The Diaper Bag

by: Personalias | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 22, 2021

Chapter 11
Part 10

The sun was up when the lights were flicked on, but it didn’t make waking up any easier.  “Time to get up, Lynn!” Mom cooed. “You’ve got a big day ahead of you!”

Lynn rubbed her eyes.  For half a second she could have sworn her room looked like a giant nursery. But when her vision cleared, it was just her same old room save for her diaper bag and the few bits of big baby clothes stowed in her hamper. 

Must’ve just been a lingering fragment of dreamstuff.  Made sense.  She’d spent all yesterday in a diaper and was about to spend the whole day babysitting.  It stood to reason that her subconscious would be likely infected.

“Hold on, hold on,” Mom said just as Lynn was starting to swing her feet over the edge.  “I didn’t mean for you to get up literally, just yet.”  Lynn felt herself being gently shoved back down.  “Gotta change you first.”

“Change?”  Lynn poked at her Pampers, and felt the wet pulp push back.  Furthermore, her bladder was empty and she distinctly remembered going to sleep dry.  She’d wet the bed.  She’d actually wet the bed!  Lynn genuinely didn’t know how to feel about it.

What she did feel was the cool morning air on her backside as Mom casually untaped her diaper and started to change her.  Lynn might’ve struggled if not for how concerned she was that not only had she used her diaper but apparently had needed it.  Might be safer to give her big girl panties a respite.  Besides, she was enjoying this.

As predicted last night, it was a fresh Luvs that made its way under her bum and around her hips.  “Thank you, Mommy,” Lynn said after the Luvs had been secured.

“You’re welcome Lynnie,” Mom smiled. “Now get dressed.  Busy day today.”

Inwardly, Lynn pouted, but didn’t otherwise put up a fight.  It had been nicer when others had been dressing her, but today was a work day.  This diaper was more of an indulgence than she deserved.  

A quick inspection of the clothes in her drawers and closet testified that while it might be more than she deserved, such indulgences might in fact be needed.  Her bra and shirts fit well enough, but none of her pants would budge over the massive Luvs.  Even if they could, she realized, she was likely to pop a button or a seam as soon as she wet.  When Luvs swelled, they REALLY swelled.  

The babysitter found herself at a crossroads. It was either lose the Luvs and risk having an accident in her panties or...

She went over to the diaper bag. Oddly enough, it was empty of Luvs. Mom must have only conjured the one diaper by accident.  Good enough. She didn’t want to have to rifle through a bunch of diapers to get something that might cover them.  “I want pants,” she whispered after she closed the bag.  “Ones that can cover my diaper without showing it off.  Discreet.”  She really hoped the magic would understand.

Apparently it did.  The pair of pants that came out of the bag were jeans, so the denim hid the bulge better.  There was more room in the seat, too, very discreet.  The elastic waistband was a bit immature, as was the snap buttons on the waist, but it wasn’t anything a belt couldn’t hide. There were no snaps along the crotch either, just a zipper.  She’d have to live with the rainbow colored butterflies stitched into the two back pockets, but she could make it work.

A two or three year old, someone just on the verge or in the middle of potty training might wear something like this if everything was to scale.  Yeah.  This would do.  This would do nicely.  She pulled on the pants, tucked in her light yellow t-shirt, and wrapped a belt around her and her disguise was complete.


She was about to slip on her shoes- agonizing whether she should go with her regular ones or her light up sneakers- when... 


“Marie!”  Shoes in hand, Lynn hustled out of her bedroom and towards the front door. In a very short time she’d gotten very good at running in a diaper.  The playground had given her plenty of opportunity to practice, but she was a natural in that regard. “Hi-!”  Lynn stopped.  It was not Marie at the door.

Mr. Freeman, the parent she was supposed to be sitting for was at her front door.  In his arms, wearing a pink-onesie with a skirt attachment, was his one-year-old, Sabrina.  “Hi Lynnie!” he said, “Is your Mommy home?”

“Mr. Freeman?” Lynnie said. “What are you doing here?  Am I late?”

The parent seemed puzzled.  “Late? No.  If anything, I’m a little early.  You and Sabrina were supposed to have a playdate today at your house, remember?”  Mr. Freeman was the type who liked to call babysitting “playdates”, as if his daughter and Lynn were peers of some sort, so that didn’t bother her.  When you passed thirty, most people under twenty-five looked like kids, Lynn supposed.  But no, she didn’t remember; not the part about babysitting Sabrina over here.    “Is your Mommy here?”

“Lynnie!” the baby cooed at the sight of her babysitter. Sabrina really was a sweet kid.

