Sam's Flight to Babyhood

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Chapter 2
Part Two

Chapter Description: Sam is stuck with an embarrassing plan to get home. If she had another choice she would be taking it. She's taken to a clothing store where she absolutely insists she won't wear what Jess suggests... until she suddenly changes her mind.

Sam had to almost jog to keep up with the much longer legs of Jess. She didn’t know where they were going but she wasn’t going to complain and risk Jess breaking off the agreement. Sam followed the professor as she looked at all the shops, finally she saw what she was looking for and turned into the brighter lights of the store entrance.

“A clothes store?” Sam muttered to herself in confusion.

Jess looked at the sign and then went to the back of the shop. Sam realised as they went past some flowery summer dresses that they were heading to the children’s section. Admittedly Sam did have to do most of her clothes shopping in the children’s section but she usually at least tried to find something more adult first. Yet again she found herself feeling embarrassed as she was led to the smaller clothes by Jess.

“If we are going to try to fool them into thinking you’re a baby we need to make it convincing.” Jess said, “Find something childish, I’ll pay.”

Sam wanted to respond that she thought they were going to pretend she was a child rather than a baby but maybe they meant the same thing for the most part. Sam walked forwards towards some little dresses that looked like they were for pre-teens, they would be a little big on her but she was happy that they were plain compared to the more childish options.

“One of these would probably work.” Sam suggested. She turned to look at Jess but found that the professor was looking at a different rack.

“What about these?” Jess suggested as she pointed to something Sam couldn’t see.

Sam walked around a rack and gasped as she saw what Jess was suggesting. The rack Jess was looking at was filled with the most infantile clothing in the store. Everything there was designed for little girls who loved the cutesiest stuff imaginable. It was all very pink and there were a lot of pictures of princesses and unicorns. Sam never liked that stuff even when she had been a baby, looking at it and considering wearing it as an adult was horrifying.

“I don’t think any of this would wo-” Sam started tentatively.

“You need to look like a baby so we can get you on the plane.” Jess looked down at Sam but her voice was still very sweet.

“I know but stuff like this?” Sam pointed to a particularly offensive pink dress that was basically just a princess costume.

Jess looked again. Sam studied the taller woman’s face, to her horror it seemed like she was now weighing up the pros and cons of the very dress Sam had pointed at. Sam swallowed and looked back to the clothes she had thought would allow her to retain at least a little bit of dignity. She had to try and convince Jess that the less babyish stuff would still work for their plan.

“Look at this…” Sam pointed out a light green shirt. It was very plain and only its size revealed that it was for a baby. The design was very much not like the baby clothes Jess was looking at.

“I don’t think that’ll work.” Jess said with a sympathetic smile, “That’ll just make you look like a mini-adult.”

Sam bristled with annoyance as Jess mentioned her height. She spent most of her time trying to make people not think of her like that. She had to hold her tongue for a second whilst she took a deep breath and calmed down. She had to remember that she needed the professor at the moment, she could tell her off later.

“Look, all of this stuff is designed for babies and children. The plain stuff I looked at wo-” Sam was looking at the impassive Jess trying to convince her when the strangest thing happened.

B E H A V E.” Jess said loudly and clearly.

A strange thing happened as Sam felt herself immediately calming down. It was like the anger at the height jibes and the having to wear children’s clothes melted away. For a second silence fell between them and Sam waited for Jess to talk, she looked up at the professor quietly with all her thoughts of opposition fading slightly.

“If we want this to work we have to go all the way.” Jess said simply and slowly, “We have to leave no doubt in the airline’s minds that you are just a little baby.”

Sam nodded her head. She agreed with Jess that she had to look like a little baby and therefore the clothes Jess suggested were what she should wear. It all seemed very clear now and Sam looked to the clothes the professor was suggesting.

“I think I like either the purple sleeveless romper or the yellow jammies.” Jess said as she scanned all the shelves again, “What do you prefer?”

The purple romper immediately made Sam shudder. She remembered back to the harrowing experience at the day care the day after she got horribly drunk. When she had been mistaken for a baby she had been dressed in a purple romper not unlike the one Jess was now examining.

“The yellow jammies.” Sam said simply. Anything would be better than bringing back the trauma of the purple romper. All of a sudden it seemed like the options Jess suggested were the only ones available.

Jess took the jammies off the rail and held them against Sam to assess if they would fit. She pursed her lips and then sorted through the jammies again to find a smaller one. The jammies were a sunflower yellow over the chest and legs with the shoulders and arms being a darker honey-like colour. It wasn’t the worst thing Sam had ever seen but it would clearly tell whoever looked over that Sam was a little baby.

“Perfect.” Jess said as she took a set of the jammies from the rack.

