Josie And The Pussy Cats take a trip to Pago Pago

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Chapter 11
Josie And Her Fetish

Chapter Description: Josie momentarily loses the battle between her wants and desires.

Alexandra, age thirteen, skipped on her way to where the Pussycats rehearsed. She still tried for the goth look, wearing a black pleated skirt that went down to her mid-thighs and spiderweb stockings over her black silk panties. She liked the way the smooth fabric rubbed against her as she skipped and thought of Alan giving her chaste kisses until she was of age to marry.

Today would be the day that she would end her rivalry with that hussy Josie and take the rightful place as Alan’s boyfriend. She had seen what it would take to regress Josie to an innocent baby. At worst, Josie would have her diapers changed by Alan and she would be nothing but a baby to him. A total win-win for her!

She arrived at the outdoor stage, which had been packed from one end to the other for the last week with cheering fans. Too bad Josie wouldn’t be able to perform after today, but she could substitute for her and the band would play on. Eventually, they’d change their name to “Alexandra’s Cool Time Cats”, and she’d see to that.

She noticed Josie taking a break by herself and thanked her lucky stars that she wouldn’t have to wait to get her alone. She walked up to Josie and said, “Hi, Josie!” before plopping down next to her with a smile that went from ear to ear.

Oh, hello Alexandra,” returned Josie with very little enthusiasm. She did her best to get along with her, but felt the two were simply incompatible.

So, what happened to you on the stage last night? Did Melody do something to you to cause it?”

No, it’s my doing. I’m caught between being a woman or acting like a child. I want to be a woman, but I end up having to fight the urge to become a child.”

Alexandra saw her opening and took it. “Well, I’ve been thinking about how I’m unable to get past my current age, you know?”

Hmm, I guess that depends on you, doesn’t it?”

I can remember how Alan changed my diapers as a baby and a toddler. I miss getting that from him and I’m thinking about having him diaper me from time to time.”

Josie took the offensive. Her fetish about being treated like a “little” made her want to have her diapers changed by Alan, but she couldn’t ask him for fear of triggering a regression.

Alexandra could see Josie’s expression change to regret and wanting and pressed further.

How about you, Josie? Wouldn’t you want to have your diapers changed by Alan, too?”

Josie chose not to answer. Alexandra recognized Josie’s reluctance to talk about the subject. Good!

I mean, think about it! He’d put you on a changing table and put baby powder on your privates…”

Josie was helpless to resist as her mind pictured her on a changing table, receiving Alan’s tender touch. She shook her head to clear the thought out of her mind. She was almost successful.

And pulling you up by the ankles to place a nice, warm diaper underneath your butt…”

The picture returned a little stronger in Josie’s mind. She could see Alan’s smiling face and smell the baby powder he’d just applied. An electric thrill went up and down her spine as the feelings of being babied grew clearer and clearer.

Alexandra could see Josie fighting her fetish demons. One more little push should be enough to send her back to babyhood!

Then, after he tapes you up, he could put you in his lap and feed you a bottle of nice, warm milk.”

Josie’s vision was now so real it could very easily have been her reality. She tasted the warm milk as it slipped down her throat, felt the softness of her thick diaper, and Alan’s comforting embrace as he held her in his lap. All attempts to fight off such a heavenly vision became weaker and weaker.

Alexandra saw Josie unconsciously sucking on an imaginary baby bottle. “Josie? Josie? Are you there?”

But Josie couldn’t hear her and Alexandra knew it would only take the tiniest of pushes now.

Softly, she whispered as closely as she dared to Josie’s ear, “And then you’ll get younger and younger until you become a baby! Won’t that be fun, Josie? You’ll make baby sounds and play with baby toys! And Alan will cuddle and hold you all snug and secure. You’ll be a very happy baby, then!

Josie’s mental image changed to Alexandra’s gentle suggestions. She could not stop it now and couldn’t if she wanted to. Her body regressed to meet the demands of her altered mental state.

Alexandra watched with glee as Josie shrank and became younger. She was a teen, then a child, then a smaller child, and now she was a toddler swimming in her oversize catsuit. She smiled a cheerful grin as Alexandra picked her up and carried her over to where Melody relaxed next to the stage.

