Josie And The Pussy Cats take a trip to Pago Pago

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Chapter 6
The Terrible Teens

Chapter Description: The girls get more in touch with their inner children.

As the afternoon wore on, Val and Melody’s childish pranks on Alexandra grew bolder. Often, their pranks took advantage of her naivete more than anything else, but they were still treating the younger girl poorly. They'd put up with her antics for quite a long while and payback time was here!

Josie attempted to bring peace between them with small successes, which were often scuttled by Alexandra’s bratty attitude. She was a daddy’s girl who wanted for nothing. They had never taught her the value of friendship, trust, or loyalty.

For example, as the girls sat down for lunch, Melody pulled a small hoagie sandwich out of thin air. Alexandra demanded that she give it to her because she wanted it. While Melody was a ditz, she was also taught politeness and said that she’d give Alexandra one if she said please. Alexandra didn’t get her sandwich.

After an afternoon of grumbling about this or complaining that the other girls were taking her valuable time away from Alan, Alexandra was back to her old negative self and bringing the fun level of their day at the beach to near zero.

While Josie, Val, and Melody enjoyed a game of volleyball with Alan, Alexandra grumped on a nearby bench about how they had left her out of the game. The girls, acting more like teens, insulted her by being brutally honest about her attitude being the reason for it.

Tired of being left out for no reason that she could see, she demanded that Alan only spend time with her. This pissed off the girls as they were enjoying his company and Alan seemed like the perfect big brother to them. They told her to stop acting like a brat and offered to let her join them and play with Alan as a group.

Alexandra continued to grump on her bench and complain about how unfair her life was.

She suddenly had the urge to pee and got up to run to the toilet. As she came back, Josie noticed something different about her.

Hey, gang, does Alexandra seem smaller to you?”

Oh, yeah! She does! She's swimming in her swimsuit! Tee-hee-hee!”

It’s hanging a little low, but isn’t it the kind that stretches with use?”

No, I think she’s younger. Maybe 7 or 8?”

Alan called her over. She ran to him like a shot.

It’s about time you noticed me, Alan!” she said in annoyance. “Let’s go build a sandcastle!”

In a moment, stand next to Josie. I want to see something.”

She stood next to Josie and Alexandra was becoming younger! Her features had become more rounded and her cheeks were more chubby. Her belly protruded out as if she were getting ready for a growth spurt and several of her milk teeth had come back in.

Just stand there for a moment, Alexandra. I need to tell the girls something.”

Alexandra smiled, thinking that Alan was telling them to let her play with him alone. The group decided not to tell her she was getting younger and to see just how much younger she’d get.

Oh! Are we getting younger, too? First dibs at the changing table! Tee-hee-hee!” chirped Melody.

No, I’d say we’re the same age as when we started. Maybe it’s her negative attitude?” suggested Val.

So the more selfish she gets, the younger she gets?” clarified Josie. She glance at Alexandra and noticed that she might already be 5 or 6. Her baggy suit made her look like a little girl trying to play dress-up and pretend she was older.

C’mon Alan! Let’s go swimming!” she called out.

In a minute!” called Josie, she whispered in Melody’s ear. Melody giggled and produced a child’s swim diaper from nowhere. She handed it to Alan, and he approached Alexandra with it.

No way! I’m a big girl! I won’t pee in the ocean!” she protested.

Alan sweet-talked her and with her Catalina swimsuit off, she rode happily on Alan’s shoulders wearing only her swim diaper. They played in the surf for a little while before she got a nose full of seawater and wanted to lie on the beach towel.

After they came back, Alexandra had stopped her downward progress and behaved like a normal, happy little 6-year-old. She even played with the girls in a game of beach tag.

Well, I think we’ve had a long enough break, gang!” said Josie. “It’s time we went back to the hall and see if Melody can return us to our normal ages. The show is only a few hours away!”

Val and melody grumped and accepted their fates. They left Alan with Alexandra to go back to the music hall.

Once there, Melody rubbed her trinket and asked, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we were back to our normal ages?”

After a quick flash and several wardrobe malfunctions, they were back in their twenties. Melody thought of their pussycat costumes, which caused their tight teeny bikinis to change back to normal.

Phew! It’s good to be back!” sighed Josie in relief. She adjusted her costume to fit her assets better and wasn’t feeling like an insecure teen again.

Aw, it’d be nice to play around as kids some more-” suggested Melody. She could have fun at any age.

But not until after we’ve put on our show!” interrupted Josie.

I think Josie’s right, Mel. Maybe later, huh?” suggested Val.

Okay!” agreed Melody, and then she thought of something that made her giggle.

Josie turned to Val and remarked, “I don’t like the sound of that giggle!”

It’s okay, guys, tee-hee-hee! I was just thinking of us performing as 8-year-olds wearing our current-sized outfits. I thought it was funny.”

Josie and Val stared daggers at her, and she got the hint.

They performed that night at a packed house of 150. Sammy suggested they do an outdoor concert for their next show. That would allow for at least 1000 people if they needed it. Alex was ecstatic at the offer.

Back at the hotel, little Alexandra slept soundly. Alex had to get her to wear an overnight diaper for “insurance,” but the little girl was so tired that she didn’t complain. She fell asleep holding his hand as part of the bargain.

End chapter 6



End Chapter 6

Josie And The Pussy Cats take a trip to Pago Pago

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 11, 2022


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