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Chapter 7
Plot twist

                                                              24th  of April.

-          David! Wake up! You’ve gotten smaller again! And your bed is ruined! –David was awaken by Grace shouting.

He started to understand what happened – his pajama and Pull Up felt bigger than he remembered them being and they were wet, there also was a cold, sticky substance smudging on his body and a disgusting smell.

Then David realized – his body is smaller! He left the covers and hopped from the bed. His clothes was baggy on him, the pants was almost falling off, Pull Up was too big too. Some heaviness was in training pants too – David shitted himself and peed very much also. It seems the containment of Pull Up leaked though the waistband and legholes when he was sleeping, because it became too big for such a little boy.

David stood up near Grace – a 2 year old physically with pudgy limbs and stomach, round cheeks and very soft fair hair, no way someone would believe he was an adult if have seen him.

-          David, you’re about 2 years old now and you crapped yourself. *Uuuh* Come on, I have to bathe you.

-          Gwace… I haven’t mean to *Sob* Sorry *Sob*No, no, NO, NO WAY!!! Waaaaahhhhhhh! WAAAAHHHHH! – David started to cry and was shouting almost at the top of his lungs when Grace carried him, to the bathroom, undressed him and turned on the warm water.

In the mirror David saw himself- a teary eyed, red faced, crying toddler with small babyish body, soft pale skin and a tiny dangling uncircumcised wee. Grace washed him and by the time she finished, he calmed down, even the smallest sobs stopped. She wrapped him in the towel, hugged him and kissed his forehead, carrying him to the livingroom.

-          Sit here for a minute Davie – said Grace and tossed him the building blocks.

David was completely naked. He was used to Grace seeing him like this, so he wasn’t ashamed. Sitting on the carpet he started to stake the blocks, building a tower. It helped him not to think about things happening right now.

Grace returned with a sport bag, she grabbed the toddler David and put him in traditional baby hold. She put David on the plastic mat which was spread on the sofa.

-          I know, you won’t like it. But I have to put you in this. – she showed him, a disposable diaper with a picture of Elmo on it.

-          No, I don’t need ‘em, it’s an acthident.

-          I’m sorry, Davie, but we’ll see if you can tell when you need to pee or poo. Now, kitten, lift your cute bum for Mommy.

Grace slid the diaper under David’s butt and pointed his pee down and closed the tapes. After doing this, she made sure it’s snug on Davie.

-          What aw’ we going ta do? – asked the confused and embarrassed toddler.

-          Oh, baby… We have a very busy day ahead. I’ll have to buy you new clothes, put a crib together and order something else for you. So, I’ll go buy everything and you’ll have to sit here quiet for a couple of hours.

-          Gwace…

-          It’s Mommy. Have you forgotten?

-          Mommy, can we stop the rowepway?I have something to ask you about.

-          You can ask me later, I’m in a hurry.

Grace turned in the TV with some cartoons playing and gave David some toys to play, while she’s absent. Leaving, she said:

-          Oh, you’re so cute, my little cherub! Look, your hair is quite long for a boy your age. It can be made into a boy’s bun. Won’t that be fun?


When Grace headed out to the mall, David spent his time playing with blocks, cars, watched cartoons, but quickly got bored. He has peed a little, though he hasn’t noticed it at all. So, David decided to explore the house a little. In his smaller form it looked a little different to him.

Walking through the living room he noticed some strange things. On the coffee table near the sofa were laying a document and a small photo.

David looked at the photo. It was a picture of two school girls in a place that looked like a school’s sports hall. They both were about 16 years old, but David couldn’t state it now. He perceived them a “very big girls”, other details haven’t made any sense to him. The one on the right part of photo looked like a teenage version of Grace in a cheerleading uniform, hair in ponytail and braces, that were showing, because she smiled. Of course, her womanly curves were less appetite and her face more round and childish, but she looked very nice for a girl her age. Looks like someone is an early bloomer! Girl on the left side had smaller height, big glasses on her cute, but acne covered face, that accentuated her big innocent blue eyes, black spine length hair in long pigtails made by pink ribbons. She wore a black knee-length skirt and a blue vest of her high school over her grey blouse. Her chest was almost flat as a board in combine with her small stature, slim, fragile frame and bony legs made her look younger than she is. Wait! Is it Jennifer?! Only much younger?!

