The Curse of the Sundial (Commission)

by: iMsYcMrIaNzDy | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 9, 2024

Chapter Description: Stephen faces the aftermath of his evening date with his girlfriend...

Stephen went to reach for his phone, but remembered his current attire as his hand touched the elastic waistband of his new plastic ‘underwear’. The teen looked outside and realized anyone out front could see what he was currently wearing. In a panic he slammed the door. Tears began to stream down his face while he ripped the nighttime diaper off his body, throwing it in the trash as he rushed sobbing into his room. Passing his dresser, he noticed a blue and white plastic package sitting on top of it. There was a picture of a preteen boy's smiling face and cursive letters spelling, ‘Goodnights, nighttime protection for boys’ adorning the package of nighttime diapers that had not been there just minutes before. Stephen cried out and grabbed the offending object, throwing it out the door of his room into the hallway outside. He yelled out after the incontinence products,

“Is someone playing a prank on me?! Because this isn't funny!”

The teary eyed teen wiped his eyes and grabbed his phone. He thought about calling Katlynn for a moment but then remembered his missing car and hurriedly dialed his mom. Her concerned voice answered on the third ring,

“Stephen, what's up sweetie? Everything okay? You finished your homework right?”

Stephen struggled to keep from sobbing again as he tried to relay his current predicament,

“Mom, something is wrong. There's diapers in the house and I can't find my car.”

To Stephen's surprise, his mom replied snappily in an annoyed voice,

“Stephen, we've been through this more times than I can count. They're not diapers, they're called ‘goodnites’ and they're just for bed. And speaking of a thousand times, I'm getting sick and tired of you bothering me about getting you your car. I told you, no driving till you're eighteen, mister, that's the rule.”

The teen boy couldn't believe what he was hearing,

“Mom, I am eighteen. What are you talking about? And what do you mean the diapers- I mean the goodnites, are for bed? I don't wet the bed mom! I don't wear diapers! I'm eighteen and haven't worn a diaper since I was like two or something.”

There was a pause. He heard his mother breathing on the line for a moment before her impatient voice came out of the phone's speaker,

“Is this some kind of weird joke, Stephen? Because I’m not having it. I left a new package of goodnites on your dresser. Finish your homework and wear your nighttime pants to bed or else you'll be the one cleaning pee out of your smelly sheets in the morning, young man. I have to work now. Goodbye.”

The line went dead and Stephen stared at his cell phone in disbelief. This couldn't be real. This wasn't happening. Still naked the young man set his phone on the dresser and wandered into the bathroom. He stared into the mirror to see if something was wrong with him physically. He looked the same… he thought. He might look a little younger. It was hard to get a perfect comparison as his eyes and face were still red from crying. He wiped his eyes and then got and idea,

Rummaging through his pants on the floor of his bedroom Stephen found what he was looking for, his wallet. He put it on the dresser and began going through it till he found his driver's license.


He shouted in triumph as he looked at it. His smile faded as it started to turn transparent in his hand. He grabbed the plastic identification card with his other hand and held onto it, desperately pleading,

“What the fuck?! Please, no! No!!! What is happening? This is some voodoo-”

Stephen stopped speaking suddenly as he held up his empty hands in front of him. The spiderman bandaid on his finger reminded him what his mom had said earlier that evening. 

“Voodoo! The sundial! That has to be it.”

He sprinted for the dining room table. As he caught sight of it his face fell.

“The sundial, it's gone. Holy shit it's gone! What the fuck is happening? Where is it?”

The panicking young man thought about calling his mom again but immediately discarded that idea in light of how their conversation had ended several minutes before. Sighing he began to walk back to his room. 

Outside his bedroom doorway, he saw the offensive package of goodnites where it'd fallen up against the wall. His mom's warning about cleaning his sheets rang in his ears as he shook his head,

“Oh hell no fuck this!”

Stephen angrily picked up the package and carried it to the kitchen trash. He glimpsed his cum loaded goodnite from earlier still sitting inside as the trash can lid opened. The painful memory of his sexual experience with Katlynn came flooding back to him as he stared at the soggy disposable underwear lying on top of paper plates and pizza crusts. Letting out an angry cry, the teen tossed the unused teen diapers from his dresser into the waste bin next to the babyish undergarments that had ruined his perfect evening. 

Stephen thought of Katlynn again as he trudged back towards his bedroom. He missed her so much. His soul needed to talk to her, to explain to her what was going on so she could comfort him and help him figure out what was going on. The naked young man walked back to his room and grabbed his phone. After unlocking it, Stephen quickly opened his texts when he saw a pending message from Katlynn. His watery eyes shown with the reflection of the phone's screen as he read,

‘Hey Stephen, you've been a great boyfriend this past year and I really appreciate how you've respected my boundaries of not doing anything sexual together till tonight. But after seeing how insecure you are and how weird you are about your bedwetting I think I need a break. Please don't respond to this or call me or I'll have to block your number. See you tomorrow.’ - Katlynn

Stephen stared at the message long after finishing as new tears formed in his eyes.

“This is impossible, this isn't happening to me. Katlynn dumping me? Fucking diapers everywhere? This has to be a dream. I'm just going to go to bed and I'm going to wake up and my life will be normal. No disappearing car, no ‘goodnites’, no weird sundial and I get my life back.”

His nude figure opened a dresser drawer to grab some boxers for bed. To Stephen's horror more of the kiddie looking blue and white goodnites were stuffed next to his normal underwear. He angrily grabbed one of his normal pairs of boxer shorts and slammed the underwear drawer. After grabbing a plain white T shirt the young man dressed and laid down. His eyes stared at the ceiling. The teen prayed that this was all some fucked up nightmare that he'd wake up from in the morning. 

After a few minutes of anxiously staring at the ceiling, the frustrated young man decided he couldn’t take lying there with his own thoughts anymore and decided to try and masturbate. Stephen cleared his mind, fished his dick out of his boxers, and began stroking, recalling Katlynn’s supple pink nipples from earlier in the evening. He wanted her body so bad. He vividly remembered her delicate hands as they traced his body and lips. He pretended he could feel her gentle but firm grip on his dick through his boxers, calling to his mind the lustful look in her eyes when she had knelt in front of him an hour before. He heard Katlynn's voice in his head begin to speak to him as Stephen struggled to control the narrative of his fantasy,

“Sorry, diaper boy, you’re just not quite ready for me yet. Maybe when you get better at controlling your little pee pee you can make it in bed with a girl like me.”

Stephen shook his head, slowing down. What the fuck was this? He wasn’t into being humiliated like this, but his dick was screaming for more. Why was his mind suddenly going here? The voice of his girlfriend didn’t stop but continued chiding him,

“Awww, does little Stevie need to make a wee wee with his wittle pee pee? Let Miss Katlynn help him out.”

His imagination showed her naked frame jacking off his dick as Stephen, in reality, stroked his engorged five inch member even faster. He was simultaneously disturbed and deeply aroused by the unfolding thoughts assaulting him,

“Come on, Stevie. Make pee pees in the potty like a big boy. Then I’ll help you pull your pants up okay?”

Stephen moaned as his dick began to spurt his useless sperm all over his white shirt and exposed groin. His mind was doing summersaults of arousal and embarrassment. What the hell was going on with him? What was that fantasy? He covered his face with his hands as he struggled with the conflicting thoughts and feelings battling within. Soon after, the exhausted teen fell asleep, still wrestling with the shame and horniness that were dominating his mind.



End Chapter 5

The Curse of the Sundial (Commission)

by: iMsYcMrIaNzDy | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 9, 2024


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