Josie And The Pussy Cats take a trip to Pago Pago

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Chapter 5
A Day At The Beach Part II

Chapter Description: Alan and Josie encounter some resistance to their love.

As Josie and Alan stood in line at the ice cream stand, a frumpy, middle-aged tourist with unhealthy, bone-white skin and perfect hair approached them. Her steps had a purpose that exuded privilege and entitlement. She gawked indignantly at the young teenage Josie in her skimpy bikini, happily cuddling into a fully grown Alan.

Josie, now feeling inadequate, instinctively drew herself as close as she could to Alan for protection. She stared back at the tourist with the frightened eyes of an innocent bird attempting to stare at a hungry house cat.

Alan pulled his arm loose and pulled Josie closer to his body as he returned the tourist’s stare. The feeling of Josie’s warm body against his bolstered his need to protect her against the frumpy lady.

After a few moments of staring at each other, the harridan finally broke the awkward silence.

How old are you, little girl?” she asked with a voice that would be right at home with fingernails on a chalkboard.

I’m um, 13, I think?” answered Josie awkwardly.

And you? How old are you?” she addressed Alan.

I’m 22, why do you ask?” replied Alan neutrally.

Well, don’t you two think you’re a bit too friendly for such an age difference?” asked the tourist rhetorically, “And your outfit, little girl, don’t you think it’s very skimpy for one at the tender age of THIRTEEN?”

She finished her question with great emphasis on Josie’s age to shame them and invite public discourse.

I think it’s fine,” countered Alan.

Well, I don’t!” screeched the harridan, “You two are giving the impression that it’s okay to have a 22-year-old date a 13-year-old! Have you no shame?”

Josie pulled herself tighter into Alan’s chest and felt the guilt that the old hag was trying to push on her. A small part of her mind rose indignantly in protest.

Um, well, what business is it of yours to-” she began timidly. The harridan cut her off in mid-sentence.

Be quiet, little girl! This is a discussion between grownups! If I want your opinion, I’ll ask for it!”

Alan was losing his patience at being harassed by the old biddy! He hoped his tone was civil and could turn the conversation to a more platonic one. A small crowd noticed the altercation and gathered around the two lovebirds and their antagonist.

She is young…” muttered one.

It’s none of our business…” muttered another.

Let them be!” said one in a conversational tone. Several others chimed in their agreement.

The harridan would have none of that! She pulled back her shoulders and crossed her arms against the growing rabble.

You want to be civil, huh? Fine! My name is Karen! What’s yours?”

I’m Alan and this is Josie, my loving younger sister,” said Alan glibly.

Oh, she’s your BABY sister? That’s rich!” retorted Karen as she attempted to steer the opinion of the crowd in her direction. It didn’t work.

Oh, she’s his sister…” muttered one.

Well, who cares about that?” chimed in another as the crowd broke up and dispersed. A few onlookers stuck around for the show. They were the kind of people who slowed down for traffic accidents not to allow emergency services to move more freely, but to see the blood.

Karen, I think you’ve made your point, attempted to ridicule us, and have now failed. Are you finished?” asked Alan reasonably.

Karen stared daggers at the pair and fumed before getting another nasty thought and presenting it.

Well, I’m going to see the manager of this ice cream stand and demand he not serve you! Where’s the manager? I want the manager!”

A young female Samoan stopped what she was doing and addressed her.

I’m the manager, Karen, and I would like you to leave. I saw it all and you’re banned from my ice cream stand!” She fingered a trinket shaped like an iridescent clam shell with a Samoan glyph on it.

O le ae lagona lelei i lou fale i napekini, pepe.” she said to her.

Karen reeled as if an electric shock hit her. Her stomach gurgled loudly as she quickly turned to run off with purpose towards an outdoor toilet, leaving her dignity and entitlement behind her.

Josie thought Karen looked a little smaller upon reaching the toilet. The black bathing suit that she wore looked like it was ready to fall off her hips.

A baby’s wail soon sounded from the toilet as two police officers immediately walked up to it, entered, and came out with a bawling baby, then moved away quickly.

The owner turned to Alan and Josie. “Dear customers, I’m sorry you had to experience that! Have some free ice cream and enjoy your stay.”

She handed a cardboard cup holder with six cups of fine gelato, napkins, and small wooden spoons to Alan. He accepted it gratefully as the owner winked at Josie.

I’ll see your performance tonight, Josie! Would you sing ‘I wish you well' for me? It’s one of my favorite songs!”

Sure! What’s your name?”

Karen,” laughed the ice cream stand owner as she got back to work.

On the way back to the rest of the gang, Josie remarked, “Pago Pago sure is an interesting place!”

Alan could only nod his head in agreement.

Alexandra, who had just woken up, ran over to Alan and grabbed his arm, nearly knocking the fresh gelato out of his hands.

Hi, Alan! Did you miss me? Who’s the hussy?”

Josie, aged 13, looked down at the prepubescent Alexandra, age 10, with a slight air of superiority and smiled, knowing that Alan was hers and only humored Alexandra. The honest smile on her face deeply disturbed Alexandra as if unconsciously, she knew the truth.

Alexandra stuck her bratty tongue out at Josie and ran back to the beach towel where the other girls were at.

Did it say BAKA on her forehead, Alan?”

Yes, yes, it did!” said Alan with a small chuckle.

End Chapter five.



End Chapter 5

Josie And The Pussy Cats take a trip to Pago Pago

by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 11, 2022


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