Sam's Flight to Babyhood

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 2, 2022

Chapter 7
Part Seven

Chapter Description: Sam falls asleep on the plane and ends up having a horrible flashback nightmare. Unfortunately reality is proving to be pretty unkind to Sam as well.

Sam lifted her head to see the playpen from the horrible nursery she had mistakenly been left at. She looked around as her pulse raced and she started shaking, the nursery was empty apart from herself and she could feel the thick diaper wrapped around her waist.

“It’s not real… It’s not real…” Sam repeated over and over.

It certainly felt real. Sam wondered again whether this was reality and the airplane was the nightmare. She tried to pinch herself but found that she wouldn’t wake up, maybe this was real…

“I’m not supposed to be here!” Sam yelled into the empty room.

Sam tried to stand but the diaper between her thighs was so thick and she was so weak that she fell on to her hands and knees. Undeterred, she crawled to the edge of the playpen where she shook the metal bars.

“Be a good baby and fill your diaper…” An almost ethereal voice seemed to float through the air. It sounded like it was coming from all around Sam and she turned her head wildly trying to find the source.

“What!?” Sam gasped as a frown creased her cute little face, “But I don’t ne-”

It felt like a rock was dropped south from Sam’s stomach. Her intestines felt like they were squirming as everything they were digesting seemed to race through them at once. Sam clutched her tummy, she could feel pressure building extremely quickly. Sweat broke out on Sam’s forehead and she started shaking.

“What’s happening!?” Sam asked out loud to the room which had returned to silence.

The pressure in Sam’s bowels grew and grew. It felt like there was an anvil pressing on her poor little sphincter and despite moving her hands to her butt in a bid to support her beleaguered body she couldn’t stop what was happening inside. She whined as she felt her hole opening beyond her control.

A solid lump of poop started sliding out of Sam’s body without any resistance. Sam was forced back into a squatting position as her digestive system demanded that the pressure on her bowels be released. She squealed and instinctively tried to squeeze everything shut but she couldn’t even slow what was happening down.

The poop was pinched off and dropped into the diaper. The snug fit pressed the long turd against her body, every tiny movement smeared the sticky waste over her skin. She knew she wasn’t done and as she spread her legs a little she pushed down as if she was on the toilet. A second lump was pushed into the diaper with the messy feeling spreading around between her legs and up towards her lower back. A third lump was squeezed out a few seconds later.

“Eww…” Sam cringed as she dropped forwards on to her hands and knees. The heavily used diaper hung between her legs.

“What a baby!” The disembodied voice seemed to take great delight in Sam’s self-humiliation.

Sam didn’t know what was real or what wasn’t. She could feel and smell her diaper so clearly it felt impossible to think that this wasn’t reality. She was panicking and could feel tears springing to her eyes as she tried to work out what to do. She had to tell someone who she was and why she shouldn’t be there.

“Let me out!” Sam yelled. Her voice echoed off the walls, “I’m not a baby!”

Sam looked around desperately. She didn’t care whether she was a baby or an adult at that moment, she just needed someone to help her. In a dark corner of the room Sam suddenly realised she wasn’t as alone as she thought. The light seemed to bend around this patch of room and Sam squinted to try and see who was there.

“Hello?” Sam called out, “C-Can you help me?”

The figure sitting in the corner had a clipboard. The scratch of their pen across the paper now seemed impossible to miss and Sam wasn’t sure how she hadn’t noticed it earlier. In fact the sound seemed to be growing in volume as if someone was turning up the dial on a television. Soon the sound was almost deafening.

“Stop it!” Sam screamed. Her voice was almost completely drowned out by the scratching despite the shadowy figure remaining unmoving.

Sam covered her ears and fell forwards on to her front. She felt the heavy pile of muck in her diaper shift forwards as she hit the ground and looked out towards the corner. The figure suddenly stood up but the darkness still covered them up. All Sam could tell was that it was a woman’s body.

Just as the scratching sound seemed like it would burst Sam’s eardrums it stopped. Sam was wincing as she stared in fear at whoever was watching her. Without the scratching the room seemed impossibly silent. Sam got back into a crouching position feeling an uneasy tension, she felt like she would have to defend herself from some threat that she couldn’t even see.

It was without warning that the figure in the corner suddenly moved forwards so fast it was almost as if she had teleported. Sam jumped and fell backwards, the mushy poop seemed to explode all over her diaper area as she landed on it. She hardly noticed though as Jess was standing over her with a look that terrified the little woman.


Sam suddenly jerked awake. The muted sound of plane engines joined distant footsteps as she realised she was still in the air. Jess’s arms were wrapped around and holding her in place. Sam relaxed and took a deep steadying breath as the vivid nightmare stayed foremost in her mind no matter how much she tried to force herself to forget it.

One of the stewardesses walked by the seats a few seconds later. She looked down at Sam and smiled before putting her finger to her lips.

Sam could tell most of the people on the plane were sleeping. She was being told to keep it down the same way a restless baby might be. She thought about speaking up and breaking the act but before she could give it any real thought the stewardess had walked on to the next seats and before long was out of sight.

