Sailor Moon: Age of Innocence

by: Oni | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 5, 2005

Chapter 4
Chapter 3: Milk and Cookies

Chapter 3: Milk and Cookies

Lita hummed to herself as she rolled another glob of cookie dough.

It was a little after seven now and in the last three hours, she’d made

close to a hundred cookies. All decorated of course. Lita smiled as

she paused to scratch her nose, leaving a smudge of flour, nobody she

knew could match her skill in the kitchen. "Maybe I won’t need Amy and

Mina after all," she thought.

As she was about to cut another batch, she heard a knock on her

apartment door. She walked to the entrance, her slippers scuffing

against the wooden floor. She’d taken off her tights and shoes but

otherwise still wore her school uniform. Tan skirt with a white blouse.

Her brown hair was still tied back in a ponytail. Looking through the

peephole, she saw a middle-aged gentleman and in his hands a baby


Keeping the chain on, she opened the door. She wasn’t too worried.

After all, she could change into Sailor Jupiter with a word, but caution

was always a good idea. "Yes, what is it?" she asked.

"I am so terribly sorry to bother you but..." the man paused,

seemingly embarrassed. "Hello, I’m Martin Webster, just moved into 7B.

This is my niece Miko," he said, bringing the carrier up to reveal a

sleeping baby, a blue pacifier in her mouth.

"Ohhh, she’s adorable," Lita gushed.

"Yes, well, she’s also wet and needs to be fed. Unfortunately,

I’ve never done that sort of thing before. Her mother’s a doctor you

see, got called away on an emergency, leaving the little angel in my

less than capable hands," the man shrugged. "Anyway, I was wondering if

you’d had any experience with babies?"

Lita paused a moment. "I know a little bit, from a friend, but not

that much. Mrs. Stevens in 10C..."

"Politely said no," the man said sadly and sighed. "It’s all right

really. I suppose I can make do. You wouldn’t happen to have any

safety pins, would you?"

Lita looked again at the baby, noticing the disposable diaper on

her. "Uhhh, don’t worry about it. I’ll show you how it’s done," she

smiled, taking the chain off and opening her door.

"Thank you so much," the man said, walking into the apartment. A

few steps in he stopped and exclaimed, "What is that wonderful smell?!"

Lita smiled and replied, "Cookies. Would you like one?"

"I’d love one," he returned.

"Please, sit down on the sofa," she said, as she walked to the


Tencite made himself comfortable as he looked around the living

room. The apartment had a warm atmosphere to it with colorful pictures

on the wall and knick-knacks all around. It was designed to give the

user a feeling of home, a practice Tencite knew well from experience.

Lita returned with a cookie hot from the oven and handed it to

Tencite. "Thank you so much," he said. Jerking his head toward the

baby on the sofa, he said, "She says she’d like one too, if you can wait

a couple of years."

Lita laughed at the joke and responded, "I have to say, for someone

who knows nothing about babies, you certainly managed to get her to

sleep soundly."

"That little terror?" he joked. "Madam, I assure you that up until

recently, she was screaming her head off."

Lita laughed again and reached down to check the baby’s diaper,

causing the child to fidget slightly. "Awwww, so sweet. Well, she’s

definitely wet."

"And I was specifically told to feed her soon. Too bad I can’t do


"Men," Lita playfully snorted, "You’re completely helpless

sometimes." She heard Mr. Webster chuckle at the joke as she took the

bottle and formula from the bag and walked towards the kitchen.

"Well, let’s get her dinner ready before we wake her up," Lita

said. She didn’t know why but she was taking a liking to Mr. Webster.

She rationalized it was because he seemed so fatherly, but she quickly

rejected that idea. "No. He definitely reminds me of Nate, that

college guy I dated for a couple of months," she decided.

Tencite watched Sailor Jupiter leave the room. He thought things

were going very well. Projecting his will ever so slightly, he’d been

able to subtly calm any fears or suspicions Lita might have had about

him without alerting her Scout senses. This was good. Attacking Lita

directly would be unwise. If the girl managed to change into Jupiter,

things would get messy and his chances of taking all the Scouts would be

hurt. As Sailor Jupiter, Lita was arguably the most powerful of the

Scouts, able to launch many devastating lightning attacks. Getting her

guard down was his priority.

On a lighter note however, Tencite reflected on Lita’s last joke.

Smiling, he wondered if the girl truly understood what helpless meant.

Amy yawned as she slowly regained consciousness. The world was a

bit fuzzy as she blinked the sleep from her eyes. She could feel she

was naked, which was weird since she always wore pajamas to bed.

