Sam's Flight to Babyhood

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 2, 2022

Chapter 9
Part Nine

Chapter Description: Sam is finally carried off the plane. If she thought that would be the end of her bad time she was soon shown that there was a layer to the events that she hadn't been aware of. As Jess sits down with Sam in her lap she reveals what has led up to this point and hints at what might be coming in the future. (It should be noted that this is probably the second to last update for this story. The story was always intended to be predominantly about the flight itself.)

Sam is finally carried off the plane. If she thought that would be the end of her bad time she was soon shown that there was a layer to the events that she hadn't been aware of.

As Jess sits down with Sam in her lap she reveals what has led up to this point and hints at what might be coming in the future.

(It should be noted that this is probably the second to last update for this story. The story was always intended to be predominantly about the flight itself.)


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Sam was finally carried off the aircraft. She was hit by a burst of warmth as she left the air conditioned plane for the tunnel that connected them to the airport. The small voice in the back of Sam’s head still held tight to the hope that as soon as they were in the airport they would separate. She clung on to Jess as they walked through to the terminal, her diaper was crinkling with every one of Jess’s steps. Sam was trying to hide her embarrassed face as much as possible but when she saw a bathroom to the side her eyes lit up.

“Mmmm mmmm!” Sam mumbled through her pacifier. She reached out with her hands towards the bathroom desperately.

Sam’s bladder felt like it was soon to burst but she could still avoid embarrassing herself if Jess just took her to the bathroom. She was practically in tears with her desperation but Jess just carried on walking. As the bathroom disappeared into the distance Sam dropped against Jess feeling defeated.

“Just a little further and then we can sit down.” Jess said quietly as they headed towards immigration, “I’m sure you have some questions about everything.”

Sam lifted her head. To say she had questions was an understatement, she just didn’t know what there was to explain. She just wanted Jess to put her down and hand over the bags so they could go their separate ways. Her bladder hurt but she was sure she could still make it to the nearest bathroom. Her limbs still felt weak and mostly out of her control and she didn’t dare trying to speak again, the babbling was humiliating in the extreme.

“Ah, there’s a queue, come on we’ll sit down and let things clear up a little bit.” Jess said as she went to a nearby seating area.

Jess sat down and put Sam on her lap so her diapered charge faced her whilst straddling her legs. She smiled as she felt the diaper underneath the jammies. The padding crinkled as it was pushed against the baby girl.

Sam finally managed to make herself spit out the pacifier. She concentrated as hard as possible to formulate a thought and make it travel all the way down to her vocal cords and then out through her mouth without turning into babbling. It took a great deal of effort.

“What… are you… doing?” Sam managed to force out. It felt so unnatural to speak adult words like that, her brain was trying to turn it all into babbling.

“I suppose you were going to work out something was up sooner or later.” Jess said with a little chuckle, “I’m sure you’ve noticed things are a little strange.”

“No shit.” Is what Sam would’ve said if she could muster the strength to do so. Instead she just looked up at Jess with worry.

“It might be easier if you watch this.” Jess said as she reached into her pocket and pulled out a phone.

Sam watched as Jess flicked through various options and found a file labelled “sam_daycare.mp4” which she clicked on. Sam’s mouth dropped open as the video started to play. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Imagine my surprise when my sister rings me up and tells me that she had an adult that looked just like a baby in her day care.” Jess said with a little giggle at the end, “As a psychologist getting interested in regression therapy it was like a gift from the gods. I’m sure you were put on this Earth for me to find you.”

On the little phone screen Sam saw herself in the playpen. She could see her thick diapers under the purple romper she hated so much. She saw all the things that had haunted her nightmares since that day. Jess sped the video up and she saw all her listless playing, the feeding and the changing. Sam felt like ice water had been poured into veins. She had thought that embarrassing day had been consigned to history, to be forgotten forever.

“I convinced her to send me the footage they captured on their internal security cams.” Jess continued as the video played, “I saw the way you were and I realised that all my hypotheses were correct.”

Sam was squirming now as she listened to the story whilst simultaneously trying to concentrate on holding her bladder. It was a battle that was getting increasingly difficult to win. The video ended and Jess started to scroll through her phone’s files.

“You probably don’t remember the next bit, eh?” Jess said as she tapped on a different video file.

Sam watched the screen as a title card flashed up. “Regression Therapy as a tool of Rehabilitation and Reform. Subject: Sam Kay. Test One.”

Sam gasped as the title disappeared and was replaced by a dark room. After a couple of seconds the fluorescent lights flickered to life and the door opened. The reason Sam was so shocked is because she was watching herself being led into the room by two young people in white coats and Jess herself!

“Do you remember this?” Jess asked.

Sam shook her head. She felt her bladder tense up again and she had to clench just that little bit harder to stop from wetting herself.

“I thought not.” Jess chuckled, “With how effective the other triggers have been I assumed this one was as well.”

Sam was sat in a chair. She couldn’t understand how she could be on the screen when she didn’t remember this at all. It was a surreal feeling and Sam almost felt like she was watching a television show starring herself since it didn’t seem like an event that had occurred to her.

