Refresh our relationships

by: Zebes | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2024

Chapter 4
Back to his teen years.

Chapter Description: Dave spends some time alone and experiences return to his teens.

                                                                                             27th of March

Yesterday Grace said that she needs to go to her parent’s house to pick some of her brother’s things for regressing Dave and to spend some time with her family that she hasn’t seen for a lot of time. She took  a vacation at her work and left the house early this evening, when Dave was sleeping.

He woke up closer to afternoon, because he went to bed around 5 AM. Dave had this strange feeling of guilt, because he was used to be a productive worker and businessman, an early bird always ready for making important decisions. He knew he hasn’t to go anywhere today, but that feeling was haunting him.

Dave looked at the mirror in the bathroom, he could say he has lost a little at height and his face was fresher and younger. He could say he is about 17 now, a minor, if this was his real age. Dave drank his morning coffee, made himself a breakfast, ate it and took a bath. After this he dressed himself in clothes he bought earlier and went out. He had to meet jurisconsult to discuss some things about the legal status of his property and business. After he has done it, David sat in his car and went to his job. He needed to terminate his work contract, because he no longer could do his job, as his skills and knowledge about it was vanishing.

This evening he finally drove home.  Official proceedings he have to care all day made him bored, and since it all was due to leaving his adulthood, depressed. Dave regretted that he doesn’t has PlayStation or any other gaming console at home. He hadn’t feel desire to play videogames that much for a long time and he was home alone. He had nothing to do, so he went to his laptop and spent this evening surfing the net. He even visited Reddit, especially r/ars and r/arsv.

There he found some posts of syndrome victims, their relatives and friends with their stories or tips for living through it, but there were also a lot of conspiracy theories. Some of them were interesting for Dave.  For example, one of redditors had an opinion that ARS was developed by US government and CIA, then broke out of lab. Another one wrote that it was made by Northern Korea scientists, because they wanted to give eternal life and youth to their leader and establish it as their achievement for glory of the Juche. They couldn’t risk all-mighty Kim relearning to read or needing his diaper changed, so they started to infect people in capitalistic countries for their tests. Reading this nonsence made Dave feel a little better and later he went to bed.


                                                                   28th of March

Dave was awoken by his ringtone. It was call from Grace. She told him, that she will arrive two days later early in the morning. The time was about 10 AM.

After his morning routine Dave brought his ARSV ID with him, sat in his car and went to the local sport center, because he hadn’t change his plans about going to the pool. When he arrived at the centre, he went to the pool’s bathroom. As he looked in the mirror, he saw a cute boy around 16 years old. In the dressing room Dave noticed that now he had a lot less pubic hair as he was pulling on his swimming trunks, the same was for his body hair, on his chest and stomach. It was almost nonexistent.

At the pool he have done about 2 or 3 circles when he saw someone he already have known. It was a teenage girl named Emily which was standing near the pool and getting ready to step in, as she prepared to wear her swimming cap.

Emily is a nice, attractive 16 years old girl with strawberry blond hair in shoulder length cut, which now was collected in a bun, brown eyes, freckled face with soft and a little wide cheeks, which are normal for her age, slightly pointed chin, tip-tilted nose and pink lips. She stood at her average height in her one piece swimwear that showed her slender figure, a bit toned, straight legs and perky B-cup breasts. Emily has worked for David as a product packager until half a year ago when her mother advised her to left her job, since she wanted her daughter to concentrate on studying at school.

David swam closer to her and when he reached the pool’s side, he started to hold onto it. He though it would be hard for her to recognize her former boss in a guy physically the same age as herself, so he could use it for a little fun.

-          - Hello lady, would you mind if I’ll keep you a little company? – asked David as he looked up at Emily still standing near the ladder. From this point of view he saw that Emily’s swimsuit was slightly little on her and it showed a little skin on her firm buttocks. He noticed that she had some freckles in that area too, the same as on her legs and shoulders.

