wished that she had more time being a mommy and also Jessica would give her a heads up.

That morning I took little Amber to the kitchen to give her the baby food that was stored for this year. Amber resisted at first but she gave in. That’s when my 14brother Jason walked into the room. He had been always jealous of the fact only the women in the family get powers every year. He would sometimes even try to get me to use my power for his gain like turning his enemies into whatever the theme was for that year.

Is that Amber asked Jason when he noticed the baby sitting in the high chair.

Yes, yesterday I was the baby and today I thought it would be fun for her I explained

How don’t even think of putting me in diapers. Its hard enough being your younger BROTHER! But its another to be your baby one.

Ok I wont.

That’s when you both notice a very bad smell and we knew what it was.

Amber! I get it you want to act like a baby but don’t do that.

After changing her diaper, I decided it was time for both of us to be babies and go to the park. So I got little Amber changed into baby clothes and I took her to the park.

To be continued with the third and final chapter



End Chapter 2

April Showers bring baby showers

by: Tazz | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 13, 2008


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