The Succubus

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 29, 2022

A Succubus prowls the night on Halloween and discovers that her powers, in addition to overcoming men with lust, also render women submissive and childish. She decides to seduce a man in a bar, and when his wife tries to protest, she transforms her into an adult baby cuckquean.

Chapter 1
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The Succubus strutted down the street in her black high-heels, putting one slender crimson leg in front of the other, making her hips sway with every step. She wore fishnet stockings and a shadowy miniskirt that flashed her dark thong as she walked, and exposed the bottom of her bouncing bum-cheeks. Her tight, red midriff was bare, but the cold October air didn’t bother her one bit. A lacy black bra held up her full breasts, and she wore nothing else above the waist. Two small, sharp horns peaked out from her luscious black hair, and a pointed tail swished behind her.

All around her, men stopped and stared as she passed, hypnotised by her blood-red lips, by the subtle jiggling of her breasts and the flashes beneath her skirt. Their wives and girlfriend tugged at their arms angrily, sending bitter, jealous looks her way, though none could meet her gaze. When she flashed her coal-black eyes at them, they blushed and looked at their feet, still tugging on their men’s sleeves and whining like shy little girls trying to get their Daddies’ attention.

The Succubus smiled. She supposed it was only to be expected that her powers, though meant to enslave men to their desires, would also have a means of keeping truculent wives from interfering with her seductions. It seemed the poor things would be left unable to do more than pout and fuss while she took their husbands to bed before their very eyes. The thought made her pussy tingle delightfully. This was her first time in this realm, but with luck, she’d be staying. The air was cool and fresh here, and it smelt of earth and pumpkins, quite a change from the other place. All she needed was a man to drain. But, she thought, her smile turning into a grin, if he happened to have a woman along with him too, that would be just fine.

She noticed a bar up ahead, light and noise spilling out from it onto the pavement. Perfect. Humans were susceptible enough at the best of times if anything of what she’d heard was true, but a little alcohol in her target’s system couldn’t hurt. She slipped inside and was met with heat and noise, though it was nothing compared to what she was used to. The bar was full of people drinking and laughing, most of them dressed up in costume. Pirates, princesses, vampires, nurses… Strange what these humans were frightened of. She scanned around for someone suitable. She wanted someone handsome, if she could. Not too old, or too young. Ideally someone who wasn’t surrounded by his friends, either…

Then she spotted him. A good-looking man with neat brown hair and the shadow of a beard, perhaps in his late twenties or early thirties, sitting in a booth at the far end of the room. He was dressed as a lumberjack – checked flannel shirt, jeans, and suspenders, and there was nobody beside him. The Succubus stalked towards him, hoping he’d look up and see her coming. Human men seemed to enjoy the way she walked. But the man’s attention was focused in front of him, and as she got closer, she realised there was a woman was sitting opposite him. Her blonde hair was tied up in pigtails, and she’d crammed her shapely body into a blue-and-yellow-striped cheerleader’s outfit. A smirk played around the Succubus’s lips. The girl was hot, but not as hot as her.

She slid into the booth beside the man, interrupting their conversation, staring into his face with burning eyes. “Hi…” she said, huskily.

“Wow…” said the lumberjack. “Uh, nice costume.”

“Thanks,” she said, stroking his arm with her finger. “What’s your name?”

The man swallowed. He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her. “John…”

“It’s nice to meet you, John,” she purred, moving her face closer to his. “That’s a good, strong name.”

“Hey!” She paused and turned to the woman opposite. The cheerleader was glaring at her furiously. “What do you think you’re doing?!”

The Succubus leant back and smiled, her eyes glittering. She was going to enjoy this. “And what’s your name, sweetie?”

The cheerleader hesitated, clearly taken aback by her unnerving presence. Despite their rational minds telling them she was just wearing a costume, something deeper in these humans’ heads was screaming otherwise. “Deborah, but-”

“It’s nice to meet you, Debbie,” she cooed, her voice like honey. “Are you out with your Daddy?”

