Sam's Flight to Babyhood

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 2, 2022

Chapter 10
Part Ten + Epilogue

Chapter Description: Sam has finally landed back in America but after the shocking revelations of what Jess has done to her she knows she isn't about to go free. With one final command Sam becomes putty in Jess's hands. Then find out what happens later as Jess takes her new little girl home in the bumper epilogue!

Sam has finally landed back in America but after the shocking revelations of what Jess has done to her she knows she isn't about to go free. With one final command Sam becomes putty in Jess's hands.

Then find out what happens later as Jess takes her new little girl home in the bumper epilogue!


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Sam was carried across the seating area to the immigration desk. With each step Sam felt her mind clearing, by the time they had joined the queue Sam felt in control again. The trigger that had held her down could be fought though it seemed to take a hell of a shock or struggle. She couldn’t believe what she had heard from Jess. She had questioned how trustworthy the professor was but she had never expected her to be this evil.

Sam’s bladder was at critical mass. She had long since past the point she thought she could hold on and it felt like her resistance would break at any moment. She started struggling. Her arms and legs gaining strength and her crying turning to anger. How dare someone treat her like this! She was going to shout and scream until…

“H U S H  L I T T L E  O N E.” Jess said confidently.

Sam tried to fight the words but it was a losing battle. The fog rolled over her like a slow moving tsunami. Her limbs fell limp and the words she had been about to shout were lost en route to her mouth. All she could do was let out a little whine as thoughts intruded and took over her mind. She found herself thinking that maybe Jess was right after all, she should just mentally step back and trust the professor to know what is best for her.

The small little voice fought back valiantly when it seemed like everything was lost. Sam shook her head and cleared enough of the fog to start struggling again. She started shouting loudly even if her words were undefined and she sounded more like a toddler having a tantrum than a young woman in desperate need of help. She was achieving her goal though as people were turning to look at the suddenly screaming girl, she only needed one to realise she was an adult.

“Oh, you’re a fussy little baby aren’t you?” Jess said hypothetically before lowering her voice, “It is pointless trying to resist the triggers.”

Sam tried to flail even harder and she felt she had almost formed some words. The triggers didn’t seem as unbeatable as Jess thought and as more people looked over she felt like she actually had a chance. That was until she felt the professor’s fingers starting to dance across her belly.

“I think this little girl needs a visit from the tickle monster!” Jess said.

Sam wanted to push the hand away but the fingers starting dancing across her belly and her tantrum turned to laughter. She didn’t want to squirm and giggle but she couldn’t help herself. She saw people looking away and anyone who might’ve thought she wasn’t a baby was clearly convinced otherwise as she helplessly laughed.

Sam tried to push the fingers away but her weak arms didn’t want to obey and as the tickling continued she felt the pressure in her bladder suddenly jump up several notches and then just as quickly disappear. Her eyes flew wide even as she continued to squirm.

Sam could feel an intense relief tinged with shame as she felt liquid pouring into her diaper. The padding wrapped around her waist suddenly grew warm as hot urine cascaded into it. Sam cringed. She was no longer being tickled but the dam had burst and there was nothing she could do to halt the reservoir from pouring into her pants. She turned her head towards Jess and buried her face against the woman carrying her to the immigration desk. What resistance Sam continued to have faltered.

“Passport please.” The bored looking man at the immigration desk said.

Jess handed over the two passports as Sam squirmed. The wet padding now encasing her crotch felt heavy and it weighed down on her crotch. It didn’t feel as uncomfortable as Sam had imagined it would, the warmth was even quite comforting. She had forgotten how it felt when she was in the nursery. She kept her face hidden against Jess’s shoulder.

“This all seems in order.” The man at the desk said barely suppressing a yawn, “Welcome home.”

“Thank you.” Jess smiled, “It’s nice to be back.”

As Sam was carried away from the immigration desk she was sobbing quietly. She couldn’t believe that this was happening. It felt like Jess had covered all the angles and now she was set to disappear. Her family and friends would think something had happened to her on vacation, none of them would realise she was in the country and trapped with a psychotic professor. Even the calming internal voice telling Sam to trust Jess, the same one she got after any of the triggers, couldn’t soothe her pain.

“There’s no need to cry, baby.” Jess said as she patted Sam on the back and started walking towards the exit of the airport, “You’re safe now.”

Sam only cried harder as she fought to maintain what little control over her body she had left.