“She’s just getting dressed,” a voice said from behind Lynn. Lynnie startled.  Good thing she’d decided to forego her panties; it turns out she had a little bit left in her bladder after all.  Not a lot, but enough that the diaper had been something of a lifesaver just then.  Lynn followed the sound of the voice.  Much to her relief, it turned out to be Marie.  


“I got here before you woke up,” she explained. “Your Mom wanted to let you sleep in a bit so she let me in.”  Then to Mr. Freeman, she added, “Mrs. Gilligan’s taking the dayshift today, but I’m on deck.”

“Okie dokie,” Mr. Freeman said.  Finally, he handed Sabrina over to Lynn, the tot giggling as she was transferred from one pair of arms to the other. 

“Don’t worry,” Lynn said. “I’ve got everything I need for little Sabrina. I’ve got a brand new diaper bag and-”

Mr. Freeman chuckled at that.  “That’s awfully nice of you,” he said. He unshouldered a red satchel and handed it to Marie. “But I’ve brought hers with.”  

“Wif,”  Sabrina echoed.  The girl was just starting to talk and was still mostly still copying these days.

“I’m here, I’m here,” Mom said, coming to the front, now decked out in hospital scrubs. “Sorry, in a bit of a rush.”

“Me too,” Mr. Freeman agreed. “Gotta get to work.” He waved to his daughter. “Bye-bye, Sabrina!  I’ll be here right after work.”

The toddler waved to her departing father. “Bye-bye!”

Mom, for her part, took a few minutes longer.  “You’ve got my cell phone number in case of an emergency, right?”

Both Marie and Lynn nodded. “Right,” they said in unison.  

“And Mr. Freeman’s?”

“On the contact lists on my cellphone,” Lynn said with pride.  She made sure to have all her clients on speed dial.

“And on a note inside Sabrina’s diaper bag,” Marie added. “Righ between the wipes and her Huggies.t”  She gave Lynn a look.  “Umm...just in case Lynnie’s phone loses signal or power and we need to use the landline.”  Either Marie had something in her eye or she was winking.  Lynn couldn’t tell which.

“Okay, that’s good.” Mom said.  “Fridge is fully stocked. So is pantry.  Have anything you like. Have fun, ladies!”

“We will!” the two young woman called back after Mrs. Gilligan.

“So what first?” Lynn asked once the door was shut.

“Let’s get breakfast out of the way,” Marie said. “I suspect someone’s hungry.” 

“Hungy!”  Sabrina agreed.

“Make that two someones!”

The three girl’s laughed, even if Sabrina’s giggling was just the kind that children did because they saw the big people laughing and wanted to be included.  This would be good, Lynnie decided.  She could babysit, spend some time with a good friend, maybe get a little more playtime for herself, and she’d never even have to put on shoes.

When they walked into the kitchen, Lynn tilted her head to the side.  “How long has that highchair been there?”

Marie blinked.  “I thought it was yours.”  

“Nuh-uh”, Lynn said.  “I’m prepared, but not THAT prepared.”  Still, better to not look a gift horse in the mouth. Lynn slipped Sabrina into the chair and strapped her in.  She had to resize all the straps, the chair was definitely too big for her. The little one’s chin rose just above the tray when Lynn clicked into place.

As soon as Lynn stepped away to get some cereal from the pantry, Lynn unclicked the tray.  “How about I handle feeding Sabrina?”

“Hmmm?” Lynn said, bringing a box Cheerios to the table.  “Sure! That’d be great.”  It was so nice to have help babysitting for once. Marie poured two bowls of cereal and handed one to Lynn. Lynn picked at it, while her friend carefully spoon fed the baby.

“Little bit of apple juice to wash it down?”  Marie suddenly offered Lynn a baby bottle.  Some of the residual magic from yesterday must still be working on Marie.

A mischievous, devious thought creeped into Lynn’s head. “I don’t want apple juice.” she said. “What about O.J.?”

“I already fixed you apple juice.” Lynn teased. “Be a good girl and drink it all gone.”

Playfully, Lynn shoved the ba-ba away from her.  “No!  I don’t wanna! I want O.J.!”  Lynn hadn’t gotten a chance to act fussy, yet.  Or bratty.

“Oh really?” Lynn smirked.  She handed an identical, if smaller, bottle to the actual child.  “Sabrina can drink her apple juice all gone. All by herself.  Are you gonna let little Sabrina beat you?”

A competition!  A game!  That made Lynnie’s brain positively buzz.  Game on!  She snatched the waiting bottle from her friend and began glugging it down with due haste.  The kitchen was filled with the sounds of slurping and hissing as the two diapered girls drank as fast as they could.  Maire looked between them approvingly.

