AR short stories

by: Star_Regression | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 22, 2023

AR short story series where it will contain female and male AR


Karla discovers that the rain that is lashing the city has chemical components that affect the water if it accumulates in one part, causing it to become the legendary fountain of youth, but how long will her happiness last with this great find?

Apr 3, 2023


child attack

A war between some scientists against the citizens, ends up being a nursery the size of a town

Apr 3, 2023


My first time +18

8-year-old Daniela makes a wish for her parents to become children again, but it all happened while they were having intimate relationships

Jun 7, 2023


Infant formule Part 1

Karen, a 16-year-old girl, buys a baby formula that makes her look young.

Jun 9, 2023


Superheroine: AR/Age Regression

The villains can also win the battle, which can be the risk that the superheroine ends up in diapers.

Jun 22, 2023

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