Refresh our relationships

by: Zebes | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2024

Chapter 8
More humiliation!

                                                                               25th of April

In the morning David woke up to discover that he is now in a crib with wooden bars, covered by blankie and his head lying on the pillow wet from his own saliva. His thumb was in his mouth and diaper was clammy and cold. Grace or Jennifer were nowhere to be seen, so he shall try to ignore the uncomfortable sensations from wet diaper.

David tossed the blanket aside and tried to climb out of his crib. He stood up and found the bars are not very high, the rail came to his chest. He tried to pull himself over it, his arms were very weak, so his efforts to do it cost him a lot. When David was finally able to do it he sat on the rail, then pulled one leg over it, then the second and started to climb down. His leg was fully stretched as he was trying to found some stay by his feet and toes. He couldn’t find it, because his legs were too short now. Finally he found the stand by stretching his leg as much as he could. Then, he lowered his second leg and hopped to the floor. Everything seemed so big for David now!

He started to pull his pajama off, his coordination was much worse than before, David found it when he tried to unclasp the flap for diaper changes and also when struggled with the hole for head. Finally, he took his pajama off and stood in only his wet diaper. Bulge on the front and wetness indicators were seen. David started to pull it down, but his efforts were futile. Suddenly he understood – he needed to open the tapes. His small, pudgy and weak fingers made it very hard, but he was able to tear one tape.

Suddenly, he heard the door opening. It was Jennifer.

-          What are you doing?! If you need to be changed you must call me or Grace.

She kneeled down to David and helped him to take off his diaper, then wiped him and changed him into a fresh one.

-          I’ll go wake up Grace, I’m heading to work, so my time babysitting you is over.

Sleepy Grace walked in. She was dressed in yoga pants, that accentuated her nice thights and firm, round ass and a top. She hasn’t wore a bra, so when she got down to pick David up, he was able to see her boobs dangling underneath her big top. Grace put him in a baby hold on her hip and carried him downstairs and put him in a highchair. She was still sleepy, so she started to make coffe for herself. As for David he was given a sippy cup with milk and porridge.

David hasn’t even touch his food, so Grace has to come to him.

-          Why haven’t you even touched your food?

-          I’m planning to starve myself to death, so you would be in prison for my death! – David answered with a crossed arms and pouty face. It made him look so much like an average toodler throwing a tantrum!

-          No, David you’re going to eat this porridge. You need to understand – your fate is my plaything now!

-          No! I won’t!

-          Yes, you will!

-          No! I won’t!

-          Yes, you will! I’ll have to take action!

-          You pwomised not to spank me! By the way, you can do it, I’m not afraid of…

David wasn’t able to end his statement, because Grace pinched his nose, so David had to breathe with mouth. She took a spoon in her hand and when he opened his mouth pointed the spoon right into it.

-          Do I have to do it more times or you’ll start to listen to me?

David ate his porridge without any complaints. When he was over Grace helped him to brush his teeth and dressed him in new clothes – T-shirt, overalls and toddler sneakers.

David asked her:

-          Grace, what are you planning to do with me?

-          I don’t know – she shrugged her shoulders- maybe I’ll just continue to live with you until your mind will be that of an average toddler.

-          But you never wanted to have kids! You’ll have to raise me all over!

-          David, I didn’t have an opportunity to look at motherhood from another point of view, but now I had it, so I changed my opinion. I feel really motherly towards you sometimes, the fact that I know something from your old mind is still left in your head disturbs me, so when it’ll be gone nothing would interrupt me from being your Mom. By the way, I look great for a young mom, don’t you think? You should have seen that adoration that lady on the playground gave me, while you were playing with her daughter! I didn’t have any pregnancy cravings, baby weight or health troubles from carrying a child, I never experienced labor pains. I also shouldn’t worry about money, since I have your business. It’s a motherhood everyone dreams of. And you know, about 2 years old is not so much trouble to take carry for compared to infant being able to process only soft food or mommy milk and barely able to crawl, for example. It’s great Jennifer’s drug regressed you only to that point.

-          But I no wanna live with you! Thinking you’re my Mom… You taking care of me… It scares me a lot!

-          It’s a pity! But I have to do as you want… Okay, you can leave me and this house.

-          But, where should I go?

-          I know about adoption centers that work with ARSV’s, that lady- Kate told me about them. Of course, there’s one condition - I want satisfaction! So you’ll do everything I tell you! In case you won’t do it, I won’t take you to the center and wait until you’re completely mentally regressed.

-          I agree.

-          We’re starting right now, we’re playing again, but now I set the rules!

Grace grabbed the training potty which was standing in the corner and started to walk upstairs.

-          Sit there for a bit, Davie, I need to prepare for our trip. By the way, I’m taking this thing in the attic, cause you’re too little for it now.


                                                          In the mall.

Grace came into the mall, holding David on her hip. She grabbed a shopping cart and put David into it. He was sitting facing her and put his thumb into his mouth to help himself fight with embarrassment from being seen as a toddler by everyone. 

Grace was wearing a beige shirtdress with a brown belt on waist and white sneakers – an unusual outfit for her. She had an image of a young mother, she have must picked such clothes on purpose. She also had a sport purse which she used as a diaper bag. David was dressed in a striped hoodie and toddler pants with small snickers.

They arrived at the store and walked towards the baby aisle. Grace took a shopping cart and put Dave into it. She pushed it through the hall as David sat facing her. Grace stopped near the shelf with diapers.

-          Which brand of diapers should we use? I know, there’ more at home, but we need to have a reserve. Why are you silent again? You need to see what you have become and you’ve become a toddler, that needs diapers 24/7.  If you’re going to stay silent and suck your thumb, I might forget to take you to adoption center… So, which brand do you like more, Pampers or Huggies? – asked Grace.

-          Pampews… - said David, pulling his thumb out of mouth and wiping it on his hoodie.

Grace put a pack of Pampers Cruisers into their cart. Then she moved to the nearest shelf.

-          I’ll buy you a paci, since you like sucking your thumb so much… It’s bad for your bite, but we’re not gonna use it often, are we? Here’s a new sippy cup for you, wipes… You’ll need a lot of them, you know?  