Lynnie drank the bottle down as fast as she could, loving just what she was getting away with in the moment.  Drinking apple juice in the kitchen, having to be coaxed into drinking her ba-ba like a good girl.  Just like one of the babies.  The thought made it easier to gulp the amber colored liquid down.  Apple juice was good enough but she really hadn’t been lying regarding her preferences.

“Yaaaaay! Sabrina!” Marie cheered as the infant finished her bottle first. “You win!  Such a big girl!”

“Biggurl!” Sabrina echoed. Marie unfastened the restraints and set the little girl on the floor.

“No fair,” Lynnie gasped between gulps.  “Her bottle was... smaller…” 

Marie gave Lynnie a pat on the head and rustled her hair. “That’s because you’re bigger.  You need more juice to get rid of your thirsties.”

That made enough sense as far as Lynnie was concerned. She slammed the bottle down, triumphantly “Done!”

“Good girl!”

Lynnie stood up, right into her best friend’s hug. A few quick pats on the back later…


“You might have finished your juice last,” Marie told her.  “But you just one for biggest burp!”  That made Lynnie feel a whole heckuva lot better. “Ooops!” Marie said.  “Looks like someone isn’t waiting for the rest of us.”  Indeed, Sabrina was toddling out of the kitchen straight for the living room.

“I guess someone wants to get to playing,” Lynnie said.

“Definitely,” Marie agreed.

Within a few steps, they’d caught up to the child. Sabrina was walking around the living room, likely looking for baby toys to play with, and finding none.

Lynnie took a deep breath.  Speaking of playing, it was now or never.  “So Marie…?”


“I was thinking...remember yesterday?”

“Yeah,” Marie said. She adjusted her glasses.  “It was fun. Why?”

“How do you feel about...y’know. Doing it again?  Now?”

Marie’s mouth quirked to the side.  “I don’t know about that, hun,” she said.  “We don’t have a carseat for little Sabrina.  We’ll have to go to the playground another time.”

“No,” Lynnie scoffed.  “Not that. The other stuff.  The playing.  And the bottles.  And the um...diaper changing.  I was thinking I could y’know….play with Sabrina; keep her entertained and you could; y’ the other stuff….to both of us.”

Marie held her hand to her mouth. “Awwww!” she cooed. “Is that what you were worried about?  Lynnie!” she gave the girl a big hug.  “That’s what I was planning on doing anyway.” Lynnie could have melted right there. 

“Okay!” Lynnie clapped.  “Wait right here.”  She went to her bedroom and got her diaper bag.  Magical apparatus in tow, she plopped down on her seat directly in front of the baby; the two nearby crinkles mingling with each other.  “Sabrina,. Marie.” she said. “Watch this.”

“Blocks,” she commanded the diaper bag.  “Lots of them.”  The bag was close to bursting by the time Lynnie opened it up and poured dozens of wooden blocks out onto the floor.

“Bocks!” Sabrina clapped.  “Bocks! Bocks! Bocks!”

“Wow…!” Marie said.  “That’s super neat!  How’d you do that, Lynnie?”

“It’s magic,” Lynnie said coyly.

“Must be.”  And there the matter seemed settled.

The two diapered girls started playing with the blocks, while Marie watched, and encouraged them. They’d stack them one at a time until the tower inevitably collapse under its own weight.  Then all three would laugh and applaud at the destruction wreaked and the height accomplished.  

Then they’d stack by two’s.  Then by three’s. Then fours.  Like all good things, it went by too quickly.  Fortunately, Lynnie thought, she didn’t need to stop to use the big girl potty. Her diaper saw to that.

Just a couple of babies, playing on the floor, and Lynnie was getting paid babysitter money to do it.  This really was the life.

When the base of the block tower had gotten to fives, Sabrina started to act strangely.  She started fussing and knocking the towers down on purpose.  “What’s gotten into you?” Marie asked.

Lynnie went through everything she knew about the little girl.  “Maybe she needs a new diaper?” she suggested.  “Sabrina tends to get cranky when she’s uncomfortable.”

“Good idea,” Marie said.  She pulled off the baby’s skirt and patted her backside.  “Yup.  Wet.”  She sniffed.  “Poopy too. Unless that’s you I’m smelling.”

Lynnie giggled.  She hadn’t as far as she could tell, but she didn’t want to admit to anything.  More fun to get checked, she figured.  “Come on,” she said.  “Let’s do it in my room.”

