Sam's Flight to Babyhood

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 2, 2022

Chapter 4
Part Four

Chapter Description: Sam is on the plane but this is just the start for her. Jess seems obsessed with making sure they keep the charade up and Sam kind of has to go along for the ride.

Jess put Sam down in the chair and the short woman was stunned by how big the seat was. She thought they could sit next to each other quite comfortably here. Jess put her carry-on luggage in the compartment above the seats and Sam was sitting back in the chair when she saw her own bag being put above the seats. She noticed it was different.

“That’s not my bag!” Sam suddenly exclaimed.

Jess turned to the student and put her finger to her lips. Sam looked around but in the relative chaos of boarding, people moving through the plane and everything else it didn’t seem that anyone noticed the “baby” talking. Jess lifted Sam up and sat in the chair, she put Sam on her lap so that the smaller woman was facing sideways towards the aisle.

“I know it isn’t.” Jess said quietly as she bounced Sam on her lap.

“Well… Where’s my bag?” Sam asked with some alarm.

“Shush.” Jess gently chided the small woman, “You’ll blow your cover if someone hears you.”

Sam felt anxious as she saw people flooding into the plane and making their way to their seats. She was desperate to ask what was going on and where her bags were but Jess was right, if she was heard talking and they found out she wasn’t a little girl she could be left stranded here, she had to remain silent until they were in the air at least. As she fretted over what was happening she felt Jess start to bounce her up and down on her knees.

“No need to be nervous, baby.” Jess cooed softly. She brushed some hairs out of Sam’s face.

Sam realised she must look just like a little baby nervous and in an unfamiliar place. She tried to calm down and reassure herself that she couldn’t get off the plane now. For better or worse she had to continue with this plan. She could see space to sit down next to Jess instead of on her lap but as she tried to squirm in that direction Jess simply repositioned her on her knees.

Eventually everyone was seated and after the usual demonstrations of where the emergency exits were the engines started spooling up. Sam felt anxious as she looked out of the window and saw the world passing by increasingly quickly. There was no turning back now. For better or for worse Sam was in Jess’s hands, quite literally as the professor held her hips steady.

The wheels left the ground and Sam let out a deep breath as they started lifting up into the sky. The cabin had been full of a nervous tension but now with take-off over the quiet murmurings of conversation broke the stillness.

“I could probably sit next to you.” Sam whispered so no one could hear her, “It might be a little tight but I could squeeze in there.”

“I think it would be best for you to stay on my lap.” Jess replied, “Just like a baby.”

Sam huffed but knew she couldn’t do anything about it. If she kicked up a fuss she would either look like a petulant toddler having a tantrum or would give the game away that she wasn’t a child. She looked out the window at the world far below them and muttered in annoyance.

“Hush.” Jess said gently in Sam’s ear.

A few minutes later the plane had reached it’s cruising altitude thousands of feet in the air. As the aircraft levelled out stewards and stewardesses started walking the aisles checking that everyone was alright. In the exclusive part of the plane it was a young woman with a face perfectly covered in make-up and with hair pulled back into a tight ponytail.

“Would you like anything from the drinks cart?” The smiling woman asked as she reached Sam and Jess.

“I’ll have a coffee, milk and sugar, please.” Jess said, “And the little one will have some apple juice.”

“I’ll have to go and make the coffee. I’ll bring the drinks over in just a few minutes.” The stewardess said.

“I wanted coffee…” Sam sulkily mumbled.

“Shush.” Jess gently chided with a rub on Sam’s back, “That’s not what babies drink.”

True to her word the stewardess returned quickly with the drinks. She placed the coffee carefully on the tray in front of Jess. Sam smelt the caffeinated drink and felt her mouth water, she wished she could have some of that herself. She eagerly awaited her drink even if it was only juice, she hadn’t had a drink for a while.

“And for the baby…” The stewardess smiled, “She’s adorable. What’s her name?”

