You are never too old to go trick or treating

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Chapter 2
A Youthful Night

Chapter Description: Bobby and jacob decide to have more fun with the candy

Chapter 2:

A Youthful Night

Me and Jacob spent the best Halloween we have had in years. The worry about being caught was gone we did a couple of times we run into some of our friends but they didn’t know it was us due to that we were now 8 yr olds again, there were a couple who thought they knew us but didn’t believe it and went on their way. After another half hour of trick or treating, we decided to turn back and head towards Jasmine’s party. We each took a vanilla flavored candy and ate it and said “trick or treat” and like last time but in the other way we turned back but the problem was we were still in the costumes so we were now a couple of 17 yr olds wearing oversized children costumes. We then quickly ran over to some bushes and changed our costumes and headed towards the party.

The party was boring, there were no costumes no Halloween decorations, as a matter of fact it didn’t seem like a Halloween party at all. That was when me and Jacob got the idea to remind their friends the feeling of Halloween like they did when they were little kids so they spent the rest of the night trying to get their friends to eat the magic candy and get them to say trick or treat. In order for them to get them to say it, they asked dumb questions like what do kids say on Halloween to get candy and of course they say the right answer and like we had gone through earlier they had turned into 8 yr olds, however there were some who became younger then that, the youngest had to be around 5 years old. Everyone in the room began asking the same question of what happened then .

“What happened why am I a little kid” said Jasmine the host of the party

“Why are my clothes so big” said Vincent another friend of mine

After more chaos, I then knew I had to explain to everyone of what had happened.

“May I have your attention please, I bet all of you are wondering how in the world did you turn into little kids. Well the answer is me and Jacob had gotten magic candy that would make whoever ate it and say trick or treat turn into little kids. We thought you all needed to remember what the feeling of Halloween is like and the best way to do that is to be a kid again. Don’t worry I got an antidote with me and Ill give I to you later but first lets spend the rest of night as kids.”

Your friends were a little upset and angry at first but after they found out they will turn back later they thought they might as well enjoy it since it could be fun. They later found a trunk of old costumes and managed to find ones that fit them and began to have a real Halloween party. Later Me and Jacob decided to return being 8 yr olds like the rest of their friends so we each ate a piece chocolate candy and said the magic words and like last time we were 8 yr olds again like our friends.

“Great idea guys, my party is a hit thanks to you guys said Jasmine”

We then spent the rest of the party playing any game we could find or come up with. Now the party was fun and entertaining.

Then about a half hour later everyone thought it would make this night more memorable is to go trick or treating, so they all went and did so. And man did we all have a blast, they had forgotten what it was to have fun on Halloween. Then they saw a sign at a building that read:

“10th annual daycares of the town Halloween party.”

We all knew this would be the next best thing, experience Halloween as even littler kids. Halloween is somewhat of a day for little kids, and this was the best way to experience it. So they all of them including me and Jacob took another and turned into toddlers, and babies. Me and Jacob were around one along with half of their friends while some of the other half were maybe 2 while the rest were around 6 months old. We snuck in so no one would see a whole bunch of babies alone ad then when no one was looking, we each took some diapers and some small costume things like bunny ears, halos, Etc from the parents not looking and we man did we have fun. There were some games for babies like racing and pony riding, we all had fun even though for the moment we were babies. No one even bothered to find out who our parents were, they just assumed that were in one of the daycares that sponsored the event. Then when the party ended, we had the challenge of leaving without being caught. We all hid as best as we could till everyone left and then we made our exit. We hurried as fast as we could out of the building and without knowing it at first I accidentally dropped the bag with the candy and they rolled down the street and finally ended up falling into the sewer. Now we were stuck as babies and everyone did not look happy.

“Thanks a lot Bobby, your little fun has made us all stuck as babies. I hope you are happy” said Jasmine.

Everyone agreed with her as everyone looked very upset.

“I can see why you are all upset but I can get us more. I said the crown of the former 17 yr olds who were now babies.”

I told everyone to follow me as I would show them to the store I got the candy in the first place and we got there we were got a shock of a life time. The store was gone. There was no building, I thought this was where the store was and even Jacob thought so too but now it was gone.

“Where did the shop go, it was here a few hours ago” I said

We were all disappointed. Then the anger of your friends returned as they had lost all hope of returning back to normal any time soon.

“Look on the bright side we wont have to worry about school for a while I said hopping that would make things at least a little better.”

It did work on some who really hated school but there were some that school wasn’t the problem.

“Well what about my breast, they wont redevelop for another 11” years said Jasmine along with other girls

“And what about us jocks. Sports is the most important thing in our life” said some of the jocks who were at the party.

“I am sure we will be fine, if not we should live with this problem. We should split up and look for the store.”

Then we did all split up looking but to no prevail. There was a couple of times we thought we had found the store but it wasn’t the same. Then the reality hit us we would have to relive or lives a babies. Then we all headed home to tell our parents of the problem. My parents along with most of the other parents took it less hard then we all thought they would, they were upset what I had done but they were a little happy that they had their baby boy back and that they could re raise me.

“You wanted to go trick or treating more but right now you are too young and it will be another year or two till you can again“ said your mom.

Before I had the problem of being too old for trick or treating well my new problem is now that I am too young to go trick or treating.

The end

Happy Halloween and remember you are never too old to go trick or treating, but being too young is another thing.



End Chapter 2

You are never too old to go trick or treating

by: Tazz | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 18, 2005


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