Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

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Chapter 13
FINAL DAY (Day of the Reconciliation)

Chapter Description: Tom wakes up a new day and his form has changed once again. But... how, and why? And how will he react to that?

Next day, I woke up as an adult man in Juliette’s bed. The clock marked 11:00 a.m. I opened my eyes at once, and looked to the ceiling. I was completely naked, I had my arms and legs spread, and I had rested well. None of this seemed strange to me again.

Without getting up, I looked around for my clothes. I saw my adult white briefs next to me, resting unshamelessly on the bureau next to the bed, perfectly at my reach of my hand. I ignored them and got up, walking to the door with a feeling of certainty.

At the living room I was met by Juliette. She was wearing her ‘housewife’ outfit again, this time with a black skirt, a green blouse, high heels, and also an apron. Our eyes instantly met and she slightly to nod at me, with a face of seriousness and mutual understanding. I smiled, then she smiled. Hers was a smile of satisfaction, with a slight dash of naught.

Juliette then set her perfect butt in a chair and tapped her lap. She gave me another look in the eyes. I didn’t hesitate and walked towards her; my penis began to get a semi-hard and I didn’t care. As I walked to Juliette’s chair, I turned to realize Sandra was there too. She was sitting in the couch­ carelessly, mostly looking at her phone, but she raised her eyes and hers found mine as I went to Juliette. I saw her face of seriousness, perhaps of expectation, on her big round, deeply human black eyes, and she gave me the slightest of her nods as I was about to reach the chair.

I came on front of Juliette, closed my eyes briefly and instantly submitted to her. I saw her smile again as I laid down over her lap, leaving my manly and rounded ass cheeks completely exposed and at her wishes. Juliette didn’t wait. She gave the slightest of the caress with her fingertips over my coxis, which made me close my eyes and almost let a sigh. Then, she wrapped an arm around my waist. Her hand was raised and she instantly discharged a very strong swat to my naked buttocks.

I almost jumped but I stood the impact. My balls got hard and shrunk a split second after the hit, and my penis began to erect more. Juliette didn’t wait. 2 seconds later, she repeated the process with another very hard spank, that reached my naughty buttcheeks with a whipping sound. Again, I flinched, my toes got up from the floor but I managed to resist the impulse of curling my toes. With mechanical precision, a third spank came after, then a fourth one, and I did my best to resist.

Juliette didn’t express anything but the same satisfaction as she gave me five, six, seven more swats. As the punishment went on, Silvia began to sketch a smile, one of a mix between concern and some worrying, maybe one of some naughty guilty pleasure.

Nine, ten, eleven more swats, and I was about to start sweating. I did the best I could to relax my butt so Juliette could enjoy the spanking, but it was getting increasingly challenging. My penis was also getting harder and more erected at every spank, and I feared its tip will soon start to caress Juliette’s thigh, which would bring a disaster.

Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen more swats. My butt had already become bright red under the inhumane spanking of Juliette, and I had to start holding my buttocks tight even I didn’t want to. I started to stretch my legs and toes in tension, as long as I could, to endure the punishment. But as the swatting sounds came one after another after another, I was getting more motivated to resist.

As the spanking went on by, Sandra started to take his eyes away of the phone, and now was now only watching us in total attention. Her eyes were shining, the smile of hope was getting wider and wider, almost turning into true happiness. Eighteen, nineteen, twenty swats. By that moment, Sandra had already began to nod, unconsciously. She was counting along me.

Juliette didn’t even flinch and continued spanking my buttocks mercilessly just like in the beginning, without uttering a single word. Twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four swats, those came like a pendulum clock, my butt was already used to the punishment and I felt the excitement. I was about to make it. My cock, however, expanded more and more as I was close to the final line.

Twenty-four, twenty-six swats. And then, the machine stopped. No more swats came and a couple seconds later, Juliette let my waist off. I understood I was free to stand. Sandra got up of the chair at the same time at me, too, looking at me in expectation and holding her cellphone nervously between her legs.

As I stood up, my penis jumped up like a spring, at the maximum state of an erection and about to touch my own belly. Sandra looked at it, horrified, and after that, Juliette put an eye on it, smiling pleased.