“Sam.” Jess replied sharing the smile and repositioning Sam, “She can be quite a handful but yes, she’s the cutest little girl.”

Sam was listening to this embarrassing exchange and trying not to blush so hard that she gave the game away. She couldn’t get over how well Jess was able to play the role of parent, it was like she genuinely thought Sam was a baby who needed protection. Sam felt like she had to remind the professor that she was an adult and they were doing this just to get her home.

The stewardess reached down and pulled out a sippy cup with big handles meant for clumsy hands. The clear plastic drinking vessel had cartoon pictures of planes flying around it and was clearly meant to keep little kids happy. Sam was stunned as the stewardess held out the juice for Sam to take. Sam just sat on Jess’s lap stunned that she would be expected to drink like this.

“Go on, Sam.” Jess spoke as if she was encouraging a shy toddler, “Take the drink from nice lady.”

Sam was too embarrassed. She felt the heat rising in her face and thought the shame might actually melt her into a pile of goo. She wanted to tell the stewardess who she really was but she couldn’t get herself and Jess in trouble like that. She did the only thing she could think of, the same thing she had done when spoken to by the attendant at the airport gate. Sam turned to Jess and nestled her face between the professor’s breasts. She tried to hide the same way a baby would in the hope that the beautiful lady would go away.

“Aww, I’ll just leave it on the tray for when she’s a bit braver.” The stewardess chuckled as she put the plastic sippy cup down.

“Thank you.” Jess said.

Sam waited until the stewardess’s voice had faded away before pulling away from Jess’s chest. She was blushing as she looked away from the professor. Her thirst was incredible and though drinking from the sippy cup was something she didn’t even want to think about she reached out a shaking arm and picked it up. To Sam’s chagrin her little hands fit perfectly on the toddler sized handles.

Sam felt very self-conscious as she lifted the sippy cup up. She glanced out of the corner of her eye and saw Jess watching her. She wished the professor would look away, it was difficult to perform with an audience and Sam felt like she was being judged.

“That’s it.” Jess rubbed Sam’s back, “Have some nice juice.”

Sam winced and scowled at Jess but still lifted the sippy cup to her mouth. She slipped the little spout into her mouth and tipped the cup up. Forgetting for a second how embarrassing this was the sweet juice tasted wonderful and she quickly gulped a lot of it down. Just as she was taking the sippy cup out of her mouth the plane hit a bit of turbulence and the cup briefly tipped up again. Sam quickly righted it but not before a few drops of the apple juice dropped on to her clothes.

“Oops! Be careful, baby.” Jess chastised Sam, “Let me help you.”

“No, wa-” Sam tried to say but was quickly cut off as the taller woman pushed the spout of the sippy cup into her mouth.

Sam blushed as she started gulping the last of the drink. Jess had taken the toddler cup and was now leaning Sam back slightly in her arms as she basically fed the small woman. Sam wanted her to stop but had no way to make that happen, all she could do was swallow the last of her juice and get this embarrassment over with. When Sam finally finished the cup she started muttering.

“I can do that myself…” Sam said through clenched teeth.

“Shush, baby, no need to be fussy.” Jess bounced Sam on her lap.

As Sam went up and down on Jess’s knees she suddenly felt gas bubbling up inside herself. Before she could stop it she let out a little burp. As Sam covered her mouth and blushed Jess chuckled, even the passing flight attendant looked over with the look on her face that said she had seen something adorable.

This was utterly humiliating for Sam and the flight had so far to go. She started wondering if she could even make it or if she would lose her mind. When Jess had first agreed to help she had seemed to genuinely want to treat Sam with respect but as time went on she seemed to be treating her increasingly like a helpless baby. Sam didn’t feel good about being with the professor anymore and she wondered if she would’ve been better off finding an alternative plan. She scowled as she looked out of the window to see the endless expanse of ocean.