Strangely, it took a great amount of effort to bring her hands to her

face and as she rubbed her eyes she noticed her hands felt different.

Focusing on them, she could see how fat and stubby her fingers were. In

a shocking rush, her memories flooded back to her.

"No!" she thought frantically. "It can’t be true. I can’t be a

baby!" Amy then noticed movement beyond her hands. Looking up, she saw

a huge vision. The gigantic face of her friend Lita hovered over her.

"Look who’s awake! Hey there, sleepyhead," Lita asked, reaching

her hand down to tickle Amy’s stomach.

To Amy, her friend’s hand was monstrous, easily covering her entire

tummy. The sight horrified Amy and her first reaction was to scream.

Lita stopped tickling the baby when she started to cry. "Oh, I’m

sorry, honey. I didn’t mean to scare you," Lita sincerely expressed.

Holding up a disposable diaper, she said cheerily, "I’m just going to

give you a fresh new diaper. Isn’t that great!"

"Diaper!?!" Amy thought. Fear mixed with a morbid curiosity caused

Amy’s crying to slow. Cautiously looking down at herself, she could see

that she was completely bare, in more ways than one. Her legs and feet

were puffy with baby fat and her round stomach was much larger than her

flat chest. She actually was a baby and now she was spread-eagled as

her best friend prepared to diaper her! Amy started to squirm as her

humiliation burned.

A second figure then entered Amy’s vision. It was Tencite. Amy

quickly went from ashamed to terrified. The villain who’d done this to

her was now in Lita’s apartment and her friend didn’t know the danger

she was in! What was worse was Amy knew it was her fault Tencite was


As Amy tried to think about what she should do, Lita grabbed a baby

wipe and began to clean her. The tiny Sailor Mercury was mortified as

her friend wiped her, even lifting her up by the legs so she could reach

her bottom. As humiliated as she was, Amy tried to think of some way to

tell Lita what had happened to her.

"Gaa baa cha," she gurgled. Amy found it incredibly difficult to

form any words, the muscles in her mouth not cooperating with her in the

least. She even doubted if her vocal cords were capable of speech but

she had to try. As she felt the cool baby powder hitting her diaper

area Amy, pointed a chubby little finger at Lita, concentrated and

uttered, "Etaa, hep, eetA!"

Lita beamed at the infant. "Oh, that’s just adorable. She’s

trying to talk. Say Lita, honey. Leeetaaa," she sounded out, just

before lifting Amy’s legs up again to place the fresh diaper under her.

Amy grimaced a bit. "Lita, you idiot!" she thought. "That’s what

I just said!" She decided to try a different tact. Pointing at Tencite

this time, she said, "Baa, baada."

Tencite smiled, knowing exactly what Amy was trying to do. "No

precious. Dada. Daadaa." Turning to Lita, he chuckled, "I’m afraid

that since her mother is a single parent, the little darling has come to

think of me as a father figure."

"That’s so sweet," Lita said, taping Amy’s diaper shut.

"Nooo," Amy thought, "Don’t listen to him, listen to me!"

Desperately Amy tried to spew out words at Lita but everything she said

sounded like baby talk. Finally, as Lita playfully rubbed her nose

against hers, she gave up. She’d given her best and it had been

pathetic. Something horrible was going to happen to her friend right in

front of her and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Baby Amy’s

face creased up and she started to cry.

"Ohhh, don’t cry, baby," Lita purred. She picked the baby up and

held her against her chest. Rocking her gently, Lita tried to soothe

her. "Shhhh, shhhh. It’ll be okay, honey."

"No, it won’t," Amy thought desperately, her head resting against

Lita’s soft breast as she continued to cry uncontrollably.

"I think she wants her bottle," Lita observed. Cradling the baby

in her arms, she took the bottle off the counter and stuffed it into

Amy’s mouth, snuffing out her cries. Amy struggled a bit but it was

useless as she instinctively began to suck on the nipple, warm formula

filling her mouth.

"May I?" Tencite asked. "I should learn sometime after all."

"Of course," Lita said, handing the baby over to him.

Tencite held the bottle in place as he carried Amy back into the

living room. "That’s a good little girl," he said, smirking. "Suck on

your baba." Tencite sat down on the couch and Lita followed behind.

"Y’know," Lita stated, "She reminds me of a friend of mine.

Especially those adorable little eyes." The baby kicked her legs then,

seemingly in frustration.

Lita continued to gush over her, becoming enamored with the child.

Finally, a sad look came to Lita’s eyes and she said, "At least she’s

got her mommy. I miss my parents."

"I certainly don’t want to impose but what happened to them?"