“A boner. That’s good. It means you’re healthy”, she said, with a bit of joy on it.

Sandra turned to me, still concerned, and I returned the glance.

Two seconds later, Juliette offered me her hand. I took at and she walked me to a big changed table. My butt was still bright red, and I wore the color with proud. As I walked, though, the stinging pain was more than a bit uncomfortable. But I had to do a good role, even when I forced myself to walk a little like a robot to prevent my wrecked cheeks to rub with each other.

Sandra followed us to the changing table and as we arrived, I instantly got up it and laid down, mouth above. As Sandra hurried to take out the baby stuff, Juliette tasted the moment. She held my ankles with one hand and raised my legs, leaving me in diaper position, with my red buttocks aiming to her, and my still hard balls and erected penis hang between my groins.

As she did so, I saw her face towering over me, this time with a very naughty look on her eyes, Cheshire-wide smile of satisfaction.

“Let’s make you into a baby”, she uttered, sinisterly.

I didn’t make any reaction. Sandra offered Juliette the baby wipes, and she took one. She started rubbing my buttcrack without any kind of mercy or regard. She wasn’t rough or anything, but she knew my butt had just been punished, I had a big boner I wanted to repress, and I just wasn’t ready. I felt her fabric-covered fingertips between my crack, rubbing my buttocks from the inside until she left my butthole conveniently clean. Then, with another wet towel, she began to polish both of my buttocks, getting them clean and ready, and fortunately this brought to me a sense of refreshment.

Still concerned, Sandra opened the bottle of baby cream and offered it to Juliette. My mommy dipped her free palm on it and then she began rubbing the cream all around my whole butt. I couldn’t help to let out one almost inaudibly sigh of relief, as the refreshing cream brought some necessary tenderness to my harmed buttocks.

After rubbing my cheeks circularly several times, Juliette also put some cream all over my testicles and even reached at the base of my penis. This time, I had to make an even effort to help from moaning, as my boner, which was already receding, strengthened because of that sudden caress. Finally, Juliette passed her cream-covered index with care all along my buttcrack, leaving it completely covered of such white gooey balm, and my whole butt was feeling a lot better by then.

Juliette took her time, and after five seconds or so, she herself took out the big disposable white diaper and slowly began to unfold it, then held it right on front of my nose, showing me how big it was and how comfy its insides were.

—Kiss it —she ordered, with a strict voice and without any regard towards me.

Blushing in embarrassment, I did so, depositing a soft kiss on that soft and fragrant cotton fabric of the diaper.

Juliette then retired the diaper as Sandra hurried with the can of baby powder, which she quickly made all over my butt and genitals, leaving them completely white, in a weird contrast with the intensely tanned brown skin of my privates. It almost looked like a Christmas crystal ball. Then, Sandra helped Juliette to lift my hips, so the latter could be able to smoothly slide my diaper under my bottom.

With Sandra standing behind us, watching with expectation, Juliette slowly began to wrap the diaper around my waist and hips. She giggled naughtily and made a funny face when she had to stretch it a little more in order to cover my boner, which by this moment was in a manageable state, but I didn’t flinch. Finally, with all care and finesse, her expert feminine fingers tied my diaper, and then she closed the tapes with her long fingernails.

There it was. I had been turned into an adult baby, wearing nothing but the big diaper which was the only thing I deserved.

Juliette lowered my legs and walked back, laying me lie on the table. Sandra stood behind next to her as I sat and then got up. Juliette looked at me with satisfaction but also a trace of cruelty. Sandra didn’t completely relax, in fact she looked maybe even more nervous now; her whole body was doing what it could to prevent from trembling, but she was smiling intermittently and closing and opening her eyes very quickly.

I got up and walked towards the girls, having completely accepted my diaper investiture. As I stopped, Juliette extended her arm and caressed my hair briefly.

“Well done, honey”, she said, in an inextricable way. Then, she gave me her hand, which I took. “Now prepare. The guests are almost here”.



End Chapter 13

Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

by: Sidora | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 8, 2022


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