-          -Of course I won’t mind! I’m Emily. It’s always nice to meet someone new. My friend is ill, so I had to go here alone, I thought it will be so boring today. By the way, I haven’t seen you here before. What’s your name?  I didn’t catch it. – She said slightly blushing and giving Dave a cute smile. Small dimples formed on her face as she did this. He saw, that unlike half a year ago, she now hasn’t any braces in her mouth, she must have taken them off recently. Dave also noticed, that he was feeling himself a lot more confident with Emily, than with Grace two days ago at the mall.

-          -I’m D… *khm* Daniel, - Dave thought it may be suspicious if he would call his real name. - Nice to meet you. You see me here for the first time, because I moved in with my parents some time ago. I live about two blocks from here, so I decided to start going to the pool or gym here as I have a possibility now. – He as he pulled himself up from water and sat on the side of the pool.

-         - Oh, I understand. I think you have been visiting the gym at your previous place. Am I right? – She said as she gave a look at Dave’s wet athletic body.

Dave remembered that he used to spent his time training in the gym at this age, because he wanted to impress the girls and be respected among the guys.

-         - You’re right. By the way, are you doing gymnastics? Maybe cheerleading? I can tell this from your posture.

-          -Oh, you’re so attentive! I used to do gymnastics since I turned 12 and until a year ago. I even got some rewards, but I got tired of it. I also practiced ball dancing until 13. Now I have swimming as a hobby, but I don’t want to take it to any serious level. It would require so much time and I have to study more now.

-           -I see. How about we try a little competition to decide who can swim faster?

-          -Ok, here I go!

Of course David had information about Emily’s past hobbies from her collegues that works for him, but he decided to pretend that he guessed it.

Of course, Emily had won because she was more practiced. Each of them swam some more circles.

-          -Daniel, I’m going out. We can meet each other later in the hall. Will you wait for me a little then?

-          -Ok, I will.

Half an hour later, they met again. Dave could see that Emily applied a little make up on her face. As all the girls at her age she wanted to look more “grown up”. She now wore high boots, short green checkered skirt with white pantyhose, yellow blouse and red jacket over it. Her hair was dissolved.

-         - Hi again, Daniel! What are we going to do now? I have a few hours, because I usually spend more time at the pool.

-          -It’s up to you, Emily, I will accept any of your suggestions. Spending time with a nice girl is a treasure itself.

-          -Oh, you are flattering me. – she blushed a little and giggled, covering mouth with her hand.  She surely liked Dave’s comment.

-          -So, where should we go now? Any thoughts?

-          -How about the local park?! I can show you my favorite place near the pond! It was mine and my friend’s “secret place” when I was little. It’s hidden by trees, so we liked to play here after school. You know what? *giggle* I kissed a boy for the first time here!

-          -Do you have a boyfriend?

-          -Is someone jealous? I hadn’t any boyfriends yet. I did it on dare. It doesn’t mean I didn’t like it of course.

They headed to the park together.


          Meanwhile in Grace’s hometown. In the cabinet of Dr. Amelia Weiss, a psychotherapist.

Grace was sitting in a leather armchair in front of her was a woman in her early 50’s in armchair of the same model. Small black table stood between them. Another woman was Dr. Weiss- psychotherapist, specialized in working with ARS patients. She had graying chestnut hair made into French twist hairstyle. Her delicate looking face was slightly wrinkled with laugh lines and creases on her high forehead. Dr. Weiss was looking at Grace through her half frame thin glasses. She wore a beige cardigan sweater, long blue skirt and white sneakers. Dr. Weiss spoke calmly to Grace:

-         - So David’s doctor said that there’s a real chance he could regress to toddlerhood with complete cognitive abilities and memory loss, am I right?

-         - Yes.

-        -  You haven’t told him yet?

-        -  Yes.

-         - Grace, you need to be prepared for it as a worst end of this situation. You need to prepare David for it, sooner or later there won’t be other variant.

-        -  I gave Dave an article of your collegue to read. I can tell it helped him to accept his fate more… should I say… easily.

-         - This article is about syndrome victims that keeped some memories, or all of them, some of them weren’t reverted back to childhood, so they haven’t suffered complete mental regression.

-        -  I understand. I just don’t think I’m ready to tell Dave that his case is a lot worse than he thought. I’m sure you had that kind of patients, that’s why I decided to went to here and start to work with you. You were highly recommended for such… erm… situations and there’s a possibility to get your consultations online. So, I think I need to give you that question: What should I expect?