“Alright, I know how to make my little Sam feel better.” Jess said as she stopped on the sidewalk just next to one of the large car parks encircling the airport, “I was saving this for when I really needed it but I guess you need a little time to process everything. Mommy understands.”

Sam didn’t know what Jess was referring to until it suddenly hit her she didn’t know how many triggers there were or what they did. How many hooks did Jess have embedded in Sam’s mind?

“G O O D  L I T T L E  G I R L.” Jess said with an authoritative tone of voice.

There was no fighting it this time. Sam was swept away immediately, all her conscious thoughts were washed away as the tears dried up. She started giggling and drooling childishly as she looked around with her thumb in her mouth. She looked up at Jess with that awe that babies have for their parents.

Sam pushed down without a second thought and felt herself evacuating her bowels into her diaper as she was carried to the car. Her little fists held Jess’s shirt as grunted and tensed up. She could hear Jess giggle, no doubt she could feel the sudden squishiness on her arm as she carried Sam to her car.

“Isn’t that better?” Jess asked rhetorically knowing Sam had no way to answer.

The rear door of the car was opened and Sam was lowered into a car seat. She felt the mushy contents of her underwear ooze and squeeze around her as she was strapped in. Jess put the bags in the trunk and then climbed into the driving seat. She looked over to Sam with a smile. The baby was now grabbing one of her own feet and putting it in her mouth. Jess was certain she was doing the right thing as Sam fell into a deep sleep.




Jess leaned back in the wooden chair at her dining room table. Her apartment wasn’t too big, a single bedroom space with an open plan living area, but it was perfect as a temporary measure as she looked for a permanent position at a university. She was receiving offers from places, some of them very attractive, but she wasn’t in a rush and knew that when the right offer came along she would be able to go wherever she was needed. Until then she had her current job at the college Sam had previously been a student at.

Jess was looking through her notes and typing up some more of her observations. She glanced over to the side and smiled. Remembering why she was going to all this trouble she felt a new energy to continue her work.

“Are you being a good girl?” Jess called over to the playpen.

Jess smiled when she saw Sam turn her head to look at her. The pigtails with pink bows shook in the air and a line of drool dropped from behind the bobbing pacifier on to the front of the little one’s dress. Jess could see Sam was holding two of her little dolls and appeared to be playing house with them.

It had been three weeks since the plane had landed and Jess was starting to make some conclusions about the experiment she had been running. The triggers had continued to work and observing Sam’s behaviour had been fascinating. The poor girl had a difficult time adapting to life as a baby but it seemed she was slowly getting the hang of it. The triggers, which had been nearly continuous to start with, was now used with less regularity.

“The “Behave” trigger was designed to make the subject more agreeable to a figure of authority.” Jess typed into her laptop, “A light layer of hypnosis that, though effective, was also broken by the subject with relative ease. Application for actual children could be beneficial for training and behaviour purposes.”

Jess had been so busy applying for jobs and learning how to be a mother that she hadn’t had a chance to type up her findings until now. She smiled as she remembered the first time she had used the trigger to get Sam to dress in some baby clothes, it seemed like the suggestion of diapers had broken it. Jess had to laugh when she thought about just how many diapers she had changed now. She would be surprised if Sam wasn’t sitting in a wet diaper at that very moment.

“The “Hush Little One” trigger is more heavy-duty. It is designed to make the subject more malleable but also physically weak.” Jess continued as the sounds of crinkling let her know Sam was moving about, “It’s been very effective whenever the subject resists. This would be perfect for criminal rehabilitation.”

After getting Sam back home this medium level trigger had to be constantly used and reinforced by Jess until Sam calmed down. Over time she had been able to wean the little girl off this command as Sam gradually became more agreeable.

“Finally, the “Good Little Girl” trigger is the most aggressive hypnotic suggestion.” Jess typed, “This causes the subject’s consciousness to recede along with their personality. They have little control over their body and will need to be treated, for all intents and purposes, like a helpless baby. At a push this could be used to punish inmates though this has some ethical concerns.”

Jess clicked the save button and sat back in her chair. She felt proud of her efforts, Sam had needed an adult to guide her and take her in, and Jess had been that person. She had been nervous for the first two weeks after getting back to the apartment with Sam, she half expected the police to come bursting in at any moment and yet nothing had happened. Her plan had worked completely.

