Josie And The Pussy Cats take a trip to Pago Pago

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Chapter 4
The Pussycats Spend A Day At The Beach

Chapter Description: Alan soon finds that babysitting can be quite taxing.

The three girls stood on the stage and stole quick looks at themselves and each other. The perfectly tailored pussycat outfits they wore now hung off their immature bodies like garbage bags.

You guys look like little kids playing dress-up!” giggled Melody.

Well, you’re no better off!” said Val with her hands on her hips. She tried to look serious, but the oversize kitty suit with its crotch hanging halfway down her thighs made her look comical and spoiled the effect.

Josie pulled back her top to stare at her diminished assets. Two little mounds of flesh stared back up at her. She was very self-conscious at this age and worried that her puffy breasts would never grow in. In later years, that fear would be unfounded. But for now…

How did this happen?” asked Val. “I saw a bright light and then-”

It came from Mel’s trinket! I’m sure of it!” blurted out Josie.

Josie and Val looked at Melody’s trinket as tiny fluorescent glitters came from it. Melody, being Melody, immediately blurted out the first thing on her mind. While normally nonsensical, this time it was spot-on.

Oh, wow! I must have caused it when I wanted us to join Alan and Alexandra on the beach! Tee-hee-hee!”

We’re supposed to be rehearsing for our show tonight! Do you think you could change us back to our normal ages?” asked Josie.

Melody's face took on a sour look. "Oh, poo! Why don’t we take a break? I’ll bet riding on Alan’s shoulders would be really fun right now!"

I don’t know about that. It feels like my mental age is catching up to my physical one!” said Val. She had the greatest urge to bounce up and down on her heels because of the nervous energy building up in her smaller body.

I want some bubble gum!” giggled Melody.

We could take a brief break and get some ice cream at the beach...” said a wistful Josie. The thought of playing with Alan in the sand brought up a strong mental image in her mind and a little girl crush in her heart.

We can’t go in these clothes! Where are we going to get bathing suits in our size without being embarrassed?” asked Val. She wanted to run and play tag on the beach with the other girls. The impulsive nature of the thought caused her to shift from foot to foot with nervous energy.

Melody absentmindedly stroked her trinket and didn’t have a clue where they could get appropriate-sized clothing for themselves. The trinket did its strobe-flash again, changing their kitty suits into matching Jaguar-print bikinis.

They were a little skimpy for young girls just starting their teens and Josie covered her just developing breasts in embarrassment.

Kinda small, don’tcha think? The bikinis, I mean...” she asked, feeling more uncomfortable.

Tee-hee-hee! We’re triplets! We all match!” giggled Melody. She never had problems with body image. Her lack of deep thinking prevented her from being as self-conscious as Josie.

Val struck a confident pose and said, “I see no problems with them! Let’s go to the beach and play. We can figure out how to change back later!”

They exited the hall and scampered towards the beach. Josie wondered briefly if they were acting more like kids than adults and then saw Alan. She made a beeline for him with immature glee that pushed out all other thoughts.

Hi Alan!” she yelled out as she approached him. Alexandra was sleeping soundly on a beach towel. She’d played so hard that she needed a nap. Alan turned around at the unfamiliar childish voice and made shushing sounds with exaggerated gestures. Getting Alexandra to take a nap took a lot of wheedling.

Josie? Val? Mel? Is that you?” he asked wonderingly. “Are you cursed now, too?”

I hope not! It’ll be hard to have a concert past our bedtime!” tee-heed Melody.

I think that trinket on Melody’s neck has something to do with it,” reasoned Val, “But we haven’t tried to change back, so I don’t know!”

Josie went up to Alan and put her arms around his elbow. “Alan-n-n, would you buy me ice cream?” she begged him with pleading eyes.

Yeah! Ice cream!” chirped Val.

Tee-hee-hee!” added Melody.

Well, I guess I can’t say no to a pretty little girl…” thought Alan out loud.

Josie grabbed his hand with hers and pulled him toward the ice cream stand.

C’mon! I’ll help you!”

We’ll stay with Alexandra!” chimed in Val as she winked at Melody, who giggled back.

As the pair walked off, Josie snuggled into his elbow and said, “Not so fast, Alan! Um, my legs can’t keep pace with yours!”

Alan caught on immediately and slowed down his pace to a casual stroll.


Melody giggled at the slowly receding pair and then turned to Val.

Do you wanna doodle on Alexandra’s face?” she asked as she pulled a Sir Marks-A-Lot marker out of thin air.

Val gave her an impish grin and said, “Let’s!”

She smelled something familiar, something she’d not smelled since she was a little girl...

Are you chewing strawberry gum? Where’d you get it?”

Same place as the marker. Want a piece? I’ve got plenty!” said Mel as she offered several pieces of strawberry-flavored Bubble-Yum to Val.

Chewing the gum and popping bubbles, the two girls gave in to their childish desires and made doodles on Alexandra’s sleeping face. Melody giggled while writing “BAKA!” in large letters on her forehead.

What’s that mean?” asked Val, as she pointed at the word.

I dunno, it just seems right!” giggled Melody.

End chapter four.



End Chapter 4

Josie And The Pussy Cats take a trip to Pago Pago

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 11, 2022


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