This explains a lot. That’s how Grace learnt about David cheating on her.

Shocked David looked at the other side of photo. There was a writing. He tried to read it:

Cnfhifz irjkf clvjnj 2008 gthtl aAn kmbsv vfnxtv. – that’s how David perceived it now.

It seems he lost his reading skills and couldn’t read anything besides letters – “A”, “B” and “C” and simple numbers like “1”, “2”, “3” and “0”.

David looked at the document lying near – he also couldn’t read it. But he can rewrite it to do it later if his ability to read it will return. He remembered, that Grace bought crayons for him. He found them and a piece of paper and tried to copy the text of the document:

D e c i si o n     o f sp e        al comi s s I o n  o n t h e s    t a t u s of pers


Writing was hard for David because of his smaller hands and a fact that he forgot how to hold the pencil right, so he did it like any other toddler. He also didn’t remember the meaning of letters and the writing of them, so he tried his best to copy them. David used the associations. For example: s – like a sign of dollar, o – like a casual circle or zero.

Then he remembered there’ crayons of other colors. So he can draw the letters using them! By that time he forgot the purpose of what he was doing now.

David hasn’t even written the title of the document, because he heard the front door opening, so he quickly hid the piece of paper under the sofa. He rushed to Grace standing near the entrance with shopping bags.

-          Hi, Davie. Come here for a Mommy’s “homecoming kiss”.

David ran over to her and she bent down and kissed the boy on his forehead, small button nose and cheeks.

-          Look what I got for you! Here. That’s your brand new sippy cup, that’s a nice powder for your tushie, so you won’t have a didie-e rash and there’ bib and other clothing! Stay in the living room, please, while I’ll unpack all this. – Grace talked in a sing-song voice and was in a cheerful mood.

David waited for Grace for about 15 minutes. He used it to try to read what he has written. He couldn’t make it despite how hard he tried, so he gave up and returned to playing with blocks and watching cartoons. His favorite “Dora the Explorer” was on!

Grace came in the livingroom and started to search for something. David came over to her and shyly tugged the pantleg of her stride.

-          What happened, kitten? Does something bother you? Is your diaper wet? – she cooed and touched the front of his diaper.

-          Gwace, I’m vewy sevious! Can we stop the game?! I want to tawk to you.

Grace suddenly became serious and crossed arms on her chest.

-          Ok, I’m listening.

-          I found sometin’. Here on the table. It’s a document, I haven’t seen it before and you haven’t told me about it, but you always let me know about this le… (David forgot the word) le… this thingies about law and me, I mean.

-          Oh, I understand you. Why won’t you read it by yourself? – Grace raised her eyebrow questioningly.

-          Gwace… It seems… It seems… I forgot how to do it… How to read, I mean.

-          Oh, baby, there’s nothing to worry about, come here. Sit on my lap, I’ll read it to you.

David did as was said and Grace started to read:

-          Decision of special commission on the status of person affected by Age Regression Virus…

Dave noticed how fast he lost all his concentration on what Grace was saying and it became harder for him to understand the meaning of the text.

-          Grace, can you just say what does it all mean?!

-          Of course, this document says that your legal status is equal to that of a child. Like if I was your parent. That’s because your mind is that of a child and you’ve lost all your memories about previous life, at least it’s written here. – she grinned devilishly.

-          Why?! That’s not true, you know it! Why did they make this decision?! – David was shocked both by what he heard and by Grace’s face.

-          Oh, kitten, please, be quiet. I’ll explain it to you. I’ve installed hidden cameras in the house. I used the law about sped up office work in cases like yours. You were regressing very fast, so the tapes I showed to commission was enough. The cameras filmed you playing with toys, wetting the bed and calling me “Mommy” and me bathing you, reading you a picture book while tucking you in and guiding you to the “potty”.

-          It can’t be weal! Stop teasing me, you, big bully!

-          It can, Davie! You want proofs, don’t you? Here it is.

Grace walked over to the bookshelf and pushed aside some books and other things lying there and pulled out a small camera.

