The Diaper Bag

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Chapter 10
Part 9

“Oh my god!” Lynn crooned between mouthfuls of spaghetti.  “That was great!”  She bounced in her chair, feeling only a slight squish as she did so.  This particular diaper had a ways to go before it’d need changing.  “Best! Day! Ever!”

They were back home, in the kitchen. While it took everything for Lynn not to just use her hands and shovel the noodles directly into her face, Marie used a fork and spoon to carefully wind each tangle of spaghetti into an elegant spool before sliding the fork between her lips.   “I’m glad you think so.  I really enjoyed it, too.”

Lynn had trouble believing that, but didn’t care to refute.  How could Marie have enjoyed it when Lynn had done all the playing for herself?  Marie just watched from the sidelines; that and checked her diaper and changed her if she’d needed it. And give her food and drink.  And tell her what a good job she’d been doing.  And talk to the grown-ups so she didn’t have to.  Honestly, it felt like Marie had been doing all the work while Lynn played all day.

First the playground, then a lunch break at McDonald’s. Then playing in the play place!  Then a movie (a cartoon of course), and then back home where Marie cooked spaghetti.  She hadn’t had that much fun since she couldn’t remember when.

Making sure to wipe her fingers on the napkins, Lynn lifted the hem of her sundress..  “You were right about this dress, too.  It’s so cute!  Everybody said so!”  She’d been nervous at first about showing off her diaper, but the magic of the bag had held strong. So she’d been able to bend and tumble and hang upside from the monkey bars with no worries about silly things like modesty.  People who dressed like her typically didn’t have to.

In fact, the only comments about her padding had come from Marie when it was decided Lynn needed a new one.  That was another benefit: much easier to check and change her.

“Don’t thank me,” Marie chuckled.  “It was in your diaper bag.  Either you or your Mommy picked it out.”

Lynn looked at herself.  “Oh yeah…I guess so!”  Due to the magic or common sense (which never mixed well with magic) Marie had yet to figure out the exact nature of the diaper bag and instead just assumed it was well stocked instead of infinitely stocked.  

That was why they’d come home for dinner.  “Only one diaper left,” Marie had said after changing Lynn at the theater.  “Never stay out with just one diaper.”  As a babysitter herself, Lynn had to agree, albeit reluctantly.

Marie finished her pasta and stood up from the table.  “Whelp,” she said.  “This was fun, but I gotta go home and get some rest.  See you tomorrow?”

The young lady in diapers was about to nod when her own brain and sense of responsibility kicked in.  “Sorry,” she said.  “Can’t.  Would love to.  But can’t. I gotta babysit tomorrow. It’s an all day thing, too.”  Her head bowed in disappointment. A great day of play ruined by an upcoming day of work.  “Today was my only day off.”

“No biggie,” Marie said.  “I’ll help.  I’ll sit with you.”

The babysitter’s head went up along with her hopes. “Yeah?  You’d do that for me?”

“Of course.”

Lynn started doing calculations in her head. “Could you give me a ride?”  A car would mean quicker travel time than taking the bus.  That meant she could sleep in.

“Yeah.  Sure. Why not?  I’ll be here.”

With that, the pair hugged, said their goodbyes, and Marie showed herself out the door while Lynn finished licking spaghetti sauce off her plate.  Her mouth rimmed red, she let out a long, loud yawn.  “I must be more tired than I thought,” she said.  “Playing all day will do that to ya, I guess.”

Putting the dishes in the sink, Lynn walked into the living room.  The T.V. was on, but she couldn’t tell from the commercials what channel.  Probably not Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network.   She was about to go to her room and change into some pajamas but stopped as a light cramp rocketed through her.  She clutched her tummy. This morning’s waffles had finally caught up to her.  

Lynn bit her lip.  She really should stop this.  Time to grow up as it were.  But no one was around.  And after today she might not ever have the guts to do this sort of thing again. “Awww, what the heck?”  Might as well binge before she purged.  

There in the middle of the living room floor, Lynn Gilligan bent her knees a bit, closed her eyes and started to grunt.  She exhaled as she felt the first bit exiting into the back of her diaper.  She was a literal Pampers Pusher now.  No doubt about it.  Guiltily and giddily, she grinned as she continued squeezing the mass into the back of her baby pants.  She loved hearing the slight crinkle as the back of her diaper ballooned out to accommodate her mess.  It was even better than the slight his she heard whenever she peed.

“I’m doing it,” she whispered to herself.  “I’m really doing it!”  She was doing it alright.  She was in the middle of the living room floor and pooping.





Her eyes went wide as the bathroom door opened.  “Mommy…”  She’d forgotten.  Mom was home and awake.  That’s why the T.V. was on!  Lynn wanted to run, wanted to full out sprint to her bedroom, but her body wouldn’t cooperate.  She was more than halfway done and her legs and bowels were officially on a kind of autopilot.  Besides, the bathroom was on the way to her bedroom.

Soft footsteps signaled Mom’s approach.  “Hey honey,” Lynn heard.  “You poopin’?”

Beads of cold sweat broke out on Lynn’s forehead.  “Uh-huh.”  She could barely speak, only push the last of the mess into her not-so-underwear.  It wasn’t even pushing by this point; more a matter of gravity and biological momentum dragging the last of it out of her.

Her knees buckled the moment the last of it was out of her, sending her tumbling to the floor, cushioned by her now filled up backside.   “Yikes,”  Mom said.  “That’s gonna make it harder to clean up.  Do you want help?”

With tears starting to form in her eyes, Lynn nodded, but said nothing.  

“Okay,” Mom said, helping her up.  “Let’s go hop in the tubby.  I’ll help.”

The following shower was everything Lynn had been missing in the morning: Nice warm water.  Someone else to do the (literal) dirty work, all while telling her things were going to be okay.  No disparaging comments. Mom was a nurse.  The sweet smelling soap and shampoo felt and smelled so much better when someone else was rubbing it in and rinsing it off.

Lynn quietly sighed a thousand times- all relieved- as her mother rinsed her, washed her, and toweled her off.  She didn’t refuse as she was led back into her room and laid down on the bed.  Mom reached into the diaper bag.  “Last Pamper,” she said, unfolding the massive diaper and slipping it underneath her.  There was plenty of baby powder in the little white bottle.  “Will have to go to the store and get some more.  Maybe Luvs.  Same company.  Less expensive.”  Lynn smiled, meekly.  Next time someone opened the diaper bag, she knew, there’d be more than a few Luvs Size 8’s waiting.

The young lady yawned as she was powdered and diapered, the deep heat of the water having relaxed her muscles to the point of feeling almost drugged. But something was odd.  Not missing.  Just off.  And she couldn’t put her finger on it.  

Was it Mom?  No.  That wasn’t it. Mom was a nurse.  Magic or not, it was unlikely that Lynn was the first adult to be bathed and diapered by Laura Gilligan.   More importantly, Mom was well...Mom.  She’d literally changed Lynn’s stinky pants an uncountable number of times. That wasn’t the weird part.  But what was.

She was still wondering it when Mommy tucked her in and wished her goodnight with a kiss on the forehead. Just as she was about to drift off, it hit her: Where had Mom gotten Lynn’s diaper bag?  She could have sworn it had been left at the kitchen table.


Just not weird enough to keep her from dreamland.



End Chapter 10

The Diaper Bag

by: Personalias | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 22, 2021


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