-          -It’s unprofessional to discuss my former patients, but I need to do it, so you could have better understanding. Have you ever read the “Heart of a Dog” by Bulgakov?

-         - What?! No, I haven’t! What does it have to do with David’s disease?!

-          -Calm down, please. One of my patients gave me that question once. It’s a novell about dog turning into a man and in the end all the way back to a dog. This patient described her slow loss of her “adult mind” that way: She thought what have the hero of this novell felt, when he became a dog again, did he have something left from human mind? She thought about it, because he may feel the same she was going through. That’s how she described her personality slowly slipping into childhood and memories of “grown up” her fading away. She used to work in university where she taught students foreign literature of 20th century. By the time when she asked me that, she regressed physically to about 7 years and mostly had her memories.

-         - What happened to her later? – asked Grace.

-          - I was her psychotherapist, but also I am a member of special commission, which decides should ARS victim be legally confirmed a child, or not. As a part of my job as a commission member I had to went to her home, two months later. There, I was greeted by my patient’s adult daughter, which had become her official representative and caretaker. I walked inside and saw that she was about 2 years old physically now. Her behavior convinced me, that she was mentally also a toddler girl. She couldn’t read, count, say very much words now. When I tried to figure out how much she remembered about her adult life, she said: “Me go ca in potty, me big”. To complete her anamnesis I observed her interacting with her daughter, which she now called only “Mama” or “Mommy”. Her “Mommy” fed her, changed her dirty diaper and tucked her in a crib, because it was time for afternoon nap. Later I was working primarily with my patient’s official representative for a few years, I gave her consultations about  relationship with her little “mother”. – Dr. Weiss spoke in her calm, soft voice the whole time.

-          - Oh God! It’s so terrible! Do you know how they live now? – Grace asked almost in tears and grabbed a paper napkin from the table.

-         - Our last consultation was about a year ago, after it we ended the meetings. By that time former university professor have started kindergarten and was going to become the older sister to her own grandkid, since her daughter has married and got pregnant. The consultation was in the form of family therapy. She had tough time potty training her mother, though later she enjoyed watching her learn to read at early age. Her husband admitted it was pretty strange to understand that he is tucking in his mother-in-law sometime.

-          -Oh, I see. Dr. Weiss, you helped them to establish their new roles, am I right?

-          -Yes, Grace, you are.

-          - So what should I do in the current situation?


                                      At the park’s gates. Emily and David just came out of it.


David walked near Emily. They both enjoyed their time together. Emily turned out to be a very talkative girl, she has told Dave a lot of stories during their walk.

-          -Daniel, you’re such a nice guy! Did you enjoy the walk?

-          -Of course, I did. What’re your plans now?

-          -I’m going to the bus stop, it’s time to go home for me.

-          -Oh, I understand… Stop here! I can drive you home! Are you interested?

-          -Yes, I am! Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You’re soo-o cool, you have a car!

-          -It’s my father’s car, not mine, by the way. – said Dave as he thought it would be hard for Emily to believe that his “parents” bought him this car, when she will see his SUV.

-          -It doesn’t matter! My parents won’t let me drive any of their cars. They always say, that I need to prove that I’m responsible enough for it. Everything would be so much easier if they let me drive a car, I will pass my exam soon, but they said “we need to think about it for some time”!

As they sat in David’s car, Emily exclaimed how she’s impressed by car size and appearance.

-          -I feel myself like some celebrity, being driven in VIP auto and you’re my driver and bodyguard, Daniel! – She laughed and hugged Dave, who was sitting on a driver’s seat, from behind.

-         - I haven’t known you’re such mercantile lady! – laughed Dave.

-          -Yes, I am! Got it?! It’s not a deadly sin after all! – she was smiling so wide, all her teeth could’ve been seen.

David smiled too. “It’s so easy to make an impression on a girl that age. If I only had a car like this when I was 16 for the first time!” – he though. Then he remembered that the only accessible car for him then was his single mother’s pickup. Every time she let Dave use it, was like a red-letter day for him. When he started to drive, memories about him as a teenager and his mother returned to him. First year since her death from lung cancer have been especially hard for him. That was seven years ago.

