Sam's Flight to Babyhood

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 2, 2022

Chapter 3
Part Three

Chapter Description: With Sam left to get ready for her role Jess has a small mission to conduct before returning to the small woman. Then it's finally time to put the plan to the test as they go to board their plane.

Jess moved quickly away from the bathroom door. She had a couple of very important tasks to do whilst Sam was distracted and she knew she only had a few minutes at best. She saw the kindly old security guard at the baggage area and hurried over towards him.

“Hello, I just need to get something from my daughter’s bag, is that OK?” Jess asked with her best people pleasing smile. Jess saw from his name tag that his name was Ted.

“Usually we need ID from the person who owns the bag.” Ted replied.

“Please…” Jess clasped her hands together as she playfully begged, “You saw us walking past a few minutes ago, right? She’s in the bathroom but I need to get some supplies.”

“You left her alone?” Ted asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Only for a minute.” Jess continued, “It’s why I want to get back there as soon as I can.”

“Alright, go on through.” Ted looked vaguely disapproving as he waved Jess past.

“Thank you so much!” Jess hurriedly said as she walked past.

There wasn’t much time to spare. Jess knew Sam would come looking for her sooner or later if she didn’t get back to the bathroom. Jess looked around at the labels as clandestinely as possible, she knew Ted was watching her and she needed to find Sam’s bag before he noticed she didn’t know what her “daughter’s” bag looked like.

Jess suddenly saw Sam’s suitcase and quickly hurried over to it. She turned to see Ted looking her wave and gave him a friendly nod. Ted smiled and turned around. Jess pretended to cough as she ripped at the label and pulled it off the suitcase. She pulled out a new label that she had printed earlier and attached it to the handle. The new label was almost exactly the same as the previous one except the destination had been changed. This suitcase was now going to be heading to the exact opposite side of the globe.

Jess then saw her own suitcase right next to Sam’s carry-on luggage. She opened her suitcase where a similar but different bag to Sam’s was sitting. She pulled out the previously prepared carry-on luggage and surreptitiously changed the label so that it was listed as Sam’s.

“Everything OK over there?” Ted called over.

“Just a minute!” Jess replied brightly.

Jess stood up and walked back out of the enclosed area towards Ted. She smiled as she walked past, she was keen to get back to the bathroom as soon as possible. She had the carry-on luggage for herself and the altered bag for Sam, the small woman’s original carry-on bag would be going on a trip around the world with her suitcase.

“Did you get what you were looking for?” Ted asked as Jess walked by.

“Yes, thanks.” Jess quickly replied. She hurried away before she could be asked any more questions.

Sam felt ridiculous. She looked in the mirror and saw a little girl staring back. Instead of even attempting to dress like a grown-up Sam was wearing exactly what a toddler would wear. The yellow jammies hugged her body and she suddenly felt a lot less comfortable about going outside whilst dressed like this. She shook her head and wondered why she had ever agreed to wearing it. She remembered being vehemently against these jammies and then suddenly changing her mind. It was no good, she would have to tell Jess she couldn’t go through with this. Almost on cue there was a knock on the bathroom door.

“Sam? It’s me.” Jess called from outside.

Sam sighed and walked across to the door. She had to reach up to the lock but she was able to open the door a crack before retreating so Jess could come in. The professor looked around and then when she caught sight of Sam her face broke into a smile.

“You look-” Jess started.

“I look ridiculous.” Sam interrupted, “I don’t think I can wear this out there.”

“It’s too late to change your mind.” Jess said softly as she walked across to Sam, “We have to go to the gate.”

“Already!?” Sam exclaimed. Her face blushed.

“Come on.” Jess said as she held out her hand.

Sam gathered up her adult clothes and popped them in the bag. She handed the bag to Jess and then took the taller woman’s free hand. The door to the bathroom opened and Sam pre-emptively cringed as she was led out into the airport. She had expected everyone to start immediately laughing and making fun of her but as she looked around she saw that most people weren’t even giving her a second look. At first she was quite happy that no one was making a fuss but on second thought she realised it was because everyone thought she was a little child. It felt weird to be wearing these jammies in public but no one seemed to care.

Sam had to walk quickly to keep up with Jess. The pair of them walked past the security guard in front of the baggage area. He waved at them and Jess nodded back.

“Thank you for your help.” Jess said as they went past.

“My pleasure, ma’am.” Ted replied.

Jess led Sam into the area with the bags and collected the two suitcases that belonged to them, Sam took hers without looking at it. Ted gave a big smile and exaggerated wave to Sam as she was walked away. He clearly thought she was a little child like everyone else. Sam looked up at Jess in confusion, she seemed very familiar with the security guard and she wondered what he had helped her with. Jess looked down briefly and saw Sam’s confusion.

“He helped me retrieve something from my bag earlier.” Jess explained, “Ah, we’re here.”

Sam looked forwards again and saw the gate she had been at earlier. There was a seating area right in front of it and it looked like every single seat was taken. Jess led Sam towards the middle of the seating where there was one free seat. Jess stopped and sat down, Sam thought she was going to stand when the professor suddenly reached forward and lifted Sam on to her lap.

Sam was shocked. Jess was acting like it was no big deal but Sam was now sat on her lap like a lot of the other children with their parents. She cringed and ducked her head down in shame. It was bad enough to look like a little girl but now she was starting to feel like one thanks to this embarrassing treatment.

“Just act like a child.” Jess said very quietly.