“Good idea,” Marie agreed. Lynnie grabbed Sabrina’s diaper bag while Marie carried the child into the bedroom.

“I don’t mind doing this part,” Lynnie offered.  “Changing diapers is the ickiest part.”

“It’s fine,” Marie said, already unbuttoning and opening up Sabrina’s diaper.  

“Icky,” Sabrina said.  Otherwise, she just folded her hands behind her head.  She was old hat at this. This sort of thing had been going on for literally her entire life.

“Yup.” Marie looked down at the mess. “That’s icky alright.”  She turned her head and made eye contact with Lynnie.  “You can hand me stuff, though, if you wanna be a helper.”


Marie held out her hand. “Wipes.”


Marie worked fast. “Diaper.”

“One fresh Huggies, ready to go.”  Lynnie was nice enough to even unfold it before handing it off.

“Baby powder.”

“Baby powder.”

“Aaaaaand we’re done.” Marie said.  She balled up the used one, and went over to Lynnie’s dresser. “Your next, Lynnie.  Move Sabrina off and lay down.” 

 Lynnie did.  “Whatcha doing over there?”  

Her co-sitter opened the lid of a rather large diaper genie and tossed the vile balled up huggies in.  “Tossing this.”

“Oh!” Lynnie exclaimed.  “My diaper bag!  It’s still in the living-”

“No big deal,” Marie interrupted.  She opened the top drawer of Lynnie’s dresser and took out a perfectly adult sized Luvs. “We’ve got plenty here. Right next to your socks.”

“Where did-?” Lynnie stopped herself.  Mom must have conjured more than one pair of Luvs and put the rest in her panty drawer.  That made sense. Lynnie laid back on her bed, waiting for Marie to change her.  Sabrina occupied herself by sucking her thumb crawling around the older girl’s bedroom.

Marie undid the belt and unsnapped Lynnie’s pants. She shimmied the pants off Lynnie’s bare feet and tossed them into the hamper, leaving Lynnie in just her yellow shirt and yellowed Luvs; a bit of the telltale color had bled through and discolored her formerly pristine padding.

“Oh you really are wet!” Marie teased.   Someone has a soggy bum! Doesn’t she?! Doesn’t she?!” Feeling playful and babyish, but not at all embarrassed, Lynnie hid her face behind her hands in a one sided peekabu gesture.  “Oh no! My Lynnie’s gone!  I guess I’ll have to change this diaper allll by myself!”

Lynnie giggled, peeking from behind her hands as her best friend playfully changed her.

“All done! Nice and clean!” Marie announced when the old one was balled up and the new one was snugly on her hips.  She went and tossed it into the diaper genie right on top of the regular sized Huggies.

“Hey Marie?” Lynnie called from the bed. “What’s the diaper genie doing over there?”

Marie cocked an eyebrow.  “What do you mean?  It’s always been here.”  Lynnie knew that to not be correct but couldn’t hear the lie in Marie’s voice. “Where else would dirty diapers go?”

 Lynnie couldn’t argue with that logic.  She COULD, actually, but she didn’t get the opportunity.  Marie came over and blew the mother of all raspberries into the girl’s tummy, sending Lynnie into fits. 

“Good thing I just changed you, huh?”  Marie asked as she finished buttoning Lynnie’s yellow onesie back up, covering up the fresh diaper while doing nothing to obscure its existence.  

“Yeah,” Lynnie said.  She went and picked up Sabrina.  “Back in the living room?”

“You got it, kiddo.”

Marie led the way back into the living room, taking the baby away from Lynnie so she could sit down on the alphabet playmat right in front of the T.V.  Sabrina joined her.  “You two stay here and play nice.”  Their babysitter grabbed the remote and turned the television.  “I’m going to start cooking lunch for you.  Then it’ll be nap time.”

Owl House!  Sweet!  Lynnie loved Owl House.  King was especially cute!  The little demon insisted he was big and scary, no matter how silly and childish he looked and acted.

Marie went into the kitchen.

Despite how much she liked the cartoon, Lynnie couldn’t get a strange niggling little feeling out of her brain. “Hey Marie…?” she called.

Marie popped her head in from the kitchen. “Yeah?”

“There’s underwear in the top drawer, right?  Next to the diapers?”

“Sure, hun.  There’ll be lots of panties in your top drawer.” 

Lynnie didn’t notice the use of future tense in Marie’s statement.  She also didn’t notice that there hadn’t been a foam playmat when she’d gone to get changed; or that her onesie had been a regular t-shirt; or that her bra no longer existed...



End Chapter 11

The Diaper Bag

by: Personalias | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 22, 2021


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