Little Tina

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Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Chapter Description: Uncle Austin spoils toddler Tina

"Dada, I all done."

I paused the movie and turned to look over Austin's tight bicep draped
over my neck. She'd interrupted just as the heavy petting had started.

"No you're not, little missy. I see three more broccolis on your plate.
And you've barely eaten any of your hot dog," I said sternly. Austin
continued stroking the outline of my semi-hard dick straining in my
sweat shorts as he smirked at my parental tone.

"Buh dada I had fwee bwocwies alweddy and I don wike hot dog. I wike
steak dada," Tina whined.

Austin stroked even harder as I shifted closer to him on the couch. I
continued to address the toddler across the room strapped into her high

"Uh, little baby girls don't get steak. Steak is for big men, like dada
and Austin," I said. Austin slipped his hand into the leg hole of my
shorts, flicking the tip of my pre-cum soaked dick.

"Buh buh Awssin gabe me steak and I ates it all, dada," the 22-month-old

I squinted my eyes at my couch companion in disapproval. "What?" Austin
said. "I gave her like two bites of my steak the other night. What's the
big deal? She was being sweet."

Austin had really taken a shining to the baby girl over the past few
months. Where he had once taken glee in mocking my former boyfriend's
new status, he seemed to be forgetting who she once was. They had
started to form a genuine bond as niece and guncle. I had to admit it
was kind of cute, even if it made my job harder sometimes.

"You can't give her steak!" I scolded. "She has barely any teeth. She
could choke on a big hunk of meat."

Austin snorted out a laugh and squeezed my cock. "She took all that meat
down her throat like a champ. Don't worry. She hasn't forgotten how to
do everything."

The cheap joke seemed to go over Tina's little head as she hurriedly
tried to chomp down more broccoli in hopes of getting a special treat.
Having only a few brand-new teeth, she struggled to chew on the
overcooked mushy vegetables. Drool streamed down her chin and pooled in
the lip of her plastic bib. She bounced in the high chair with every
chew, her saturated diaper crinkling loudly with the motion.

"You're not getting steak, stinky pants. You can sit there until you've
had all your broccoli and two more bites of hot dog," I said firmly.
"It's so weird -- Tim used to love hot dogs."

"I'll bet he did!" Austin snickered as he tightened his grip on my dick
and restarted the movie, some trashy European gay romance. I pulled his
muscular leg on top of mine and pulled him in for a long kiss. My hand
reached under his shirt to find his smooth stomach and right abs. I
teased the waistband of his boxers as he nibbled on my lip. My hands had
reached the base of his rigid cock when a steady, high-pitched pouting
interrupted us again.

"Buh I don wan hot dog. I wan steak!" was the main refrain, mixed in
with indecipherable blubbering.

"Shit. She's crying now," said Austin.

"Leave her. She's just doing it for attention. Your attention,
specifically," I said.

He pulled his hand off my dick and stood up. Shit, well that fun was
over now. What a softie. He unbuckled the dramatic toddler from her high
chair and hoisted her up, his arm supporting her diapered butt under her
too-short dress. I always bought her dresses a little too small so they
rode up, showing off her diaper dependence to the world. Embarrassing my
cheating ex-boyfriend, now little princess, was still something I
reveled in.

"Shh, shh. It's OK. How about I give you a bottle and read to you before
bed, little princess?" Austin rubbed my ex's back as she rested her head
on his shoulder with her thumb planted firmly between her gums.

"Yeth Uncwey Awssin," she said, too despondent to be bothered to remove
the thumb.

Dammit. We were just getting to the good part of the movie -- and the
good part of the foreplay. Austin was such a pushover. When I'd first
met him, he enjoyed teasing the little shit as much as I did. He'd
relish locking her in her crib while we fucked in her clear line of
sight. She'd whine and cry, all with her face pressed up against the
bars, desperately rubbing her puffy diaper for any release. It wasn't
all futile -- the nanotechnology I'd developed allowed for preservation
of adult nervous system pathways and trace amounts of hormone
production. Tim's tiny vagina could certainly feel something, but she
certainly wasn't going to reach any sort of climax.

When we wanted to be entertained, we'd leave a mechanical toy in her
crib and watch on the baby monitor as she sought pleasure by grinding
against it. Everyone once in a while she'd line up a row of action
figures we'd bought her -- Thor, Spider-Man, Captain America -- pop in her
largest pacifier and just go to town on any toy that vibrates. She'd
spend hours staring at those muscular plastic men while smashing her wet
pink diaper against a robotic puppy. Of course, it always ended in

If only she could open up her diaper and use her fingers, she'd beg me.
Not a chance, little girl. Babies can't be touching themselves in that
way, I'd tell her as I wiped from her cute little buttcheeks. It still
amazed even me to think I used to plow this same asshole when it was
muscular and hairy. Now it was just squishy, smooth and encased in pink
plastic most of the day.

