The Diaper Bag

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Chapter 3
Part 2

“Bradley!  NO!”  Lynn let out a shriek and pivoted  as a poop filled diaper came right at his head. Instead of hitting her in the face, the literal sack of shit splattered against the lower back of her shirt.  

“POOPY! POOPY! POOPY! POOPY!”  The two-year-old shouted in some weird mixture of bawling and laughter as he ran around the room, little bits of brown trotting out beneath him.  “NO NO NO NO NO!”

Likewise, Lynn had equally mixed emotions; those emotions being disgust and anger.  She heard the sick pudding like sound mix with the papery crinkling of the Luvs as she peeled it off her back.  So gross!

Bradley was what his parents called a “precocious” little boy, and at closer to three than two he had three factors that made it so that his favorite sitter was sorely tempted to double her rates just for the “pleasure” of dealing with him.  

Factor 1: Bradley was very much in his Terrible Twos.  He’d learned the word “No” and used it liberally.  When “No” didn’t work, screaming and tantruming did just fine.  Just because he was tiny and young didn’t mean that big people got to tell him what to do.  Not if you asked him.

Factor 2: Bradley’s parents were incredibly permissive and often tanked the kid up on junk food.  Besides the lack of discipline from the former, the latter made it so that he regularly had stomach problems up to and including extremely irritable bowels.

Factor 3: Bradley had recently figured out how to take off his own diaper.  He’d wear it until it was wet enough or dirty enough so as to be uncomfortable, and then throw it at the tallest person in proximity.  Hence the absolutely vile Luvs that had been peeled and now plopped on the carpet.  In Lynn’s semi-professional opinion that totally meant Bradley should be potty trained, but his parents just wouldn’t put forth the effort. Bradley was still their “little one” and “wasn’t ready”.  “Maybe next year”.

It was all the young lady could do not to scream as she ran down the toddler, scooping him up and plopping him on the changing table so she could wipe him down.  Then she thought about her self and had to do her best not to vomit.  Bradley, for his part, seemed to think it hilarious.  “NO NO NO NO!” he giggled.  

Beneath his changing table, the young woman reached for another Luvs Size 6, and then sighed, wearily.  What would the point even be?  He’d just pee or poop in that one and then rip it right off.  Then, Lynn remembered her new bag.

Bending over to the side, she picked up her newest treasure.  The bag was still empty, but it wouldn’t be for long.  “A diaper that Bradley can’t take off by himself,” she whispered. “Luvs.  Size six.”   Just like in the store, she opened the bag, and laying neatly inside was a single diaper. Luvs. Size 6.  “Here goes nothing.”  She slid the diaper underneath the toddler’s bottom as she had done countless times before, pulled it up between his legs, and then fastened it on.

Bradley looked down at his new diaper, poked at it.  Then shrugged as he toddled off to play.   His sitter was left with cleaning up his mess.  Anger was giving way to nausea.  Changing a dirty diaper was one thing.  Cleaning toddler poop out of carpet (and yourself) was a whole new ballgame; and Lynn wasn’t good at sports.

Fortunately, the worst of it was still contained in the messy diaper.  The rest were little clumps that had dribbled off and were easily requisitioned with more wipes.  Five minutes clean up time, all told.

Five minutes was all the time Bradley needed.  He stopped running around in circles.  Looked down, and then giggled as he sucked his thumb. “PHEE-PHEEEEEEEE…..”  Bradley smiled. Bradley sighed.  Bradley looked down at the tapes of his diaper.

Lynn braced herself.

“NO! NO! NO! NO!  OFF! OFF!”  The tabs wouldn’t budge.  Bradley pulled and pulled, tugged and tugged at the front of his diaper.  “PEE PEE MEANS  AAAAAAAAWFF!”  Even as he fell backwards on his behind and then rolled onto his back in some attempt at leverage, the Luvs would not budge.  “DIAPER OFF!”