Having visitors was a concern but Jess had learned that as soon as there was a knock on the door she gave Sam a trigger and it left her unable to cause problems. Jess soon learnt that Sam hated the most powerful trigger that basically made her a baby in both body and mind. However, after Jess interviewed Sam when she had recovered she found out Sam maintained some adult consciousness but could only remember snapshots of what happened.

Jess was soon able to subdue Sam into being a good baby with the threat of that trigger hanging over her head. She rarely needed to use it when Sam did her best to do as she was told. It meant the independently minded young woman was doing her best to be a baby. Sam was practically doing Jess’s job for her which, to the professor, just proved the usefulness of her suggestions.

It was obvious Jess could never publish her findings but that didn’t delegitimize her research. She knew her theories were correct and would now just have to prove them in a clinical setting. In the meantime she had to balance work with looking after her newly “adopted” daughter. No one had even questioned whether Sam was anything but a baby, they just accepted the adoption story Jess told them.

“Are you having fun with your toys?” Jess asked as she stood up and walked over to the edge of the playpen.

Sam looked up with a red face and nodded. Jess smiled but could see the truth in Sam’s eyes. The little girl hadn’t completely accepted her role she was just no longer being vocal with her objections as much. It was a start. There would be a long time in the future for Jess to continue to train Sam. Jess reached over the side of the pen and slipped a hand underneath the baby’s onesie. She felt Sam tense up as the swollen padding was prodded against her little body.

“You’ll last until after lunch.” Jess said as she withdrew her hand, “I’ll be in the kitchen. If you need me just cry.”


Sam watched Jess walk into the kitchen. As soon as the professor was out of sight around the corner she spat out the pacifier and dropped the dolls. It had been weeks since Sam disappeared and since then she had been constantly treated like a baby. Much to her annoyance she could only go along with everything to avoid the horrible hypnotic triggers.

Sam had given up hope of being found or discovered. When she had first been brought back to the apartment she had thought there was no way this could carry on forever. It had been incredibly disorientating to wake up in a crib suddenly. She had experienced the strangest feeling when Jess had used the last trigger, she remembered some of what happened afterwards but it appeared to her like photographs and she knew she had no control over her body or mind. It was the worst feeling.

It was Sam’s fear of the most powerful trigger that kept her in line for the most part. She hated being a helpless baby but it was one hundred times worse when she was out of control of everything. Having zero control over herself was Sam’s worst nightmare, it was as if her body was turned into a prison cell.

The last time Sam had the heaviest hypnosis used on her it felt like she had lost a day of her life. She had kicked up a fuss when Jess tried to bathe her, it had been a difficult day for Sam and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. She flatly refused to get undressed or get in the tub. When Jess reached over to pick her up Sam bit the professor’s arm, it wasn’t hard enough to really hurt or draw blood but it was a petulant move from someone on the verge of a tantrum.

“You need to be a G O O D  L I T T L E  G I R L.” Jess had said crossly.

Sam’s legs immediately went limp and she fell on to her hands and knees. Her adult consciousness was pushed back towards the back of her mind and it felt like something else took over. It was the strange combination of feeling time passing but not sensing anything that happened, just seeing occasional images.

For Sam everything became a weird kaleidoscope where she couldn’t make sense of anything except occasional snapshots. She saw a shot of her naked in the bath with Jess leaning over her. As quick as a flash it was replaced with an image of her being spoon fed and then another shot of her in her crib. She seemed to snap back to reality in her playpen. She was holding her dollies and sitting in a heavily soiled diaper. She had reached behind her and felt the lump that was partially squashed against her body. It took a few hours for Sam to feel like herself again.

Sam was left terrified by what that trigger which robbed her of everything. She had no control and barely any idea what happened when under that command. She knew she had to avoid it at all costs even if it meant going along with Jess’s insane babying.

It had been a very difficult month. Sam vividly remembered her first diaper change after getting “home.” She was wet when Jess picked her up and showed her into the nursery. Nursery was maybe a grand word for what was essentially just a corner of the master bedroom but it was all the space that was available until they moved.

The changing table was foldable to save space and was little more than a modified foldout table. It was right next to the small and basic crib. There were a few toys scattered around but that was pretty much it.

Sam had been under the softest trigger at the time. She had full control of her faculties but was a little more pliable for Jess as she was laid down on the padded table and had her onesie opened. She blushed as Jess gently prodded the wet diaper before opening it and cleaning her up. That first time had been humiliating and it had only got slightly easier with each of the many changes she had suffered through since.