Then David saw other mall attenders passing by. Grace also noticed them and started to pull the waistband of his pants and said:

-          Have you done a poopy, kitten? Let me see…

She touched the front of David’s diaper and took him out of cart, sniffing his butt. The entire time a family with a kindergarten age boy and pregnant mother, probably on 6 month. The boy giggled at the sight of baby getting his diaper checked and mother looked at David with adoration. It surely brought memories about interacting with her son and reminded of the future that’s in store for her. She came closer to them.

-          Hi, little boy! – she waved her hand, - What’s your name? I’m Alice. Nice to meet you and your Mommy.

David was silent at first. He looked at Grace. She smiled, but gave David a look, that said him to introduce himself, pretending to be baby, of course, or she might “forget” her promise.

-          I am David… - he said, looking at Alice with the most innocent glance he could make.

-          He’s a little shy towards strangers. By the way, name’s Grace.

-          Nice to meet you! That’s okay, my little one is very shy too, he still hasn’t reveal he’s boy or a girl to doctor. Looks like it’s gonna be surprise for me.

Grace gave her a confused look at first, then noticed that Alice gently rubbed her belly covered by sundress.

-          Oh, I see. Who do you want more a baby boy or a girl?

-          My husband wants another boy, but I have been dreaming about girl since childhood! – said Alice then turned her attention to David – someone peed a lot, didn’t he? I know how much little boy can piddle…

Alice and Grace chatted for a couple of minutes longer. Grace pulled a sippy cup out of purse and gave it to David. She rolled the cart towards the bathroom, that meant one thing – inevitable diaper change in a public restroom!

Feeling that bigger humiliation was a lot closer now, David noticed an unpleasant dryness in his throat. He started to drink from his sippy cup, then something started to drip on his pantleg. The cap wasn’t closed well enough and because of it juice leaked out of bottle right onto his clothes.

-          Oh, look what a mess! It seems we’ll need to change you into clean ones. *Giggle* - was a response from Grace.

She did it on purpose! It was another one of her tricks, Grace wanted to humiliate David even more! She didn’t have any clean pants with her, so he’ll be naked from the waist down. What can be even worse than wearing a diaper? Diaper exposed for everyone to see!

Grace took David out of cart and entered the bathroom, holding him in her hands.

David remembered how embarrassed was he when Grace wiped his butt during their trip to the mall, when they just started to play a “mom and son’. Now she’s going to change his diaper in a public restroom!

She placed him on the changing table and started to take his pants off. He didn’t like it and if he was expected to act like a real toddler – he could free his emotions a little. David kicked his small pudgy legs, making this process more difficult for Grace. When she finished taking his pants off, she buckled him with a strap and tore the tapes of David’s diaper.

He saw someone walking in, when his privates were exposed, so David started to whimper a little. He was afraid that his sobs might turn into full blown cry – an accompaniment for the victory of Grace. David tried to control his emotions the best way he could, so his face changed from afraid and embarrassed one to the pouty one. It didn’t change when Grace applied powder on his tushie and front.

They continued their trip through the mall and went back to the car, where Grace changed David into new pair of pants – blue colored this time.

But Grace had more plans for David. She said it to him, but hasn’t told what exactly.

Half of an hour later they arrived at the restaurant.


                                                                     At the restaurant.

When Grace came inside, holding David, she saw Jennifer sitting at the table and waving her hand a little to attract their attention. They came closer and Grace sat near Jennifer and placed David on her hip.

-          Did everything go as planned? – she asked.

-          Yes. It was easy to book a table here and staff said they’re okay if we bring a small child with us.

David saw a highchair that stood here. Grace immediately placed him in it.

As Grace and Jennifer chatted together, David realized how uncomfortable his new position was for him. He was high from the floor, at least that’s how he saw it from his point of view, he was buckled in and it limited his motions. The themes Jennifer discussed with Grace weren’t very interesting for him, so time was flowing longer for David. His former girlfriend and former lover already made an order, when a young cute waitress came to their table 5 minutes ago. She smiled at him and even asked some question about David, giving him an adoring look. She looked like she was still in college, maybe it was her part-time job. Grace and Jennifer ordered something like coffee, salad, dessert and something from kid’s menu for David. They looked like an average pair of friends – the one with a small child with the other childless that helps her friend to keep a contact with the world and rise her mood up.

As they sat at the table David returned to his plan to get out of this shit: is there any possibility to escape and seek for someone’s help, or tell everything to staff member in secrecy from this pair, or steal someone’s smartphone and call the police, maybe he should try just to shout about his situation for everyone to hear to attract their attention?

Suddenly, his “serious adult thoughts” were interrupted by a rumble in his stomach and a pressure in his lower half. It became so hard for him to think. David felt a soft warm mass pushing out of him right into the seat his diaper. He closed his eyes and scrunched his face as he did this and heard giggles coming from the other side of table.

-          Oh, it seems someone made a stinky, didn’t you, Davie? – said Jennifer, touching up her long evening dress.

David stood silent.

Grace stood up and came closer to him, then lifted him out of highchair and sniffed the air near his butt.

-          Peew! You surely made a stinky! Let’s go to the bathroom, I’ll change you. – she said loud enough for other attendees to hear.

-          Mada ‘tinky… - David repeated after Grace. He made it almost uncontrollably, because it was so hard to think at the moment.

What was he thinking of? Probably something important… He relased his bowels, that was so good, he got rid of that pressure… But now his diaper is full with stinky poo… And Grace is going to change him in public restroom again!

Jennifer also stood up and started to walk towards bathroom with Grace.

Great, she’s going to change me in her presence! – thought David as she turned his face from his former girlfriend and saw other attendees as if he hoped to find some help.

-          I added some laxative in your drink earlier, haven’t you noticed that I gave you different cup today? Do you like the results? – whispered Grace teasingly.

In the restroom he was placed on the changing table second time this day, he thought that he should make the changing more tough for Grace once again by fussing the best way he could. But Grace said to Jennifer, as she took a fresh diaper and wipes out of bag:

-          Jennifer, please, gave him a sippy cup, my kitten a little on the weather today.

Jennifer did as she was said. David wasn’t thirsty, so he gave her a confused and angry look.

-          Davie, please drink up for Aunty Jenny. It seems you’ve lost enough liquid, because it all went right into your soggy diapie. – said Jennifer in a cooing tone when Grace started to take the wet nappy off. It seemed that David went pee-pee too.

