The Curse of the Sundial (Commission)

by: iMsYcMrIaNzDy | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 9, 2024

Chapter Description: Stephen finds the morning holds more surprises...

Stephen rocked back and forth throughout the night as the events of the previous day haunted his dreams. He imagined he was in a giant version of the daycare with Katlynn's disappointed face staring at him for going potty in his pants. He looked down and saw the wet diaper he was wearing. It looked similar to  the goodnite like he had worn earlier that evening but was instead decorated with one of the paw patrol dogs. Katelynn put her hand on his shoulder as her other hand groped his crotch,

“Stevie, did you already have another accident in your pull ups? You'd better get it together little guy or you're going to be wearing diapers forever…”

Stephen began to yell as an arm shook him awake,

“Stephen… Stephen… Stephen!” 

The teen opened his eyes and saw his mother standing over him, holding the comforter from his bed. Stephen blinked at her as he tried to shake the embarrassing and confusing dream from his mind,

“Mom? I-”

She interrupted him,

“Stephen, your sheets are soaked! Your goodnite must have leaked again. How much did you have to drink last night, young man? You know you're not supposed to drink fluids an hour before bed!

Stephen looked down at his waist in horror. There was a large wet stain on his sheet around his butt and even worse, a completely soaked goodnite covering his private area where his boxers should have been. As he looked at the soiled object, Stephen noticed that the soaked diaper didn't look like the goodnites from the night before. This diaper was much more childish and even had a kiddie version of Spiderman on it. The young man blushed as he squeezed his legs together in shame, accidentally accentuating the soaked padding squishing against his privates and causing some more pee to leak out the leg guards. Stephen's mother grabbed his arm, yanking the teen out of bed.

“Come on, Stephen, I want to get this pee soaked bedding into the wash before Katlynn comes to pick you up. You slept through your alarm. There's only fifteen minutes till you have to be dressed and downstairs. Get ready for school while I deal with this mess.”

Stephen tried to protest, feeling incredibly small and childish arguing with his mom in an oversized t shirt and leaking diaper,

“Mom this is all wrong, I don't wear diapers and I don't wet the bed! Please listen something's wrong with me things keep changing and I think I'm getting younger now and that's wh-

His mom glared at him as she raised her voice,

“I don't want to hear it anymore, Stephen! You should know by now that if you drink a lot before bed you're going to soak through your goodnites and ruin your sheets. Now go get dressed right now or so help me I will put you over my knee and spank your little wet butt till it's red. I don't care if you are fifteen years old, if you're going to act like a naughty little boy I'll treat you like one!”

Stephen's eyes widened at the mention of his current age and he quickly rushed out of his bedroom and into the bathroom. A much younger version of the teen’s face stared back at him, with most of his muscles and defining frame having seemingly vanished overnight. 

“No! NOOOOOO!!!”

Stephen yelled at his reflection. He ran back to his room as his mom was making her exit, carrying his soiled bedding in a heap. The teen boy cried as he pleaded with her,

“Please, mom, you have to believe me, something is wrong. I think it's the sundial. It's changing everything and making me wear diapers and wet the bed, you've gotta believe me!”

Stephen's mother stopped for a few seconds and took a breath, looking at him intently. Stephen was hopeful that at last she'd actually listened and understood what he was telling her. His gaze fell as she spoke in her sternest voice,

“Stephen Robert Johnson, if you are not dressed and ready for school by the time Katlynn gets here I will send you to school in nothing but your wet spiderman pants. Do you understand me?”

Stephen stared back at her, shocked. His mother hadn’t scolded him like this since before he got to highschool. Terrified of her threat the diapered teen lowered his head and walked the bedroom as she called after him,

“You have ten more minutes. You'd better get out of those wet goodnites before Katlynn gets here.”

Stephen ran to his dresser and opened his underwear drawer. He paused, startled, not only were all the goodnites he'd seen the night before replaced with the new little kid versions featuring spiderman, but all of his other underwear had changed as well. There were no boxers at all, just white briefs with bright primary color piping and cartoon characters printed on the crotch nicely folded across the dresser drawer. Even worse for the teen, each pair was adorned with characters that were clearly aimed at preschoolers. Stephen even spotted a paw patrol character sitting among the neatly stacked pairs of the only underwear he now owned. Dreading what his friends at school were going to say if they caught a peek of these but even more apprehensive about what they'd say if he was wearing a wet diaper all day, Stephen grabbed the most mature pair he could find; a pair with red piping and an image of Spiderman. 