Sam could hear Jess snoring quietly. She didn’t want to go back to sleep herself despite still feeling tired, she was worried she would have another nightmare. Another feeling started to make itself known as her tummy rumbled loudly. She realised that after refusing to eat most of dinner, not to mention most of dinner was little more than mush, she was still feeling hungry.

Sam tried to distract herself from the hunger but she was growing increasingly restless and fidgety. She felt like a little baby that couldn’t sleep until they had their needs met and a war raged in her mind between hoping Jess stayed asleep as long as possible and her waking up to attend to her wants.

There was a certain amount of squirming that Sam just couldn’t avoid. She was hungry and as her stomach complained she wished she had some cookies or something to munch on. As time passed she squirmed more and more until eventually she felt Jess moving.

“What’s the matter?” Jess said sleepily as she woke up.

Sam didn’t say anything. She was really very hungry but it was difficult to admit that out loud when she knew what she would get. She continued squirming as her tummy rumbles even louder.

“Sam, tell me what’s wrong.” Jess, looking a lot more awake, used a much more authoritative tone. Sam felt compelled to answer, as if she couldn’t refuse to answer the woman who towered over her even whilst sitting down.

“I’m… hungry.” Sam finally admitted.

“You should’ve eaten your dinner.” Jess replied with a heavy disappointed sigh.

Sam remembered the baby food with disgust. She couldn’t have eaten more of that mush even if she had tried to force herself. Despite this she couldn’t deny her hunger, right now even the tasteless mush seemed a little appetising. She just wanted something to fill her tummy.

Jess sighed again and Sam couldn’t help but look apologetic. She had woken the professor up and was now causing her trouble. She watched as Jess reached up to the series of buttons above on the ceiling above the seat. She pressed the “Call Stewardess” button which caused a little light to turn on. A few seconds later a stewardess walked down the aisle.

“Can I help you with anything?” The stewardess asked. Despite how long they had been in the air the woman’s make-up and hair was still perfect. Sam was impressed.

“The baby is getting hungry.” Jess stated as she stroked Sam’s hair, “Would it be possible to get some more of that baby food warmed up?”

“Of course.” The stewardess replied, “It’ll be with you in just a few minutes.”

Sam felt her shoulders slump as the stewardess walked away. She had strongly suspected it was coming but she had desperately hoped for anything other than baby food. It was just a couple of minutes before a little tray was brought out for Jess and Sam. A little bowl half full of steaming baby food had a little plastic spoon dipped into it, next to the bowl was a freshly made bottle of milk.

Jess picked up the bowl and swirled the spoon around as she waited for the food to cool a little. Sam wrinkled up her face but knew it was the only choice she had, if she wanted to eat it would have to be this bland baby food.

“Alright, open up the hanger.” Jess said. She started making airplane noises as she moved the loaded spoon through the air towards Sam’s face.

Sam opened her mouth and closed her eyes. She felt the food coat the inside of her mouth and quickly tried to swallow as much of it as possible. She had barely finished recovering from the first mouthful when more was deposited on her tongue. She swallowed as quickly as she could this time. She shook her head from side to side as if denying the taste that now seemed to be permanently staining her tongue.

Sam’s eyes were closed so when she felt the nipple of the bottle push against her lips it was a pleasant surprise. She was thankful to take a few big gulps to wash away the taste in her mouth before it was back to her “food.”

When both the bowl and bottle was empty Sam still didn’t feel very full but at the very least she wasn’t as hungry anymore. With her needs fulfilled she started feeling tired again though after her nightmares she was determined to stay awake even as she yawned widely. Sam saw Jess leaning back seemingly to go back to sleep.

“Stop squirming, baby.” Jess said softly.

Sam felt like she couldn’t stop moving. Sleep was threatening to pull her back into the darkness but she didn’t want to go back. She kept moving to stop from feeling too comfortable on Jess’s lap. Her frequent shifts in position clearly irritated the larger woman who kept getting woken up.

“Sam, H U S H  L I T T L E  B A B Y. Go to sleep for Mommy.” Jess said clearly as she looked down into Sam’s eyes.

Sam suddenly felt like her limbs had become lead weights that she couldn’t move. The tiredness she had been valiantly keeping at bay quickly grew stronger. As soon as Jess told her to go to sleep it felt like resisting it was almost impossible. In the back of her mind there was a mental alarm blaring because the professor had referred to herself as “Mommy.”

“Just sleep.” Jess repeated softly.

Sam opened her mouth and then closed it again. She tried to speak but nothing intelligible came out, as her eyes grew heavier she tried to work why she couldn’t talk all of a sudden. Sam was lifted off Jess’s lap and repositioned before being laid back down, her head was cradled in the professor’s arm. She couldn’t force her body to move as she continued to babble.

“Sleep…” Jess said again with a little more assertiveness.

Sam finally lost the battle to keep her eyes open. Her head lolled to the side and before she even realised what was happening she was unconscious and snoring softly in Jess’s arms.



End Chapter 7

Sam's Flight to Babyhood

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 2, 2022


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