Josie And The Pussy Cats take a trip to Pago Pago

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Chapter 10
The Return Of Alexandra

Chapter Description: Alexandra’s back! (Sort of!)

Alexandra, now a moody teenager, crossed her arms and stared at the assembled pussycats on the outdoor stage.

Who does that Josie think she is, anyway? Just because she’s older and closer to Alan’s age doesn’t mean that I can’t date him!” She turned and looked at Alan as he adjusted the mixer controls and sighed with a love of him that could only be a teen puppy one.

Aw, fuck it!” she angrily yelled and went off to see if she could score some booze and find a Juul.

As the girls finished up their number, Alan made a thumbs-up and locked the mixer board. The acoustics of the place were a little iffy, but he figured he’d be able to compensate for them better a little later when adoring fans occupied the wooden benches.

Not going to the beach today with Alexandra?” asked Val.

No, she didn’t ask about it. I think she’s off clothes shopping right now.”

Hey, we can have some fun ourselves! The last one there wears a diaper! Tee-hee-hee!”

We’ll have none of that, Mel! It could unfavorably affect Josie’s condition,” warned Val.

Oh, yeah! I forgot. How about you and I go as toddlers? That’d be fun!” giggled Melody as she shrank down to a little girl wearing only a colorful swim diaper, floaties, and a swim ring.

You can go that way, but I’m tired of playing as a little girl! I pass!”

Aw! It’s no fun being the only toddler on the beach!” said Melody with a pout. She grew up to her normal age still wearing the swim diaper which had enlarged to fit her new stature.

Cover up, Melody, you’re not a child anymore!” yelled Josie as she covered her friend's ample bosoms with her hands.

OOPS! I guess I had a wardrobe malfunction!” tittered Mel as a bikini top materialized to cover her assets. She still wore the swim diaper.

That’s better, I think?” said a confused Josie. Seeing the swim diaper caused her mind to remember Alan changing her when she was under the influence of Melody’s “little” spell.

Happily married, children, grandchildren…” muttered Josie as her age fluctuated between sixteen and her twenties. She willed herself to regain control and stabilized her condition.

To the beach!” yelled Melody. The gang all vanished and reappeared, dressed in bathing suits on the beach.

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that!” remarked Alan.

Like, yeah! But these swim trunks are cool!” added Alex.

Well, as long as Alexandra’s not around, let’s go have some alone time, Alan!” she wrapped her arms around one of his and the pair strolled off to find a quiet spot.

No sooner had Josie and Alex left when Alexandra came staggering down the beach dressed up in a skimpy black bikini with thigh-high fishnet stockings. The half-empty bottle of cheap gin that she’d scored and openly carried by its neck explained the stagger.

Hey, Guysh! I thought I saw ya down here!” she slurred out as she took a swig and nearly fell. Sitting down heavily, she rummaged through her bikini top and clumsily pulled out a vape shaped like a USB stick. She puffed on it a few times, nearly passing out from the high nicotine content it contained, adding to her alcoholic buzz.

Ah! Thatsh jusht so cool!” she said as she nearly passed out.

Alexandra, give me that bottle! You know you’re too young to drink or vape!” said a concerned Alex. He grabbed the bottle and emptied its remaining contents on the beach before throwing it into a nearby trashcan.

Aw, don’t be a party pooper! Drinking is cool! Why’d ya have to empty that?” protested Alexandra. She tried to get up on shaky legs, only to fall backward on her butt in the sand.

I think you’ve had enough! Also, you’re too young to vape!said Alex sternly as he grabbed the vape pen and threw it in the same trashcan.

Whatever,” said Alexandra. She passed out while sitting and slumping forward, then lying down on the sandy beach. She Snored loudly, unable to hear her body’s demands for a toilet, she peed herself.

Oh, that’s just plain nasty!” said Val in disgust.

Yeah, she should wear diapers! Tee-hee-hee!” said Melody as Alexandra’s bikini bottom changed into a black swim diaper. Alexandra smiled in her sleep and said, “Alan!” lovingly.

Help me lift her into a beach chair, Melody.”


After the gang got the drunken teenage Alexandra back to the hotel and in her bed, she slept for several hours and woke up half-drunk and woozy, with an immediate need to throw up. Alan helped her to the toilet, where she emptied her stomach and did a few dry heaves.

After cleaning her up, he helped her get to her bed.

The room is all spinny, Alan!” she complained.

Do you feel queasy again, Alexandra?”

No, I’m fine. I’ll be okay after a little rest.”

You shouldn’t have drank all that booze. I’m certain you know why now.”

Oh, don’t be a wet blanket! I’ll drink if I want to. You’re not the boss of me! Also, why am I wearing a wet diaper?”

That’s a little present from Melody. She didn’t want you to pee on everything,” said Alan as he placed two fingers down her front to see how wet she was.

Hmm, you could do with a change. Hang on for a moment. I’ll be right back!” he grabbed a hotel phone and called Melody’s room number. There was no answer. He then called Josie’s room number. She picked up and he explained the situation. Josie still had some leftover diapers from Melody’s “little” spell and volunteered to bring them over.

After a few moments, Josie knocked before entering the room and put the opened pack of diapers on a desk with some baby powder and lotion.

There you go, Alan!” she said, sticking around to watch. It wasn’t every day that she could see Alexandra humiliated after all!

Alexandra was half-awake and feeling miserable from her hangover. She barely registered Alan changing her diaper and powdering her private areas. Josie watched and remembered how Alan patiently changed hers. She felt a small twinge of jealousy as he taped the diaper in place.

