Sam's Flight to Babyhood

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 2, 2022

Chapter 6
Part Six

Chapter Description: It's dinner time on the plane!

There were some strange looks as Jess and Sam walked back down the plane. No doubt some people had overheard voices but it didn’t seem like anyone had guessed what was going on. Jess smiled as she felt the limp Sam resting against her chest like a sleepy baby. She sat back down with Sam across her lap.

“I actually think I lectured you a few times.” Jess said airily as she brushed Sam’s hair out of her face, “I’m primarily a child psychologist. I think I’ve seen you in some of those lectures.”

Sam was having a bit of difficulty remembering the time before the airport now. Trying to look back at her memories was like trying to look through frosted glass, she knew the events happened and she could vaguely remember some things but there was no way to make out the details. Sam felt like she should be worried about this sudden lack of memory but in her haze all she could do was nod her head.

For the next couple of hours Sam sat on Jess’s lap and listened to the professor talking about her past. By the time Jess stopped talking Sam felt like she could have written her biography for her. Sam didn’t say anything though, she just listened quietly and obediently until she noticed the cart carrying dinner starting to make it’s way up the aisle.

“What would you like for dinner?” The stewardess asked Jess, “We have chicken or fish.”

“I’ll have the chicken please.” Jess replied.

Sam watched as the stewardess rolled the cart to the next people and looked from the space she had been to Jess. Her tummy grumbled with hunger and she couldn’t help pouting a little.

“What about me?” Sam asked quietly.

“I’m sure they have something in mind for a little baby like yourself.” Jess patted Sam’s head.

“I’m not a baby…” Sam complained half-heartedly. Her head still felt fuzzy and any serious objections seemed impossible.

“They don’t know that.” Jess clarified.

Dinner arrived on a tray a few minutes later. As far as airplane food went this meal looked very appetising to Sam. The still steaming plate was set down on a tray to the side of both Sam and Jess. The little girl couldn’t take her eyes off the meal, she could feel herself salivating greedily.

“I’ll be right back with drinks and something for your little girl.” The stewardess said once she placed the knife and fork on the tray.

Sam felt her heart lift. It seemed that she would be getting something after all and her mind immediately decided that the stewardess had thought Jess was ordering for both of them. She smiled happily as Jess leaned over to start cutting up her meat.

“Here you go!” The stewardess stopped for just a moment to place a steaming bowl on the tray next to Jess’s dinner. She also placed a bottle of milk and some coffee next to the food, “Can I get you anything else?”

“This is fine, thank you.” Jess replied graciously.

Sam couldn’t hide the huge disappointment and embarrassment. Instead of a lovely chicken dinner Sam was given a bowl of what looked like baby food. As she looked at it and felt her appetite withering away the fogginess in her mind started to clear. She suddenly felt the full embarrassment of the situation again. She shook her head as she looked at the food. She didn’t see Jess watching her closely.

Jess took a couple of bites of her dinner and then the moment of truth came. Sam watched her put down her fork and pick up the little plastic spoon, it was dipped into the thick mushy and then lifted out. Sam couldn’t have been less interested in eating it.

“Open up for the airplane.” Jess said in a sing-song voice.

Sam looked up at Jess and shook her head meaningfully. The indignity of being given baby food was bad enough but having the professor spoon feed her was even worse. Her face was flushed red and she just wanted this all to end. She regretted ever agreeing to this plan even if the alternative was being stuck at the airport. There would’ve been another way out of the situation, a way that meant she could maintain her dignity.

“Come on, we have to keep up the act.” Jess said quietly.

“I can’t…” Sam whispered back, “It looks horrible!”

“Sam, I need you to B E H A V E for me.” Jess said a little louder.

Sam felt the mist that had only recently begun clearing descend again. She felt her concerns and frustrations fading into the background a little. It suddenly made sense when Jess said they had to keep up the act and that Sam needed to behave, she should do as she was told. The thought of turning down the food was dismissed as silly, it was only a little baby food after all.

The spoon came up to Sam’s mouth and she obediently opened up to let it in. The taste wasn’t awful but it was very bland. Sam felt it coating her mouth and drowning her taste buds. When she swallowed she felt it go down her throat but it felt like a portion still coated her mouth. She tried to clear her mouth as Jess ate some of her own dinner.

Sam was spoon fed in between Jess taking bites of her own food. It was only after three or four mouthfuls of the mush that she felt some dribbling out and down her chin. A spot dripped on to her clothes before she could stop it.

“What a messy eater!” Jess joked as she took a tissue from her purse and dabbed at Sam’s face, “We should’ve seen if they had a bib.”