-          Gwace! Why are you doing it?! Is it because of your revenge?!

-          Revenge? What revenge?

-          No… Nothing.

-          *Hahahahahhaha* Don’t be afraid, Davie. I know you’ve read my diary. I’ve seen it on the tape.

-          Is everything true?

-          Yes, baby boy. I knew you cheated on me with Jennifer. And you, disgusting mother***r, deserved a punishment! – Grace calmed a little, then continued. - I put all those clues – diary, document, photo especially for you. I thought you’ll ask me and looks like I predicted it. I wasn’t expecting your mind will slip so much that you’ll lose your ability to read, though.

-          How do you know Jennifer? – asked tiny David with a fear in his eyes and trembling voice.

-          Well, that’s good you asked. Jennifer and I were friends since highschool. You f***ed my bestie, do you know how painful it is for me?!

-          I’m *sniff* so sorry… *sniff* *sniff*- David was about to cry from shame.

Grace was not only his girlfriend mad from his cheating, but more like a mother figure that scolds him strictly. It scared him. The difference in size made David feel himself helpless and insecure and he didn’t know what he should expect from Grace in her current state.

-          No, David, if you were truly, sorry, you should have talked with me about it earlier than you regressed to a pants-shitting toddler! When you suggested a threesome, you wanted to do it with Jennifer, don’t you? – said Grace.

Then, a ring on the door was heard by both of them.

-          Oh, finally! Do you know who is it, Davie?

-          No…

-          Oh, don’t worry, it’s your lover – Jennifer! Aren’t you excited to see her? What?! No? I thought you’d like to meet her!

*Ring* *Ring* *Ring*

        -  Now, listen my “cute toddler”. If you don’t want her to know that you’re diminished to tiny tot under my complete control and care. Then – she continued in a cooing voice, used to talk with babies, - put on your best baby behavior. Okay? That’s good! Come on, our games continues!

*Ring* *Ring* *Ring*

Grace carried David on her hip as she walked to the door. She opened it. A silhouette showed in the doorway – slim, small statured but graceful, it definitely was Jennifer! She was dressed in red skinny jeans that tightly hugged her thin legs, blazer of the same color and white tube top, she had high heel shoes, that added some height to her.

-          Hi, Grace, it’s been so long!

-          I’m so excited to see you, Jennifer!

They hugged each other a little and Jennifer exclaimed:

-          You never mentioned that you have children now! You wanted this to be a surprise for me? Has this little cherub started to talk yet?

-          Of course, Jennifer! He’s already 2 years old!

-          My bad, I don’t have any of my own yet and I never had to deal with babies. So, cherub, what’s your name?

David was silent. A mix of pure emotions was in his head. He hoped to never meet her again and did everything he can to prevent it. And now Jennifer is standing right before him, dressed like she is heading to the club! And he is in Grace’s arms in nothing except for a diaper! David buried his face into Grace’s bosom. Grace interrupted David’s thoughts:

-          Why you are so silent, kitten? You haven’t even greeted the nice lady. Sorry, I don’t know why my Davie is so shy today.

-          Oh, everything is okay. You named him after his Daddy? I understand you, he definitely resembles him a lot. Someone’s going to be a lady’s man like his father, when he’ll grow up, isn’t he? Isn’t he? – said Jennifer in a cooing tone, while ruffling his hair.

-          Please, don’t remind me about him.

-          Oh, I’m sorry, Grace.

David understood, that Grace said to Jennifer, that they have broken up. And now she pretended that he is her son and previous David – his father.

-          I don’t know what happened to him, - Grace slipped her finger into his diaper a bit, checking him – he’s a little soggy, but he doesn’t need to be changed. Maybe he’s hungry or tired a little.

-          Someone’s a little grumpy, maybe I can help. – said Jennifer and tickled little boy’s feet.

That caused David to start laughing in a loud toddler’s laugh that sounded like a small bell ringing. And he felt a stream of urine leaking into his diaper.

They went to the kitchen, where David was put in a highchair and given a plastic plate of porridge. Grace tied a bib on his neck.

-          Davie, do you want to eat by yourself? Mommy always can help you. If you don’t have the appetite to eat, I can do a “plane”.

