Sailor Moon: Age of Innocence

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Chapter 7
Chapter 6: Caged

Chapter 6: Caged

Raye was not happy. When the Youma had first diapered her, she’d

lost it. Her embarrassment at not only being defeated but belittled

became too much to take. Her world had become a blur after that, with

her only remembering a mortifying feeding involving a bottle, some

baby food, and a great deal of screaming.

When she’d finally woken up in the playpen however, she’d noticed

that the Nanny was nowhere to be seen. Focusing her senses as much as

she could, she’d frantically crawled from Scout to Scout, futilely

trying to communicate with them. It had been useless of course; none of

them had enough of a command of their tongues or vocal cords to utter

more than gibberish.

"Fine," she thought. "I’ll just find a way to escape on my own."

Crawling to the side of the pen, Raye tried to use the plastic mesh

to pull herself up. It was extremely difficult but after what seemed an

eternity, she actually managed to stand up. From there, she moved her

hands to the padding atop the pen, now mere inches above her face. As

she tried to think of how to pull herself up, she noticed movement above

her. Looking up, she saw the gigantic Nanny smirking down at her.

"Oh, don’t let me stop you, Raye-Raye. I think your little escape

attempt is adorable," she mocked.

At this point, Raye probably should have realized the uselessness

of what she was doing but few truly knew how stubborn the girl could be.

Defiantly she tried to climb out of the pen but her toes were unable to

get purchase on the mesh and her arms were simply too weak to pull

herself up. Finally, the Nanny reached down with one of her hands,

pointed her index finger to Raye’s chest, and poked her hard. Raye

promptly lost her balance and fell on her diapered bottom.

"Well that was fun," Nancy commented. "Want to try again?"

This infuriated Raye. "How dare that bitch make fun of me?!" she

screamed in her mind. "Doesn’t she know who I am?! I’m a Sailor Scout!

A Sailor Scout!!" Without knowing, Raye began to kick her heels against

the pen’s floor and swing her arms in a tantrum.

"Awww," Nancy mocked. "Is wittle Marsie warsie mad? Oh, I should

be careful or she might, might, gasp, spit-up on me." The Nanny’s head

rolled back as she laughed hard.

Raye snapped. She wasn’t going to take this abuse from a two bit

Youma. Crawling forward, she grabbed the pen’s plastic mesh in

frustration and angrily tried to tear it apart, closing her eyes in the

struggle. After a few moments of exertion, Raye heard a tearing sound.

She gleefully opened her eyes, thankful that at least she wasn’t

completely helpless.

Her smile turned to surprise, however, when she

saw the mesh was still intact. It was then that she noticed the warm

icky feeling in her diaper and the smell that came with it.

"Whew!" Nancy exclaimed, waving one of her hands in front of her

nose. "What did you have for lunch? Oh yeah, strained peas, wasn’t it?

Oh well, fun time’s over. Time to change the baby."

An overpowering fear came across Raye. Desperately, she tried to

crawl away from the giant as quickly as she could but it was useless.

The multi-armed Nanny effortlessly caught her and flipped her onto her


Raye screamed in protest but to no avail. No matter how much she

kicked and fussed, she was unable to even roll over as the Nanny’s large

blue hand held her firmly on her back. She swung her chubby little feet

widely in the air as another of the Nanny’s hands removed the brown

stained diaper from her bottom. A third hand was already wiping Raye’s

privates despite her struggles.

All the while, as the little tempest released her fury, Nancy’s

face wore an expression of bemused calm. "Now, Raye-Raye, when babies

mess their dipees they have to have them changed, it’s as simple as

that," she admonished with an amused tone.

As the second hand threw the dirty diaper in the laundry bag, a

fourth rubbed powder over Raye’ diaper area. Within seconds, another

diaper had been neatly wrapped around Raye’s tush. "There, good as new!"

Nancy said cheerily. Raye paused a second as she looked at herself, then

began to cry harder.

"Ten seconds!" Raye screamed in her mind. "I can’t even get out of

a playpen and in ten seconds, I was changed and diapered!" Raye had

never felt so helpless. She was Sailor Mars, damn it! Scout of War.