“My… my Daddy?!” The woman blushed, no doubt wondering if she’d really been mistaken for the lumberjack’s daughter, or if she was just being mocked.

“That’s right,” said the Succubus. “There are all sorts of dangerous monsters about on Halloween. It’s a good thing you’ve got your Daddy to protect you, isn’t it?”

Deborah glowered. “He’s not my Daddy!” she said, blushing harder when she realised how stupid she sounded. She gritted her teeth. “I’m his wife!” she said. “We got married just last month! Tell her, John!”

The Succubus smiled to herself. This one had quite a strong will. But no matter. That just made it more fun. She leaned towards John again, giving him a perfect view of her cleavage. She put an arm under her boobs and jostled them gently, and with the other she reached out under the table, touching his thigh with her hand. “What do you think, handsome? Is she your wife? Or is she just a silly little girl? Or maybe she’s both… Maybe you married her because you thought she was a sexy grown woman, but now that you’re looking at me, you’re realising she’s nothing but a stupid child...”

Deborah got to her feet. “That’s enough! Leave him alone! He’s mine! He-”

Bad girl, Debbie,” the Succubus hissed, in her coldest, most terrible voice. Her dark eyes glinted red like smouldering coals. “Don’t throw a tantrum, little missy.

Deborah froze. Her eyes widened in fear and shock, and, to the Succubus’s delight, a dark stain appeared on the front of her skirt. A soft pitter-pattering noise could just be heard over the music as the woman wet herself in front of them. Pee ran down her legs and soaked into her socks and trainers, and a small puddle formed on the floor at her feet.

The Succubus tittered. It was a sound like tinkling bells. So much for having a strong will! These humans were even easier to control than she thought! “Whoopsie!” she sang. “It looks like someone’s had an accident! Are you sure you’re a grown-up, Debbie? Maybe you should be out trick or treating with the other kiddies.” She cocked her head. “Or maybe you’re too little for that. Maybe you belong in diapers. Maybe you belong in a nursery.”

Deborah’s mouth tried to speak, but no words came out. Her bottom lip trembled as she stared, transfixed, at the inhuman thing sitting before her.

“I think we ought to head back to your place,” the Succubus said in John’s ear. The man hardly seemed to have heard what had been going on. He was still staring at her breasts, but there was a faintly confused expression on his face. The Succubus had to giggle. Men were so silly! It looked like he was trying to contemplate something profound between her tits. “Let’s go back to yours,” she said again, breathily, “and you can do more than look.”

“But… but what am I supposed to do?” Deborah whined petulantly.

“You can come too, sweetie,” said the Succubus, smirking at the woman’s childish transformation. “But go by the store and buy yourself some diapers first. The thickest you can find. Silly little girls who wet their pants can’t be trusted to wear big girl undies.”


Do as I say, Debbie,” she said, using her iron voice.

Deborah whimpered and hurried out of the booth, heading for the door as fast as she could, attempting to cover the wet patch on the front of her skirt with her hands. The Succubus took her lover-to-be by the hand and led him slowly out of the bar after her. Their drinks were left half-finished on the table.

They stepped outside in the fresh air, the Succubus revelling in all the stares she was getting. But she had what she needed for tonight. One man would do – in fact, it was all the better for what she had in mind. True, she could bind herself more easily to this realm if she simply found a bunch of frat boys to do her rough until morning, but she didn’t want her permanent entrance to the human world to begin with one cock rammed in her pussy, another down her throat, and a third up her butt. She had a little more class than that, and she had her future here to think about.

“Lead the way, handsome,” she said to John, standing up on tiptoe to let her words tickle his ear. It wasn’t a long walk to his apartment, and the Succubus was pleased to see it looked expensive and well-furnished. After all, it might just be her new home. She looked around approvingly at the master bedroom as she slipped off John’s suspenders and began to undo the buttons on his lumberjack shirt. A part of her knew she could just slip into bed with him and get to work, but she lingered, taking her time with the buttons, with his belt, teasing his hardness with her fingers, waiting for his wife to return. Something about the idea of making little Debbie watch while she took her husband away excited her even more than seducing John himself.

