Josie And The Pussy Cats take a trip to Pago Pago

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Chapter 2
A Little Surprise For Alexandra

Chapter Description: Alexandra remembers happier times.

Josie and Valerie played their guitars while Melody drummed out a letter-perfect beat. The girls were practicing on stage to get a feel for the place, while Alan made minor adjustments to the mixing console.

Josie and the Pussycats!” sang Josie as Alan dialed her voice into the hall’s acoustics. He wondered if the hall had some sort of special construction to it because her normally perfect voice sounded more perfect, somehow.

Valerie smiled at the empty chairs and performed a riff with the guitar behind her back. Alan’s jaw dropped as he watched her swing the guitar around while playing it and not missing a beat or a note.

Melody drummed playfully on the drums as if they were the best of friends. Her movements were so effortless that she didn’t break a sweat. Her smile was genuine as she looked out at the empty seats.

Alex sat in the back row to watch the band perform. They were at peak performance. He looked forward to their venue filling up for the next few nights with paying customers. With a little luck, they might break a little better than even this time!

Alexandra had Sebastian in her arms and was stroking him with absent-minded attention. Sebastian enjoyed the attention and stretched out his neck to get her to scratch a particular spot.

Looking over at Alan’s beefy shoulders as he adjusted the mixing console, she felt the pangs of longing swell up in her chest anew. She wanted to get him out of that harpy-faced Josie.

A small fantasy swelled up inside her and took her with a ferocity she hadn’t felt in a very long time! She soon found herself lost in his manly arms as he pulled off her bodice to make passionate love to her in the barn's hay they occupied.

Oooh, Alan! Be gentle!” she muttered under her breath with a beatific smile that they would soon consummate their union. In the background, Josie was bound, gagged, and tied to a chair. Alexandra forced her to watch as she had her way. She moaned in purest ecstasy.

Alan finished up on the boards and set the master safety switch to the locked position. It would prevent any curious folk from messing with it while unattended. He raised his thumb at the performers on stage and they wound down their practice session.

Alan, I want to go over a few chords with Val and Melody. You’re free to go!” said the perfectionist Josie. Val and Melody shared a secret smile between them. While Josie turned back and strummed a chord on her Stratocaster.

Alan wanted some fresh sea air and walked out of the hall towards the beach. A little sun and ocean breeze was what the doctor ordered! Maybe he could find a tourist spot that served little foo-foo drinks while the girls did their thing.

Alexandra followed behind him as quietly as she could. Sebastian saw what she was up to and followed her. The cat wanted some more of the attention that she’d just lavished on him and remembered a time when she carried him everywhere because she felt they were inseparable.

The more she became obsessed with Alan, the less she paid any attention to him.

A tourist shop caught her eye, and she decided to get a disguise that would allow her to not stand out in her western clothing. Her eyes fell on the swimsuit rack and she decided that a sexy swimsuit would be the perfect camouflage!

Alan had found a foo-foo drink stand and was on his way to lie on a beach chair. Perfect! She could change and then surveil him disguised as a tourist. She grabbed a little number with little cloth and a large price tag, then went to the changing booth in the back to try it on.

After several size changes later, each smaller than the last, she found a sexy two-piece that she felt emphasized her youthful assets. She then picked up a pair of beach thongs, a towel, and a floppy hat with sunglasses that would hide her in plain sight while she watched and fantasized about Alan.

She paid for her purchases and kept her purse while tossing her perfectly good clothing in the store’s trashcan. The store’s proprietor looked at her with a shocked expression and asked why she was throwing away perfectly good Versace clothing, but she just shrugged her shoulders, harrumphed with mock disinterest, and walked away.

Laying down on the beach near Alan, she licked an all-day sucker she’d picked up on the way and dreamed her brief fantasies of him while peering over her sunglasses. She just knew that Alan couldn’t spot her and even if he did, he wouldn’t recognize her! Her plan was perfect.

At least it was until Alan got up and moved to another chair that obscured her view of him. She hastily got up, adjusted the tightness of the Bikini on her skinny frame, and tried to sneak over to where she’d get a better view. The flip-flops were too big for her feet and almost tripped her, but that didn’t stop her from obtaining a new vantage point. She laid back down on the beach towel and continued to watch her beloved.