David started to drink juice from sippy cup, Jennifer’s tone and gentle words was enough to convince him. He hasn’t paid any attention to babyish “Aunty Jenny” self-reference and humiliating comment from his former small and petite “second girlfriend”. Sweet liquid coming onto his mouth and flowing into his stomach soothed him. Changing went without any special events, David just ignored everything.

Company returned back to their place. A couple of minutes passed before David got bored. He decided to tell about it, of course, he hasn’t forgotten about babyish speech.

-          Mommy, Auntie Jen me bowed and hugwy. It’s too long!

-          Oh, Davie only 10 minutes have passed everything is going to be fine soon. I’ll give you your favorite car, I could turn on some cartoons on my phone, but I’m afraid we’ll disturb other attendees. – said Grace and pulled a toy firetruck from the purse and gave it to David.

That meant his mental decline is showing again. David has become as impatient as any other toddler. He accepted the toy, Grace bought him earlier, when they went to the store together. He rolled the car’s wheels making “Vwwrwoom” sound with his mouth.  He really enjoyed it, it gave him almost the same feelings as a meditation.

When the food arrived, Grace tied a bib around his neck and said:

-          Kitten, here’s some oatmeal, I’ll help you with it. I know you want to be big boy, but I saw how you got dirty in the mall.

-          But it was you! Mommy, you tricked me with the bottwe’s cap!

-          *Giggle* You think so?! Oh, what an imagination you have! Do you really think Mommy want you to get dirty? It’s just silly, baby, it only means I’ll have more work with washing your clothes. But I’m not mad, because I love you! – were Grace’s words, but her eyes said: “Yes, I did it! I like that you’ve guessed it!”

She spoonfed David the oatmeal and wiped his face.

-          I want you to eat with your hands like a toddler you are now! – Grace whispered when she finished.

He did as was said, pretty much to his embarrassment, both from other attendees, Grace and Jennifer seeing him doing it and from his lack of agility of his hands.

When lunch was coming to the end, David suddenly felt himself very tired and fell asleep right in his highchair.


                                                                  Jennifer’s home.

David woke up in place, that seemed unfamiliar to him. Checking the surroundings, he realized that he is at Jennifer’s, only her home looked completely alien because of the new perspective David now got. Everything was huge! It was so hard to believe it’s Jennifer’s modest apartments as minituature as Jennifer herself. David was covered by a small blanket and a cushion was under his head, he saw that he was lying on the sofa at the moment and his diaper bag stood near on the floor.

-          M-Mommy?! – exclaimed David. He wasn’t sure why the first person he thought of was “Mommy”. He also wasn’t sure have he mentioned his real Mom, who’s no longer alive, or Grace. David was still confused after his sudden nap and unfamiliar surroundings disoriented him.

The door was opened and some voices could be heard.

-          I’ll be in a sec, sorry. – said voice, that belonged to Jennifer.

-          Okay, I’m waiting. – said second voice. It was a little raspy and probably belonged to woman of senior citizen age.

Jennifer came into the room. She smiled at the sight of small sleepy toddler, pulled the phone out of pocket of her jeans that she now was wearing and took a photo.

-          You have no idea how cute you look, Davie! – she said and came closer.

Jennifer lifted David in her arms.

-          How does Grace carry you so easy?! As for me, you’re a little heavy. Should’ve made you even younger – that way you’ll be easier to carry and too young to talk, so it’ll be easier to keep everything in a secret. – she sniffed the air. – What, no poopies for Aunty Jenny? That’s great! I bet you pissed yourself again, though.

-          Who are you tawkin’ with?

-          It’s my mom. I think it’s a nice chance for you to become acquainted with her, don’t you think?

David didn’t answer because he thought about his new “escape plan”. If Jennifer will leave him alone with her mother, he’ll have a chance to tell her everything. Of course, there’s a non-zero possibility that she would get her only daughter’s side. So, he better should tell her about his situation in a way like: “There’s a huge mistake” etc. The only thing left for him would be waiting for police to arrive at the horizon.

When Jennifer walked in the room, David saw gray haired lady in her 60’s with wrinkled forehead, wearing rimmed cat-eye glasses and pearl earrings on the screen of Jennifer’s computer (!). It immediately ruined his plans! The fact, that Jennifer was chatting with her mom using Skype meant, that she won’t let David stay alone with her and talk eye-to-eye and he won’t be able to reveal everything.

Woman on the screen gushed at the sight of tiny toddler in the hands of her daughter, waved her hand a little and greeted him in the manner used for talking with small child. But David didn’t really care, emotions took control over him and he felt himself ready to cry, so he buried his face in Jennifer’s shirt.

-          Oh, what happened? – asked Jennifer’s mom.

-          Everything okay, Davie is always a little grumpy, when he wakes up.

-          Understood… Just like you at that age! Oohhh, baby, you were so cute! That chubby, round cheeks of yours! No one would believe you will be so skinny when you grew up a little. Did you check the little’s diaper? Maybe it’s the thing that bothers him.

-          Hmm… I don’t know. At least, he’s not poopie… - Jennifer pulled down David’s pants a little and slid her finger inside his diaper. – Davie is damp, but not very much, though. He can walk like this a little longer. As I said – he always grumpy after nap.

-          Jenny, you said you’re babysitting for someone, I forgot who’s mommy of this adorable young man?

-          Oh, Grace asked me to babysit.

-          Grace? Oh, I remember! It’s that girl from your highschool you were friends with, she always came for your birthdays. You didn’t have many friends, on your “sweet sixteen” we had only 3 guests, so I remember Grace quite well… She was at the cheerleading squad at school and now she has gave birth to a child already, you all grew up so fast! Hmmm… I remember she taught you to smoke, didn’t she?

-          Mom! Why am I not surprised you still remember it? I tried once after school. Yes, Grace suggested it to me. I wanted to be “cool”. I remember how you scolded me, when you found out!

-          Sorry, baby, *Laugh* I just wanted you to grow up without any bad habits.

-          Nevermind, Mom, I know it.

-          Seeing you with a child in your hands made me think that maybe someday you’ll have your own…

-          Mom…

-          I’m sorry, Jen. I know you have a career and you want to be a respected scientist, I’m very proud of you and I respect decisions you make, it’s your life, you know! But I and your father really missing child’s laugh and clatter of small feet in our home and we hope someday we’ll hear it. We even thought about adoption, but we need to look at reality – we’re too old!