Sam was strangely calm considering what was happening and she couldn’t work out why. It felt like she should’ve been putting up much more of a fight and yet she couldn’t countenance going against Jess right now. She surprised herself when the professor held out a hand and Sam took it to walk across the store to the checkout.

“I’m only doing this to make people think I’m a kid.” Sam said with a blush as they crossed the store.

“Of course.” Jess replied.

Sam was looking at her shoes so she didn’t see the big smile widening across Jess’s face. Sam was red in the face and could hardly believe she was still going along with everything, she wished she could think of another plan that involved less humiliation but this seemed like the only idea that had a chance of success.

“Can I help you?” The lady behind the checkout asked as Jess led Sam to the desk.

“Just this please.” Jess said as she handed over the jammies.

Sam was thankful for her lack of height for once. It meant she could hide out without being seen by the cashier too much. The brief glance she got from the person working the checkout was enough to know that it didn’t take a lot for her to be seen as a kid.

“Sam, how long is it till the flight?” Jess asked as she paid with her credit card.

“About half an hour.” Sam said quietly. She didn’t know if it was better or worse that she spoke and broke the illusion that she was a little girl.

“Plenty of time.” Jess said with a smile as she took the bag with the new clothing in it.

Jess led Sam out of the store. Yet again she was holding the smaller woman’s hand and they went back over towards the area they had met. Their bags were right where they had left them, in an area specifically to put luggage so people didn’t have to haul it with them everywhere. It was guarded by an older man who gave everything a quick scan as it was taken in or out.

“We should get you changed as soon as possible.” Jess said, “No point in hanging around in case something goes wrong.”

Sam noticed that as she was pulled past the guard Jess made sure that he saw her holding Sam’s hand. She stopped quickly in front of the guard and bent down. Sam was confused as Jess pulled out a tissue and wiped her face suddenly.

“I just saw a little something on your cheek.” Jess said as Sam tried to pull herself away.

Sam blushed as she pulled her face away. She heard the guard chuckling before being pulled away again towards the bathrooms. She didn’t really understand what Jess was doing, they didn’t need to trick the guard into thinking she was a baby after all. It seemed like Jess had a plan though and Sam was happy to go along with it if it meant she got to go home.

There were four separate bathrooms nearby. Two were for male and female, there was a gender neutral one that anyone could use and the last one was a baby changing room. To Sam’s chagrin it was this last room that she was led. She let out a little whine as Jess pushed on the door and walked inside. Sam understood the necessity of the bigger room for changing clothes but it still wasn’t a good feeling to see the changing table with spare diapers underneath and the colourful cartoons on the walls and ceiling.

Jess emptied the bag on to the changing table and then walked to the other side of the room. Sam stood awkwardly near the door unsure of what to do and waiting for instruction. She was usually much more proactive but something about her seemed to have changed to make her more passive, she would rather wait for instruction than do something herself.

“Can you get yourself changed?” Jess asked.

“Yes…” Sam replied. What an embarrassing question, of course she could dress herself!

“Alright, you go ahead.” Jess said as she smiled and indicated the jammies on the table.

Sam reached for the clothes and recoiled slightly when she touched the material. She had done all she could to avoid looking like a baby and yet here she was about to put on some distinctly babyish clothing. She had to keep reminding herself this was necessary to get home and then she could forget about all this. More than anything she felt like doing what Jess said was important though she couldn’t work out why. She turned to look over her shoulder and saw Jess facing the wall, she was just about to pull her shirt over her head when Jess suddenly turned around.

“I’ve just had a thought…” Jess said. Her hand was up to her chin and she frowned a little, “There might be something else we can do to convince the staff here that you’re a baby.”

“Yeah?” Sam asked uneasily.

“What about if we got you some diapers?” Jess asked.

Sam was suddenly stunned and she felt a strange feeling inside her mind. It felt like her brain had suddenly cleared of a fog that had clouded her thinking. There was no way she could rationalise wearing a diaper and she didn’t think it would make that much difference to how she looked to the customer service agents.

“Absolutely not!” Sam quickly exclaimed.

Sam might’ve imagined it but she thought she saw a smile flicker across Jess’s face. Within a blink of an eye any smile had disappeared and the professor’s face became neutral again. The older woman nodded her head in understanding; a part of Sam expected her to put up more of a fight for some reason.

“Alright, it’ll probably be fine either way.” Jess shrugged, “I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you some privacy whilst you get changed. Take your time, I know you’re nervous so don’t feel like you have to rush.”

“Thanks…” Sam said slowly.

Jess smiled again and this time it lingered before she unlocked the door and stepped outside. Sam hurried over to the lock the door behind her. She took a deep breath and finally began to undress herself.




End Chapter 2

Sam's Flight to Babyhood

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 2, 2022


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