-          -Hey, Dany! – Emily’s voice from the backseat pulled him back to reality.

-          -Pleeease, make the music a little louder! That old band is my uncle’s favorite! And this song is mine! – Dave heard Emily begging him and he did as she asked.

He was a little astonished by the word “old”. Then he remembered that Emily’s a zoomer, maybe she wasn’t even born, when he bought his first CD of this band in the middle of 00’s. There’s a real chance she never used a CD!

Dave looked at the navigator and saw that they were close to the destination point. Then he was disturbed by Emily again.

-         - Daniel, can you stop me a little earlier. My parents are home, if you’ll drive me straight to my house, they might see us.

-         - So, what?

-          -It may be tough to me to convince my Daddy that you’re not really my boyfriend or anything like this!

-         - Daddy?! – David giggled.

-          -Stop, Dany! – she said embarrassed and pouted a little.

-          -Oh, sorry, I shouldn’t laugh at things like this.

-          -Oh, It’s alright. I’m the one who should apologize. I know that sometimes I sound a little immature. I’m just used to call my parents “Mommy” and “Daddy”. Even my little brother doesn’t call them like that and he’s 8! – she made a small pause and continue.

-         - You know, sometimes I wish that I’ll never grew up. The future, kinda, scares me and my friends and relatives always notice that sometimes I act a little immature, despite my achievements in sport and studies. I still played with dolls when I had my first period at 13. You know, not long ago my aunt visited us with my little niece. She’s 7 and she’s a little angel! Not a hyperactive terror, like my brother. So, I played Barbies with her and I felt like I reverted back to being a first grader.

-          - We’re almost here, I think we should say each other goodbye.

-          -Goodbye, Daniel. – said Emily as she started to open the door, then she stopped like if someone unterrupted her and said:

-          -Stop, Dany, I forgot to take your contacts!

-          -Everything is Ok. I’ll be at the pool tomorrow.

-          -Ok, bye then.

-          -Goodbye, Emily.

As Dave drove to his home, he thought how stupid it all was. If cop stopped him, he might have show his ARSV ID to him, so Emily could have reveal his real identity. Of course, now he hadn’t any plans to go to the pool tomorrow. His regression will continue and she might notice it.


                                                                             29th of March

David woke up earlier than he did for the last 2 days. He did his morning routine and started the installing of some videogames on his laptop. His plans changed after yesterday meeting with Emily, so he had nothing to do again. Today he is about 15 physically, his muscles have become less pronounced and now he have forgot his driving skills. He could say it for sure, because he tried to remember how to drive a car. Dave discovered that he saved his knowledge about starting it and the destination of different pedals, but he can’t remember the details now, for example, how to park his auto, what some signs meant, etc.

Dave decided to check his messages on the phone. He noticed a message from Grace.

There was a photo of her in the mirror, she stand topless only in her lace g-string panties. The front of her panties was almost transparent, so it showed her shaved pubis and a cameltoe could be seen a little lower but it was tightly covered by the black satin fabric. Her position was slightly turned, so Dave can see the side of her wonderful ass. Grace had a gentle smile on her face.

There was a text written by Grace:

Grace: Hi Honey)

Grace: I miss U so much :(

Grace: How R U? How was your day?

Grace: I was so busy, I forgot 2 call U, I’m sorry.

Dave felt the rush of his now teenage hormones as he looked at the Grace photo.

-          My God! She’s your girlfriend. You need to control yourself! – said David to himself, his voice was a little higher and sounded like it recently broke. The last phrase sounded like he can’t believe what he just said. It’s understandable. How such a young guy can date an adult woman?

He needed to respond to her message, she gets mad when I “ignore” her, thought Dave.

You: Hello, Grace! I miss you too.

You: I’m fine. Yesterday I went to the pool as planned. I wanted to do it today, but it seems, I forgot how to drive a car. Can you believe it? I just don’t want to ride in a crowded bus with others.

You: I forgot to mention, I’m about 15 physically now.