-          I understand you, but I’m not quite ready and I’m not married, adoption sounds like a good point, though.

-          Oh, I’m sorry there’s something with my laptop, I’ll show it to tech.

-          What’s wrong?

-          The video is freezing… I cannot close it! The cursor is not moving so I can’t reach the “cross”.

David remembered something, much to his own surprise. He decided to help a little, so he said in his toddler voice:

-          You need to howd contwol and ef-four!

-          Thank you, Davie! It’s hard to believe a boy this small already know it and I, former dean – don’t. Goodbye, see you tomorrow, baby!

The lady on the screen suddenly disappeared and Jennifer closed the app soon after it. She placed David on the floor.

-          Oh, God, my spine just thanked me. You made quite an impression on my Mom, I think. I’ll find something to eat for you, stay still.

While Jennifer was gone for a few minutes, David thought about his sudden insight. Almost everyting that made him the person he was – is gone now. He was a businessman and now he cannot read, he’s not sure he can count after 10 (or  even 3?) and suddenly he rememebered some function on Windows. That gave him hope that his mind has a chance to recover without David completely growing up all the way again. That way he could return at least some part of things that made him his previous self!

Jennifer returned and sat David on the chair. She fed him some yoghurt from the fridge. After this small lunch she started to talk with him.

-          You’re staying with me this evening, Grace added some sleeping drug in your bottle and you fell asleep, so I could take you to my place without you making any noise. She has to go somewhere, she’s got some important things to do.

-          Why did you have to do it?! You tuwning me into toddwer was enough!

-          First of all, it could be much worse, you know? I could turn you into helpless 6 month old or newborn infant and Grace could leave you at some orphanage doorstep. By the way, Grace told me you don’t like staying with her. So I suggest you to stay with me. If you will regress mentally all the way back, I’m still unsure it will happen, I promise to be a good mother. There will be only a small role swap, I’ll be your Mommy and Grace – Auntie Grace.

-          No, I won’t! You’ll continue your revenge!

-          No, Davie, don’t be silly! I spanked you and humiliated only because I know – there’s adult David in your head still. If it will be gone – you’ll be an ordinary baby and I won’t be able to do something like this to you. Just imagine, I’ll be your loving Mommy, you’ll have nice granny and grampa – my parents and you’ll have so many toys on your 3rd birthday next year!

-          No, I don’t wanna!

-          Okay, I guess we’ll have to do as you say. But you should think both about mine and Grace’s suggestions. I think she’ll be a nice mother too. You’re going to live with her without any worries and she’ll take care of you, maybe she’ll find a Daddy to you.

-          Daddy?!

-          Of course, silly, she’ll need a partner for raising you the one she can count on, not like I have to say. And she has needs too…

-          Needs?

-          Yes, needs. That kind of needs you can’t help her fulfill now, because of your tiny prick – it can’t be used to satisfact a woman. You know when boy and girl like each other and they kiss, have you forgot about it? You know, they undress and get sooo playful and sweaty and they moan *Ahhh* *Ahhh*

-          Stop it, Jennifer!

-          Oh, I’m so sorry! *Laugh* I’m just teasing you, I want to remind you what you’ve lost!  

Evening went without anything special, Jennifer changed David’s diaper later, let him watch some cartoons, fed him once again and tucked him in with the use of smart speaker, which she borrowed from Grace.

David thought about this day while he slowly drifted to sleep. His plans were completely ruined! He lost his chance to seek someone’s help at the restaurant and Jennifer didn’t give him an opportunity to contact her mother. The only way left for him – play along and wait until another chance will appear, so he could improvise. By the way, it was great when that lady said how smart he is and when Jennifer let him watch cartoons and food from the kids menu was really tastier than he thought.


                                                        Anthony’s home. The same evening.

When Grace left David at the mercy of Jennifer, she drove to Anthony to spend an evening with him. Everything went so great! They were on the big couch together slowly sipping some wine and watching a romantic comedy. At some moment Grace moved away from Anthony breaking out of his hug and placing herself on the other side of the couch, her spine touched its arm.

-          Do you remember my suggestion? I haven’t forgotten about it.

Saying this, Grace bit her lip in sexy manner and seductively pulled the short hem of her evening dress that showed her legs (she went home to change in a clothes more appropriate for a date) then pulled her black silky thong aside, showing her privates. Anthony almost gasped at the sight of a small fake gem peeking out of her butthole – it was a tip of the small buttplug!

-          Don’t be afraid, I prepared for it - used an enema in your bathroom secretly and even plugged myself to prepare for our fun! I also brought the lube – it’s in my purse.

-          Grace! You certainly know how to impress a man! – exclaimed Anthony.

He helped her to undress and did it for himself, kissing Grace desperately. He gently put her on the bed and started to take the buttplug out. The process was accompanied by Grace’s moans *Aaaahhhhh* *Aaaahhhhh*

Then Anthony added a lot of lube on his penis and on the Grace’s butthole, after he wore a special condom. Then he started to insert his hard member in her anus. Grace was on her spine, she tried to relax the muscles in her lower regions and looked in Anthony’s eyes and made an *Ouch* while he was inserting his tip.

-          Is it painful, Grace? – he asked in a worried voice

-          No… I did from surprise… It’s so unusual for me, go on.

-          Okay, hold still the head is already in.

He slowly inserted it further. Grace finally felt an unusual pleasure in the place she never used for this purpose before. It was even better than buttplug!

Anthony leaned closer to her and pulled Grace in a long sensual kiss, then started to thrust his member a little.

-          *Aaaaaaahhhhhhh* Anthony, it’s soooo goooood! – exclaimed  Grace.

-          You really did a thing… Plugged yourself, such a naughty girl.

Grace started to masturbate rubbing her clitoris. As Anthony’s thrusts became harder and faster, she rubbed herself more intense. He stretched her from inside, slapped her but a couple times and used his hand to feel her nice firm tit. It went this way until both of them came and Grace squirted for the first time in her life!

While they were lying together Grace thought that she might torture David’s tiny butthole by taking his temperature the old fashioned way with the use of thermometer and Vaseline! That thought made her giggle.


                                                                          26 of April.

David woke up in his home this time. Jennifer was nowhere to be seen or heard. It seems Grace arrived to bring him home at night, when he was asleep.

-          Wake up, Davie… We have a busy day again… - said Grace as she leaned to tint toddler Davie in the crib, gently stroke his hair and caressed his puffy cheek.