She grinned when she heard the front door opening. “In here, Debbie!” she called, and a moment later Deborah appeared in the bedroom, her mascara smeared with tears, a large pack of adult diapers in her arms. Fresh tears welled up in her eyes when she saw her husband standing naked in the arms of another woman. “Put them on,” the Succubus instructed, nodding at the nappies. Then she kissed John lustily on the lips, moaning into his mouth as Deborah ripped open the plastic packaging. She could feel herself growing stronger, becoming more rooted to this world as his hands groped her ass and her felt up her breasts. She heard a sob and a crinkle as Deborah began taping her diaper around her waist, and a jolt of power ran down her spine and darted into her nether regions. She let out another moan. Still kissing John passionately, she glanced to the side and saw Deborah holding the bulky pair of baby pants up between her legs, under her pee-stained cheerleader skirt. She thrilled as the woman sobbed again. It’s the humiliation, she realised. A woman’s humiliation feeds me just as much as a man’s lust.

She pulled out of the kiss and turned, drinking in the sight of the twenty-something-year-old woman standing before her with an obvious diaper bulge around her waist, and a hint of white peeking out from under the hem of her skirt. “Good girl, Debbie!” she crooned. “The widdle baby’s got her diapee on now, yes she does! No more pee-pee puddles on the floor, huh sweetie?”

Deborah blushed scarlet and glared at her, her fists clenched. She seemed to be torn between rage, shame, fear, and confusion.

“This is your new life, diaper girl,” said the Succubus. “Say goodbye to fun with men and hello to humping your pillows in pissy Pampers.” She reached behind her and unclasped her black bra, tossing it aside and freeing her large breasts. She laughed when she saw both John and Deborah staring at them, spellbound. She gave her boobs a little shake. “I think my lover’s just seen his favourite toys,” she said, looking at John. “But the baby,” she said, turning to Deborah, “probably just wants a suckle. That will have to wait until later though, little one.” She reached under her wispy black miniskirt, hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, and shimmied them down her legs. She could feel John’s eyes on her tush as she wiggled it from side to side. “It’s about time your husband and I fucked. But as long as you don’t make too much noise, you can stand in the corner and watch, okay?”

The Succubus turned back to John, looking at him with her smouldering, hypnotic eyes. She sauntered over, breasts bouncing enticingly on her chest. She grinned as he pulled her naked body tight against his, breathing hard in her ear. She could feel his thick cock pressed against her lower belly.

“No!” Deborah screamed suddenly. “Stop this!” She stomped her foot. “You can’t do this! I don’t know what you’ve done to make us act like this, but it’s going to stop now! I’m a grown woman and-”

The Succubus stepped out of John’s embrace and faced Deborah sternly, hands on her hips like a strict governess. “Poop your pants!” she ordered, cutting across her.

“I… I…” Deborah seemed to struggle internally, fighting with all her might. “NO!” she shouted. “I’m not gonna listen to you, you stupid demon!”

A flash of rage crossed the Succubus’s beautiful features, and she advanced on the woman. “Never hold your pee or poop again, Debbie!” she hissed in her icy, terrible voice. “Go to the toilet in your own pants for the rest of your miserable life, you stupid toddler!

Deborah staggered back in terror, her bulky diaper crinkling. For a moment, she just stood there, wide-eyed. Then her body betrayed her. Her face a mask of horror, Deborah sank into a squat and started pooping her diaper. She grunted and strained to push the yucky, warm load into her pants like an oversized two-year-old. Her bladder released again as well, soaking the front of the thirsty padding and turning it faintly yellow. “Nooooo…” she whimpered, as the horrible mess sank heavily into the seat of her diaper, making it sag down to her mid-thighs. “Pleeeease…”

The Succubus’s face softened. “There we go,” she said lightly, reaching down to pat the bottom of Deborah’s nappy, squishing the mess inside against the woman’s bottom. “That’s better.”