Able to control magic and flame. "Now I’m messing in a diaper and I

can’t even stop her from changing it!" she despaired, her wails reaching

a new height. Suddenly she felt something large stuffed into her mouth,

preventing her cries from escaping.

Nancy removed her hand from the red pacifier as Raye began to suck

on it. "That’s it! I’ve had enough of your temper tantrums, young

lady. If you carry on like that again, Nanny will spank!" Staring in

fear at Nanny’s many large hands, Raye sucked harder on the pacifier.


Amy sat calmly in a corner of the playpen. Frankly, she was glad

Nanny had finally shut the Raye brat up. She respected Raye’s

determination in battle but right now, it was misspent aggression.

Raye’s escape attempt had been awfully cute, along with being utterly

useless. She’d found it fitting when Nanny had stopped humoring her and

simply changed her like the baby she was.

Many people would probably think her attitude meant she’d given up.

It was just that she’d been an infant longer than the others and knew the

situation she was in. She could only crawl, couldn’t put together a full

sentence and had the strength of a kitten. On top of that, their guard

never slept, never left and could carry all four of them easily at the

same time. Thinking about the diaper she was wearing didn’t help her

confidence either.

She despised that diaper. More than anything else it was a symbol of

the independence that had been taken from her. She had spent her entire

life trying to be the best she could and now she couldn’t even control her

own bodily functions. Wearing a dirty diaper was the most disgusting

thing she’d ever experienced and getting a clean one was even worse. Just

thinking about Nanny changing her made Amy feel sick with embarrassment

and she quickly pushed it from her mind. Still, those weren’t the worst

of her problems.

Amy knew there were differences in the brains of adults and babies.

She could no longer understand what but she knew. Her memories were

fine, at least she hoped they were, but she was having a hard time


She suspected it had gotten worse over time but it was possible

she was just beginning to notice. She was also sleeping a lot, unable

to stay awake despite her best efforts. It was hard to control her

emotions sometimes as well. She found herself laughing and crying in

situations she normally wouldn’t react to.

Her attention span wasn’t much better. She was still embarrassed

about when Nanny had distracted her by waving a rattle in her face.

She had no idea how long she’d played with the stupid thing. Amy could

still see the toy, lying on the playpen floor. It WAS cute. A cute,

pink, little, bunny rattle. So nice. So much fun!

"No! Don’t think about it!" Amy mentally screamed as she pulled

herself back from the abyss. She tried to focus by repeating her

thoughts. "Think about the problem. Think about the problem."

She did, but it didn’t give her much hope. If this was happening

to her, the smartest of the group, there was no telling how bad things

were for the others. Frankly, Amy was scared. She knew things could

only go downhill.

All things considered, Serena was their only hope. The chill Amy

felt had nothing to do with the fact she was wearing only a diaper.

To get her mind off the disturbing subjects Amy looked at her

fellow captives. It helped to keep her thoughts active. She was

terrified of what would happen if she didn’t.

She noted how each of the captured Scouts were reacting in their

own unique way. While she had tried to calmly rationalize things, Raye

had blindly struck out in anger.

Mina’s reaction was even more extreme. Amy knew her friend had

always been playful at heart, but it was still weird to see the infant

blonde sitting in the middle of the pen stacking blocks, while

peacefully sucking on a yellow pacifier.

It was downright frightening to Amy how easily Mina had accepted

her regression. The girl had actually reached out to Nanny to be picked

up and seemed excited at feeding time, clapping her hands and squealing

in excitement. Amy could only guess that Mina’s teen psyche had

retreated as a defense.

Even if that were so, it was Lita she truly worried about. The

poor girl mostly lay on the floor with her thumb in her mouth. She

rarely moved, even when Nanny changed and fed her. It was a depression

that Amy was genuinely worried about. Crawling over to Lita, Amy took

the girl’s free hand in hers. Lita’s eyes looked at her, the despair

evident in them. Amy wished there was some way to cheer her up.

Spotting movement, Amy looked up to see Nanny placing Raye next to

Mina. "Now, Raye-Raye, why don’t you play nice nice with your little

friend?" the Youma asked.

Mina, being friendly, picked up a block and offered it to Raye. An

angry expression came over Raye’s face and she swiped the block out of

Mina’s hand, knocking over the stack she’d spent so long building.

