The Curse of the Sundial (Commission)

by: iMsYcMrIaNzDy | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 9, 2024

Chapter Description: After school, Stephen and David take a detour before the events of the evening...

The rest of the school day and the following football practice went by uneventfully, although far too slow for Stephen's liking. Several of the guys in football made jokes about their friend’s plans for the evening but it was nothing Stephen couldn't handle. Still, putting an end to their teasing tonight was one of the things Stephen was most looking forward to, besides the sex of course. As the day wrapped up, he and David walked out of the locker room making small talk. After checking the time time the quarterback asked,

“Hey man, I've still got time to kill before I get ready for…. you know. Want to hit up a GameStop or something?”

David looked at him with apologetic eyes,

“Oh, sorry bro. I do, but my mom has an appointment and told me I have to pick my little brother up from the daycare, I'm actually gonna walk over right now.”

“Oh damn, well let me go with you before you two head out,”

Stephen said as he continued walking with his friend. He cocked an eyebrow, 

“Kevin is still in daycare? It feels like he's been going there forever. I thought he was in kindergarten or something already.”

David shook his head, “He had to wait a year to start Pre-K because he was still in diapers or pullups or whatever. Thankfully he's out of those now… mostly at least.”

Steven looked confused. 

“How is a kid mostly out of diapers? They're in them or not right?”

David shook his head again. “No not quite, he's out of them during the day but he wears them at night. Apparently it's pretty common in young kids.”

Stephen shrugged his shoulders,

“Hmmm first I've heard of it.”

David looked surprised, 

“Really? They're at like every store man? If you gonna have sex with a woman you're gonna have to learn this shit eventually, know what I'm saying? They got diapers for babies, and then pull ups for like toddlers and kids that are potty training and shit, and then… I think they're called goodnites or something but they're like bigger pull ups for kids who wet the bed.”

Stephen held up his hand as they approached the daycare entrance,

“Okay, thanks for the diaper lesson there, playuh. I'll definitely make sure to study for the test.”

David punched his arm,

“Don't be a dick, man, and hey,” They stopped for a second as David turned to look at Stephen and continued, “This is serious. Don't mention the diapers or anything like that around Kevin okay? He's all sensitive since he got made fun of for being held back. If he loses his shit over the subject on the way home, my mom is gonna rip me a new one.”

Stephen laughed awkwardly,

“Alright, alright chill man I got it. No diaper talk! Suits me just fine, it's your weird ass that can't seem to shut up about them. I'll stick to talking about… what's the kid into anyways?”

David started walking again and Stephen set out alongside him as David answered,

“Paw Patrol mainly. Used to be addicted to Cocomelon and nursery rhyme shit like that but nowadays he's obsessed with those weird looking dogs and puppy trucks and junk.”


Stephen replied sarcastically as they entered the daycare. The smell of baby powder, along with a slightly more sour smell Stephen assumed was diaper related assaulted their nostrils. Bright primary colored letters and numbers adorned the walls of the childcare center along with cartoon animals and crude drawings, Stephen gawked at it all continuing,

“I'm sure you'll fill me in on all the details of ‘Paw Patrol’ too since you're such a baby expert and all.”

David glared at him,

“Don't use the b word either, got it? Kevin’s not a baby, he doesn't need diapers, he's just a normal kid we're getting from daycare. You understand? I am not getting grounded because of your stupid ass.” 

“It isn't seven yet, what are you two doing here?”

Katlynn's voice surprised them both out of their conversation. Stephen had been so distracted he'd forgotten this was where she was. David saved him from looking too dumb by replying,

“Hey, Katlynn. My mom actually needs me to pick up Kevin today.”

Katlynn smiled, then called back behind her, “Kevin! Time to go buddy, put those trucks away and come see your brother.”

“Okay!” a little voice replied from the daycare area as Katlynn turned back to them.

“That's nice of you to pick up your brother like that, David. Nicer still you bring my smoking hot boyfriend to visit me at work for the first time.”

Stephen was flustered by her call out but thankfully David covered for him again,

“Come on, K. You know the man's been busy with football. Don't be all up his ass?”

Katlynn glared at Stephen's best friend, “Watch your language please, David, there are little children around. And also stop calling me K I'm not your booty call, that's the guy next to you.”

David gasped, “Stephen, your woman is fire. You a lucky man.”

Stephen chuckled, “Believe me she doesn't let me forget it.”

“Nor should you,” Katlynn said sticking her tongue out at them both. Her demeanor changed and she stood up straight as a young boy approached. Kevin was wearing shorts that only went down to his mid thighs along with a white t-shirt with a CGI looking dog on it and a blue police badge. Stephen assumed it was ‘Paw Patrol' related. Katlynn put on a singsong tone and called down to the little boy, “Good job today, Kevin. I loved seeing all your little doggies. You'll have to tell me all their names again tomorrow, okay?” 

Kevin smiled and nodded at her then walked over to David. Stephen's best friend also put on a more pet like voice, picking the child up and asking,

“Is that true? Did you do a good job today, Kevin? Mom is going to be so proud! Let's get in the car and we can watch some paw patrol when we get home.”

“Don't forget this,” Katlynn called to them, holding out a backpack decorated with more of the dog looking characters on it. David grabbed it as Katlynn looked at what Stephen assumed was Kevin's file and continued,

“David, tell your mom he did a really good job today. No accidents again today, which makes it three weeks since the last one. He's also showing improvement at asking to go even when he's playing.”

David looked a little uncomfortable as he replied,

“Um. Glad to hear it. Thanks, I'll let her know,”

Katlynn turned to Stephen, “My pizza better be warmed up and ready by the time I get there, boyfriend. I'm starving!”

The eighteen year old quarterback gave a mock salute in reply,

“Yes ma'am, two slices of warmed up pizza on the double.”

The two football players turned and walked out of the daycare with the little boy in tow. Reaching the parking lot, Stephen turned to depart and bade his friend goodbye,

“Alright David, well it's been educational but I gotta prep for…”

His eyes locked with Kevin's for a moment and he remembered his current audience,

“...tonight and all that but I'll see you tomorrow.”

David chuckled.

“I expect a play by play, Mr. Quarterback.”

Stephen turned and began to run to his car. It was only two more hours until he finally got inside Katlynn's pants. He could not be more excited. 



End Chapter 2

The Curse of the Sundial (Commission)

by: iMsYcMrIaNzDy | Story In Progress | Last updated Mar 9, 2024


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