Refresh our relationships

by: Zebes | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2024

This is story inspired by "Reborn" by Garvug, contains:Strong Sexual Content, Diapers, Male AR and Mental AR. I'm going to focus my story on the couple, going through some troubles in relationship, which causes some "specific" changes in their lives.

Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Settings and characters are introduced.

About setting:

This world is similar to reality in all, except for one thing. Age Regression Syndrom (ARS) is very rare phenomenon, discussed for the last 30 years by scientists and mass media. The nature of “disease” is partly researched, but still have many mysteries yet to be uncovered. It is caused by pathogene of biologic origin. It’s impossible to get infected by contacting with ARS victim (ARSV as called by mass media and governmental organizations), currently there is about 300+ registered cases in developed countries. Society is kind of adapted to complete new phenomena and challenges which it created. Something, that seemed unbelievable and shocking in the start of 90’s, nowadays became a part of life, usually ignored by most people .


                                                                 15th of March

Quite, clean and trendy looking neighborhood. All the houses were built a couple of years ago, so even though it was evening and daylight has almost gave up his place for a dark, windy early spring night, there weren’t much windows with light in them or cars standing near the lawns. That fact didn’t make this place look scary, bright lanterns was everywhere, but they didn’t save the street from looking empty and boring.

-          Everything looks like it’s a f***ing ghost town! What made Dave choose a place like this?! – sweared under her breath young woman in her late 20’s while she was opening the door.

She finally walked inside her home and turned on the light. In the bathroom she saw herself- lady with long, brown, straight hair, dark eyes and fair skin, straight, delicate looking nose, slightly thin lips, shapely body adorned with firm C cup breasts, medium height  (5,74 or 175 cm in metric system). She looked closer, her tired, stressed face still looked beautiful, a weak smile appeared on her face for a second.

An hour later a young man in his early 30’s walked in. He was medium height (5,9 or 180 in metric system), chocolate blond hair in medium length haircut, wearing business suit.

-          Hi, Grace, I’m home. – he said.

-          Hi, Dave. Dinner in fridge. You can warm it in micro. I’m going to eat now, you can join me. – said Grace with pauses between frases.

Still better than silence – thought David to himself. Last two months was hard for him when it came to their relationship. During the dinner, David started to reminisce all their way, thinking “when it started to get wrong”. David – an office worker and, since two years ago a businessman, specifies on trading through online stores. Grace - an office lady in a huge pharmaceutical company. He met Grace five years ago, helped her to change the tire. They started to date, Grace moved in, Dave got a promotion, then started his business, they moved into new place… then it started. His beloved became colder, less talkable, always saying she’s tired from work, cooking, their living place. Her collegues or friends never mentioned any changes. That means the reason was David himself, but he couldn’t guess what have he done wrong.

Grace washed the dishes. “She never said, she’s tired of sex, though, maybe it can improve that evening” – was David’s idea. When the dishes was clean and Grace started to wipe her hands- he came closer, put one hand on her shoulder, while the other started to rise the hem of her skirt. He leaned closer to her, picked her green thong by his index finger and started to pull them off.

-          Let me guess the color of panties my girl is wearing today. I bet they’re pink.- he said softly.

Grace hasn’t moved an inch. Now her thong was in area of her knees, so David can see them.

-          Oh, I was wrong! Green today, mmm… - his voice became more sweet and lustful.

-          David, your girl is tired and in no mood for your little performances. – finally started Grace, sounding nervous.

-          In your place, I wouldn’t say “little”. –  Grace felt a bulge in area of her spine. David leaned closer. His mouth near her right ear, his voice made her shiver as she was getting aroused. David caressed her firm, tight buttocks, at the same time quickly unbuttoned her bra with easy, professional  movement of hand, then started to caress her breast through the fabric of her thin blouse.

-          Okay, let’s give it a try. – said Grace more enthusiastic than before.

They quickly undressed, take their positions on bed, then Dave’s head was between two shapely legs, as he was licking her cunt, hungrily sucking clitoris. When Grace was wet enough, he put on a condom, put his “special body part” inside her. As he was thrusting harder and harder, she became flexible and squeezable, like a ragdoll. Dave’s penis became the whole world to her. Slight sobbing turned into moaning, moaning turned into screams of pleasure. They both climaxed.

-          Ooh, aah, you’re the best… Dave…

They both were lying in bed. Grace got up and started to dress herself. It was about five minutes since her orgasm, but it seemed like some strange metamorphose has happened to her, she looked the same as when they had a dinner.

David, still naked, wanted to suggest her something new, maybe it can help. Later, he would regret it. In that moment, he was half in state of euphoria, half in sweet dreamlike state.

-          How about we try something to refresh our relationship?

-          Something? If you mean having kids, I say no. I don’t have plans to become plump housewife with saggy tits, wide ass and stretchmarks or a scar from C-section. – Grace said it fast, but in that cold tone.

-          I mean in sex, - David wasn’t so confident as before, - how about we try something like…

Grace harshly interrupted him; - Like what? You wanna f**k my ass? Oh, please, have pity on my poor butthole. I heard, it may lead to incontinence later. You know?! I don’t want to shit myself, when I’m old! Oh! I suppose, I’m wrong, maybe you want to be fucked in ass with strap on?

-          No, not at all. I just wanted to suggest a threesome… With, hmm… another girl… erm, woman…

Only now David understand how wrong it all sounds.

-          I only wanted to suggest, I mean nothing else… - he quickly started.

-          Enough. Leave me alone.

Now evening was ruined as much as possible. Grace went upstairs, to their bedroom and made some notes in her diary. David stayed downstairs, today he is sleeping on the couch, he knew it for certain.


Thank you for reading. You can leave a comment, I’m open for suggestions and criticism.




End Chapter 1

Refresh our relationships

by: Zebes | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2024


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