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Louder than Words

by: Omnomnomdom Last updated Jun 5, 2022

As a fog begins to set in, Ann stubbornly refuses to believe her hypnosis is working. Can she realize her mistake and figure out the trigger before it's too late?

Little Lamb

by: Omnomnomdom Last updated Feb 26, 2022

Agent April Parker is one tough interrogator, but finding the truth this time may cost more than she bargained for. My homage to all those darker regression tales with the "unfair" endings, that I used to read so many of on the old Archive. Enjoy.


by: Omnomnomdom Last updated Nov 6, 2021

Vanessa was supposed to be queen of her high school this year. Now, she might end up in a different class altogether.

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On story: Upstream - chapter 3

Omnomnomdom Nov 6, 2021

Hi Eta, Thanks for the kind words! I'd love to write more, if time allows. For the most part, though, I do short-form captions on Tumblr (my u ...

On story: Upstream - chapter 3

Omnomnomdom Nov 3, 2021

No physical AR, sorry, but still plenty of fun to be had! :)

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