Josie And The Pussy Cats take a trip to Pago Pago

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Josie gets in touch with her "little" side while Alexandra is still Alexandra in this fun fanfic based on the cartoon series of the seventies.

Chapter 1
They took a little trip

Chapter Description: The group discovers beautiful things come in small packages.

During a dark, moonless night in the middle of the Pacific, a worn-out, rusty tramp steamer that had seen better days during world war II blew its fog whistle to announce its presence. On the main deck, the gathered Pussy Cats crew enjoyed the brisk air and discussed their latest gig.

Ever the optimist, Alexander Cabot the third, let the gang know of his expertise (or lack of it), in booking gigs.

“Well, gang, we’re finally approaching our gig in Pago Pago! We'll wow them!”

His polar opposite sister, Alexandra Cabot, let him know she wasn’t happy about his choices.

“Once again, dear brother,” she sneered, “You’ve booked us into a second class show and we’re riding to it in this rust bucket of a ship!”

Sebastian the cat shook his head in agreement with Alexandra. He didn’t like the cramped ship or the water. Looking around, the cat wondered what sort of trouble he could get into.

“Rustbucket? I thought this was a ship!” Tee-heed Melody Valentine. The seemingly vacuous platinum-headed blonde once again took the comment at its literal value and responded in kind.

“Stop complaining, Alexandra! Once we’re in Pago Pago, you’ll forget all about the ship and have a wonderful time,” chimed in Josie McCoy as she inserted her bubbly optimism into the conversation.

Alan M. Mayberry, always around her and supporting her as best as he knew how shook his head in agreement.

Valerie Brown, the expert guitarist and knowledgeable person, merely observed the group’s dynamic. She knew she didn’t need to interject anything into the conversation.

The group continued their discussion for a few more hours in the damp darkness when the ship's captain approached. He announced himself and filled them in on their progress to the island.

“We’ll be landing in the morning, folks. I wish I could stay and watch your show, but I’ve got some cargo to unload and get on my way after refueling. The ship will be back to pick you up within a few weeks.”

“Are the natives as friendly as they say, captain?” asked Valerie. She hoped that changing the course of the current conversation would stop Alexandra from griping so much. It would be futile, as Alexandra could sink the most pleasant of discussions with alacrity.

“Why, yes, Ms. Valerie, they certainly are! The only negative thing I could say about them is that it’s not wise to question their beliefs. Otherwise, they’re some of the most enthusiastic and wonderful people I’ve met in my travels!”

“Oh, the Pussy cats aren’t here to cause trouble, that’d be the last thing we’d want!” assured Alex.

Alexandra came out of her funk at the mention of offending the natives. Perhaps she could use that to her advantage and separate that do-gooder Josie from Alan!

“Really? What sort of beliefs, captain?”

“Well, it’s not for me to say exactly, but they have the belief that their people are immortal and never die. If a native offers you a trinket or token with a child on it, then it’s best to take it with thanks.”

“Oh, that’ll be easy!” said Josie. She always accepted small gifts from the band's fans. If she had to wear a necklace during their stay, it would be no trouble!

“Well, they’re particular about who they hand the trinkets to, so if they don’t offer you one, take no offense and don't demand one. That’s one of their biggest no-nos! Finally, don’t ask about them! They’re very offended about questions concerning their trinkets most of all.”

“Hah!” snorted Alexandra, “As if I ever wanted a crude trinket from some back-water peasant!”

The captain looked her way and opened his mouth to speak. He closed it just as quickly. It wasn’t his station to correct the boorish attitude of a paying passenger.

“Well, get some sleep, passengers! It’s only a few hours until breakfast!” he finally said and wandered off.

The discussion soon tapered off, leaving the assembled passengers to drift towards their cabins after saying good night to each other.

The emptied deck was quiet once again. The damp quiet soon filled up with the lonely braying sound of the foghorn while a light spray washed up from the sea to obscure the footprints of the people who were previously on its decks.


The next day, after departing the steamer, the gang had to find their way to a previously booked hotel. Alexandra complained about the lack of preferential treatment.

“You’d think if they were so happy to have us perform, they’d have provided a driver to pick us and our belongings up!” she grumped.

“Now, sis!” placated Alex. “It might not be the way they do things here. We can walk to the hotel with our bags and instruments! Look! It’s just down the street there.”

“Oh, shut it, dear brother!” she sneered.

The gang made it to their hotel and greeted with proper aplomb by the manager. He directed several porters to pick up their belongings and escort them to their rooms. Each had a separate room with open windows and large fans overhead to move the humid air around.