-          Just give me a minute, Grace…

-          What Grace are you talking about, kitten? I’m your Mommy. And if you won’t wake up immediately I won’t take you to that center…

This words went from David’s ears to his brain that sent a signal that had an effect of electric shock on David – he stood up in his crib and looked at Grace. She left him out of his crib and David felt the weight of his sagging diaper. Grace ignored it’s dampness and carried David to the livingroom where she gave him his colorful baby blocks and went to the kitchen.

David was sitting on the floor and thought: “Ok, I have bad news – we’re playing again and Grace is planning something, good news – it’s the last day. Didie is so wet and uncomfy… hard to move my legs… why Mommy… erm Grace hasn’t changed me yet?”. He started trying to take the diaper off by himself but his efforts to pull it down were futile. He continued to try until Grace came in.

-          What are you doing, Davie? If you need to be changed, you just need to ask me. – she said.

-          Ohh… Nee to be tanged…  - said David shyly, blushing beet red.

-          No, not like that say it nice, like I taught you.

-          Tange’ me pleeease… - whined David, desperate to be out of wet diaper.

-          Change your what, kitten?

-          Tange my didie-e, please.

-          Please, who? – Grace was enjoying this game so much! David’s embarrassment made her want to see it more. She knew he had do to it to get away from the nasty feelings and heaviness wet diaper gave him.

-          Mommy, tange my didie, please! – David looked up to see the response from Grace, her predator eyes said she’s going to continue teasing him.

-          Good boy, and why do you need to be “tanged”?

-          Cause I mada pee-pee…

-          Yes, that’s right, because you pissed yourself and now your diaper is all yucky from wee. Now say it all together.

-          Mommy, I peed my’elf and dee is yucky from wee, tange my didie, please! – David begged.

-          *Laugh* Okay, what a nice young man you are! Lay on the mat!

Grace was so delighted to see David like this! She changed David and tossed the wet nappy into the bin.

During this process Grace noticed something that caused her to laugh.

-          *Giggle* Oh, look at it, Davie! You’ve got a stiffy wee-wee! *Giggle* You’re a naughty boy, aren’t you?! Yesh, you are, my little man! That’s the cutest boner I’ve ever seen! *Snap* - she grabbed her phone and took a photo. David tried to cover it with his hands.

-          Oh, no need to be embarrassed! It’s okay for a cute toddler to be nakey! I’ll  send it to Jennifer. Do you remember how you used this thingy to give joy to girls? Of course not, you’re just a baby and you’ve got a plenty of growing up before you’ll be even able to do it.

David noticed that the new one felt somewhat different on his skin and the picture on the front too. But he saw it upwards and couldn’t tell what the picture it was, he didn’t care much. After change came breakfast, which David ate using his hands only. Grace wiped his hands and face, untied his bib, checked his diaper and carried him to the livingroom and sat on the sofa placing David on her lap.

-          Haven’t you noticed anything about your new nappy, Davie? – asked Grace.

David looked at it and started to think. He slipped his thumb into his mouth while he was thinking.

Then he felt Grace putting his hand out from his mouth and giving him something instead.

-          Come on, I’ve got something better for you than just your thumb. You’re a little too big for it, but I don’t think it’s wrong if you won’t use it often. – she said holding some object to his mouth.

David sensed the rubber “nipple” with his lips and tongue – it’s a pacifier!

He was shocked, of course, but soon he returned to the puzzle Grace gave him: “ It’s a bit different. The padding on the front is thinner… and the picture… Wait it’s Dora the Explorer on it! And what? I like Dora! And the tapes are pink. Wait, pink?! Before they were blue!”.

-          You still haven’t guessed yet?! I’ll show you the package, maybe I will help.

Grace grabbed the package of diapers that stood near the sofa and showed it to David. The package showed some information about those diapers, had a picture of them and a photo of a cheerful toddler girl.

-          Hey! It’s for guwls! Why?! – exclaimed David popping the pacifier out of his mouth.

-          It’s only start, Davie. I prepared a surprise for you. Look what else I got especially for you!

She stood up and returned with a stack of clothes. First of all she pulled out a ruffled pink colored diaper cover with floral print.

-          What a nice thing, is it? – Grace cooed.

David has no doubts that it’s a toddler girl clothes.

-          Why do you want me to weaw dis? – asked David.

Grace started to wear it over David’s diaper.

-          Oh, Davie I want you to spend a day as a little girl! And if you’re going to be my cute as a button baby girl Diana and you’re going to be the prettiest small thing!

The next thing that Grace pulled out was a red and pink toddler dress with ruffles. David stood silent during the whole process – he knew he have to do it if he wants to be taken to adoption center, so he could reveal his exes plan and get a revenge of his own.

-          Raise your arms, babygirl! – commanded Grace.

She helped David to pull his head through the hole of the dress and to pull his pudgy arms into the sleeves lanterns.

Grace continued her speech during this process:

-          I want you to be a good girl today, I know it can be a little tough because you’re really a little boy! *Laugh* But I bet no one could tell the difference, because at this age boys and girls are not so different – cute dress, slightly longer hair, *whoops* and it’s a Mommy’s little princess!

She ended dressing David adding a pair of girly booties, socks and tiny pigtails made with the use of pink ribbons. David had hair longer than most boys his age, but not that long to made a real girl haircut, but enough to make a slightly protruding amount of hair held by ribbon.

-          The final touch your paci is blue – that’s not very girly is it?! Here’s a new one – Grace pushed a pink pacifier into David’s mouth and he had to accept it

-          You must suck on it, like you did with your thumb, not just hold it in your mouth. I don’t see sucking motions! – David started to suck the pacifier slightly. It calmed him a little.

-           That’s better! And don’t dare to throw it! That will mean only one thing – spanking and being at home with me tomorrow! I know I promised not to spank you, but I promised it to Davie. I’ll be a little stricter with my beloved daughter. Yes, Diana, don’t look at me like that! Now you are all ready, take a look!

Grace carried David - turned Diana to the mirror. He/she saw a girl with tiny, almost non-existant pigtails and pink pacifier in the mouth in a warm colored dress which hem was a little short, so the diaper cover could be seen from some angles, being held by Grace.

-          Do you like the new you? So, what is your name, girlie? You can pull out your paci to answer your Mommy’s questions, it’s another rule about it

David did so, holding the pacifier in his hand he started to answer, blushing deep red.