-          No. Myself.

-          Oh, what a smart big boy! – said Jennifer.

David ate his porridge in silence as the woman chatted. He noticed that his coordination has reduced too, so it was harder to hold a spoon and he spilled a little food on the bib.

Later, he finished, Grace wiped his face and they went to the livingroom together. They sat on the sofa and Grace gave David a sippy cup of milk and continued to chat with Jennifer. David tried to listen what they were talking about, but he lost interest fast, they talked mostly about job. Then he noticed that Grace started to make some massaging moves on his stomach with her hands. David felt pressure in his bowels and immediately relieved himself in a diaper, closing his eyes and feeling  some mass near dropping  in it.

Grace looked at him and smiled for a second. David saw it. That mean she knows he pooped himself, but pretends she doesn’t. David’s desire not to stay in a dirty diaper overpowered his pride, or what left of her, and he tugged Grace’s shirt and said:

-          Mommy, I need tange’.

-          Davie, I have already taught you to say a “magic word”. Ask Mommy nicely and I’ll change you.

-          Mommy, pwease, tange’.

-          Okay baby, let’s go.

She brought a newly bought changing mat in the room and put him on it, then opened the tapes on the dirty diaper. Jennifer was sitting on the sofa and watching it the entire time, she even asked if Grace need any help, while she wiped David’s ass and front with wet wipes. Completely nude, David sensed being lifted up. He was being held to Jennifer by Grace!

-          Can you watch him for a sec? I forgot to bring a fresh diaper. – said Grace.

-          Of course, I can. – said Jennifer, accepting David in her hands and putting him on her lap.

Grace left the room.

-          I hope, you won’t piddle on me, that’s my favorite clothes.

David was so embarrassed by Jennifer’s comment! He didn’t know how to react to this, so he started to sob and whimper slightly.

-          Oohhhh, please don’t be sad, Davie, your Mommy will be here soon. – said Jennifer and kissed David on the forehead.

That was even more embarrassing. Being treated like a baby and cooed at by his previous lover! Wet sensation on the forehead from kiss made David remember about time, when those lips wrapped around the shaft of his dick. Now it was only a tiny prick, hanging useless between his small pudgy legs.

-          I’m already here, come on we’re ready for a fresh didie! – David heard Grace talking.

She put him on the changing mat again and slid the diaper under his bum. During this process Jennifer asked to powder David, because “he’s such a sweet little bun! I have to do it!” and Grace let her. When the powder was applied she shut the tapes on it, making sure it fits him snug. Grace carried David to the sofa again and said:

-          Now you are all fresh and clean! Oh, you’re still grumpy, aren’t you? I think someone needs a nap. – said Grace.

-          No! Me no wanna!

-          Davie, please, your young nervous system needs a rest. – said Jennifer. She was right, she really lacks experience with small kids.

-          Oh, Jennifer *giggle* that’s not a way to calm down a toddler! There’s something that often helps me to soothe him. –Said Grace lifting her T-shirt and reaching for her back with her hands to unclasp the bra. Now she sat with her naked breasts and started to push David’s head closer to her puffy pink nipple. – Of course, Mommy is out of her milky for a long time, but my kitten still enjoys my titties.

David understood that Grace wanted to humiliate him more, by forcing him to suck on her nipple. He could try to resist, but it was so unexpected to him and Grace forced him gently, but with enough power to make him unable to resist. Another reason: sucking her breasts didn’t seem so bad to him now. So David took her nipple into his mouth and started to suck it slowly, as Grace cooed to him as if she was praising him.

Suddenly a very loud laugh came from Jennifer.

-          *Hahahahahahahhhahahaahahahahahahhahahaaha!* Sorry, Grace, I can’t watch it longer without laughing! David, you really sucked her boob!

-          Nevermind, Jennifer, you acted the best way you could! *Hahhahahahahhahahahaha!*

Both Grace and Jennifer started to laugh hysterically. David spit out Grace’s nipple, raised his head and looked at them.

-          *Haahahahhahhaaha* David, you need to see your face! - exclaimed Jennifer, covering her mouth with her hand and pointing her finger on David – Yeah! I was fully aware about your true self! – she added.