"I'm gonna get her ready for bed," Austin said, leaving me with a bowl
of popcorn and blue balls. Over many months, the tight little twink had
changed. He'd learned to love his uncle duties and sometimes seemed to
forget that toddler Tina used to be douchebag Tim. When I teased Tina,
he'd come to her defense. When I insisted she eat her mashed peas, he'd
slip her some chips. He'd even grown bored with watching her frustrating
attempts at orgasm on the monitor.

And now he was rewarding her for bad behavior. She hadn't finished her
dinner and now was getting her favorite thing -- bedtime routine with
Uncle Austin. It was no secret to me why she loved this, and I suspected
Austin knew, too. That little horndog toddler was obsessed with my
boyfriend since the first day I brought him over. Sure, I wanted her to
feel some jealousy. That was part of the fun. But now she seemed to get
his attention anytime she whined for it, attention that was quickly
turning more and more suspect.

I heard the bath running, so I poured out my half glass of wine and went
to observe the spectacle. As I walked into the bathroom, the same faux
argument was taking place.

"Now Tina, you know it's time for your bath. So, we need to get your
clothes off and get you all clean," Austin said calmly.

"No! I no wanna. I no dirty. I no need a bath," she squeaked, squatting
low with her arms crossed. Her sagging diaper scraped the floor.

"I know, little one. But we need to clean you before bedtime. If you
want me to read you a story, you need to take a bath," Austin turned to
me and gave a knowing shrug, then turned back to the tantruming baby.
"What if I get nakkie, too, and we get clean together. Then will you get
in the bath?"

The toddler looked up and gave Austin a half-smile. It's times like this
when I could see sneaky Tim showing through. She nodded sheepishly.

"Of course," I said, throwing up my arms. "Every time it comes to this.
You're too nice to that little shit. She's just using you."

Austin ignored me as he stripped off his loungewear. His beautiful
bulbous ass was facing me. As his underwear came fully off, Tina's eyes
darted up at Austin's flaccid six-inch cock towered over her. A line of
drool formed near her open lips and she instinctually inserted grabbed
her paci and sucked furiously. Next, my boyfriend peeled off his white
undershirt to reveal his modest pecs and just-visible six-pack. Tina
continued to stare until her little legs wobbled and gave up. She fell
on her padded butt, knocked out by the sight of her uncle.

"Your turn, baby." Tina instantly complied and laid on the cold tile.
Austin ripped her diaper off in one fast movement, leaving her pee-
soaked genitals exposed to the air. She reflexively tried to cover
herself with her hands. He brushed aside her attempts at modesty and
pulled off her yellow dress. The tot closed her eyes in pure ecstasy,
waiting for the inevitable next move. My boyfriend lifted her to his
bosom and cupped her tiny ass with one hand as he stepped into the warm
bathwater. As he lowered her in after him, she shuddered. I could tell
this was what that conniving Tim had been working toward all night.

In no time, Austin had the toddler laughing and splashing. Occasionally
she'd "accidentally" fall into his lap, sitting on top of his cock.
She'd fish around for a bath toy, only to squeeze his balls under the
water. I had to walk away. I was getting pissed just watching this. He
always insisted to me it was all good, clean fun. But I knew Tim. If he
couldn't have Austin as a boyfriend, he'd take him as a playmate.

Fifteen minutes later, as I finished loading the dishwasher, I could
still hear them giggling and splashing in there. What the hell was
taking them so long? Peeking into the bathroom, I was by what I saw.
Tina was firmly planted on Austin's lap, leaning against his hard,
glistening stomach. As he washed her back with a loofah, I could see
just the top of one of her Paw Patrol bath toys bobbing up and down in
the water in front of her little pot belly. That little perv -- she was
diddling herself with a plastic toy while grinding her butt into my
boyfriend's dick, all while oblivious Austin scrubbed her down. This was
Tim's end game: Get Austin alone and try to get off while away from my

Well, this wouldn't stand. I hadn't transformed my shitty ex-boyfriend
into a baby girl for him to enjoy the experience and steal my
boyfriend's attention. And Austin wasn't totally innocent either. I
realized I'd grown bored of the twink recently. During sex, he always
seemed to be somewhere else mentally. He was an "actor" and his multiple
side gigs that actually paid barely contributed to the household
expenses. Sure, he loved being an uncle, but could he afford all the
diapers that girl went through? I knew our days as a couple were
numbered, and now I was seething with anger over the betrayal going down
in my bathtub. Something had to be done.

Perhaps little Tina needed a sibling.



End Chapter 2

Little Tina

by: Del Rio | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 2, 2022


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Krisii ยท Sep 10, 2022

this is the best story, will there be a sequel?

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