Halloween's Past

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Chapter 5
Oh No

Chapter Description: Jason finds out his Halloween Nightmare is far from over

I was completely bored out of my mind. Here I was, an 18 year old who was in my first year in college and now I was reliving my Halloween past and now I was back in pre school hanging around with little kids. The rest of the day was even worst. When it came to Lunch time we were served chicken nuggets and French fries. While I was eating them the kids around me were playing around with them. The games I had to play were even worst. Sure it was fun for a 4 yr old but despite the fact I currently was one, it was boring.

Somewhere near the end of the day our teachers told us to put on the costumes we had brought because it was time for the elementary school Halloween party. I was trying to remember what I wore that year and if the chain of stupid costumes would continue. I found my cubby and found my costume to which to my shock was something I totally forgot about. It was a Barney costume. I had forgotten I was obsessed with the purple dinosaur at a young age and now I was reliving it. It had a plastic mask and body costume. I did not want to be seen in this but I had no choice since the teacher told us we had to wear our costumes. I know that a 4 yr old wearing a Barney costume wasn’t bad but it was for me. I may have looked like a 4 year old but I was still 18 mentally. So I put it on despite how I felt.

The party was what you would imagine. Kids Halloween music was being played, kids acting like they could dance and a bunch of tables for each class with some chips and juice. My teacher led us to the table assigned to us. The party was more boring then spending the day in preschool. There were more childish games and activities. I couldn’t stand it luckily the party only lasted about a hour and it was time to go home. I rode the school bus and went home. There my mom, who was at the time 7 months pregnant with Peter, was waiting for me on the driveway.

“Honey, did you have a fun day at pre school today?” asked my mom

I just shrugged and said it was ok.

She went on asking me if the Halloween party at the school was fun and I had the same response.

My mom led me inside the house and my mom told me to head into my room while cleans up a bit. My room was what you would expect a 4 year old to have. It was filled with toys for young boys. I had nothing else to do so I played and like earlier at pre school, I was bored out of my mind. I had no idea how normal 4 year olds did it without going insane. For the next hour all I did was play with blocks and easy to do puzzles and some toys that teach you stuff.

Soon after my mom came into my room to help put on the stupid Barney costume so I could go trick or treating.

“Are you excited to go get some candy!?” asked my mom talking down to me.

I just nodded very childishly even though I wasn’t excited because the sooner the day ends the more of this nightmare would continue. While she was helping me she felt Peter kick her.

“Oh, Jason I just felt the baby kick want to feel?”

I refused but she convinced me to put my hand on her pregnant belly and sure enough I felt little Peter kick.

“Jason do you want a baby brother or a baby sister” asked my mom

“A brother” I said even though I already knew what it would be.

“Why do you want a brother. Wouldn’t you love to have a baby sister?”

I remember my parents talking about that while pregnant with Peter, my mom had wanted a girl. She wanted one so much she bought baby girl stuff but of course was a little disappointed when he was born but loved him.

“I want a baby brother so I could boss him around” I joked because I knew that I had to act like the 4 yr old I was.

“You wont do that because I know you will be a great big brother.”

My mom then finished helping me get on the Barney costume and took me out trick or treating. It was the first time in I don’t know how long, that I went this early in the day. The only kids out were kids around my age with their parents.

“Now Jason honey, we are going to only go to 10 houses and then we head straight back home for dinner.”

I didn’t protest because I knew it would be hopeless so we went door to door. I almost went nuts after hearing everyone say “Awe what a cute little Barney!”. It was so annoying but I knew that as long as I look like Im 4 I will hear nothing but that.

I was surprise to see that after just 7 houses my legs were getting tired. Usually I get tired after maybe 20 but I figured since my body was smaller, I didn’t have enough energy. My mom begins to notice this and makes it easier as we reach the last few houses on the way home.

“Man my little boy is growing up to be a big one.”

By the time we got home, my dad had just got there from work.

“Hey little man did you get lots of candy.” My dad said while kneeling down to be somewhat eye level with me.

I pretended to be excited and started taking about it. I know it sounds weird for an 18 year old...well mentally at least. To act like a 4 year old but I had no choice, it would look totally weird if I didn’t. I tried to explain to them before but they didn’t believe me. I also doubted that would believe a 4 year old who says he is going backwards in time. So I just decided to just deal with it and hopefully the nightmare would end.