By that time, Grace’s wore her bra and T-shirt the normal way again and giggled. She looked at David with a mischievous grin, like a girl in kindergarten that just has pulled down the boy’s pants and underwear, uncovering his privates.

-          Yes, Davie, she knew about everything, that was a part of our plan! I suggested her to trick you. That was great. What do you think? – she said.

-          Why are you pouting? I thought  you like nakey-time with me, what’s wrong? Oh, I forgot the last time we did it, your tiny weenie was bigger. Yes, I’ve seen you getting diapered and even applied some powder on your adorable bum. I helped Grace to do all of it and I’m satisfied with my work! Oh, are you sad? Please, cheer up a little, baby, we can cuddle with you, I also can babysit you later. – said Jennifer.

David’s lip trembled, he started to cry.

-          Why are you doing this?  I loved both of you! *Wahhhhhhhh!*- he whined. His tears ran down his face.

-          No. David, I loved you! But I understood I can’t do it longer, when I learned you have a girlfriend and she’s my bestie from school. If you loved me, why have you stopped to answer my messages, when you started to regress? You used me, humiliated both me and Grace, cheatin on her! You deserved a punishment. – said Jennifer strictly.

-          And stop whining! I thought you have still some pride left in you, as a former man. But you acting like a baby. – said Grace and gave David a slap on the face.

His cheek immediately started burned with pain, because his skin now was much softer and much more sensitive than that of adult. The slap only made him cry even louder. Grace put David on the sofa, so he could let it all out, crying at the top of his lungs. After a few minutes, when David’s cries turned into sobs, Grace hugged him a little to help him calm down. It helped him. Her soft hands, closeness to her body and bosom and motherly tone as she spoke to him actually let his mentality to slip out of hysteria and gain stability. When David calmed down she held him to Grace and said:

-          Jennifer, sit with him for a minute, please. I’ll assemble the crib upstairs and return to you. You can talk, while I’m absent here. – she said and left the room walking upstairs.

David and Jennifer were left alone. Jennifer grabbed his tiny body and put him on her lap with his red from recent crying face facing her.

-          W-w-why have you done this? N-n-no, how? How are you wespontible for this?

-          Looks like I have to explain it… *Sigh* Do you remember my workplace?

-          N-Nort… North- something, I guess?

It was actually hard to recite the name of corporation where Jennifer worked.

-          Norton’s Pharmaceutics, yes. And this company also works with ARV researches, so…

-          It’s my illness!

-          Calm down, please. It’s rude to interrupt grown-ups when they are talking.

-          Sowwy- said David putting his thumb in his mouth and look away from Jennifer’s face to the floor.

Jennifer smirked at David’s behavior. He acted like a small child, real small child that never was an adult, as if his kindergarten teacher, stop, he is too little for it, his caretaker or babysitter or any other “big” aunty made a comment about his behavior. Jennifer continued:

-          And put your thumb out of your mouth! If you’ll continue to do it, I’ll ask your Mommy to buy you a pacifier. Would you like it? I think, no. Because it’s for babies. And you’re already 2 years old. 2 year old – is a big boy! – she teased him, grinning and talking in a babyish way, tickling his round tummy.

-           Let’s return to your question, enough games for today. As an employee of “Norton’s Pharmaceutics” I am a part of ARV research group. When I found Grace is your girlfriend, you mentioned her, you know it, I told her about everything and we chose to keep it a secret and make a plan of revenge. I came up with a radical idea. In a lab I saw, that a couple of samples were not registered in a base, so if anyone would grab it before the party could be checked, so I have it for myself. Later, I studied the results of our experiments and researches. See, ARV in its pure state is safe and not contagious for anyone, at least in laboratory. It’s still a secret how the ARVS’ are infected. But with add of someone’s DNA sample and some other things it could be made into a ARV strain contagious for a certain person, the one that provided the sample. I used it on you. I did you a blowjob and collected your semen into the test tube, made a drug with it and in the evening Grace drugged, when she slipped it into the wine. Everything goes just as I expected: rapid regression, slipping mentality, etc. By my estimation, your regression is almost complete. Maybe a few more months could be shed out from you.