Alexandra put her thumb in her mouth and thanked her daddy. She muttered it in her sleep as the wetness went away and she felt the comfy warmth of getting a new diaper. Josie felt even more jealous and examined her feelings.

She bore no ill will to Alexandra and knew logically that Alan was hers. Why did it bother her to see him changing a diaper on a half-drunken teenager? She concluded that since she’d liked it as a “little” earlier, she was experiencing the enviousness of a sibling as their parent diapered their little sister.

It was the fatherly attention that she craved being given to another little girl. She knew it seemed silly, attempted to get over it, and let it pass. Her fetish of being diapered by Alan was hindering her emotions.

Alan wasn’t stupid. He noticed how intensely Josie stared at him while holding back her emotions. With Alexandra taken care of and sleeping like a baby, he turned to Josie.

What’s bothering you, Josie? You’re looking conflicted and upset.”

Oh, it’s nothing Alan, I’m having an unreasonable infantile response to something and I’ll get over it.”

Could it be that you’re jealous of the attending I gave to Alexandra? Sort of like a sibling rivalry when one child gets the attention and the other feels left out?”

Yeah, that’s probably it. I’m being silly, aren’t I?”

No, no. We all have illogical blind spots in our psyche. Yours appears to be about parental affection. Want to talk about it?” he patted the bed, inviting her to sit next to him. She took it immediately and snuggled close while he put his arm around her.

I don’t think there’s much to talk about.”

She would not tell him about her “little” fetish. “It’s obvious that I’m jealous of Alexandra, even though I logically have no reason to be.”

Alan kissed her forehead chastely. “If it’s possible, I’d like to pacify that irrational emotion. Is there anything I can do to help you get over it?”

Aside from diapering me and talking to me like a daddy, no,” she thought. It was too embarrassing to tell him of her “little” fetish. Besides, with her tendency to regress at the drop of a reminisce, she didn’t want to take a chance with it.

The look on her face and the small silence told Alan volumes about what she felt. His intuition told him she knew what it was, but couldn’t say. He let her be and didn’t pry any further. “Love is patient, love is kind,” he thought to himself.

Alexandra stirred on the bed. She briefly became conscious and felt the brutal pain of a very nasty hangover. Rolling over to her other side, she went back to sleep to not feel the pain and wet herself as she fell back asleep. A little smile appeared on her face as she felt the relief of her full bladder emptying.

Is that girl peeing herself?” asked Josie as she heard a faint hiss coming from Alexandra as the smell of piss wafted over to her nostrils, confirming it.

Alan observed the partial blue coloration of a thin yellow stripe that ran the length of the diaper vertically and commented, “Yes, I believe she has. Hopefully, she’ll be up in time for the concert where we can monitor her.”


At the concert, Alexandra dressed in a black t-shirt and a black leather vest. The black silken panties under the black leather miniskirt contrasted the black spiderweb stockings on her legs. A pair of metal-studded spike-heeled black boots adorned her feet and her hair had the spiky look of being zapped by a high voltage.

She completed her ensemble with white face makeup, black lipstick, and fake black eyelashes.

The pussycats did their best to not laugh at her attempts to dress like a moody goth. No matter how well she dressed the part, her thirteen-year-old body betrayed her with its lack of mature definition. The effect she presented was that of a young girl playing dress-up for Halloween.

What’re you lookin’ at?” she snarled at Melody as she tittered into her hand upon seeing her “goth look” for the first time.

Melody, for once, didn’t say the first thing that came to her mind. Instead, she pulled a bright orange plastic Halloween pumpkin basket with a handle across its top and handed it to Alexandra.

Oh, that is so not funny!” fumed Alexandra.

After throwing the pumpkin in the trash and stomping off, she couldn’t stay mad for long as the after-effects of her hangover hit her, making her feel nauseous. She went to get a drink of water at the concession stand.

The outdoor concert was a rousing success! The Pussycats played their songs, were enthusiastically cheered on by the audience of 1100. Alex was beside himself and thinking that he must be the best band manager ever!

During the break, Josie and Alan were having a conversation while she hydrated herself after drying out under the hot stage lights. Alexandra, not wanting to be left out, came up to Alan and asked him for an odd request.

Oh-h-h, Ala-a-an, would you change my diaper for me?” she asked with as much fake innocence as she could muster. She’d heard a part of their earlier conversation in the hotel and knew the sibling rivalry Josie felt towards her. She wanted to put a hot poker on the emotional triggers that governed Josie’s feelings.

She received outstanding success as Josie stepped back and fought hard to get her regression under control. An image of her being lovingly diapered by Alan and having Alexandra plop down next to her and say “Me Too!” flashed through her mind. The crisp, vivid imagery allowed her to smell baby powder and feel the furious jealousy that ran through her whole being.

Melody and Val came over to support her while her age rapidly fluctuated up and down. One moment she was ten and the next she was in her twenties, as she wrestled with her need to be a woman and her desire to be a pampered child. Alexandra looked on with wide-eyed wonder at what she’d discovered about Josie.

This will come in handy later,” she sneered to herself. “I finally have a way to make Alan all mine!”

Josie calmed down several minutes later. She had won her emotional battle for the moment and felt cool and confident about her future. The Pussycats took to the stage and finished their last set for the evening.

(End chapter ten)



End Chapter 10

Josie And The Pussy Cats take a trip to Pago Pago

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 11, 2022


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