Tencite asked, already knowing the answer.

"It’s all right. My parents died in a plane crash a couple of

years ago. Been on my own ever since," Lita explained sadly.

"You must miss them very much," Tencite said sincerely. A distant

look came to his eyes and he continued, "I’ve lost many friends and

family. You know, when I miss them, I close my eyes and I can still see

them as they were. It helps me sometimes." His eyes then shut, his

face taking on an expression of pain.

"Are you all right?" Lita asked worriedly.

Tencite’s eyes shot open and he looked guiltily at Lita. "I’m

sorry, I forgot myself for a moment."

Lita smiled. "I’ve done that too. Both actually." She looked

again at the baby and her eyes began to water. Wiping them, she said,

"I-I’m sorry. I must have something in my eye."

"Don’t be embarrassed my dear. Close your eyes and listen to me.

You’ll feel better," Tencite promised.

Lita looked at the stranger. Something made her trust him.

Closing her eyes, she listened to his melodic words.

"Picture them both as you last saw them. Allow it to become

crystal in your mind," Tencite spoke gently. As he did so, he placed

Amy back in the carrier and held the bottle in place with his left hand.

He took his right and placed it close to Lita’s shoulder without

touching the fabric of her blouse.

"Remember what it felt like to be with them," he continued, a blue

glow emanating from his right hand. "The joy you had when they laughed.

The pain you felt when they were sad," Tencite said, his voice taking on

a tinge of sorrow itself.

An expression of sadness crossed Lita’s face as Tencite’s words and

power influenced her emotions. "Feel how much they love you and how

much you miss them," he finished. A tear formed on Lita’s cheek but

other than that she did not move. He had her. Her mind was now locked

with the vision of her dead parents.

Tencite touched her shoulder then and the glow spread to cover her

body. By keeping the level of his attack so low, he knew Lita’s senses

wouldn’t be alerted. Slowly Lita began to shrink. Of all the Scouts,

Sailor Jupiter had matured the fastest. Her breasts and curves were

impressive enough to mesmerize any boy her own age and she had been

known to attract older mates as well. Now those assets were rapidly


Her blouse flattened against her chest as her breasts deflated.

Her skirt likewise puddled on the couch as her ass shrank. Her face

started to look more innocent, rounding as she became smaller. Her bare

feet lifted from her slippers as the cuffs of her blouse covered her

hands. Within seconds, the voluptuous teen looked like she belonged in

grade school.

Tencite smiled. "Quick and easy," he thought, "She’ll be back in

diapers before she knows what hit her." He wasn’t worried about her

transformation pen. As a baby, she wouldn’t be able to say the words

anyway. His smile dropped when he heard Amy cry.

Amy had watched everything as she drank from the bottle. Even as

helpless as she felt, there was no way she was going to quit. With a

great amount of effort, she’d finally managed to twist her mouth away

from the nipple. Without hesitation, she’d let out the loudest scream

she could manage.

The baby’s cry broke Lita from her trance. She was confused. Her

clothes felt funny and everything looked bigger. Looking back in Mr.

Webster’s direction, she jumped back in shock at how large he seemed,

releasing a yelp of surprise as she did. The high pitch of her voice

caused her to place her hands over her mouth as she cowered against the

edge of her sofa.

Tencite sighed and said, "So much for easy." A ten year old Lita

was staring at him in horror as he stood. The poor child’s skirt had

been pulled down her skinny legs as her large blouse covered her

midsection. She knew she was no match for this man the way she was.

Immediately the child reached into her subspace pocket and pulled

her transformation pen from it. Before she had a chance to utter a word

however, a sliver of lightning struck the pen, causing it to fly from

her grip.

"Naughty, naughty. We can’t have Sailor Jupiter joining the party.

She doesn’t play nice," the man said before he lunged at her.

Frantically, Lita tried to jump back over the side of the sofa but the

man grabbed onto her skirt, catching her for a moment. Just as quickly

however, she managed to slip out of the oversized garment and drop to

the floor.

She couldn’t see the pen so instead made a break for what she

considered her only chance. As she padded across the floor, she heard

the man say, "Lita, enough of this. Give up and I’ll go easy on you."

She ignored him. Reaching her room, she locked the door behind her

and reached into her desk drawer, pulling her compact out. Opening the

device, she activated the emergency frequency which would contact every

Scout at once. She didn’t know what the man was but he definitely

wasn’t normal and soon his presence would be known. Glancing back at

the door, Lita just hoped someone could react in time to save her.

