Sailor Moon: Age of Innocence

by: Oni | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2005

A strange obession I had years ago to turn all the Sailor Scouts into little babies. Not finished but still a lot of nice AR. Picture Malcolm McDowell as Tencite, I did.

Chapter 1
Prologue: The Favor

"Sailor Moon: Age of Innocence"

By Dark Oni

(Based on Characters and Situations created by Naoko Takeuchi.)

Prologue: The Favor

The streets of Tokyo were dark as a constant rain fell on the

pavement. A figure in a gray trench coat and hat walked quickly through

the wet night, ignoring other people as he hurried to whatever was his

destination. He also seemed oblivious to the scattered New Year’s and

Christmas decorations on houses lining the streets. Truly, his was a

purpose that did not lend itself to the joy of the season.

Finally, after the rounding of several corners, he arrived at the

entrance of an old shop and rapped on the door three times. After a

second, the door slowly creaked open. There was no one behind it. He

really hadn’t expected there to be.

"Come in," a feminine voice called. "Please, make yourself warm at

the fire."

The figure closed the door behind him, noting the disparity between

the spartan looks of the shop’s exterior with the opulence inside. It

advertised itself as an antique shop but he was sure many of the items he

walked past were far older than most of the store’s patrons could have


He eventually reached a table at the far corner of the shop, an

actual wood fire burning in the fireplace. He allowed himself a smile

at that. He preferred the old ways sometimes.

The oak chair creaked as he sat and he looked at the woman seated

across from him. Her hair was a stark white. That’s what stood out the

most to him. It was also braided and wrapped from back to front around

her neck. The second thing he noticed was the absolute ice blue of the

woman’s eyes which seemed to contrast with her warm attitude.

He thought she was a very interesting person to meet in Tokyo, but

then again, given the reason he was here, he knew she wasn’t from around

these parts.

The woman bowed her head slightly and spoke. "Welcome, oh great

Tencite. It is an honor to be in your presence."

The figure paused, not bothering to reply at first. He then

grabbed the brim of his hat and pulled it off his head. He too had

white hair but it was cut short, giving him the look of a soldier. His

eyes however, were as blue as the sea and seemed just as deep.

Finally, in a well-mannered voice that seemed to have a hint of an

English accent to it, he replied, "Spare me the pleasantries. You knew

how to contact me and knew what to say so that I would come. It doesn’t

impress me in the least then that you know who I am so don’t insult me

with false praise. I have come a long way. You obviously need me for

something so please, just ask and get it over with."

The woman seemed taken aback at his response and it took a moment

for her to recover. "Forgive me. I did not mean to insult you. I

truly am honored by your presence."

The man sighed and said, "Now you throw apologies at me. Just

answer my question: `Why have you called me here?’"

The woman glared back at him before responding this time. "A debt

that you owe has been called in. I’m sure you remember the Wiseman."

Tencite rolled his eyes and replied, "Wonderful. Just wonderful.

Can’t you people take care of your own problems?"

The woman lowered her eyebrows and finally lost some of her

composure. "I don’t understand. I call you here to say that you are

needed by us and all you do is complain? You should be honored to pay

us back, to have the chance to acquire real power. You’re nothing like

the other Generals."

"I should hope not," Tencite stated with a wry smile. "Most of

them are dead."

It took a moment but the woman actually smiled at the joke and had

to put a hand over her mouth to suppress a small laugh. She could see

that her guest was smiling as well.

"Good," he said. "So nice to see you’re still somewhat human. Now

that you’ve calmed down... Since I owe your people a debt, it will be

repaid. Make no mistake however, after this, I owe nothing."

The woman’s eyes seemed to soften and she quietly said, "I


Tencite’s face became more serious and he replied, "Good. Now that

we understand each other, what do you want of me?"

As the woman’s mouth opened, he interrupted in a friendly voice,

"First though, I have to admit you have me at somewhat of a loss. You

know my name but I don’t know yours."

The woman smiled again before speaking. "I am Birdie of the Dark

Moon Family. What we would like from you is the capture of a Rabbit

and the elimination of the Sailor Scouts."



End Chapter 1

Sailor Moon: Age of Innocence

by: Oni | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2005


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