-          My name… ith… Diana.

-          That’s right! You need to be very good girl for me. I understand it can be hard for you due to the fact you’re a little girl! *Giggle* - said Grace and popped a pacifier back into David’s mouth.

She carried him to the home entrance where stood a girlish pink stroller.

-          Diana, look what Mommy rent for you? I see you like it!

In reality David was scared, because he started to understand Grace plans.

She buckled him in, walked out and their sidewalk through the neighborhood started. David was glad that the neighborhood they lived in wasn’t populated well. Some people saw him like this though. One elderly pair even stopped to greet him and Grace. The senior citizen lady was the worst part of their stroll! She babytalked and cooed to him, it seems she really thought he’s a toddler girl! Grace made him answer her in his cute lisp that was worsened by pacifier. Lady doted on the snot-nose brats like David now is, she asked Grace everything about “prettiest little thing” during the time they walked together, her husband was silent for the most part. Grace also didn’t stay silent of course, she answered every questions, inventing answers in a seconds. She truly is great actress, when it comes to embarrass David even more. She talked about her “princess” sleeping schedule, ratio, behavior, how she held “her babygirl’s” teething and weaning and her thoughts on pottytraining, choice of good daycare and kindergarten and other important troubles of upbringing.

They separated as Grace came to the small shop and pushed the stroller in there was a small crowd, so Grace enjoyed babytalking to David and checking his diaper even more, because there was more viewers to it, especially in the queue.

After the shopping was done she walked to the nearest park. David almost fell asleep in the stroller, but the voice he heard made him awake again.

-          Hi! – it was a high female voice, that belonged to Jennifer.

David saw her seat on the bench near the park entrance. Grace pushed the stroller as she came closer to Jennifer and said:

-          How do you like new image of our favorite princess?

-          Is it really he?! *Laugh* I mean – she! *Laugh* You’re so different from the asshole big boy you were once! *Laugh* Grace texted me, that your new name is Diana, right? Can I hold her?

-          Of course!

Jennifer bent down, picked David, dressed as a toddler girl, from stroller, sat down on the bench again and put him on her lap.

-          And you have a binky! *Laugh* Aren’t you too old for this, Diana? If you’ll use it too much you may have an awful teeth when you grow up a little. You know, that way you won’t have much boys chasing after you in school!

This time, both- Grace and Jennifer laughed hysterically.

When they calmed a little, they entered the park with David in a stroller. They walked to the playground, placed David in a sandbox, gave him a plastic shovel and bucket and sat on the bench.

-          It’s very nice you have a diaper cover, sweety, that way you won’t have that nasty sand in your diaper! *Giggle*

As his exes chatted on the bench together, laughed at him and showed each other on their phones, David was reluctant at first, but later he started to enjoy building a small sandcastle with his small, pudgy, clumsy hands. The process itself got him so much that he forgot about Grace and Jenifer on the bench and how he dressed.

Later grace went to him, picked him up from the sandbox and carried him to the bench.

Sitting down, she said:

-          Sorry to interrupt you, but it’s time for diaper check~! *Peew* You pooped! – Grace cupped David’s diaper too. – And peed a lot too! I changed you not so long ago, by the way. Don’t be so pouty, ~princess~, look what gifts Aunty Jen bought for you.

Jennifer pulled some items out of her purse and said:

-          Look, girlie, it’s a nice hairpin for you! Let me add it to your image… - Jennifer pinned it to David’s hair. It had a little flower on it. – And here’s a dolly for you! Look how nice she is! When you’ll grow up a little I’ll give you a Barbie! *Laugh* - she gave a patch doll to David.

-          Let’s clean that small tushie! – said Grace, placing changing mat on the grass.

She changed him right in the park! It’s good enough there weren’t anybody near. His tiny “toddlerhood” was exposed and he is in a dress. What could be worse?

When Grace finished, David heard familiar voices. He turned his head and saw  Cheryl walking towards them pushing a stroller with a baby Jason inside and her daughter Anna near with her friend Jessica, Cherish was nowhere to be found. It was hard for David to accept that he now has more in common with Jason than the last time he met all of them.

They greeted each other. Grace soon made up a story about David being her niece Diana that she has to watch for today and presented Jennifer to Cheryl.

Cheryl told them that Cherish is busy again, so she left Jessica for her to watch and Cheryl decided to take the kids out for walk.

-          Girls you can go play with the Diana, I bet she’ll like playing with older girls. – said Anna taking a seat on the bench near Grace and Jennifer.

-          But, Mrs Cheryl, Diana is a baby, she’s in diaper!

-          Jessie, I know you’re more interested in playing with a girl your age and not with a girl that little, but you were that small not so long ago, I remember how I helped your mother to change you, - Jessica blushed at that statement- and I’m sure my Annie will suggest some game that suits all of you. Annie haven’t you brought your tea party set? - Cheryl asked her little sunshine of a daughter.

-          Yes, Mommy! We can play “tea party” together. Isn’t that great Jess? – said Anna, taking plastic toy set for a “tea party’ game out of her small childish backpack.

-          I guess… - answered Jessica.

Cheryl came over to them and placed a mat on the grass, so the girls could take a seat and Anna started to serve the “tea party table”. By that time, when girls started to play with “Diana”, Grace excused herself, saying she’s got an important thing to attend now and left the privilege to watch and humiliate David to Jennifer.

Meanwhile, David sat on the mat with girls as they pretended to drink tea. He felt himself a little out of place, so he tried to get into more comfortable position, his diaper crinkled as he did so. Finaly he sat with his knees spread wide. The hem of his little dress lifted and the diaper cover was exposed to everyone.

Girls giggled seeing this. Jessica covered her mouth with hand and Anna said to David:

-          Diana! You shouldn’t seat like that, little Miss, it’s unladylike! Let me show you how to do it right!

Anna went to David and helped him to get into more “ladylike” position.

Cheryl and Jennifer were sitting on the bench and chatted carefully. Jennifer sometimes moved her glance to Cheryl’s boobs, because she was a little envious. She was sure – even if she’ll gave birth to a child and gain as much excess weight as Cheryl, her breasts will be much smaller anyway. Then Cheryl turned her attention to Jessica that came to them.

-          Sweety, something’s wrong? – she asked.