“No,” Lynn said quietly.  “Diaper stays on.” It worked!


A passerby would have thought the child was being given a death sentence. Kids were weird.  “Maybe ask Mommy and Daddy to let you use the potty next time.  Or you can at least ask nicely for a change like a good boy.”


The brat was still trying the impossible as she sashayed back into his nursery.  “More,” she said.  “More diapers that Bradley can’t take off.  Luvs. Size six.”  Upon opening the tote bag, Lynn felt it practically inflate.  Stacks and stacks of the special diapers were inside.  Thing was stuffed to the gills; couldn’t hope to fit any more or anything else inside.  

Quickly, the babysitter took the old, non-magically influenced diapers and stuffed them into a large box in the closet.  The new ones-good for at least a couple of days- took their place on the changing table’s shelves.  “Maybe potty training will look better to him after a few days where he can’t strip his Luvs off and chuck ‘em,” she chuckled grimly to herself.

Lynn sniffed.  Something was still off.  The smell of feces and urine yet lingers.  Then she remembered her clothes.  The back of her shirt was still smeared with not-so-fresh poop.  “Ugh!” she almost gagged.  “Gross!”  

What was she going to do?  She didn’t have any spare clothes with her.  She supposed she could borrow some clothes from Bradley’s mother, but both of his parents were decidedly much bigger than her.  A dress would be a circus tent.  Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!  Why didn’t she ever think of this eventuality?!  

Now she’d have to stay in soiled clothes or else be caught stealing or indecent.  In bizarre way she wasn’t that different from Bradley.


Pulling the magical bag close to her, Lynn whispered “An outfit I can wear.” She sniffed.  “And a discreet  garbage bag for my dirty clothes.”  The bag was full when she opened it, but not stuffed.  The garbage bag was black and folded up on top.  She took it out and unfolded it.  


With extreme care, Lynn took off her disgusting shirt, being careful to tuck her hair back underneath her collar before pulling the whole thing over her head.  Inspecting the shirt, she saw the wet brownish stain on the back, and her upper lip curled up in revulsion.  Gingerly, she patted the back of her jeans and felt a similar wet spot.  “Good thing I asked for a whole outfit,” she said more to herself than anyone else.

With a sigh and a shimmy, she kicked off her shoes and slid dirty jeans off of her and into the waiting garbage bag.  A quick inspection of her panties showed them to be clean; her denim pants thick enough to absorb the second hand diaper stain.  That was something, at least.

The small garbage bag contained the smell of Bradley’s stink marvelously; even sealed like a ziplock so nothing would leak out. The garbage bag on the floor and her old garments taken care of for the moment, Lynn dumped the rest of the magical diaper bag’s contents onto the floor.

The light green t-shirt with a purple and yellow flower stenciled on the chest wasn’t bad.  The purple shorts would do the job.  But the frilly socks and bright pink light up shoes with velcro on the laces were wholly unnecessary.  “I did say ‘outfit’,” Lynn sighed to herself.  She opened the bag and placed the shoes and socks back in it.  

When she put the rest of the outfit on however, Lynn concluded that something was a little off.  The shirt came down to her waist but it was just short enough to where if she moved the wrong way- bent over or raised her hands above her head- she shirt would slide up and she’s flash some skin.

Likewise, her new purpose shorts were a little too short for her personal tastes, stopping just above the knees.  The elastic waistband didn’t make her feel any more secure, and they were oddly baggy; which was odd since short-shorts usually showed off the legs.  The color palette was a bit garish for Lynn’s taste, too.

Looking down at her knees, something else caught Lynn’s attention. Lying in the middle of the floor where the shorts had laid was a Huggies; Size 8. She recognized it from the Disney patterns inlaid on both sides of the diaper.  Thing was, Huggies didn’t make a Size 8.  Lynn picked it up and examined it closely.  It would fit her perfectly...

A moment of realization dawned on the babysitter.  