-          J-Jennifer… It’s very cruel to me… We all could live a happy life together, like I suggested…

-          No, David. You used both of us, tricked both of us and you deserved a punishment. – said Jennifer pulling down his diaper and put him on her lap waist down.

-          Noo-oo! Stoop! Don’t do it, please! Grace promised not to spank me!

-          I didn’t make this promise, Davie. And, of course, I don’t want to do any harm to a small baby, but that grown-up asshole inside that cute body deserved it! *Slap* It’s for lying! *Slap* It’s for ignoring my messages! *Slap* It’s for using me! *Slap* It’s for cheating on Grace! *Slap* *Slap* *Slap*

When Jennifer finished, David was in tears, crying on the top of his lungs. Grace upstairs has heard it. Spanks were even more painful than before.

When David was only sobbing with tears running down his cheeks, Jennifer said:

-          You know, I ignored your prayers just like you ignored my wishes. I asked you to stop calling me “little girl” during our “play sessions” referring to my stature and figure, because I’m tired by such comparisons since highschool where I wasn’t very popular.

Jennifer applied baby cream on David’s bottom and wore another diaper on him. She closed the tapes and the diaper wasn’t sitting on him as snug as when Grace did it.

Grace walked downstairs dressed him in a toddler cloths – a blue pants and T-shirt and white socks. At least the diaper was covered. She excused herself, saying she needs to go and left Jennifer to babysit.

She dressed herself into the red evening dress and walked out of the house.

The rest of the day went without occasions, David mostly sat silent playing with cars or blocks or watching cartoons to let the worst thoughts come out of his mind. Jennifer prepared some food for dinner and fiddled with her phone.

After dinner in the highchair and bib, diaper change and bath with bubbles, David was put into his small jammies with a flap for diaper changes at the front. That was very embarrassing. 

Jennifer put him into his new crib and turned on the smart speaker, walking back to Grace room, because she had to stay the night here.

David was lying in the crib, adjusting to even more babyish surroundings and listening to the affirmations. He thought what he should do in such situation:

“ I should have thought about it right after they told me about everything! They both did things usually perceived as crimes! I need to tell someone about everything! That way I’ll be able to prove that I haven’t reverted to toddler mentally. And Grace with Jennifer will be in prison… That’s great! A real revenge! I’ll eventually grow up and will an adult man again and they could be still in prison! Or even stay here for longer, until they are both wrinkled like a raisins and very, very, very old! Or maybe someone would never get out of prison!

So, I don’t have any access to mobile phones… I have to find a chance to tell about it to someone…”

With those thoughts he fell asleep.


                                                                   At Anthony’s place.

Anthony and Grace were naked on the bed, as they were preparing for intercourse. They kissed each other, he played with her breasts and fondled her ass during this and she was striking his cock. Grace kneeled down and helped Anthony to put on a condom with her mouth. This trick was her pride and a favorite one too. She skillfully wrapped the condom on hard and pulsating, venous  dick which moved closer and closer to her throat inside her mouth.

When Grace has done her job and was praised by Anthony for it. He lay on the bed. Grace she planted herself on top of, facing away from Anthony lean back and supported her weight with her feet and hands stretched out behind her.  She started to move her body up and down. Today, she took the opportunity to dominate and Anthony used the opportunity to view and touch her from behind, watching the muscles on Grace’s spine work as she moved grinding her hips up and down. He touched her ass, feeling her soft skin that covered her flesh tightened from strain, he gently caressed and tickled her anal ring with the circle move of his point finger, that slipped inside her anus for a second making her do an “Ouch” from surprise. Anthony smiled at her reaction. Grace, meanwhile, started to touch her clitoris. She usually has been shy to masturbate in front of her partner, but her position that made Anthony see her only from behind made it easier for her. The penetration was so deep and intense that Grace’s G-spot was reached and stimulated.

10 minutes later they were over and just were lying in bed together and cuddled as they were overtaken by pleasure. Grace said:

-          I thought, about your little shenanigan with finger, maybe we can try to do it in my butthole later?












End Chapter 7

Refresh our relationships

by: Zebes | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2024


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Loryy · Jan 20, 2024

Great story David probably deserved to be a girl like you TGAR.

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