Josie And The Pussy Cats take a trip to Pago Pago

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Chapter 7
Josie And The Pussy Kittens?

Chapter Description: Melody has a bad idea.

The Pussycats stepped up on stage. Josie put on her Stratocaster. With its size and bulk more suited for an adult, it dwarfed the little girl in comparison. Despite that, she hefted it and tuned it to an "A" note with ease. She ran her left hand’s fingers up and down the fretboard and beat out a wicked riff with her right. The effect sounded like something from “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC.

Val beat out a counter-riff with equal intensity. The two perfectly tuned guitars played by the two eight-year-olds were having a musical conversation that seemed to harmonize along various sub frequencies and they were just warming up! Melodious chords ran throughout the stadium and bounced off the walls joyously.

Melody adjusted the height of her drummer’s chair to give her a better vantage point. She pulled herself up, picked up her drumsticks, and somehow could activate the bass drum pedal as if it bowed to her will and not her foot. Although she could barely get her hands around the thick drumsticks, she handled them with easy expertise and performed a staccato “wipe out” riff on the snare and bass drums.

Josie raised her pudgy pick hand for timing, signaling that the girls stop their warm-up exercises. She called out “One, Two, Three!” and the trio all played a catchy tune with three-part harmony in perfect sync and rhythm. The packed stadium that the three tots played in easily held 100,000 fans, who screamed and cheered, nearly drowning out the music.

After the song, Josie thanked the enthusiastic audience for coming to their performance. As the three-foot six-inch tot blew a kiss from her mouth with her hand, the audience could see a gap showing a missing canine tooth and "A-W-W-W-D" at the cuteness it presented them. The pussycat outfit she wore perfectly fit her chubby body and enhanced her protruding belly. She bowed in unison with Val and Mel as the crowd’s cheers grew to deafening levels.

That’s all for now! We’re up way past our bedtime and wish you a-” she yawned into the back of her hand, “pleasant night!”


Melody awoke from her pleasant dream. She remembered that in it; the Pussycats performed as 8-year-olds and the more she thought of it and imagined it, the cooler it would be if the gang tried it! Her face took on a small frown as she remembered the response that Josie and Val had given her the day before.

She pondered for a moment and thought that if she were to make it so the entire gang thought it was normal for Josie and Val to be 8, then they wouldn’t be angry with her. A small amount of steam escaped from her ears at having a deep thought and, with no further pondering, she caressed her trinket and made it so.

8-year-old Melody giggled, her smile revealed a gap in her incisors. She hopped out of bed to get dressed for their practice.

In the music hall, Melody had a few problems adjusting her drum set to her diminished height. She had turned up her chair and now couldn’t get on it as its top came up to her breasts. She found a small step stool in the back and used that to get up on it.

Her dangling feet couldn’t reach the drum pedals, which seemed to be a long way down from her perspective. She shrugged her shoulders and picked up her drumsticks. They were heavy, and she found it hard to hold them tightly enough as she banged out a beat on her snare for practice. The beat came out uneven and sloppy in her ears.

Alan walked into the hall with Alexandra on his shoulders and Josie holding his hand to his left. He picked up Josie with his hands under her arms and put her down on the stage before continuing to the mixing board. She gave him a brief peck on the forehead with thanks.

Alexandra continued to ride his shoulders with a happy, almost toothless grin. This is normal for most two-year-olds, as was the thick diaper and onesie with the words “I’m the boss!” that she wore. She burbled happily as she played with Alan’s hair.

Val walked in and stretched, scratched her side, then did a back flip onto the stage. “G’Mornin’” she yawned at the gang as she picked up her heavy guitar and struggled to keep its bulk tightly against her body.

Josie found that an "A" note was too hard to tune. Her fingers barely reached the tuning pegs, and she’d settled for something near that note. The sound was a little sour.

She attempted to flash her pudgy hand up and down the fretboard and failed as her hand smeared the notes. The fingers on her right hand could pluck the strings quick enough, but the muffled sound that the guitar produced was more cacophonous than harmonious.

The girls practiced their out-of-tune sound for a few moments before Sammy walked into the hall and thanked them for their audition, but they needed more practice before they could perform professionally.

Melody’s face twisted in horror as Sammy's words hit her with the force of a sledgehammer. What had she done?

NO-O-O!” she yelled upon waking up from her troubled sleep with a sheen of sweat covering her body and staining the thin linen blanket that covered her. As she realized it was just a dream, she checked to make certain that sweat was the only wetness on the bed.

Well!” she finally said as she became more fully awake with her sunny personality coming into play, “So much for that idea! Tee-hee-hee!”

As another thought came to her, she giggled at the imagery it created.


Josie’s normally form-fitting costume pulled the thick diaper she wore underneath tight against her midriff. The pacifier decorated in Jaguar spots that hung around her neck glistened underneath the hot spotlights and bounced off her chest as she pretended to be a teapot.

She strummed an easy chord on her guitar that would be right at home on a children’s show like “Sesame Street” and sang about counting numbers.

One, two, and three,

Can you count with me?

Four comes next and then-n-n,

number 5 comes out again!”

"Y-A-A-Y!" cried Melody with a giggle afterward.

Val couldn’t hide the smirk on her face as she put out a few simple notes on her guitar and heard a crinkling sound come from Josie’s diaper. She turned to Melody, who banged a simple beat with one drumstick for the song.

It’s cute, but what brought this on, Mel?”

Oh, I dunno, it just seemed funny to me!” she giggled as Josie put her all into the catchy children’s tune by inverting her teapot stance.

The song finished and Josie turned to Alan, who had finished adjusting the mixer for the day.

Alan, I think I made a poo-poo!”

Again? Keeping you in diapers is costing us a fortune, Josie! Are you ready to try potty training?”

Josie made a face that looked like she’d eaten something bitter.

Nun-uh! Will you change me, ple-e-e-e-se?”

I think she enjoys having her diaper changed by Alan and won’t potty-train for that reason!” suggested Alex.

Alexandra, now a four-year-old, didn’t like all the attention that Josie was getting. She toddled up to Alan and asked if he could change her, too. Her diaper was bone-dry, but that didn’t matter. It was the attention she’d get that did.

End Chapter seven.



End Chapter 7

Josie And The Pussy Cats take a trip to Pago Pago

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 11, 2022


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