Around the time before we normally would eat dinner, my mom put on cartoons for me which even more childish then I remembered. It was one of those educational PBS cartoons. My mom, as she used to do, explained that this was educational and was the only thing I could watch. This was even worst then a day in pre school because I was relearning stuff I already knew. But for some reason after watching it for a while I was hooked. There was something about it I couldn’t resist.

“Jason, honey time for dinner.” called my mom

“No, I want to watch more cartoons”.

I couldn’t believe I just said that. I would normally hate to watch very childish shows but here I was not wanting to stop.

“Jason, you can watch some more after you eat.”


For some reason, I was acting very childish. I guess being in this nightmare this long was affecting me mentally as well.

After trying to get me to get up. My mom decided she had enough and try to get me away from the TV. After trying me to get me to budge she went into a different tactic.

“I know what will get you up.....Me tickling you.”

My mom then laid me to the ground and started to tickle me in the arm pits and I could stop laughing. I was laughing so hard that I actually wet myself.

“Jason...I guess I should get you into new clothes.”

Right when she said that, I began to feel very dizzy again.

“Oh no. Not again.” I said to myself as I blacked out. I was wondering when I would wake up this time.

When I was able to see again, I found myself still on the floor. My mom was still looking over me as she was when I was 4. I was hoping for good news like I was back in the present but she said something that I wasn’t hoping for.

“Who is a messy baby? You are.” said my mom who was now holding a diaper.

Over to my right was a mirror and when I glanced over. I saw that I now had to look like I had to be less then 1 years old. I had barely any hair on my head and after feeling around my mouth I had to have about 5 teeth. To make things worst I had a messy diaper and my mom was changing my diaper. I now knew things couldn’t get any worst.

“I cant believe my baby is celebrating his first Halloween. You are going to look so cute in the costume I got you.”

My mom continued to change my diaper and then did the most degrading thing she could do that would make things worst. She blew into my belly button and even worst it made me laugh. I couldn’t help it, the more she did it the more I laughed.

She then proceeded to take me into the kitchen to feed me what probably was my lunch. I was fed with what you would expect a parent to feed their baby. I was fed with possibly the most disgusting that was I have had ever had put in my mouth that I could remember. The more I resisted eating it, the more my mom forced me to eat.

“Jason come on honey. Eat your food and you will grow up to be a big boy.”

She didn’t expect me to say anything so she just stuff more of the stuff into my mouth. Then afterwards she took out the costume she had bought for me which was a little pumpkin costume which wasn’t that bad compared to the costumes I had to wear in the other Halloween’s I was reliving. She quickly put me into it and then put me into a car seat in the car.

“We are going to see daddy at work and show everyone what a cute little pumpkin you are.” said my mom was buckling me in.

For some reason during the car ride, I wasn’t bored, in fact some of the bright lights we passed seemed to amaze me. I was beginning to get worried that the more I spend in my Halloween’s past the more young I feel.

Finally we got to my dad’s work place and my mom took me out of the car and we went to him.

“How is my little big man doing?” asked my dad who seemed very excited to see us.

“So are we still going to the Johnson’s for their Halloween party? Asked my mom

“Yeah and is Jason’s babysitter going to baby-sit tonight?”

“As planned. I cant wait till he is old enough to go trick or treating so he can learn how fun Halloween is.”

“Oh Im sure he already knows its fun since he can wear a cool costume” said my dad who started smiling at me.

My parents then left and went home. A little while later my baby-sitter Jenna came. I remember hearing my parents said she was my baby-sitter up until I was 10. I didn’t remember her being that young. She was as good as I remembered. She took care of me.

Then something happened that I was hoping wouldn’t happen. I had to go to the bathroom. I tried to hold it in as best a little baby could but I couldn’t.

“Looks like Jason needs a diaper change” said Jenna

Jenna then proceeded to change my diaper and for the rest of the night switched from taking care of me to handing out candy to trick or treaters. Around 2 hours later I began to get very sleepy. I didn’t want to fall asleep because I didn’t want to wake up further in the past because there was no more. However Jamie tried to get me to. Soon my parents came home from the party.

“Everything went fine except Jason isn’t going to sleep.” explained Jenna

“Maybe he wanted to wait for us to come home.” said my mom who now picked me up.

Something about my mom holding me felt good but that I almost forgot about my worries. I just closes my eyes as my head laid on her shoulder. When I opened my eyes again, I got a huge shock.



End Chapter 5

Halloween's Past

by: Tazz | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 27, 2008


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