Sam felt powerless to resist because if she broke character for a moment she was hit with a trigger. Jess had so much control over her that she could take her outside without risking being revealed. Jess had bought Sam a stroller that she was strapped into. Jess used the medium level trigger on Sam before leaving the apartment. Sam was trapped in the stroller and rolled through town seeing dozens of people but not being able to give them any hint something was wrong.

“I bought some new baby food for you to try.” Jess called out from the kitchen bringing Sam back to the present.

Sam felt hungry but she grimaced at the words “baby food.” Her diet had been drastically changed since she had arrived in Jess’s apartment and although she didn’t always get fed the mushy baby food it was more common than being allowed regular food. She suppressed her immediate instinct to complain and just waited for Jess to take her to the highchair.

Sam didn’t have to wait long. She soon had Jess walking over to her and lifting her up off the floor. Her little legs kicked out automatically as she was lifted under her arms and sat on the professor’s lap, it was a position she was very familiar with now. The highchair was a standard baby one, much to Sam’s chagrin there had been no need to adjust it for her body.

Sam was spoon fed baby food whilst she enviously eyed Jess’s adult meal. She had to admit the new baby food wasn’t too terrible but it was still bland and she hated the lumpy texture. It wasn’t long until she was finished leaving her sat in the highchair impatiently whilst Jess continued to eat. She felt a rumble in her tummy and didn’t even hesitate.

Leaning to the side Sam didn’t give it a second thought as she pushed down with her tummy muscles and felt a fast flow of mushy poop spill out into her diaper. The diet which contained mostly baby food had made her bowel movements much softer so her waste was often this easy to pass. Jess didn’t like it when Sam didn’t immediately use her diaper when she needed to and the risk of getting a trigger was too much so Sam made sure to fill her pants at the slightest need.

Sam sat in embarrassed silence as she slowly sank into the feces in her diaper. She looked down at the tray but kept an eye on Jess out of the corner of her eye. She really wanted a diaper change as soon as she did these disgraceful things but she had been taught not to announce what was in her diaper even if she was leaking. It took only half a minute before Jess sniffed the air. She didn’t say anything but continued eating her dinner.

“I’ll change you in a minute.” Jess said as she finished up her meal, “I’ll just clean up.”

As Jess started taking the dishes and cutlery out to the kitchen Sam pushed uselessly on the tray in front of her and when it didn’t budge she slumped down into her mess and waited to be released. Like the situation she found herself in escape was impossible.


Sam closed her eyes as warm water was poured over the top of her head. She felt a wet flannel scrubbing at her naked body tickling her slightly. In the background the sound of the television provided accompaniment to Jess’s humming.

It had been six months since Sam had taken her fateful flight though she was only aware of that fact because Jess told her. Sam’s days consisted of mind-numbing routine occasionally broken up by massive embarrassment. She had completely lost track of time and had accepted no one was looking for her months ago. They still hadn’t moved and Jess was still looking for a new place to work. Sam didn’t think she needed to bother, she had given up being found by anyone. She was sure everyone who had known her had already moved on.

“You’ve been such a good baby recently.” Jess said happily as she soaped Sam up, “I will have to think of a special treat for you.”

Sam’s rather frazzled mind immediately jumped to the hope that she would be let go. She hadn’t spoken much over recent months because she knew that Jess didn’t want to hear her talk and she risked getting punished. Not to mention without anyone to converse with Sam’s opportunities to chat were limited at best. Despite the risks of doing so Sam decided it was time to speak up.

“Are you going to let me go?” Sam asked in a quiet voice, “Like, ever?”

“Silly baby.” Jess replied as she started washing the soap off, “What would you want out there in the big scary world when you have me?”

Sam could think of a thousand reasons to want to be out of the crazy professor’s clutches but she knew none of them would make a difference to Jess. She looked down at the small tub full of water that had been sat in the sink for her. She looked at the little rubber duck floating amongst the bubbles in the baby bath. Maybe there was something that would appeal to Jess.

“What about college?” Sam asked. She winced knowing that she risked the triggers every time she spoke. Fortunately Jess seemed to be in a good mood. None of the triggers had been used in the last few months but their threat still scared Sam.

“Silly girl, when you went missing they removed your enrollment.” Jess chuckled like her baby was saying something very silly indeed, “You can’t just waltz back in like nothing happened.”

