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Found info on a comic/story hybrid with ar

Tazz ยท Sep 17, 2022

while digging around found out there is a german comic/story called Lurchis Abenteuer (Lurchi's adventures). Its about an anthro salamander and his adventures. Its run for awhile. In #165. his aunt hates being old. So seeks fountain of youth. right now all I can find is a quick summary with some images Lurchi's elderly aunt Elfriede is very unhappy about her age-related wrinkles: she would like to be young again! The friends learn from Professor Badger that there is a fountain of youth on a distant island and they immediately set off with Unkerich's tractor to find it. You will quickly find what you are looking for, but the right dosage turns out to be very difficult. After trying things out for a long time, Elfriede finally has to admit that there are disadvantages to being young again only images I can find is at the party, her looking in a mirror. Then another at the fountain with the group shocked as you see her as a baby barely out of her egg crying. http://comic.highlightzone.de/lurchi-der-jungbrunnen/

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