You: I’m installing some videogames on my laptop now. It’s a pity, we haven’t bought any gaming console. It’s so boring now!

Dave thought a little and decided that he need to add something. Then he typed:

You: Really, even a Nintendo Switch would make it better, though it’s a complete crap and I don’t even need to play Mario Cart to bring back the childhood in my current situation)

You: By the way, I saw your photo.

You: You’re  HOT as ever.

You: Love you, baby.

David looked at the photo, Grace send him. Then he went to the bathroom, brought his phone and wet wipes with him. He sat on the toilet, grabbed his boner and started to jerk off. Dave imagined himself with Grace. Even in his imagination he can’t visualize his previous body now. He remembered how he looked, but it was hard to convince himself that this body is his. In his fantasies were Dave, a scrawny teenager and sexy, moaning and somewhat goddess-like Grace. Five minutes later it ended. His senses was so intense that he dropped his phone.

Now his mind somewhat cleared and he was shocked by his actions. Goddamn he is a grown man! – he thought.

He cleaned everything and raised his phone from the floor. There were new messages from Grace. Dave clicked to see them.

First of all he noticed, that she deleted her sexy pic. There was text from Grace:

Grace: O, I didn’t expect U 2 B so young by that time!

Grace: Sorry, I deleted the pic.

Grace: I’m just so confused about it (

Dave felt a strange mix of feelings. There were disappointment, anger and confusion. His mood was completely ruined. Then he remembered something very important. His second phone!

He went back to his and Grace’s room. Here he opened the lowest shelf of his bedside table and held his second smartphone, which was his secret from Grace, because it was meant to contact Jennifer, his lover. Dave activated it and saw some messages from her.

Jen: Where are you? You haven’t contacted me for a long time. Something happened? 03/26/2X

Jen: David, please, answer me. I’m worrying.  03/28/2X

Dave was standing and thinking, carefully choosing his words. Then he typed:

You: Hello, Jen. It’s hard for me to write such things, but I have to. We need to stop our meetings and forget about each other. There’s a serious reason.

You: Sorry for all. Once again.

With a hard, sanking feeling in his heart Dave extracted a SIM- card from smartphone.  Then he wrapped his second phone in a small plastic bag, dressed himself and walked out. On the street he noticed, that his clothes were slightly loose on him. He walked through the whole block and didn’t even notice it, because of his frustration. He saw a trash bin. Then he tossed the phone into it. Then crossed the road and tossed the extracted SIM-card into another one.

Grace doesn’t have to know anything about Jennifer, especially now. Jennifer doesn’t know his address, so she can’t contact him now, thought Dave.

Back home, he spent the whole day doing nothing useful, he played some videogames he installed, surfed the net, watched some porn and went to bed at 3AM. David had that sanking feeling again. He remembered that one girl has been waiting for him today and maybe will wait for him for another few days. That blond haired girl with big brown eyes, who told him some of her personal stories…


                                                                                      30th of March

At 7 AM Dave woke up suddenly and went to the bathroom to drink out of tap, because he was very thitsty. While he was sleepingly walking back to the bedroom he took a look in the window and saw Grace’s car in the driveway. David looked closer as she parked and stepped out of the car. He saw how she took a little case – her own, then a big case and a cardboard box. Grace started to open the door with her keys and Dave rushed back to the bedroom as he saw it. He layed down in bed and pretended to be asleep. David wasn’t sure if he wanted Grace to see him like this, so he decided to prolong the moment until their meet eye to eye. He heard the sound of the entrance door opening, Grace putting the cases on the floor, then bringing the box into the house, Grace walking upstairs… Dave listened carefully then one thing surprised him. Grace skipped the bedroom door and walked straight to the attic, opened the trapdoor and brought something inside. A minute later she entered the room.

-         - Wake up, sleepyhead!

David smiled. Usually it was him waking Grace up that way. He didn’t want to respond, he didn’t know how she would react to changes in is appearance. Earlier this morning he saw slim, almost scrawny boy with zits on the face. He must be around 14 physically by that time.

-         - Come on! Rise and shine! You’re gonna be late for school, Dave!

-          -Very funny, Grace… - he responded as he kicked the blanked out. Now he was only in his underwear which was slightly big on him.