The teen then went to get some jeans and found that thankfully his pants had not been affected by whatever weird bullshit was fucking up his life. His shirt drawer also looked mercifully normal. Stephen sighed in relief. At least the only embarrassing part of his outfit would be hidden. He grabbed a black ACDC shirt, and some black socks and ran back to the bathroom, with his clothes for the day in tow. 

The young man slipped the wet goodnite off once he arrived, cringing at the squelching sound it made as the soaked core of the diaper hit the floor. Gingerly, he picked it up and stared at it, unable to believe it was real. His mom's voice calling for him reminded him of his current predicament and he quickly tossed the wet spiderman diaper into the trash and began to put on the kiddie underwear along with the rest of his clothes. The previously nicely fitting shirt and jeans were going to be scrappily baggy on his smaller frame and Stephen's penis felt incredibly constrained by the tight childish briefs. He worried he might smell like pee all day due to not having time to shower, but decided that was still a better prospect than having to wear an actual peed in diaper in front of everyone at school. As he finished the progress of getting dressed his pubescent voice kept repeating over and over,

“This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening to me. This isn’t happening…”

Stephen grabbed his backpack and rushed downstairs. He heard his Mom and Kaelynn’s voices chatting at the door before their familiar faces came into view,

“I’m sorry for making you wait, dear. Stephen’s alarm didn’t go off and he had to get changed out of his night time pants. I told him to hurry,”

Stephen immediately blushed at his mom’s words. Worse still he started to feel embarrassingly horny as something inside of him he was deeply uncomfortable with was loving this embarrassing attention he was getting. He pressed his legs together uncomfortably as he heard Katlynn reply,

“No worries Mrs. Johnson. We still have plenty of time.”

The teen boy’s mom turned around to call for him again but saw her son staring at them with his legs crossed a few feet from the entry,

“Stephe–, Oh there you are. All dressed and ready I see. You just made it. Can you say thank you to Katlynn for being so patient?”

His mom glared at him, her fury still burning brightly behind her pleasant demeanor she put on in front of company. Stephen looked into his girlfriend’s eyes and tried to get a hold of himself as he meekly complied,

“Thank you, Katlynn, for waiting for me.”

“No problem, little guy,”

She replied casually. Stephen was unable to contain his surprise and hurt at the demeaning title. He may be a little younger now but he was still apparently fifteen. Katlynn had just royally insulted him to his face and yet her expression looked like it was the most normal thing in the world to say to a fifteen year old boy. Was this about last night? Did she remember how upset she’d been at him and was this her way of getting back at him or something?

His mom nodded and turned back to Katlynn,

“You seriously are such a lifesaver, I don’t know why they haven’t issued Stephen a bus pass yet but I so appreciate you giving him a ride in the meantime while I work my new shift, not to mention the help you’ve been giving him with his homework in the evenings. 

That caught Stephen’s attention. Not only was his girlfriend his ride but now she was his tutor as well? How many things in his life was this crazy voodoo shit going to fuck up? Still fearing his mother’s wrath, Stephen remained still as Katlynn replied politely. 

“It’s no worries at all, Mrs. Johnson. Stephen’s a bright young man, it’s my pleasure to help him out. I had a question for you, actually…”

The two females continued their conversation, acting as if Stephen wasn’t even there. It frustrated him to no end. The two people who above all others should be supporting the tortured teen through this nightmare were right in front of him, but instead they were speaking to each other as if he was just a dumb kid! He felt sidelined and worthless, and even worse he kind of liked it. He listened into the conversation again as his mom sounded like she was nearing the end of their girl talk,

“With my new daytime hours I should be home by the time you bring Stephen back from practice. Would you like to stay for dinner?”

Katlynn replied politely, 

“I can’t tonight, but thank you, Mrs. Johnson. I have a big presentation in my Home Economics class tomorrow and I need to prepare for it tonight.”

His mom seemed very impressed,

“Well aren’t you a studious young woman! I’m sure you have a bright future ahead of you. Here’s the check for last night's session. Have a wonderful day.”

At last Stephen’s mom turned to him,

“Be good at school today honey. Have a wonderful day.”