When she looked again at the compact, her heart went cold. The

screen showed nothing but static. "This can’t be happening!" she

wailed in a now high voice. Suddenly the doorknob behind her turned

white hot and began to melt. Lita dropped her compact and ran for her

phone. Picking the receiver up, she heard nothing. The line was dead.

Suddenly the door flew open with a kick and Lita watched the man

enter the room. There was no where else to hide. Gathering her

courage, Lita decided if she was going to go down, she’d at least put up

a fight. Among the Scouts, she was the best martial artist and with any

luck, her attacker might underestimate her, giving her an opening to at

least get past him.

The man laughed as Lita took a fighting stance, which wasn’t

surprising considering her head barely came to his chest. She waited

for him to close the distance between them before she executed a perfect

roundhouse kick with her right leg, aimed at his stomach. Full grown,

such a move would have been aimed at the head and could have knocked out

an opponent twice her size. As she was now, Lita simply hoped to double

her attacker over in pain.

Unfortunately for her, the kick never met its target as the man

swung his arm in a downward stroke to knock her leg away.

"I’m afraid you’ll have to do better than that," he said.

Regaining her balance, Lita immediately shot her other foot forward

in an attempt to nail her opponent in the groin, but that attack too was

blocked. Swinging her kicking leg back, she used the built up momentum

to twist herself around and execute a reverse kick to the man’s stomach.

It was am impressive move, especially considering how unbalanced she

felt. It met with no more success than her other attacks however. This

time the man caught her foot and wrapped his right arm backward across

her leg, trapping it.

"Playtime’s over," the man snarled and grabbed a fistful of her

blouse with his free hand.

Lita felt her bra strap tighten painfully under her arms as he

lifted her from the floor. Before she even knew what was happening, she

found herself flying helplessly through the air, her descent halted

violently by the mattress of her bed. Regaining her senses, Lita

realized she had to make a break for it.

Lita jumped to her feet and tried to scramble past the intruder but

he managed to grab one of her ankles and began to drag her back to him.

"That’s enough! Stop struggling!" the stranger yelled. Despite

that, Lita kicked and fought as much as she could but felt herself being

lifted into the air regardless of her efforts. It was when she landed

across the stranger’s legs that she truly became frightened.

"I’ve had just about enough of this!" he said as he pulled Lita’s

loose panties down her swinging legs. Cool air hit her bare bottom as

she desperately tried to get away from his powerful grip. The first

blow struck her with a sharp pain and she struggled harder, to no avail.

The second and third struck immediately after, causing tears to come to

her eyes. The blows continued, reducing her resistance even further as

she howled in pain. By the tenth strike, a defeated Lita was bawling

like a baby.

Tencite stopped after a few more blows and tossed the wailing child

back onto the bed. Lita didn’t try to run this time but instead curled

up into a ball as she closed her eyes and cried.

Tencite stood and took in the scene, allowing his anger to fade.

He’d mostly mastered his emotions over the centuries but now had allowed

his anger to get the best of him. He had warned her not to run of

course but still the lapse was inexcusable. Looking at the crying Lita,

a part of him felt sorry for the girl. She had only tried to get away.

Not wasting any more time with his thoughts, he readied a time ball

and threw it at the child on the bed.

The impact of the ball caused Lita to sit up with a start. She

stared at herself in amazement as her huge blouse began to grow larger.

"No! Stop it! Please stop it!" she cried, but the man simply stared at

her. As her arms and torso became engulfed in fabric, her skinny legs

pulled back into her body. Poor Lita was crying freely now as tears

streamed down her face. She felt like a fool for letting this creature

into her home and her inability to strike back was unbearable.

The blouse fell away as Lita’s bare shoulders came free and her

legs and feet became chubbier. Absently, the toddler stuck her thumb in

her mouth as she stared wide-eyed in fear at the man who had done this

to her.

Tencite smiled when he saw Lita’s regression stop where Amy’s had.

About eighteen months. The only thing left of the once gorgeous teen

was the tiny ponytail still held in place by her green hair tie. The

baby now sat on the bed surrounded by her blouse which Tencite easily

lifted her out of.

Tencite jostled the infant gently as he carried her back to the

living room. He noticed with satisfaction that Amy was still in the

carrier. Getting a lockable harness had been good foresight. As he

walked into Amy’s view, the baby Scout simply glared at him.

"Oh, don’t be such a sourpuss. I’ve brought you a playmate,"

Tencite said.

Laying Lita on the sofa, Tencite quickly put her into a disposable

diaper, the same way Lita had done to Amy minutes before.

The infant lay meekly on the cushion, keeping her thumb planted in

her mouth. Tencite then released Amy and sat her down next to Lita.