Staring a moment at her wrecked efforts, Mina’s pacifier then dropped

from her mouth as she began to cry.

Raye barely had a chance to smile before two of Nanny’s hands

plucked her from the pen. "What did I tell you, Raye-Raye!?" the Youma

said angrily. "If you want a spanking, I’m more than happy to give it

to you!" Sitting down, Nanny placed the kicking and screaming Raye

across her lap. One hand easily pulled off her diaper as another held

the infant down. The four free hands then smacked Raye’s bottom with

the effect of an automatic weapon.

As Raye screamed in anguish, Amy could feel Lita move. Looking at

her friend, she saw the girl was sitting up and, thumb still in mouth

was staring intently at the scene before them. After half a minute,

Raye’s bottom was as red as her fallen pacifier. The spanking stopped

and Nanny placed Raye standing on the floor. Two hands held her in

place as another two pulled the diaper back over her red bottom,

eliciting a scream of pure pain. Raye was then placed unceremoniously

back in the playpen, her face a miserable mask of tears and red flesh.

"Now, if you decide you’re going to behave, Raye-Raye, perhaps I’ll

put diaper cream over that sore bottom of yours. It really doesn’t

matter to me if you don’t though," Nanny stated. The Youma then smirked

and added sweetly, "I guess Round Two goes to me, eh Raye-Raye?

Buh-bye." Laughing maniacally, she left Raye to her tears.

At that moment, Amy heard a strange sound behind her. Turning, she

saw that Lita was giggling. Her friend looked back at her and laughed

again. Despite herself, Amy started to laugh too. She had to admit,

seeing Raye put in her place again was funny and for a moment she was

able to forget about their predicament.

Unfortunately, she then felt her diaper become warm and she stopped

laughing. She knew what was coming.

"Oh my. Does little Amy need a change? Yes, she does!" Nanny


Despite herself, Amy began to cry tears of embarrassment and fear.

She didn’t resist as the Youma lifted her from the pen, she knew it was

useless. "Utterly stinking useless," she thought with despair. As her

uncontrollable cries increased, a blue pacifier was shoved into her

mouth to quiet her. Laid onto the changing table, Nanny quickly

stripped Amy and efficiently proceeded with her task. Still shedding

tears, Amy wished Serena the best of luck. She knew Sailor Moon would

need it.


Serena did not sleep well. Luna and Artemis had watched over her

but she was still very worried. Rini had noticed as well.

"Hey, Meatball Head, why’re you acting so strange?" the seven year

old asked.

"None of your business, spore," Serena snapped.

"Fine, like I care," Rini shot back before leaving the room.

Luna cut into Serena after Rini was gone. "Serena, you really

should try to be nicer to her."

"Luna, I’m not in the mood okay. I just want to get the Scouts

back," Serena said glumly. "Besides, you said Rini’s not in any danger


"You’re right. I’m sorry, Serena," Luna said, leaving her princess

to her thoughts. She had already reasoned that if Tencite were working

for the Sisters, they’d have already come here to get the girl. No,

Luna was sure that Tencite was out for revenge on the Scouts.

Serena was still sulking after she finished getting dressed and

walked downstairs. Upon entering the kitchen, her mother greeted her.

"Good morning, Serena. You’re up. Is something wrong?"

"Uh, no Mom. Why?"

"It’s morning on a vacation day and you’re awake," her mother


"Ha, ha. Very funny, Mom," Serena sarcastically remarked.

"Oh yes, I wanted to ask you. Mina’s mother called. You wouldn’t

know if she was planning to go anywhere today, would you?"

Serena managed to stay calm as she said, "No Mom. I don’t. Why?"

"Nothing really. Mina wasn’t in her room this morning and Mrs.

Aino was worried. It’s probably nothing."

"Yeah, probably nothing," Serena repeated. As her mother left the

room, she closed her eyes. She knew it wasn’t ?nothing’. She also knew

that if she didn’t save her friends, there would be more worried

parents, including hers.

Having to wait another eleven hours to do something about it was

going to be torture as well. Unfortunately, all she could do was wait.



End Chapter 7

Sailor Moon: Age of Innocence

by: Oni | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 5, 2005


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