“Ewww!” Deborah wailed, once she’d finished messing herself. “No, no, no!” She stomped her feet pathetically. “I don’t wanna wear diapers! I don’t wanna share my husband!”

“Awww, I’m sorry sweetie,” the Succubus cooed in her syrupy voice, “but you’re just a big, stinky baby now. What man is going to find you attractive? You’re not even out of diapers! Besides, we won’t be sharing him, Debbie. Your husband is all mine. You’ll never have sex again. Not with him, not with anyone.” She practically shuddered with euphoria at the expression on the woman’s face. Then she looked at John with her best bedroom eyes. “Did you hear that, lover? You need a real woman, not an overgrown toddler. Look at your wife. She just pooped her pants. You’ll never be able to find her attractive again after this, will you? Debbie belongs in a nursery, not your bed.”

John nodded, sparing his wife’s dirty diaper a brief look of disgust before turning his attention back to nearly-naked beauty before him.

Debbie sobbed again. “John… No…”

“We’ll fix you up a proper nursery in due time, but for now the guest room will have to do,” said the Succubus, pointing at the door. John stood just behind her. He slipped one arm around her waist and bent down to kiss her neck.

Deborah looked at them with big, wet eyes, her lip wobbling pitifully.

“Do as Mummy says, Debbie,” said the Succubus, her dark eyes sparkling. “You could have stayed to watch, but since you threw a tantrum, you’ll have to make do with listening instead, and using your imagination while you hump your pillows in your full diaper. That’s what sex is to you now, Debbie. Now go to your room this instant, or I’ll spank your naughty bottom over my knee!”

Tears streaming down her cheeks, the pigtailed cheerleader turned and toddled out of the room as fast as she could in her saggy diaper, off to put herself to bed. The Succubus could feel the embarrassment radiating off her, and she drank it down hungrily. She hadn’t felt this strong, this real, in all the centuries she’d been alive. But her place here wasn’t yet permanent. There was one more thing left to do.

She fell into bed with John, delighting in his strong arms wrapped around her, in the taste of his lips, and, of course, the feel of his manhood as he thrust himself deep inside her. She moaned as loud as she could, imagining Debbie in the next room over furiously grinding her thickly padded clit on her pillow to the sounds of their lovemaking, trying to ignore the squish of her pee-soaked Pampers and the feel of the babyish mess sitting between her bum-cheeks. “Oh, oh, oooohhhh!”

John’s hands roamed her body eagerly, pulling and groping, and each touch made the Succubus’s pussy pulse with pleasure. But still, her mind couldn’t help wandering, thinking about her perfect little human family. Her lover and her baby. She’d have to get a crib, of course. And a changing table too. And plenty of toys to make Debbie play with. Not to mention some posters to decorate her room. Disney princesses, maybe, to match the bedsheets she had in mind. She’d hate that. And a highchair, and a bib, and lots of lots of adorable dresses! She grabbed John by the hips and bounced her coochie faster and faster on his cock. And onesies and hairbows and frilly little socks! John groaned beneath her, thrusting up forcefully, and as he came inside her and the Succubus took just a little of his soul to bind herself to the Earth, she moaned in ecstasy and thought, I bet Debbie would look just darling in braces!

She slumped against John’s chest as the man fell unconscious, smiling to herself as the red of her skin faded, her horns crept back beneath her dark hair, and her tail began to disappear. Even if she didn’t need to feed herself that way anymore, with the lust of men and the humiliation of women, that didn’t mean she had to throw away her new toys. Her dark eyes flashed, and she grinned. Debbie had a very embarrassing life ahead of her.



End Chapter 1

The Succubus

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 29, 2022


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maniac78 · Nov 1, 2022

This is great! It definitely has a "cowkites" feel to it which is awesome. Thank you for sharing and I can't wait to read more!

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