Sam felt herself slump in the water. Of course there was no going back to college, as far as anyone knew she had disappeared off the face of the Earth whilst in Europe half a year ago. She would probably give her friends heart attacks if she suddenly walked through the door at this point. It’s why any time Sam was taken outside Jess made sure it was far away from anywhere Sam used to frequent even if it was unlikely anyone would recognize her now. The professor was crazy but she wasn’t stupid. Sam sniffed back tears.

“Aww, don’t fret baby.” Jess rubbed Sam’s back, “You don’t need to worry about these things anymore.”

Sam moved her feet a little causing the water to splash. She tried to hold back the panic that always accompanied times like this. Whenever she allowed herself to think about the future and what might be coming next she felt a ball of anxiety grew in her tummy until it threatened to overwhelm her completely.

Jess lifted Sam out of the tub and swaddled her in a towel so that all her limbs were pinned to her side. Sam looked up at Jess’s face as she was carried from the baby bath in the sink to the corner of the bedroom used for her nursery. Her mind was racing as she thought about the rest of her life being spent like this. Her eyes were wide and she was trembling. It seemed like Jess could sense something was brewing inside her baby.

“You’ve been such a good girl.” Jess cooed gently, “I haven’t had to use a trigger in months. Don’t ruin it now. Come on, I’ll put you down for a nice nap.”

Sam struggled against the cloth that held her like a cocoon. It had been months since she felt the panic overwhelm her like this and there was nothing she could do to stop it. The crushing weight of her future pushed in on her much harder than the towel swaddling.

Jess pursed her lips. The struggling was useless as Sam was easy to hold like a baby, she looked down at the bundle in her arms and sighed. She had thought Sam was beyond this but it seemed like the triggers still needed reinforcing.

“H U S H  L I T T L E  O N E.” Jess said with a sigh of disappointment.

Time had not dulled the triggers effects and Sam felt a sinking feeling as her limbs became leaden. She opened her mouth to protest but found she could only babble incoherently. The fog descended in her mind obscuring her ability to think properly, suddenly making sure Jess was happy with her became the most important thing.

“It’s OK, baby.” Jess said as they went into the bedroom, “Mommy’s got you. You’re safe and secure.”

Sam was diapered with her arms and legs flailing uselessly. She whimpered softly as she was picked up again and deposited in the crib. Jess leaned over the rails and kissed Sam on the forehead.

“Have a nice nap, sweetie. I’m sure you’ll be better behaved afterwards.” Jess smiled as she flicked a switch on the mobile above the baby bed to get it started. She walked away from the crib and closed the door behind her.


Sam babbled happily as her Mommy made funny faces at her. The pacifier in her mouth bobbed in and out as she giggled. They were standing on a moving walkway that was taking them through a busy airport, the very same one they had landed at over eighteen months previously.

Jess cuddled her baby girl and held her suitcase to the side. After a very lengthy search Jess was finally moving across the country to a new job. She was to be the head of the psychology department at a prestigious college on the opposite coast.

Jess was more than happy with how things were turning out. With her new salary Jess had been able to buy a nice three-bedroom house. She had hired decorators and one of the rooms was already set up as a nursery. Moving across the country also meant she didn’t have to worry so much about anyone finding Sam anymore.

“You’re being such a good girl.” Jess said, “You’re going to love your new nursery!”

Sam crinkled slightly as she adjusted her legs. She looked at Jess with admiration, like a little girl looking at their mother and protector. It had been so long since she had been a regular independent adult that “acting” like a baby no longer felt like acting. She struggled to remember what being an adult had entailed, what her daily life had been like before diaper changes, bottle feedings and everything else.

Sam had to admit that the thought of being a normal adult again scared her. For one and a half years all she had known was Jess, the triggers and the constant non-stop babying. All she knew was diapers and after so long in them it had become second nature to use them, she had found herself wetting and even pooping herself without a second thought a lot of the time. Sometimes she would be playing in her pen and suddenly realise her diaper was wet, she would wrack her brain but not have any memory of wetting. She couldn’t even blame the triggers.

“Tickets and passports please.” A bored sounding man behind a desk said.

Sam looked around as Jess handed over the documents. She looked at him and wondered if he had even a faint inkling that the apparent baby in the woman’s arms was actually an adult. Sam knew her documents reflected her new infantile identity.

“Thank you.” The attendant said, “The plane will be boarding soon.”