Sam didn’t know what that meant so she just sat still and looked around. This all felt so surreal and she couldn’t quite believe what she was doing. She looked over to the desk in front of the gate, she was grateful that it seemed like there had been a shift change and instead of the woman who had denied her earlier there was a new woman operating the position.

“Oh, do you have your passport?” Jess muttered as she leaned forwards and closer to Sam’s ear.

“It’s in my pants pocket.” Sam replied in barely more than a squeak.

Sam felt Jess wrap an arm around her to hold her up as she leaned over and picked up the plastic bag containing her old clothes. The bag was sat between Jess and Sam on the taller woman’s lap. Sam couldn’t see what Jess was doing as she reached into the bag but she assumed all she was doing was getting her passport, it wouldn’t look great if a baby presented their own passport after all.

“Could passengers with disabilities and parents with children come forward for boarding please?” The person at the gate smiled and spoke into a microphone causing her voice to boom around the area.

Jess stood up and Sam, startled, flailed her arms and legs for a second. Rather than put Sam down Jess lifted her and sat the small woman on her hip. An automatic reaction to stop from falling caused Sam to wrap her arms and legs around the professor as much as she was able to. One of Jess’s arms went under Sam’s butt holding her in place with ease.

As Sam clung on to Jess she felt embarrassed. She wanted to tell Jess to let her down and that she could walk but it was impossible to do that without revealing that she wasn’t a child. She knew this was a necessary evil but she wished that Jess had given her some kind of warning. This felt so humiliating and Sam was glad there was no one she knew around to see what was happening.

Jess took hold of the suitcases and rather awkwardly made her way over to the desk to join the queue. Sam thought this was the most degrading thing she had ever been subjected too, this felt worse than her time in the nursery because this was voluntary!

The queue moved slowly and Sam started to feel nervous. The closer they got to the airline employee the more ridiculous this whole plan felt. Sam started squirming in Jess’s arms as the anxiety grew.

“Settle down.” Jess said quietly.

The people in front of Sam and Jess carried on towards the plane. Jess carried Sam forwards and with the feeling that everything was about to go wrong Sam buried her head in the professor’s shoulder.

“Oh, do we have a shy little one?” The gate attendant’s nametag said her name was Diana, “She’s such a cutie. Could I see both your passports and tickets please?”

“Of course. We only have one ticket though. For the “Babe in Arms” scheme?” Jess said as she held out the documents.

“That’s absolutely fine.” Diana smiled as she took the documents.

This was it, Sam thought as she clutched Jess’s shirt. She was certain the young woman looking at her passport would open it up and see that she wasn’t a little child at all. Sam was waiting for the moment when the attendant asked what was happening and then called security. They would be detained as it would look like people smuggling. Sam saw her college career disappearing as she got charged for some crime, Jess would lose her job and…

“Can I see the little beauty’s face?” Diana asked in a sunny voice.

Sam knew the kind lady was about to put two and two together. She would see that her face clearly didn’t belong to a child and would double check the passport in her hand. She had been so stupid to even suggest this!

“Go on, Princess.” Jess said softly as if coaxing a shy baby, “Show the nice lady your pretty face.”

Sam slowly removed her blushing face from the safety of Jess’s shirt and turned to face Diana. She felt like she was on the verge of tears as she clutched the taller woman like a safety blanket. She saw Diana smile at her before looking back down to the passport and then up again. Sam was shaking and was just waiting for the moment that perfect smile turned to a frown followed by the calling for security. Everything seemed to freeze in place for an age.

The tension was too much and Sam was just about to break down and confess everything when Diana nodded and handed the paperwork back to Jess. She wished them both a wonderful flight as Sam watched in stunned confusion. It was almost unbelievable to her that this had worked. Diana had seemed to take a long hard look at the passports, surely she would’ve noticed the age on Sam’s didn’t match at all.

“Don’t tell the others but I think you have the most adorable baby out of them all.” Diana said with a smile, “A real cutie!”

Sam wasn’t used to compliments aimed at her whether she was thought of as an adult or not. After spending most of her life getting made fun of or having to be assertive to prove herself she didn’t really know how to take compliments like this. Her cheeks went bright red from the embarrassment and she shyly buried her head back into Jess’s shoulder. She knew she looked like a child by reacting this way and she consoled herself by saying that maybe it was just further selling the charade.

Jess picked up their hand luggage and walked through to the plane. Sam felt a mixture of surprise that the plan had worked and embarrassment for the same reason. Did she really look enough like a young child that it could fool people like Diana? She had always argued against it and worked extra hard to prove she was an adult, did it just take a simple change of dress to make all those appearances of adulthood disappear?

“You don’t need to hide your face anymore.” Jess said. There was a hint of amusement in her voice.

Sam was still blushing as she looked around. Jess walked on to the plane and Sam saw the flight attendants smiling and welcoming everyone on board as they walked past.

“What a pretty little girl!” One attendant said as she looked at Sam, “Are you being a good girl for Mommy?”

Sam went straight back to hiding her face in embarrassment. She could feel Jess giggle causing her chest to move quickly as she explained her baby girl was really shy. Each attendant had something to say as Sam and Jess went past and Sam kept her face hidden the whole time. She longed to tell them she wasn’t a baby but the charade kept her quiet.

“This is our seat.” Jess said.

Sam looked around and was surprised to see they were in business class at the front of the plane. The area was much fancier than the regular seats Sam had been in before. This section only had one chair per row and a lot of space, Sam thought it must’ve cost a fortune to get these seats but if Jess was here on business she expected the college might’ve paid for it.



End Chapter 3

Sam's Flight to Babyhood

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 2, 2022


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