The well endowed mother leaned down and kissed Stephen’s forehead as Katlynn watched, seemingly amused. Her patronizing grin fed Stephen’s awkward arousal and he felt a small erection begin to push against his childish briefs as he awkwardly followed behind Katlynn to her car. Reaching it, she instructed him,

“Hey, my stuff is in the front seat so sit in the back, okay? And don’t forget to buckle your seatbelt.”

Stephen’s cheeks burned and his penis strained a little more as he took his place in the back seat of her car. As embarrassed and uncomfortable as he was, Stephen figured this car ride was probably his best chance to try and get Katlynn to remember anything about his real age and the history of their relationship together. He saw her looking back at his face in the rearview mirror as the car started moving. The fifteen year old began,

“So… about last night?”

He saw Katlynn’s eyebrows raise in the mirror. Her eyes flashed with anger,

“Yes, Stephen?”

That did not bode well. But if she was angry with him she must remember something about last night. If Stephen could just get her to remember anything that didn’t line up with his age and appearance today, there might be a chance to get her to listen to him. The teen boy didn’t want to set Katlynn off like the last few times he’d tried to confront both her and his mom so he decided on trying and gently coax some account of the previous evening out of her by apologizing,

“Um… I’m sorry. I’m sorry for… everything that happened.”

He hoped that would be enough to get her talking. The eighteen year old young woman gave a deep sigh and replied after a few moments,

“Listen, Stephen, don’t worry about it,”

His eyes lit up. Maybe she wasn’t that mad at him after all. Maybe she had cooled off after driving home. He replied hopefully,


Katlynn replied, her voice hurriedly trying to clear the air. As she spoke Stephen’s hopeful expression began to fade,

“Yeah, I get it. I’m sure it’s hard being a fifteen year old that has to wear goodnites every night. Most kids I know grow out of bedwetting a lot earlier and you probably feel really isolated and embarrassed, or like there’s something wrong with you.”

Stephen’s cheeks showed bright red. His girlfriend was right about how he felt, just not the reasons.

“I’m sure it’s not fun having to deal with sleepovers and teasing and changing out of wet nighttime pants every morning. But, Stephen, I need you to listen to me-”

Stephen’s ears perked up. Is this where she was going to address their relationship and the intimacy they’d shared? Katlynn continued in a serious tone he’d never heard her use,

“It was not okay for you to behave in the way you did and most certainly not okay to yell at me about your goodnites and your bedwetting. I am your tutor, trying to help you do well in school and just because you are frustrated about something doesn’t mean that you can just yell at people about it. Do you understand?”

Stephen couldn’t believe it. Did she remember nothing of their encounter last night? Everything they’d planned, all the moments they’d shared leading up to it. It was all gone? It seemed like Katlynn didn’t even remember breaking up with him? Unable to contain his anxious curiosity Stephen asked,

“So, you don’t remember the… adult stuff we did?”

Katlynn’s eyes narrowed,

“Do you really want to do this, Stephen? Yes, I remember everything from last night. I remember coming to your house to tutor you. I remember you coming onto me. I remember telling you that while I’m flattered by your feelings I already have a boyfriend and am not interested in dating you. And I most certainly remember you crying and screaming at me about how ‘no girl wants to date me because I have to wear diapers to bed.’ Is there anything else about last night you’d like me to remember?” 

“Um no… I’m really really sorry.”

Stephen managed to mutter out as he stared at her contempt filled eyes. He was completely dumbfounded and devastated. According to Katlynn, she wasn’t even his girlfriend any more and was seeing someone else. Almost worse than the devastating loss and his former girlfriend’s erroneous account of the events of the previous evening was how aroused Stephen was currently picturing himself acting in the manner she had just recounted. He pictured himself in his soggy goodnite, begging her to be with him and almost moaned in the backseat from how hot it made him feel. What was going on with him? He wasn’t like this, was he? Was this new person, a loser pervert who wore diapers to bed and cried about it to try and get girls only to get off on their rejection really lurking inside him this whole time? As they neared the highschool the meager 4 inch erection tenting Stephen’s Spiderman Undies told him that there was apparently a lot about himself that he hadn’t known up until this point. 



End Chapter 6

The Curse of the Sundial (Commission)

by: iMsYcMrIaNzDy | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 9, 2024


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