-          -Oh, David, I’m sorry. I just wanted to joke…

-          -Ok, I’m not offended. It’s nice that you returned, Grace!

They hugged and David noticed that he is now at least a full head shorter than Grace.

-         - Here, - she gave him a big brown case, - it’s from my brother, find yourself something to wear and go to the kitchen.

As she went downstairs, Dave went to the attic to see what Grace brought here. She gave him a big case and he saw that the small one was in the hall, so it must be the box.

Then he finally saw a cardboard box. He opened it and saw that it was filled with different toys. They must be from her brother! He no longer needs them since he’s in college and too mature to play with them. “Why Grace is so pessimistic about my regression?!” – thought David. There were soldiers, superhero figures, dinosaurs, Bionicles of some old edition and Lego’s collected in different boxes of thematic sets, at least something good for today! Let’s see what’s here beside it. Toy cars, knight’s figures, “Young Doctor” and “Young Policeman” kits, a Barbie doll, Grace must have put it in with the others by accident, toy guns, tamagochi without batteries, wonder if it still works, building blocks, baby rattles… Whait, what are they doing here?

I may regress to a child, but it doesn’t mean that much back! Right?! There’s more than one, so she scarcely put it here by accident! Oh, God… There’s colorful baby blocks! What else? “Find a shape” game is also here?! I’m not going to be some drooling baby, is that clear?! I might stop here and start a new life from being a teenager! Why Grace can’t stop to be so pessimistic about me? She never wanted kids, then why she is waiting for me to become one? I really need to tell her everything I think about it! – were Dave’s thoughts.

- I need to tell it to Grace! F**k her and her plans for my future! – he said. It was loud enough, if Grace wasn’t in the kitchen she’ll hear it for sure. His voice was more higher toned than usual and was cracking, so it was strange to hear even to David himself.

-          - David, come downstairs for breakfast! – he heard Grace from kitchen.

-          - Ok.

David went to wash his face it helped him to cool off and sudden anger was almost gone.

During breakfast, they had a small talk. David couldn’t help but look at Grace’s chest that was emphasized by her dress with a deep cleavage. He has seen her like this before, maybe now his teenage hormones were making it too much for Dave to comprehend. Anyway he found it too hard to resist his newfound adoration for the breasts of Grace. She even commented it once:

-          - Hey, Dave, maybe you haven’t noticed, but my eyes are up here.

-          - Sorry, Grace, – He blushed a little. At the same time, Grace giggled at the shyness of her boyfriend.

After breakfast they were cleaning the kitchen together. Dave looked at Grace in her purple dress with short hemline which showed her long legs and accentuated her round ass tightly hugging it. “She liked the last time I suddenly started to have sex with her, maybe I should try it once more. She’s my girlfriend, so it’ll be Ok” – thought David. He was aroused by the view and walked closer to Grace from behind, she was standing completely unaware. She just stopped dishwashing and pulled off the rubber gloves which protected skin on her hands from being harmed by water. This situation reminded Dave of their intercourse half a month ago.

He was close to her. He pulled her hem higher and saw for a sec that she wore the lace thong again, though this time it was red, then he grabbed her buttock. He had a hard on, his dick was surely diminished now, but in his full readiness it even could be called not so bad for his age. Dave’s movements seemed a little clumsy, unlike the last time he has done it. He surely was shy and somewhat afraid now, though his raging hormones were driving him crazy and his heart was beating a lot faster at the same time.

Suddenly, he sensed that his hand was grabbed and pushed away. Grace quickly turned over and gave him a slap in the face. Dave’s cheek was in pain for a few seconds than the burning sensation started.

-         -  *Ouch!* It hurts!!! Grace, what have I done?! – exclaimed Dave and looked at Grace. Her furious face scaried him and sent shivers down his spine. He felt sudden change in his emotions. His lust and euphoria from arousal disappeared in a millisecond, being replaced with shame and fear, the same fear a child have, when realizes that he now will be screamed at and punished by his parents. It was like the jump in the cold pool right after walking out of the hot steam room, though it surely wasn’t a pleasing feeling. It was disgusting and totally confusing.