She thought of how handsome he was and ignored the fact that he was so much older than her. In her fantasies, they rode horses, and she walked down the aisle arm in arm with him. She fell asleep from the sun's heat overhead as her fantasies changed into dreams of wedded bliss.

Alan,” she said as she looked up into his eyes, "you’ve made me the happiest girl in the world! I’m now Mrs. Alan M. Mayberry!"

Yes, my darling!” he said as he bent down and swept her off her feet. She was such a small girl that it was effortless for him. She cuddled up happily into his chest and sighed contentedly.

I can’t wait to go to bed with you!” she exclaimed.

I can only think of one thing more that would make you happiest, my darling!” declared Alan.

Before she could ask, he popped a baby bottle filled with yummy milk into her mouth. She suckled on it happily.

Alan then placed her on a changing table and put a diaper on her.

No fair! I’m a big girl!” she protested as he fastened up the tapes.

It’s only for protection, my sweet!” declared Alan with the greatest of gentleness. He then dressed her up in princess pajamas.

And now for bed!” he said, placing her in a crib next to his. She yawned enormously and fell asleep.


Alexandra came awake from her dream. She remembered just the tail end of it and checked herself to make sure that she hadn’t become a baby. The dream had been so real! After a few adjustments to her bikini, she felt satisfied that it fit over her puffy breast buds, but the bottom was too big! It hung down on her skinny waist and wouldn’t go any higher.

Alan was still in the beach chair, sleeping peacefully. She wanted to be certain that he hadn’t dehydrated and got up from her beach towel to walk over to him.

His skin wasn’t cold and clammy, but it was turning red. She let him know and gently shook him.

Alan! Hey, Alan! Wake up!” she said as she shook his shoulder. Her tiny hands looked strange to her somehow, but she shook off the feeling and continued to wake him up.

Alan groggily awoke. “Huh! Whazzat?” he looked at little Alexandra with her oversize bikini and didn’t recognize her.

Um, hello, young lady! What can I do for you?”

Alan, you’re gonna burn up in this sun! You're gonna need some suntan oil if you wanna stay any longer!” worried Alexandra.

Oh, okay! Thanks, miss, um, what's your name, by the way?” said Alan as he got up and towered over her.

She felt that something was terribly wrong, but her concern for Alan overrode that.

Stop fooling around Alan! It’s me, Alexandra!” Was her disguise so perfect that she couldn’t recognize him? She took off her drooping sunglasses and beach hat. There! He should recognize him now.

Still partially asleep, Alan squatted on his knees and looked her straight in the face.

Sorry, the only Alexandra that I know is a grown woman. So your name is Alexandra, too? How old are you?”

Stop fooling around Alan! I’ve known you since I was real little and for your information, I’m ten now!”

Alan came awake. “So, you say you’re Alexandra and you’ve known me all your life. Which is ten years, right?”

Of course! We’re waiting for me to grow up so you can marry me!” protested Alexandra.

“Stop fooling around! We gotta get you off the beach and get some suntan oil on you.”

Perplexedly, Alan tried to figure out why a little girl was telling such a large fib. Maybe the little girl, herself, had sunstroke? He decided to get her to a shady spot and then call the authorities. He would play along and hoped that the Pago Pago equivalent of the police wouldn’t suspect him of being a child kidnapper.

Oh, right! That’s right! We’re gonna get married! Let’s get off the beach,” He chirped and held out his hand for her to grab.

Wait!” said Alexandra as she ran over and grabbed her towel and handbag. She came back and took his hand happily.

"Okay, let’s go! There’s a tourist shop with suntan oil and water over there," she pointed in the tourist shop's direction.

As she gave up walking in her too-big flip-flops, she found the sand was too hot for her bare feet. Alan picked her up, placed her on his shoulders, and walked over to the tourist shop. Little Alexandra rode on his shoulders with a big, sunny smile.

End of Chapter two.



End Chapter 2

Josie And The Pussy Cats take a trip to Pago Pago

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 11, 2022


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