Melody! Can you help me? Josie’s become a baby!” she held up the cheerful baby Josie, now only one-year-old in front of her.

Oh, my gosh!” said melody as she materialized a changing table complete with baby supplies. The two girls changed the gurgling and cooing Josie into a diaper, which made her happier. Alan came running up to see if what he’d heard was true, and Josie held out her arms for him to pick her up. Melody wiped a drool slick off her cheek and fastened a drool bib around Josie's neck.

How did this happen, Melody? Alexandra?” said Alan as he picked Josie up and rested her in the crook of his arm. Melody pulled a warm baby bottle and Alan fed Josie with it while they figured things out.

It thrilled baby Josie to be in the big man’s arms while feeling her warm diaper and tasting the warm milk. She even smelled the sweet scent of baby powder. She suckled on her bottle hungrily in pure baby bliss.

I don’t know what happened to her, Alan! I just arrived and walked up to find a baby in Josie’s catsuit, honest!”

Melody looked at Alexandra and thought for a moment. She didn’t do it often as it impeded her fun, but this time…

Wait a minute! You didn’t find her that way. I saw you sit next to her and talk to her and it lasted for a few minutes!”

Alexandra was being caught in her lie. “Nope, that’s not what happened! I found her this way!”

I think someone is lying and needs a time out!” said Melody, as her trinket flashed for a moment. Alexandra’s goth clothing disappeared to be replaced by a solid black onesie with a black diaper underneath. She felt its warmth and softness as it caressed her skin.

Now, you go stand in that corner of the stage, young lady, and think about what you’ve done!” demanded Melody, with an uncharacteristic air of authority that would brook no argument.

Alexandra had battled with the best authoritarians of her time. She crossed her arms and pouted out her lower lip.

Not gonna! You can’t make me!”

The trinket flashed, and Alexandra now faced the stage exactly where Melody had pointed. She was now a thirteen-year-old wearing a onesie with her arms crossed, looking for all the world like a large toddler. She stamped her foot in frustration but didn’t leave her spot.

She didn’t want to anger Melody any further and end up using the diaper she wore out of need.

Alan, I can’t grow Josie up with my trinket! We’ll have to go see my attendant and hopefully, she’ll be able to get her back to normal for the show,” she turned to the unhappy teen she placed in timeout. “You stay where you are, Alexandra! We’ll let you know when you can come out of the timeout corner when we get back.”

Alex walked by the stage and saw his little sister facing an imaginary wall on a section of the stage. He puzzled over her choice of clothing and asked why she was doing it.

It’s none of your business, dummy! Just leave me alone!” snapped Alexandra.

Alex knew his sister too well to press her on certain issues. He shrugged his shoulders and left.

They brought Josie to the matron who examined the baby girl, then tickled her toes and received a proper baby chortle in response.

 Alexandra has coerced her into becoming a baby again. Did you bring her pussycat costume?”

Melody held up Josie’s costume and placed it next to the baby. The matron put her hand on Josie’s forehead while touching her trinket. Josie’s innocent expression and manner became one of a self-aware adult. She looked around the room, then spotted Alan and Melody.

Wow! Where am I?” she asked with a babyish lisp. “Alexandra was talking to me about… about… Things. I must have gotten lost in thought and now I’m a baby again!” she examined her tiny hands as if not believing her statement.

This Alexandra must have a malicious streak if she wanted you to be a baby again, Josie,” said the matron. “She will have to be properly punished for her trickery!”

Oh, please don’t be too hard on her! We’ve been going back and forth for years fighting over Alan. She’s always thought that she could push me out of the way and take over my place as his girlfriend. I’ve lost count of the many times her schemes have backfired!”

Josie, you are truly a good person. To forgive a trespass from the same person repeatedly takes great maturity!”

Oh, I don’t know about that. I think it’s in my nature to be forgiving.”

Humility is also a sign of maturity. My mind is made up!” The matron pulled a trinket out of thin air and placed it around the baby's neck.

You have the gift of maturity. May you pass judgment on those who need life-expanding lessons in that area!”

Josie grew up. Her diaper tabs popped as she grew too big for them. Soon, she was a child standing on the floor and slowly gaining height, she became conscious of and covered up her private areas.

