Little Tina

by: Del Rio | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 2, 2022

John's boyfriend Tim has been a real jerk. But John has found a way to keep Tim in his life while still taking care of his own needs. (TG: M-to-F transformation. Sexual content.)

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Tim, now Tina, meets her new uncle

"Don! Don! Ah fink a wed, don," Tina (18 months) garbled out.

I threw off my covers and ran into the nursery dress only in my briefs.
"What's that, honey? I can't understand you when you have your paci in,"
I said with a smirk. I knew what the toddler had said, but enjoyed
pointing out her pacifier addiction. Looming over her, I waited for the
improved annunciation.

The little girl yanked the pacifier from her mouth, a long strand of
saliva flung onto her tiny porcelain arm. "I tink I wet, John!" she said,
pointing to her pastel-printed diaper.

"Ahh. I thought I saw it sagging a bit," I said. "Come here, you cheeky
monkey." Effortlessly, I grabbed both ankles and slid her to the edge of
the toddler bed. She shrieked and started giggling. As I gathered the
wipes and powder, I kept the high-pitched laughs going by tickling her
soft belly with my free hand. I was just about to remove the tapes when
the giggling stopped cold. Her eye-line shifted to over my shoulder, and
she frowned. I turned to see Austin, also only in his briefs. I hadn't
realized she had woken him up, too.

"So this is the naughty little Tim I've heard so much about. Sorry,
little Tina, I mean," Austin said while leaning against the door frame.
His slender-but-toned body caught the morning light perfectly. I could
see a bit of cum from last night still caked onto his six-pack.

I had meant to introduce them earlier, but Tina was long asleep by the
time Austin and I returned from our date last night. I'd even paid the
babysitter to stick around, so we could turn the baby monitor off and
fuck into the early morning hours.

"Oh, good, you're up. Now I can finally introduce you. Austin, this is
Tina. Tina, this is my new friend, Austin. We had our first date last
night. But he already knows all about you," I said, continuing to untape
the sodden diaper.

"Nice to meet you, Tina," Austin said, now peering over my shoulder.
Drool escaped from Tina's mouth as she stared up at the hot muscle twink
I'd railed last night. I peeled away the yellow-stained diaper, leaving
her cute little vagina on full display. Then the waterworks started.

"I no wanna ossin here. Don, peese, peese, no ossin," she blubbered while
squeezing tight her pink plush bear. "Peese, I nee undiewear. Peese,
Don!" Her smooth little legs started to kick.

"Shhh, shhh, Tina. Here, have your paci, OK?" I forced the nipple into
her mouth and she involuntarily began to suckle.

"I've heard how much you like to suck," Austin quipped, bumping his
package into my back.

I rubbed Tina's belly again as I gently cleaned her crotch with a
lavender-scented wipe. "Now, now. Tina's just a little princess," I
cooed. She quickly calmed down, but still sniffled as I slid a fresh
diaper under her, followed by a sprinkling of baby powder. "None of that
naughty talk around her. That's only for big boys."

Austin pointed at her powdered slit. "I hear you used to have a pretty
big boy yourself, Tim," he said. "But I just can't imagine that you were
anything but a sweet little baby girl with a sweet little slit."

I taped the diaper shut extra tight and effortlessly scooped the pouty
girl into my arms. "I know, it's hard to believe, but Tim here was quite
a muscle bunny, with a dick a bit longer than yours. Although, no
complaints here," I said, pecking Austin on the mouth. "Here, you should
hold her."

Both Tina and Austin's eyes grew big at the suggestion. But she quickly
wrapped her arms around him as I let go. Austin cradled his hand under
the fresh diaper. A puff of baby powder escaped into the air.

"Don't worry, she might pretend to struggle, but the Tim part of her just
wants to nuzzle those beautiful pecks," I said. Sure enough, after
rubbing her back for a minute, the plush bear fell to the ground and she
was tucked under Austin's chin, still fervently suckling the pacifier.

"Aww, I know Tim lied and cheated on you, but she's so sweet now," said
Austin, combing her wispy locks with his fingers.

"Yes, well, it took a lot of tantrums and time outs -- and even a few
spankings -- but Tim eventually realized life would be much easier if he
accepted his new life," I said.

"Hmm, yeah. It must be hard to wake up one morning in dress and a diaper.
Well, not hard anymore, but you know what I mean," Austin chuckled. He
laid her back onto her bed and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Don't let that sweet face fool you," I said. "I still catch her on my
phone sometimes, trying to talk to guys on Grindr. Don't I, Tina?" I
softly swatted her butt and she shook her head then buried it into her
bear in embarrassment. "She doesn't get too far on there, though. The
regression treatment limits her vocabulary to mostly baby words."

"Wait, that explains your first few greetings to me," said Austin. "Was
wondering about that!"

I had forgotten that Tina had initiated our first chat! Luckily I'd
intercepted my phone before she texted more gibberish. That means little
Tina must have a thing for Austin. I mean, tight little muscle twinks
were his type before I took away his manhood.

"He's -- she's squirming a lot on the bed. Does, he, uh, she still get,
uh, ya know, horny?" Austin asked.

"Oh yeah," I said. "Well at least up here." I patted her head as she
rolled onto her side, tugging at her diaper. "But of course she can't do
much about it. A few times I've caught her humping her dolls or slipping
her fingers into her diaper, but it's pretty futile. She's just a sweet
little baby, now and always, thanks to the nanotechnology I developed."

Little Tina's writhing stopped. Her face tensed up and the paci fell from
her mouth.

"Umm, do you smell that?" asked Austin. "Is that ..."

"Yep! That's my little stinker bell!" I blew raspberries onto her
stomach, eliciting ear-piercing squeals of joy.

"Oh," Austin backed away toward the door. "Should you, uh, should we
change her now?"

"Nah. She can sit in it for a bit," I said as I wrapped my arm around the
twink's torso. "Let's go repeat last night, shall we? I've had enough
baby shit for one morning -- literally." We laughed. I gave Austin a deep
kiss and let him to my bedroom.

As I pounded Austin's tight little ass, his screams of ecstasy nearly,
but not completely, drowned out the sobs of my former ex-boyfriend.

Tim laid in his little cot sobbing. With every new day, he struggled to
remember what it felt like to be a man -- to get hard, to jerk off, to
fuck. His nursery door had been left open, so with each sound of skin
slapping against skin, he sucked his paci even harder in a futile attempt
to drown it all out. While he squeezed his pink bear tightly, he
desperately tried to lie still -- with every little movement he could feel
the poo sliding between his smooth thighs and useless vagina. And as
another dribble of pee escaped into his soiled diaper, he realized all he
wanted was his daddy and a dry diaper.



End Chapter 1

Little Tina

by: Del Rio | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 2, 2022


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