Sam was carried away from the desk and over to the seating area. She had flashbacks to when she had first been shown the videos of the hypnotism session. It felt like a lifetime ago, she felt like a whole new person.

“Are you excited?” Jess asked as she placed Sam on her knee and bounced her a little, “A new start in a new place.”

Sam knew her opinion wasn’t wanted and if she had spoken she was sure that Jess would stop her sooner rather than later. She had learned it was much easier to just babble around her pacifier than try to actually express her opinion. Besides, what did she have to look forward to? Her life was surely going to be the same once they landed and settled in at the new house. She was going to be kept as a baby in perpetuity.

“Well you should be excited.” Jess said happily as she started tickling Sam, “Yes you should! Yes you should!”

As Jess repeated the words in a childish way Sam could only writhe and giggle. The professor’s fingers danced over Sam’s belly tickling her into submission. When Jess finally stopped she wondered breathlessly what she could possibly have to be excited about. She looked up at her Mommy hoping to hear more information.

“You should be excited because…” Jess let the sentence linger to create suspense, “I enrolled you at the college I’m working at!”

Sam’s mouth dropped open and the pacifier fell out from between her lips. A line of drool fell down her chin. Surely she had misunderstood what her Mummy was saying. There was no way Jess would’ve actually enrolled her. After everything that had been going on there was no reason to do it, Sam had only just started acting like the good baby Jess had wanted for so long. Despite the rational side of Sam’s brain telling her something seemed wrong the faint flicker of hope that had been nearly extinguished suddenly erupted.

“The look on your face!” Jess chuckled, “I take it you’re excited now?”

Sam could feel her chest swell as she started thinking about what this meant. She was going to be a grown-up again! She would have to get new clothes, new stationary, she’d make new friends. Sam’s mind raced as she thought about everything that would need to change. Sam felt the warm padding between her legs and realised she would have to potty train herself again, she’d have to get used to talking like a regular adult. Maybe she would even be able to go home…

“When I saw the program they’re running at the college I just couldn’t resist. It’s perfect for you.” Jess said. She started rummaging in her handbag for something.

Sam could only imagine it was a psychology course since that was what she was doing before. She saw Jess pull out a small leaflet from her bag and she turned it so the front faced Sam. The little girl’s face froze as she looked at the pictures and read the text. Deep down she knew something like this would happen but the hope being ripped away hurt a lot.

“Apparently the college daycare is top of the line.” Jess said, “And you’ll have so many other babies to play with whilst Mummy works.”

Sam could feel herself tearing up as she looked at the leaflet. The words and pictures took time to sink in. Her bottom lip quivered as she felt her heart sink. She had expected to be kept as a baby until the brief flicker of hope had flared. This was so much worse than the status quo, instead of being kept mostly at home she was going to be left with other babies. Every day would be a fresh humiliation.

“Don’t cry, baby.” Jess said as she picked up the pacifier and slipped it back into Sam’s mouth, “I’m sure you’ll make plenty of new friends. I know that when you get anxious you do silly things like telling people you’re a grown-up so I made a trigger just for this scenario to help you acclimatize with the other babies. We can try it out now.”

Sam hated the triggers more than the babying itself. The triggers took away her autonomy and made her beholden to the will of others. Whether she was put under the heaviest trigger or the smallest suggestion it felt unbearable.

“No, wa-” Sam started to say around the soother in her mouth.

“S I L E N C E.” Jess said loudly.

“-it please don’t blurur.” Sam’s sentence died as the trigger hit her ears and instead she babbled like a real baby.

Jess smiled. Her system of hypnotic suggestion appeared to be foolproof, she had turned it into an art form.

“Glurt thuolo lerl.” Sam tried to speak again but her words turned to mush on their way to her mouth. The frustration immediately bubbled over as she flailed her fists.

Jess just held her baby close to her chest. She smiled as she patted Sam’s back. The little girl had no idea how many triggers had been implanted and were just waiting to be exploited when the time was right.

“Shush, don’t worry, baby.” Jess said quietly as she rocked Sam back and forth a little, “You’re going to be the best baby girl for Mommy.”



End Chapter 10

Sam's Flight to Babyhood

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 2, 2022


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Sequel Please

Tyler Weiss · Sep 1, 2022

This really needs a sequel.

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Ambrose · Sep 15, 2022

A great story! Love the concept of the triggers and how little it needs for Sam to have her adult life stipped away from her. The scenes on the airplane and later work really well.

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