-          Mrs Cheryl, everything’s alright, I just got bored… Diana is only a baby, so we have to teach her everything.  Annie likes to play with her, though.

-          Oh, I see. Jessie… - started Cheryl.

-          Can I talk with Aunty… I’m sorry…  Mrs Jennifer?

-          Sure, sweetie. I’m Ms, by the way. You can stick with “Aunty”. – answered Jennifer. Little girl’s reference made her think does she really look THAT old to be called Mrs.

-          What is your job? I mean, my Mom works in office and my Daddy is an engineer. – asked Jessica looking right into Jennifer’s eyes. That question was very important for her.

-          What is my profession? – Jennifer was confused, she was inexperienced when it comes to children. She wanted to state the full name of her specialty, but understood , that it’s too complicated for a 5 year old girl. – What a smart girl you are! You know such complicated adult words! Curious too, by the way.  – she tried to play for time. -  I work at the lab.

-          Wow! At the lab! So, you’re a scientist!? It’s so cool! – exclaimed girl, not able to hold her adoration.

-          Yes, I think I can be called scientist.

-          And who do you want to become – an office lady, like your Mom, an engineer, like your Dad, or  scientist?

-          I… I haven’t decided yet…

They talked a little and some time later “tea party” ended. Girls decided to play catching up and David returned to sandbox, where he played in sand again, dressed as 2 year old girl.


                                                         Meanwhile in Anthony’s massage salon.

Grace walked into Anthony’s massage cabinet. Bell on the door rang as she did. Anthony turned his head to her.

-          I’m so glad you came over! I already had my last client today, so we can have a little fun.

Grace came closer and put him in a passionate kiss. Anthony’s hands smelled like a massage oil, the scent was so sweet…

Grace started to undress to her lacy underwear.

-          Wait, not so fast… I’ll close the door. – said Anthony.


                                                                     Meanwhile at the playground.

David thought about current situation. He cheated on Grace. Yes! But he hadn’t deserve such humiliation. He has a chance to do something that will help the hand of justice crush both Grace and Jennifer now! He didn’t want to wait until tomorrow.

David had an idea. He needs to conduct oneself that way that will make Cheryl suspicious that Grace and Jennifer kidnapped him! She will call the police and David will reveal everything!

But how should he do it?

As David thought about it, Jennifer came to him.

-          Diaanaaa~, - she said in a sing-song voice – I’m taking you with me to my house, we’ll wait for your Mommy together. Come on, we have to go!

“There’s my chance!” – thought David.

-          Nooooo! I not gowing!

-          What happened?! You acted so nice for me… Come on. – Jennifer kneeled down to him.

-          You’we not my Mama! I don’t know wou!

-          What?!

David grabbed some sand in his hand and threw it into Jennifer, aiming into her face!

He missed and felt being lifted up.

-          What are you doing, Diana?! It’s a no-no! Very big no-no! Your Mommy let me spank you and I’m going to do it right now!

Jennifer swatted David’s bottom a couple of times, lifting the hem of his dress. Diaper and cover softened the swats, but his sensitive skin burned from them, though.

It was enough for him to start wailing, his thoughts wandered somewhere, he kicked his limbs like crazy when Jennifer carried him to the bench.

-          *Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!*

-          Diana, please stop, I beg you! *Shhhhhhh* *Shhhhhh* - said Jennifer.

-          Here, let me help. I’ll hold her. – said Cheryl.

David felt being handed over to Cheryl.

She hugged him very close to her body and patted his back gently as he was crying uncontrollably. Soon he started to calm down a little.

-          Diana, baby, what happened? You under the weather today? You have a bad mood? You played so nice with my Annie…

-          *Whaa* *kha-kha* *sniff* 

-          You didn’t want to leave the playground, didn’t you?

-          *sniff* *sniff*

Cheryl turned her head to Jennifer.

-          It’s good her crying didn’t woke up Jason, he always sleep so deep…

-          I have a suggestion~… - started Jennifer. – Her mother says she still enjoys being brestfed. She is a little old for this, though. That’s why she likes her binky so much. I just want to suggest you to give Diana a boobie. – said Jennifer with a mischievous face turning her head to Cheryl.

-          I’m not sure it will help… I’m not condemning Diana’s mother parenting methods, but I think she’s not going to suck boobie of some aunty she’s not so familiar with. Diana is a smart girl, she’s such a good talker for her age, it may be embarrassing for her if I’ll give her breast right here in public. And I’m wondering how your mother still breastfeeds you, Diana. It started to become too difficult for me after my first child’s teething, when my cherub turned into small piranha *giggle*, so I haven’t brestfed Annie for so long and very likely won’t do it with Jason when he grows up a little.

Jennifer chuckled, her plan to tease David even more has failed.

Being placed on Cheryl’s soft fat thigh felt good. Softness of her chubby tummy and slightly sagging ample breasts, David was so close to calmed him a little. Finally he was able to say:

-          I- I want to be… - David paused – to be a big boy *sniff*

-          A big boy?! But you’re a nice little girl! You’ll grow up to a beautiful lady someday. It isn’t that bad at all to be a girl, silly thing. And you’re already quite big – you can walk and talk, unlike my Jason, and you’ll grow up more later, you only have to wait. Someday you’ll even stop to grow up and start to grow wide, like Aunty Cheryl. *giggle* Are you all better now?

-          Yeth.

-          That’s good, wave bye-bye to Aunty Cheryl and we’re going home. – said Jennifer.

Toddler emotions overtook David’s mind, so he wasn’t able to act as if he was a kidnapped girl.

Jennifer carried him to the stroller and buckled him in and they left the playground.


                                                                           In Jennifer’s car.

David was sitting in the carseat with a pouty expression on his face. Jennifer drove. During the trip both of them were silent, until Jennifer said:

-          Why have you done it, ~Diana?


-          I want an answer.


-          You can stay silent as long as you want, but I will tell Grace about it. You know what that means, don’t you?

-          What?

-          Grace won’t take you anywhere tomorrow.

David was flattered! His plans for revenge will be ruined if she’ll do that!

-          Pleeease, don’t tell her! – he whined.

-          I won’t tell you in case you will act as a good girl and will do anything I say you.

-          Otay.

-          By the way, when you were adult yo liked to spank me soo muuuch! But now you’re a sweet little girl who gets her tushie swatted by my palm, aren’t you, Diana?! That’s such an irony!