On the little screen Sam was sat in a chair as she filled out a few forms. She could see Jess talking to her but this video had poor audio and none of the words could be picked up. Eventually the people in the white coats left along with Jess who paused for a second just to look at the camera. Sam was left alone in the room staring at a wooden panel in front of her. After about half a minute when nothing seemed to happen Sam started looking around the room. It looked like she was about to get up when the panel in front of her opened revealing a television screen.

“We knew you were having some money problems. We stopped you “randomly” as you left the campus one day and offered a few thousand dollars in return for a little of your time. We simply told you to watch the screen.” Jess said as the Sam on the screen sat back down, “We thought we had hidden the triggers completely but you must’ve sensed something was off.”

Sam gasped again as she watched the little version of herself on the screen get up and back away from the chair. She turned and ran out of the camera’s range before being dragged back to the chair a few seconds later. This time she was strapped to the chair. Sam belatedly realised this was the nightmare she had experienced on the plane. She realised it wasn’t a nightmare at all but a flashback, her subconscious was trying to warn her!

Sam felt control of her limbs and thoughts slowly returning as if the shock was resetting her mind. She watched as the Sam on the screen struggled against the bindings before slowly relaxing. It was hard to tell if she was being lulled into passivity by what was on the screen or if she was simply exhausted from trying to free herself. She didn’t remember any of this at all but apparently her subconscious did.

“There isn’t much more to see.” Jess said as she fast-forwarded the video.

“H-How long?” Sam choked out. Her brain’s fog was clearing but she was still struggling to form words.

“How long were you in front of the screen?” Jess completed the question for Sam, “Six hours.”

“Why?” Sam asked as panic threatened to overtake the entirety of her meagre frame.

“Because you shouldn’t be an adult.” Jess said softly as she bounced Sam on her knee lightly and put her phone away, “Look at you. You should be a little baby and there is nothing you can say that can convince me otherwise. Look at the way you came running to me for help at the airport like a little lost child needing their Mommy. You are the perfect test subject for my regression as well. No one would think it strange if you acted like a baby.”

Sam felt a cold chill go down her spine as tears welled up in her eyes. Aside from everything else she hated being viewed as anything less than a full adult, she had spent her whole life making sure everyone knew how mature she was and having it all stripped away left her very vulnerable.

“Why don’t I remember?” Sam asked softly as she tried to keep the panic out of her voice.

“That was one of the triggers.” Jess replied, “There’s a few things you’ve forgotten but I can bring them back now. Here, ahem, L I T T L E  G I R L  R E M E M B E R.”

Sam felt as if a one-ton weight had suddenly dropped into her mind. She suddenly remembered things clearly where before there was just empty space. She closed her eyes as she remembered heading to her first Psychology lecture only to be stopped at the door by a person she now recognised as Jess. She had been told there was a mix-up in her registrations and she was enrolled in child psychology instead.

Sam remembered the day she had been leaving the campus when she was stopped by a woman with a clipboard. She had thought the stranger was trying to sell her something but when she had been offered a lot of money and extra credit for a small amount of her time she had taken it. She covered her mouth as she remembered the room, the chair and the television screen. It was even more vivid than her nightmare.

“How did you make sure we met at the airport?” Sam asked breathlessly.

“I had kept tabs on you after your session with me.” Jess said, “I followed your blog where you mentioned your little vacation. You told the world when and where you would be. I just needed to get you in a situation where you would rely on me and I could keep you nice and passive.”

“Wait… You mean…” Sam came to a slow realisation.

“There’s no rule about people under a certain height needing to be accompanied or having to sit on another person’s lap.” Jess chuckled, “Does that sound like it makes any kind of sense?”

Sam was speechless.

“I spoke to the gate attendant before you got there. I convinced them you needed my help. I flashed my credentials, it’s remarkable what people will do when you tell them you’re a doctor… well, and give them a little pocket money.” Jess said with a sly grin, “I put up a couple of posters in strategic positions just as you were arriving and then I waited until you were turned away. I just had to make sure you saw me in the right place so you saw the poster and put two and two together. I knew it would be a lot easier if you felt like it was your idea.”

“But why all this stuff?” Sam asked as she shook her head. It still didn’t make sense to her, “Why do all this in a foreign country and then have to go through all this to get me home?”

“Because making you go missing in a foreign country will mean no one is looking for you at home.” Jess said with a disconcerting smile, “Here, look at this…”

Sam could no longer hold back the tears as Jess reached into her bag and pulled out a passport.

“This is the passport I have been showing people.” Jess said, “A nice new identity for your nice new start.”

Sam wiped her eyes and saw the passport. It wasn’t hers, she was sure of that. Her picture was there but the name and birthdate had been changed. She was listed as a small child with a name she didn’t recognise at all. Sam started crying more loudly as Jess stood up.

“Looks like the queue has shortened.” Jess said casually as she took hold of the bags, “We should make a move.”



End Chapter 9

Sam's Flight to Babyhood

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 2, 2022


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