The matron pushed Melody and Alan outside the room. Then waited for a few more years of growth and handed a pair of white silk panties and a bra several sizes too large for her.

Josie stepped into the panties and held them until her waist caught up with their size. She donned the bra and made adjustments as her body matured. After a little while longer, she fit into both perfectly. The matron then handed her cat costume to her.

Remember, Josie, whenever your fetish is triggered, you must think of it only as a desire, and you can resist them.”

Yes, ma’am!” said a happy, confident, and better matured Josie.

One more thing!” said the matron as she held up a forefinger to emphasize her statement. “You must deliver the punishment to Alexandra and let her know why she is being punished. That is my direct order to you!”

What kind of punishment? How strict should it be?”

You can take a few years off her to prove your point or you can turn her back into a baby with full consciousness. The choice is yours and yours alone. Have a nice concert, my dear!”

Thank you! May I reserve a front-row seat for you as partial thanks?”

No need! I have a permanent seat to all concerts shown by Sammy.”

Josie left the dressing room full of vibrant energy. Melody and Alan walked back with her to the outdoor venue and let Alexandra out of her time-out. Josie didn’t want to punish her, but the matron had ordered her! She came up with a suitable one that she hoped would make Alexandra think twice the next time.

Alexandra, come with me and talk for a moment, won’t you?”

Aw, go pound sand, Josie! I want nothing to do with you.”

Josie pointed to her trinket and then asked, “Are you certain I can’t have a word with you?”

Alexandra gulped and immediately left with Josie to a more secluded portion of the outdoor seating.

Your stunt almost destroyed the Pussycats. What do you say to that?”

I would’ve taken over as lead singer! It wasn’t a problem.”

You manipulated me to get me out of the way so that you could pester Alan about becoming your boyfriend.”

He deserves to have me as his girlfriend! All’s fair in love and war, ya know!”

Your callousness and maliciousness will not go unpunished. Prepare yourself for it.”

"Oh, are you gonna spank me? I’ll scream and say that you’re abusing a child! Let’s see how you get around that," sneered Alexandra.

Josie sighed wearily. Would Alexandra ever get the hint? Probably not. She touched her trinket and whisked away her diaper, onesie, and makeup.

Hey! What you do that for?” asked a thoroughly embarrassed Alexandra. She wanted to run, but the image of her body being ogled by lecherous onlookers froze her to the spot. She covered her assets and private parts and stood defiantly in front of Josie.

Take a good look at your teen body, Alexandra. I’m going to punish you now,” said Josie with grim determination.

Alexandra looked at her slightly developed teenage body. She had wispy pubic hair and needed a “B” cup bra. It wasn’t much to look at, but she was still proud of it.

Josie concentrated as her trinket flashed momentarily. Alexandra’s chest flattened, her hips squared up to look more boyish. She gasped as all her pubic hair withdrew back into her body and she visibly shrank six inches and felt as if the world had gotten visibly larger.

Happy tenth birthday, Alexandra! Alan is now officially off-limits as a boyfriend. He probably won’t mind playing with you on the beach, though,” said Josie as she dressed her up in a frilly pink party dress straight out of the 1950s. Her white ankle socks had ruffles and her black Buster-Brown shoes had gold snaps on their straps.

ARRRRGH!” said a shocked Alexandra. The regression was bad enough, but to put her fifty years out of date in style was just too much! She ran back towards the hotel as fast as she could to get changed out of the horrid thing.

I hated to do that,” said Josie. But she knew that a fashion faux pas was one of the few ways to get Alexandra’s attention.

Alexandra would later try to score some alcohol and a Juul vape, but she wasn’t able to convince anyone to sell her them.

Alan brought her back to the hotel and left her in the care of a babysitter at seven O’clock. She tried to be bratty to her, but the babysitter took her over her knee a few times and straightened her unacceptable behavior out.

Were it me instead of Josie, you’d be wearing diapers, young lady!” said the matron as she turned out the light above her bed. Alexandra gave up her complaining and went to sleep.

(end chapter 11)



End Chapter 11

Josie And The Pussy Cats take a trip to Pago Pago

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 11, 2022


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