-          - Stop it, young man! We can’t do this now! You must understand it!

-          - Gra.. G-Grace! Grace, why we can’t? – said David in a trembling voice.

-          - You’re not the same as before! You must understand it, Dave! And don’t “Grace” me!

Dave rushed to the bedroom and slammed the door. “Why she is treating me like a f**king child! She’s my girlfriend!” – thoughts flashed in his head. He has been sitting here with the locked door until afternoon, when Grace knocked.

-        -  Dave, please, open. I’m sorry for this, honestly! We need to talk.

He unlocked the door. They sat on the bed and Dave quickly realized he need to hide what he was going to watch and closed his laptop with a Pornhub page opened. Grace pretended that she hasn’t noticed.

-          - David, we need to talk. I know that I was wrong when hit you. I just overreacted, I’m so sorry for that! Does it still hurt?

-          - No, it doesn’t. Apologies accepted, do you want to talk about something else?

-          - Yes, I want and it’s really important. I need to explain you why I can’t have any sexual intercourses with you. You see, you’re not only changed physically but also mentally, as your doctor said, right? You’re not the adult man you used to be, even your hormonal system… your whole perception changed. Mental readiness for such things is very important, because it requires more than just physical aspect of maturing, that’s why we have an age of consent. Am I right?

-          - Yes, I understand now. Excuse me, can you live me alone for a little now? I really need it.

-         -  I haven’t told you everything I wanted, yet. I made an appointment to the legist, now I’m your official representative, finally. It’s first.  We need to go to the bank tomorrow, because with your current regression speed soon bank won’t let you use your account, so we need to transit it to mine. It’s second. We also should registrate your business on me, because soon you’ll be confirmed as incapable, because of your condition.

-          - Ok, I understand. Though, I don’t know why they are going to close my access to my bank accounts, I don’t feel much changes in my mentality, except for me being too emotional sometime, in such situations I really perceive myself like a person much younger than my real age.

-          - Your mental decline may increase sooner or later, so they must do it as a precaution. Oh and remember, we should do some shopping tomorrow. My brother’s cloths are a little worn out and out of fashion, so we must buy something else for you.

-          - Grace, I don’t have any want to do it, I disliked the last time we have done this, because it gets me in touch with my further regression and also I never were a fan of going to the malls.

-          - Dave, listen to me. -  Grace pulled down her tank top she usually wears at home and revealed her nice boobs. She was without her bra, so David now saw her puffy pink nipples on a white, round mounds of her flesh. – Now you must behave for me and follow my rules as a person responsible for you. Is that clear? Promise to me that you’ll be a “good boy”, that listens to me and I’ll let you touch my “girls”! I see how much you desire to do it!

-          - Ok, *gulp* I promise to be… (David though should he really say it or not, but Grace’s tits near his face were the best argument to do it) I promise to be a good boy and listen to you… Can I do it now?!  

-         -  *Laugh* You can!

David cupped the left breast, which now looked to him even larger (though it wasn’t small at all). He closed his eyes and rubbed it a little, so he can feel it better. He did so for about 30 seconds and Grace gently guided his hand away, then wore her top the normal way.

-          - That’s enough for today.

Grace liked Dave’s appreciation to her body which was unusual for David she has known, but understandable at his current physical condition. Talking about Dave, he blushed so much that he now was red as a tomato and had a stone hard member in his pants. Grace hugged him a little, which added some uncomfortable for him, because fabric of her tank top in the area of breasts rubbed against his side a little.

-          - I have a suggestion. You mentioned your desire to play some videogames yesterday, didn’t you? Tomorrow we can go to the computer club, after we’ll do all our affairs. What do you think about it?

-          - That’s great! Hey, Grace! What people now would think when they’ll see us? I mean our new age difference… *cough* I mean, difference in ages we appear to be. They may think, that you’re my mother!

-          - *Laugh* Hey, I’m not that old yet! I think I’ll be more like an older sister who likes to spoil her baby brother! I think we can pretend to be siblings with serious age difference, that would be so much fun! What do you think? 



End Chapter 4

Refresh our relationships

by: Zebes | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2024


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