Sam's Flight to Babyhood

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 2, 2022

Chapter 5
Part Five

Chapter Description: Sam's flight continues. After begging for something to occupy her she has a nightmare that takes her back to traumas of the past. Waking up is hardly better since she needs to go to the potty...

Sam winced and felt herself blushing again. She didn’t understand why everyone unquestioningly thought she was a baby. Sure she was small but she never thought she really looked like a little girl. She had spent her whole life trying to look as adult as possible and it seemed it was all for nothing, just a change of clothes and her adulthood disappeared.

The stewardess returned a couple of minutes later. She had in her hands a couple of books but they were unlike any books Sam had read since she was a child. The thick card pages and large print let Sam know these were books meant for a toddler. Jess took the books with a thank you and the stewardess quickly left to deal with other passenger problems.

“I can’t read these!” Sam hissed as soon as she was sure no one would hear her.

“They’re too big for you?” Jess replied quite seriously, “I suppose I could ask if they ha-”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.” Sam folded her arms in front of her chest.

Jess leaned Sam back so her back was against Jess’s front. Sam blushed very red as the back of her head rested against the professor’s breasts. She instinctively tried to lean forwards but Jess held her back.

“Just get comfortable, baby.” Jess whispered into Sam’s ear, “I’ll read it to you.”

“No, ple-” Sam started.

“There was a little Princess who lived in a big castle in a faraway land.” Jess read the large text and pointed at the pictures, “That’s the little Princess. Just like you!”

Sam could’ve died from the shame she experienced. The whole book was read in the same way with Jess pausing to point at the pictures. Sam looked around and saw the woman sitting the opposite side of the aisle looking over and smiling before going back to the film she was watching. She was wondering if this was to keep the pretence up or something more sinister.

For half an hour Jess slowly went through every page of the books. She tried to make it “interactive” by asking questions about which character was which forcing Sam to point and then getting praised as if she was a precocious baby. If this was acting Jess was a master.

“… And they all lived happily ever after.” Jess said as she closed the final page, “That was good, wasn’t it?”

“Please, please, please let me read a proper book.” Sam begged quietly.

“I do have a couple with me…” Jess hesitated, “But it’ll look suspicious. Oh, I know, I’ll let you read but you have to sit on my lap.”

Sam frowned. She was already sitting on Jess’s lap and didn’t know what more the professor expected. She nodded her head in agreement, she was so bored and embarrassed she would’ve agreed to anything to get lost in a fantasy land.

Jess reached into her bag and pulled out a fantasy novel she was halfway through. She placed it on the seat next to her and then grabbed Sam around the waist. She lifted the small woman and turned her sideways so she was facing the window, her feet just barely brushed the side of the cabin. She lowered Sam down until she was lying in her arms and then pulled a blanket out of the diaper bag to loosely drape over her.

“What are you doing!?” Sam asked as she tried to knock the fabric out of her face.

“Hush.” Jess gently said as she covered her face up- again, “You’re a baby. If you want to read the big girl book we have to make sure no one sees.”

Sam blushed as she was cradled in Jess’s arms and covered up. She assumed it was to make it look she was sleeping, the loose way the blanket covered her masked the book she was holding well. She felt incredibly small to be lying in Jess’s arms like this but knew it was the only way she could occupy her time. With a sigh she opened the book and started to read.

The book did it’s job in transporting Sam away from her situation and immersing her in a world wholly different to the one she lived in. She made sure to stay quiet and keep the book hidden but still froze up when she heard a stewardess approach their seat.

“Aww, is the little one asleep?” The stewardess asked quietly.

Sam didn’t hear a response but assumed Jess nodded her head as the footsteps soon moved away again. This constant stress and anxiety was exhausting for Sam who hadn’t slept well the night before anyway. She started feeling her eyelids getting heavy and no matter how hard she tried she struggled to absorb the words she was reading. She found herself repeating sentences several times. She didn’t want to admit it but lying in Jess’s arms like this was relaxing, the professor’s heartbeat acting like a soothing metronome against the side of her head.

With her eyes losing focus Sam drifted off into sleep whilst cradled by Jess. She let go of the book and it fell between herself and the woman whose lap she was lying in. She obviously couldn’t see as Jess looked down and guessed that the little woman had fallen asleep, a suspicion confirmed when she heard rhythmic breathing that bordered on a snore. She smiled.


Sam opened her eyes and felt incredibly disorientated. She was lying down in a playpen surrounded by colourful toys. She slowly sat up and felt a crinkling between her legs that made her gulp in fear. She looked down and saw the dreaded purple romper. With darting eyes she looked around and saw she was back in the nursery that had held her after she got too drunk at the party.

Sam let out a whine of fear as she tried to work out whether she was dreaming or if everything she remembered about the plane trip was a dream. She looked around for anyone but she was totally alone. She pulled herself to her shaky legs and almost toppled right over again, her legs were splayed wide and when she tried to walk it was unsteadily.

“There she is!” Sam jumped when she heard a voice behind her. She spun around to see the woman who ran the nursery now standing in her playpen.

“Wha… Whu…” Sam tried to speak but found that something was stealing her words between her brain and mouth. She babbled helplessly.

“I know!” The woman pretended that she understood what the little girl was saying.

Sam felt herself tearing up. She was so confused and if she was back in the nursery it meant everything that had happened since had been an invention of her mind. She started crying as she felt despair overwhelm her.

“Aw, don’t cry.” The lady said as she stepped forward and picked Sam up. She crinkled loudly.

