The Curse of the Sundial (Commission)

by: iMsYcMrIaNzDy | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 9, 2024

Chapter Description: Stephen finds his mom at home along with a mysterious sundial...

Several minutes later Stephen pulled up to his house in his used commuter car and was a little concerned to see his mom's vehicle still in the driveway. He parked next to her and opened the door, trying to mask his worry as much as possible. Upon entering, he heard a sound from the dining room. He followed the noise to see his mother finishing a garden salad. A curious shining object caught his eye. It looked like a metal disc launcher or something, made completely out of what appeared to be gold. Stephen tried to act casual as he greeted his mother,

“Hey mom, aren't you going to be late? What's with the disc thing?”

His mom held up her hand as she finished chewing and replied, 

“Oh, hello, Stephen. Work told me to come thirty minutes late so I could stay after and fill out some tax forms, so I was just finishing my dinner.”

Stephen's shoulders visibly sagged in relief at the news she was about to leave. His mother didn't notice but continued talking, 

As for that–.” 

She motioned to the golden object, continuing,

 “It's a funny story, 

Stephen took a chair and sat down while as she continued between bites,

“So today I felt ambitious today and was like, I'm going to clean the attic! I don't know what had gotten into my head. I haven't been up there in I don't even know how long. So anyways I'm up there and I find this thing and,” 

His mother paused for a moment, 

“this is so embarrassing but you have to understand I was young and this was before we knew what to call people and stuff.” 

Stephen looked at her confused as his mom kept speaking at a million miles and hour while simultaneously trying to finish her food.

 “Anyways, a long time ago, I don't remember if you were even born. I might have still been pregnant, but anyways I was shopping at this old eccentric antique shop. I don't know if you remember it, it was where the McDonald's is now on Wilson Street. So I go there, looking for knick knacks like I do, and I’m talking to this owner lady, I think she was Native American? No, maybe she was Hispanic? I'm not sure but she had this weird vibe, Voodoo’ish, or witch doctor or something with the skulls and everything if you know what I'm saying. Anyways I'm running my mouth yammering as I do and I make the mistake of referring to her as an Indian.”

Stephen put his hand over his mouth, 

“Mom you didn't!”

She waved her hand dismissively,

“I know, I know it was really bad but this was like eighteen years ago and I didn't know any better, but this isn't even the crazy part. So I ignorantly call her an Indian, and this woman goes off! Like off her rocker off! She's screaming and yelling and calling me like a colonizer and I think at one point she tried to put a curse on me or something. She was shouting weird phrases like ‘virgin’s blood’ and calling upon spirits and stuff. So of course I'm like vehemently apologizing as I try to get the hell out of the store, and then the lady grabbed this gold thing and shoved it into my arms. I think she said it was a sundial. I was looking it up earlier today on Google and I guess that pointy triangle part casts a shadow or something that helps you track time like a clock. I didn't know what to do with it so I left it in the garage and then one summer I put it in the attic. Anyways I found it today and, yeah, I just thought I'd share the crazy memory with you about how I got it. I think I'm going to take it to dollar antiques tomorrow when you're at school and see what it's worth.”

Stephen raised his eyebrows, 

“That is a pretty crazy story mom. I don't think I've ever heard of someone screaming at a customer as then giving them something from their store before they leave. Especially something that looks this fancy.”

He took his finger and touched the point on the top of the sundial, trying to rotate it towards him. He felt a painful prick as on his finger as it touched the surprisingly sharp metal.

“Ouch! Shoot, that's really sharp,”

Stephen said as he withdrew his hand. There was a deep cut on his index finger that had already dripped blood on the sundial and table alike. His mother stood quickly,

“Oh, honey that looks pretty bad, let me get a bandaid.” 

“Yeah, thanks,” Stephen said, distracted as he stared at the deep gash spurting blood, then at the sundial, curious how the object cut him so deeply.

“That tip must be really sharp. Glad digital clocks were invented I guess,” 

He remarked, shrugging. Soon his mom came back with a bandaid. When she opened the wrapper Stephen noticed it was a kids brand band aid with an image of Spiderman on it. He protested,

“Seriously, mom? A Spiderman bandaid? Where did you even find those I haven't liked spiderman since I was like six. You know everyone on the team is going to make fun of me for this thing right?”

He held up his finger as she finished taping it on, modeling the childish bandage on his finger for her. She shushed him,

“Oh please. Spiderman would kick all those boys butts anyways. Tell them to say their trash to Spiderman's face, then see what happens.”

Stephen sighed, 

“Mom, I love you. But sometimes you are the lamest person I know.”

She giggled then pinched his cheek,

“I remember when my little guy would come and beg me for a Spiderman band aid.”

His mother put on a mock little boy voice,

“‘Pwease, mommy. I have a boo boo and I needs a Spiduhmahn Bahndaid. It has to be Spiduhmahn because he's so cool! Please mommy!’”

Stephen blushed, 

“Come on, Mom, you're embarrassing me. Don't you have to work?”

She glanced at the clock, then stood quickly.

“Shoot, you're right. Okay, I'm going to run out the door. Do your homework and put your dishes in the dishwasher.”

Stephen waved her off,

“I know I know. Love you, mom, have a good shift!”

She put on her coat and opened the front door, calling back,

“Thanks, sweetheart. Don't forget about your pizza and have a nice evening.”

The anticipating teen spoke softly,

“Oh, I plan to.”



End Chapter 3

The Curse of the Sundial (Commission)

by: iMsYcMrIaNzDy | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 9, 2024


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vended · Mar 9, 2024

Hey, this is quite good! The dialog feel realistic, and it's quite fun to follow. :]

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