They tipped the porters, (short-changed in Alexandra’s case), and the group got together in the hotel lobby to await the local producer of the show. All around them, the hotel staff bustled, cleaned, dusted, and pushed laundry carts around.

Alexandra didn’t see any of the trinkets that the captain mentioned on them and muttered to herself about captains telling tall tales to impress their passengers.

Their producer showed up. His name was Sammy, “Call me Sammy! Everyone calls me Sammy, except my mom and dad, of course!” he chirped as he directed them to a waiting stretch limousine that would easily hold them all.

They traveled for a very short distance before Sammy announced they had arrived at his office. As they got out of the limousine, they could still see the hotel a short distance off.

“Wow, this is a tiny island,” remarked Josie.

An elderly native woman came up and dabbed Josie’s vibrant carrot red hair with her fingers. Josie figured she was simply curious about the odd color and smiled back. The native woman continued to caress Josie’s hair and lightly touched her token, which hung around her neck before moving on.

The small spiral-coned trinket sparkled with the pearlescent iridescence of expert carvings on its shell. Josie could just make out a young child’s happy, beaming face and indecipherable Samoan glyphs in the fine engravings. The trinket was beautiful.

“faafetai le agalelei!” said the woman happily before she left. The beauty of the sparking trinket left Josie speechless.

Sammy simply ignored what had happened and ushered them into his office.

After their meeting, Sammy walked them next door to the venue where they’d be playing. A modern dance hall with plush seating faced a small stage. There was enough seating for only a hundred people!

“You’re in luck tonight! With standing room, this packed hall will swell to its full capacity of 150!” beamed a happy Sammy.

Alexandra snickered with bratty, childish delight at the Podunk offerings. She wouldn’t have to get revenge on Josie this time! The venue would see to that!

One of the cleaning staff, an elderly man, put down his damp mop and walked over to Alexandra. She stared back with a humorless, condescending smile. “Gotta be nice to the staff!” She thought. She didn’t need another incident like the last time!

The old man stroked his necklace of similar beauty to the one Josie had seen. Its iridescent light caught Alexandra’s attention, causing her to stare at it for a few long seconds.

“talosia ia atagia mai i ou tausaga lou uiga faatamaitiiti” said the man as he hid the necklace and walked back to his task. Alexandra shook her head after a few seconds to clear it after coming out of her trance.

Sammy answered all questions about the stage area and directed them to their dressing rooms. They were modern and came with people that would perform make-up, hairdressing, and costume maintenance.

Melody walked in and smiled her usual silly smile at the attendant. The attendant gently took her hand and guided her to a comfortably padded chair that reminded Melody of a barber's chair. She received a manicure, makeup, and a heavenly shoulder rub.

The attendant then coiffed her platinum hair to perfection.

She looked at her image in the mirror and smiled with genuine happiness at the girl that stared back. Getting up, she gave her attendant, a middle-aged matronly type, an enthusiastic hug as thanks for all her hard work.

The attendant made motions for her to undress, allowing her to dress Melody in her catsuit leotard, nylon stockings, and slippers. After a few confused attempts to understand, she giggled happily and complied.

The smiling matron dressed her up, and made a few alterations to the leotard, which made it fit Melody’s frame to perfection. She then sat her down and gave her a necklace that looked similar to the ones that Josie and Alexandra had seen.

Melody almost refused it, but something in the matron’s eyes made her accept it. She allowed the matron to place the necklace around her neck.

Somehow, it complimented her pearl earrings and outfit perfectly.

“talosia ia avea lou loto mama faatamaitiiti ma faaaoao i tagata uma” she said as she beamed at Melody.

“Thank you! Tee-hee-hee!” tittered a grateful Melody.

“You’re welcome!” replied the matron in perfect English.

“Oh! Can you speak English?” asked a shocked Melody. She held up the trinket to ask its intent but stopped as she once again remembered the captain’s warning.

“It’s okay, dear! That trinket will help you in a time of utmost need,” assured the matron. She then fell silent and wouldn’t answer any more of Melody’s questions.

In Valerie’s dressing room, the matron there gave her a similar treatment to Melody’s, except she merely said, “o le atamai ma le lalelei e ia te oe i lou olaga atoa” and didn’t present her with a trinket.

Valerie thanked the matron for her troubles and left for the stage. As she left, the matron smiled with a happy, knowing smile after her.

End of Chapter one.



End Chapter 1

Josie And The Pussy Cats take a trip to Pago Pago

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 11, 2022


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