Sam felt herself suddenly becoming more aware again. Her body and brain were left confused as the feeling of foggy confusion lifted yet again. She looked around with a dazed look in her eyes and saw the food on the tray, the taste in her mouth seemed to become much worse. There was a fresh spoonful of food in front of her lips but all of a sudden the food wasn’t even remotely tolerable yet alone allowing herself to be fed like this.

“Not hungry anymore?” Jess asked as Sam raised her hands and leaned away from the food.

Sam was still hungry but there was no way she was going to continue eating that mushy food. She watched Jess finish her dinner whilst her tummy still grumbled. Eventually the stewardess came back down the aisle to collect the plates. Sam was distracted and so didn’t notice as Jess picked up the bottle.

“Open up, baby.” Jess said softly.

“You’re kidding if you think I’m drinking that!” Sam hissed as she eyed the baby bottle.

“You didn’t seem to mind the baby food.” Jess smirked, “Come on, sweetie. You need to wash down that food.”

Sam scowled but had to admit the taste in her mouth wasn’t pleasant and she couldn’t imagine just sitting with it for the rest of the flight. She reluctantly opened her mouth as she felt her face flush with embarrassment. The silicon nipple was brought forwards and as it crossed past her lips she cringed. Her tongue pressed against the nipple and she felt some of the warm milk squirt into her mouth.

“There we go.” Jess aid softly as she cradled Sam, “Good girl.”

The taste of the baby food was drowned out by the milk and even as her eyes narrowed towards Jess she started nursing to get more liquid. The sweet drink was a wonderful palette cleanser but after half of the bottle she was keen to stop drinking like a baby. She tried to push the bottle out of her mouth but Jess held it in position easily.

“Is there something wrong?” The stewardess had seen Sam writhing and had come over to check on the passenger.

“Everything’s fine.” Jess said as she smiled up at the woman, “She’s just being fussy. I think she’s a little over tired.”

Sam was trying to push the bottle away but her small hands were no match for Jess’s full sized body. She spluttered around the nipple as she was forced to continue swallowing the milk. She didn’t even know if she wanted to talk and ruin the whole plan, they had come too far to stop her getting home now, she just didn’t want to be fed in this humiliating manner anymore.

“We’ll be turning the lights down soon.” The stewardess said to Jess, “Hopefully your little one will be able to get some rest.”

Jess smiled as the stewardess walked away. She didn’t release Sam from the bottle and the small woman was forced to continue sucking on the silicon nipple until there was no liquid left. When the bottle was finally pulled away from Sam’s face the student felt quite bloated. She wasn’t full but her stomach was complaining about something, her hands instinctively covered her belly.

Jess saw Sam’s squirming and whining. She lifted Sam up and held her against her chest, Sam’s head was over the professor’s shoulder as she felt an arm reach around her butt and pin her in position. Sam wasn’t sure what was happening until she felt a large hand patting her back with a little force. There was a deep rumbling in Sam’s gut and she realised what was about to happen too late to stop it.

Sam felt the gas in her stomach quickly rumble up her oesophagus and then out through her mouth in a loud belch. She could smell and taste the milk she had just drank, despite her blushing cheeks the relief she felt was palpable.

“What a gassy baby.” Jess said as she patted Sam a few more times.

Sam was held against Jess’s chest for a few more minutes as the professor rocked back and forth a little. Finally she was released from the taller woman’s chest and allowed to lay across her lap again. Sam was still reeling from everything that had recently happened when Jess started adjusting the seats they were sitting on.

“It’s time for sleep.” Jess said softly as she clutched Sam tightly, “Just relax into my arms and drift off to dream land.”

Sam tried to twist around to look at and argue with Jess but the professor had already turned her head to the side and closed her eyes. Sam wasn’t sure what to do but she was still held against Jess in a way that prevented any escape. She was held down on Jess’s lap with her head just under the psychologist’s large chest. The lights in the cabin dimmed and it seemed like the captain was giving everyone the chance to sleep.

Sam sighed as she relaxed and pouted. She didn’t want to be stuck like this whilst Jess slept, she didn’t even want to give away that she wasn’t a child she just wanted to have something to read. More than anything else Sam was intensely bored.

Minutes ticked by though Sam had no way of knowing how many. She could feel Jess’s breathing slow down and become deeper, she had fallen asleep with her arms still holding Sam in place. The feeling of Jess’s heartbeat felt relaxing and despite Sam’s boredom she found herself drifting off into sleep as well.



End Chapter 6

Sam's Flight to Babyhood

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 2, 2022


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