Almost as soon as Sam’s feet left the ground she felt herself wetting her diaper helplessly. The warmth spreading around her felt so real it seemed like confirmation that she truly was back in the nursery.

Sam opened her eyes as she was pressed against the woman’s chest. She was startled to see another person in the corner of the room, they were obscured by shadows and she couldn’t even tell if the person was male or female. She was writing on a clipboard and looking up at Sam.

Sam tried to squirm to escape the woman’s grip. All of a sudden she was desperate to be put down but she couldn’t break the woman’s arms. She tossed and turned and fought…

“Sam, wake up!” Jess’s voice suddenly brought Sam back to the plane, “You were having a nightmare, sweetie.”

Sam’s eyes opened and she looked around feeling confusion come over her again. The blanket she had been under was now hanging halfway off her body and the book had slipped into the empty part of the seat. As reality came back to Sam she relaxed herself and laid back, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath to steady her nerves.

“Are you alright?” Jess asked with concern, “You were really wriggling there.”

“I’m fine…” Sam whispered as she pushed herself into a sitting position, “It’s just a bad experience I had recently.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Jess asked as she rubbed Sam’s back.

Sam was initially going to say no but after giving it a second thought she wondered if telling Jess would actually be a good idea. The professor was a teacher of psychology after all, maybe she would be able to help and provide some advice on dealing with something that clearly still affected her.

“A little while ago I was…” Sam played with her hands and looked out the window of the plane in embarrassment, “Mistaken for a baby. I was taken to a nursery and it took a long while to convince them to let me to go.”

“That must’ve been humiliating.” Jess said softly as she cuddled the small woman against her a little tighter, “You’re safe here in my arms.”

Sam felt a brief happiness followed by embarrassment. She was grateful to be safe but she didn’t want to be playing the baby role anymore. After one of her nightmares like that she just wanted to be alone and under her covers until she could collect her thoughts. There was something sinister about her dream, it wasn’t the first time she had experienced it but it did feel like the most vivid time.

“I think I need a trip to the little girl’s room.” Jess said after a small silence.

“I think I need to go too.” Sam said quietly.

“Perfect.” Jess smiled.

Jess stood up and stretched her legs. Sam was still cradled in her arms and she turned the student around so she could sit on her on her hip. She sidled out of the space between the seats and started walking up the aisle towards the bathroom signs.

Airplane bathrooms are never the most spacious or pleasant places to be but this one was a little better than the norm. Though still small Sam and Jess could both squeeze inside. Sam was put down on her feet and was forced by circumstance to lean against the door. Jess meanwhile started undoing her pants. Sam, realising what was happening, blushed a little and turned around to face the door. After a small pause the sound of urine hearing the plastic toilet filled the small space. Once Jess was done she stood up and flushed.

“OK, your turn.” Jess said with a smile as she finished putting her pants on.

“Well, turn around…” Sam said quietly.

“It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” Jess chuckled.

“Huh?” Sam was confused. She was sure Jess hadn’t seen her naked.

“I’ve changed little girl’s diapers before.” Jess smiled, “I’ve seen it all before.”

“Maybe you’re forgetting…” Sam had her teeth clenched as her face went redder and redder, “I’m not actually a baby!”

“Stop focusing on the details.” Jess said with a dismissive wave of her hands, “You can either use the potty or we’re going back to our seat.”

Sam pouted but her bladder was already aching. There was no way she was going to be able to complete this flight without using the bathroom. Regardless of how she felt about the way she was being treated she had to admit she desperately needed the toilet. She looked up at the smug face of Jess and felt her resolve stiffen. She was an adult and she had rights!

“You need to give me some privacy!” Sam said testily. She tried to keep her voice down but if anyone was queuing they would’ve heard a strange conversation going on in the small bathroom.

“Sam, I’m not turning around. If you ne-” Jess started.

“NO!” Sam yelled this time with frustration threatening to boil over, “I’m not going to ju-”

“Sam, B E H A V E.” Jess said sharply and clearly.

Sam immediately stopped talking and just like in the store at the airport she felt herself calming down despite her frustration. Her arms had been raised but now she slowly lowered them down to her side. She couldn’t work out why she had just been feeling so upset.

“Now, you need to be a good girl for me.” Jess said softly, “I’m going to pull down your jammies and you are going to use the potty, OK?”

Sam nodded her head. Her mind had been in overdrive for hours but now it felt like it was empty, like all the thoughts that had been zooming around had faded away. What Jess was saying suddenly made a lot of sense after all.

Sam stood still and tried to remember why she had been so angry as the lower half of her jammies were removed and Jess lifted her to sit on the toilet seat. She stared forwards as she felt her bladder relax and tinkle against the plastic bowl. She blushed hard as she realised this was an unusual situation for a college student such as herself and yet she was going along with it.

“Good baby.” Jess smiled as Sam continued to pee.

Sam wanted to argue that she wasn’t a baby but she couldn’t seem to form the arguments in her head much less express them. A fog had descended and Sam couldn’t seem to think of anything too clearly. It was much easier just to do as she was told by the professor.

When Sam had finally finished she said nothing as Jess ripped off some toilet paper and wiped her clean. Sam did nothing to stop the taller woman but looked to the side at a mirror that did her no favours in the argument that she was an adult. When Sam was dry she hopped off the toilet seat and after flushing Jess pulled up Sam’s jammies and then lifted her up to return to their seat.



End Chapter 5

Sam's Flight to Babyhood

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 2, 2022


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