“Oh yeah!” she laughed to herself.  “It’s a baby bag.  So it can only make stuff for babies.”  It was all so much clearer now.  Her outfit, while very modesty preserving, was still toddlerish at best.  The dimensions of the clothing made a lot more sense to her, now.  The room in the shorts would be much more comfortable if they had to accommodate some poofy padding.  The elastic waistband would make accessing the Luvs that much easier during change time, too.  And Lynn knew from experience how often the tops of diapers peaked out from shorts, so the not-quite long enough shirt would have only revealed the Luvs’ waistband  “I did say a whole outfit…” she repeated to herself.

“Ah well,” she muttered, putting the diaper, shoes, and socks back into the magical bag.  “Um.  Nothing?  Go away.”  She opened the bag again.  The extra baby garments remained there intact.   She closed the bag again. “Vanish,” Lynn commanded.  “Disappear.  Back where you came from!”

Opening the bag revealed zero progress.  Darn it!  She’d made plenty of objects out of the bag before she’d bought it, but the elderly shopkeeper hadn’t said anything about getting rid of them. What was she supposed to do now?

The only logical recourse, actually.  Piling the near hermetically sealed garbage bag on top, she closed the bag shut.  She’d just have to get rid of these things later; that and promise to be more precise with her wording.

“NOOOOO!”  Bradley was still screaming when Lynn returned to the nursery.  Thank goodness he hadn’t accidentally hurt himself or broken anything while he raged.  “Pee-pee!  No pee-pee!  No potty!”  

Lynn rolled her eyes and looked back down at her closed bag.  Bradley already had a diaper he couldn’t take off.  Maybe a pacifier that he couldn’t spit out…?


Lynn pivoted and saw Bradley’s parents return.  “Bradley!”  The large woman got down on one knee and opened her arms.  Bradley went toddling into the arms, giggling all the way.  As per usual, he was a perfect angel whenever the two adults in his life were watching.

“How was he?”  Bradley’s dad asked.  

Lynn scratched the back of her head.  “He threw one of his diapers again,” she reported tactfully.  “I think he’s about ready to potty train.”

“I don’t think so,” his mother cooed, tickling his tummy.  “He’s wet now, but he seems perfectly comfortable.”  

Wet...but perfectly comfortable...that hit a nerve Lynn hadn’t known existed.  She shuddered a tiny bit. “That’s because…um..”

“Because what?” the father asked.  “Didn’t you have a different outfit when you came over?”  There was no hint of suspicion. No accusation.  “Maybe I just didn’t notice or something.”  No mention that she was basically dressed like one of Bradley’s potty trained peers.

And yet…

Guilt.  Secrecy.  Jealousy.  If she told them about the bag they’d want it for themselves.  Use it to keep Bradley from potty training.  From growing up….

“Because-boys-are-harder-to-potty-train-and-their-behavior-will-fluctuate-over-time,” she blurted out..  “I-read-it-in-a-book-somewhere.” A cold sweat broke out over her brow.  Something deep down inside her did not want to confess to what she’d done; to the magic.  They’d take the magic from her if they knew...take her diaper bag from her.

Her excuse seemed to land.  “That makes sense,” Bradley’s dad laughed.  “My parents almost couldn’t get me into the boy scouts.  Maybe we’ll look into it.”

“Uh-huh…” she agreed.  “Maybe I”ll bring some training pants with me next time.  To help!”  Another lie.  Another nicety.  The mention of training pants wasn’t as important to her as the ‘next time’.  This time was over.

If there was further conversation between the parents, Lynn didn’t absorb any of it.  She just took her money, slid it into the bag, and got out of there and to the nearest bus stop as quickly as her legs would carry her.


But he wouldn’t be able to take that diaper off by himself.  Lynn had made sure of that.  And if, on her way home, she’d been honest with herself, the emotion she was most feeling wasn’t guilt as much as it had been envy of the toddler.



End Chapter 3

The Diaper Bag

by: Personalias | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 22, 2021


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