Ignoring the giant watching them, Amy crawled over to Lita and kneeled

in front of her. Lita’s eyes opened wide and for the first time she

finally recognized her friend. Pulling the thumb slightly out, Lita

managed to utter, "Aaammmmeeee?"

When the dark haired infant nodded sharply, Lita stuck her thumb

back in, closed her eyes, and continued her tears.

Tencite closed the creaking door behind him as he entered the

massive interior of an abandoned warehouse. In the center could be seen

a small area lit by a single lamp. Within that area, a sofa was visible

along with a TV tuned into some sitcom. As Tencite approached, he

shifted his right arm to keep it from falling asleep. This caused Lita

to stir from her slumber and she lifted her head from his shoulder.

Tencite noted with amusement that her thumb never seemed to leave her


Looking down at the carrier in his left hand, he noticed that Amy

too was awake. In fact, Sailor Mercury had remained awake the entire

cab ride over. Tencite laughed to himself at that. The girl was

probably trying to figure out their location, though there was no way

she could have kept track of anything from her position.

Stopping behind the sofa, Tencite cheerfully exclaimed, "Honey, I’m


There was a stirring and suddenly a woman with shoulder length

black hair popped her head up over the back of the cushions, her face

dark in the flickering light of the TV.

"Ooooo, you brought presents!" she squealed when she saw what was

in Tencite’s arms.

"That depends. Did your mission go well?" Tencite asked.

The woman smirked widely. "As easy as `taking candy from a baby’,

so to speak," the woman giggled maniacally at her own joke then stopped

and put a finger to her lips. "At least, I think it was that easy. I

can confirm it later with these little darlings, can’t I Tenny?"

"Of course you can, my dear," Tencite replied. "Girls, meet Nancy.

She’s an old comrade of mine. She’ll also be your nanny while I see to

it you have plenty of playmates."

"Hi girls," the woman said, waving at Amy and Lita. "We’re gonna

have so much fun together. As long as you’re good, of course." The

last was said in a deadly serious tone that caused Lita to bury her head

back into Tencite’s shoulder.

Nancy’s tone immediately changed as she whined to Tencite, "Hey

Tenny. Why’d I have to use that stupid cab to get back here? Why

wouldn’t you let me teleport?"

"Because, my dear, a teleport requires energy that might be

detected by that Lunar Cat of Serena’s. I want to remain secret for as

long as possible," he explained. "Another thing, you’re not on a

mission anymore so take off that ridiculous costume."

Nancy stood and looked down at herself. She was still dressed as a

nurse. "Oh, all right," she complained. Reaching her hand to her face,

she grabbed her cheek and began to tear her skin off.

Lita, who was watching again, started to cry and squirm and Tencite

felt her diaper get warm. Amy, for her part, stared wide-eyed at the

scene in horror as Nancy tore her fake skin off to reveal a dark blue

pallor underneath. The lower part of her dress tore also as four blue

arms fought their way through the fabric. The lower pair proceeded to

free her upper arms of fake skin as the middle pair finished the job on

her head. In seconds, a blue, six-armed woman had replaced the old

Nancy, her hair the same length but now pointed at the ends. Amy

immediately knew she was looking at a Youma, a servant of the Negaverse.

The Youma’s black lips peeled back into a grin as she made her way

around the sofa. "Don’t cry, sweetie. Nanny is here," she purred to

Lita as she took the kicking, wailing infant from Tencite’s arms.

Holding the baby with her two upper arms, she walked over to a darkened

area and turned on a light. A changing table and playpen were readily


Holding her charge above the table, Nanny used her two middle arms

to pull down Lita’s diaper as her lower arms reached into the drawers of

the table. For a few seconds, the struggling child was bare to the

world, much to her tearful dismay. Nanny gently laid her onto the table

and cleaned her with a baby wipe as another hand quickly powdered her.

Yet another hand brought a cloth diaper up and she said, "Now, one thing

that Nanny insists on is that her babies wear soft, cloth diapers. I’m

just old fashioned that way." She swiftly wrapped the diaper onto Lita

and tied its ends firmly. Picking Lita up for Tencite to see, Nanny

exclaimed, "See, now you’re Nanny’s special little baby!"

Amy was sure the Youma had a screw loose. To her, Lita looked for

all the world like a female version of cupid. Of course, this didn’t

stop a pit of fear from forming in her stomach when Nanny looked at her

and asked, "And is wittle Amy ready for a comfy diaper? Why, yes she




End Chapter 4

Sailor Moon: Age of Innocence

by: Oni | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 5, 2005


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