The hours dragged by for Sam who had little freedom of movement. She had hoped Jess would allow her to sit next to her but it seemed the professor was happy to keep bouncing Sam on her knees. Sam was very bored and started fidgeting a lot, she looked around at the other passengers and saw most of them were either watching films on the backs of the seats in front or reading. Jess was watching an old black and white film with headphones on so Sam couldn’t hear it.

“Could I get my phone?” Sam asked quietly when she got Jess’s attention, “This is really boring.”

“Oh sweetie, I don’t think your phone is on board.” Jess said softly as she stroked the smaller woman’s hair.

“What!?” Sam failed to keep her voice down causing both herself and Jess to look around. Thankfully no stewards were nearby and none of the other passengers seemed to react.

“I can look in your bag if you want.” Jess suggested.

“You mean the bag you changed?” Sam said with a pout, “Why did you do that anyway? I liked my bag… And what did you do with my phone?”

Jess put Sam on the seat as she stood up. For a glorious few seconds Sam felt the cushioned seat underneath her rather than a pair of bony legs. It wasn’t to last though as Sam was soon scooped back up and sat on Jess again. The bag that supposedly belonged to Sam was now sitting in the small gap Sam had eyed for herself. Jess seemed determined not to answer Sam’s question and the small woman was suddenly very distracted.

“That’s a… That’s a…” Sam stuttered breathlessly.

“It’s a diaper bag.” Jess stated matter-of-factly, “I thought it would be better to maintain our cover than your other bag.”

Sam had seen the bag was different earlier but she hadn’t realised the new one was a diaper bag. From a distance it looked mostly the same as her usual bag but up close she could see the differences, it was mostly the extra pockets designed to carry supplies. She felt a shiver run through her, if Jess was willing to do this she started wondering how far she was really willing to go. She suddenly felt very trapped.

Jess opened the long zip that ran lengthways across the top of the bag. As the two sides opened and the contents inside were displayed Sam felt her breath taken away yet again. She covered her mouth to stop herself from losing her mind and shouting.

“Hmm, I can’t see your phone in there, can you?” Jess asked as she held Sam with one hand and rustled through the items in the bag.

Sam didn’t react. She stared in disbelief at the bag, it seemed literally everything in there had been changed. All her possessions had been replaced by the contents of a regular diaper bag. Instead of her phone and books there were neatly folded disposable diapers, instead of her make-up there was rash cream and baby powder. She looked up at Jess in shock, she had very clearly said she wasn’t going to wear diapers.

“I had to put this stuff in the bag, sweetie.” Jess said as if it was obvious that she had replaced the small girl’s luggage, “What if they checked your bag? It would be no use having big girl make-up in there.”

“Where did you get all this stuff!?” Sam asked.

“I ran into one of the shops whilst you were changing.” Jess lied casually.

“But I was only in there for-” Sam started.

“It doesn’t matter now.” Jess interrupted Sam, “The point is your phone isn’t in there. I have some toys for you if you want?”

“I don’t!” Sam hissed, “And where’s all my stuff?”

“It’s in the hold with the rest of the baggage.” Jess lied again. She studied psychology and knew that telling a convincing lie was all about confidence. As she smiled down at Sam she saw her looking less sure of herself.

Sam felt her heart fluttering. She didn’t know if she believed Jess anymore. The professor had been acting incredibly strangely and taking this babying of Sam too far. Sam looked up at Jess with scepticism and worry, if she truly wasn’t to be trusted it meant she was in a really bad situation.

“Don’t worry, I know what to do.” Jess said with a maternal smile. She raised her hand and waved over a nearby stewardess.

“What can I help you with?” The stewardess asked with her permanently etched smile.

“My little one is getting a bit restless. Do you perhaps keep anything on board that could entertain her for a bit?” Jess asked.

“I’ll go and have a look.” The stewardess smiled again.



End Chapter 4

Sam's Flight to Babyhood

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 2, 2022


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