                                                            In Jennifer’s house.

Jennifer came inside her house and placed David on the floor.

-          - There you go! Now walk to that dresser, open it and I’ll pick something for you.

David did as Jennifer said to him. When he opened the drawer, she also walked to it and tossed some items to the floor.

-          Now I want you to wear it, come on! Start with a bra. Girls like you usually like to play dress up.

David reluctantly picked up Jennifer’s small lacy A-cup bra and hanged it on his neck using the straps. His hands were so clumsy now, so mission was non-trivial. The shirt came next. David just put it on his shoulders without getting his hands in the sleeves. The last touch was Jennifer’s shoes on a small heels. David stood in them awkwardly and wasn’t able to walk in them, because they were too large on his tiny feet and too heavy for his weak legs. When David was finished he heard a sound:



It came from Jennifer’s phone camera. She exclaimed:

-          Look at yourself! You’re sooo ridiculou-us~!  I’ll show you.

Jennifer showed David a photo on the screen of her phone. [There was a toddler girl with red shoes on a small heels on her tiny feet covered by a pink socks with a picture of cherry,  in adult women shirt on her shoulders underneath which were a black lacy bra, which ridiculously hanged on her neck, and a girly cute pink frilly dress with puff sleeves, white bertha and a short skirt. She also had short hair for a girl, but small almost non-existent pigtails and a tiny hairpin made her look even more adorable. Picture was taken from the angle that gave an ability to clearly see a pink diaper cover with flower print on it and a bulge that was a sign of a wet nappy.] That photo showed an adorable toddler girl Diana and no one else.

Jennifer said smiling:

-          You acted like a real brat, Diana, but you may be calm now, because I won’t tell Grace about it. But I’m sending her those photos and posting it anonymous on some forum for moms.

David accepted it since he got nothing else to do.


                                                                Meanwhile, in Anthony’s massage salon.

Grace was preparing to head out. She quickly dressed herself, then poured herself a glass of water and took a pill. She really need it, because she had sex with Anthony without protection for the first time. She enjoyed his sticky goo inside her vagina, but she cleaned herself down there in the toilet.

Grace had interesting experience today. Sex on the massage table in different poses was so unusual to her!

Walking out, Grace heard her phone beeping. She took it out of her purse and saw a message from Jennifer.

She looked at it and couldn’t help but laugh – David pretending to be a true toddler girl playing dress up is so funny and ridiculous!


                                                                          This evening.

The rest of the day went without anything special. David was really irritated to be treated like a baby girl, though. Jennifer put cartoons like “Sophia the First” for him, she also gave him his gift – a cloth doll and ordered him to play with it. David was reluctant unlike other toys he didn’t really enjoy playing with dollie cause “it’s for girls and girls are yucky like Grace and Jennifer!” he thought. Jennifer used an opportunity to take a picture and send it to Grace. She changed his diaper once, gave him a sippy cup with juice, brushed his hair, cooing “what a nice girl is little Diana”. It went like this until Grace arrived.

She took David home, continuing to treat him like “Diana”. At home Grace showed him all the photos she took and Jennifer sent her today. She fed him and gave him a bubble bath in the sink, during which she said: “ You really have a prettiest girly “Tinker Toy” down there~, Diana!”.

After bathing David, Grace noticed how red David’s face was. Of course, it was so from embarrassment, but she used this as an opportunity to humiliate him. She asked him what has happened to her “baby girl”. He didn’t answer.

Grace dressed him back in the dress and socks, but when she slide a diaper under his bum and prepared to close it, she suddenly went somewhere. David started to drive off to sleep, he felt tired and bath has relaxed him a little despite Grace’s comments. Suddenly, he felt something being inserted in his ass! It was cold, lubed object. Grace was inserting a thermometer! David’s tears started to run down his face.

-          Shhh, shhh, don’t cry please. I know it’s an unpleasant feeling, but I need to check your temperature in case you have a fever. Your Mommy is a little old school, Diana, she doesn’t trust all this modern thingies. That’s all, just be patient, baby. Your cheeks have reddened and I’m a little worried about it. – said Grace.

During this procedure she gave David a pink pacifier again to soothe him. She remembered her experience with Anthony, when they have tried anal and giggled.

After taking his temperature, Grace diapered David and left him to watch some girlish cartoons and play with toys, like Jennifer did earlier, the only difference – Grace gave him some of her old toys, Barbie included. David thought how nice it would be to play with cars, blocks or toy soldiers again.

Before tucking David in, Grace dressed him into boy diaper and jammies again.

Falling asleep to the sounds of affirmations coming from smart cologne, David thought about his chance for revenge tomorrow.

This time, he noticed that sounds are combining into words.


                                                                                 27th of April.

David woke up and after some minutes of returning to consciousness, he stood up in his crib and sensed a sinking feeling in his heart. It was time for his plan to become a reality! Now Grace will take him to the center? Interesting, how much nice toys would be here, will the caretaker be nice to him?

David looked around. He noticed, how much his room resembled a nursery now. Except for the walls, that were only painted with blue paint, it looked completely like a normal toddler room. No trace of adult man ever living here!

The door opened. David noticed that, of course, it was Grace walking in. What’s with her clothes?! Grace was dressed in orange apron on the front above her gray sport shorts and casual pink tee. House slippers were on her feet. Her hair was styled in a long shag cut. That’s all was definitely not her normal style!

Grace came closer and picked David from his crib. She placed him on his hip and kissed his forehead, like nothing happened before. She started to speak:

-          Good morning, my kitten~! How have you slept? Are you ready for a fresh diapie and brekkies with Mommy?

David was astonished by this change of events. What’s happening. He has to see if she is teasing him again and convince her to bring him to the center the sooner the better!

-          Gwace, shtop it! I thought we’aw not pwaying anymowe! – said David.

-          Davie, what happened?! Are you moody today, are you? Why are you calling your Mommy by her first name? Oh, I think I understand… You heard Aunty Jennifer call me like that didn’t you? You liked a new word and picked it for use, I see. You have big ears, aren’t you? But you better call me like you always do it, baby. And yes, we’re not playing yet. Why have you asked this?

David was confused, he tried again:

-          Wha?! Wha do ya mean wike awwayfs? – he asked. It was hard for him to control his lisp, because of confusion.

-          What do I mean? It’s a silly question, but I’ll answer it, because I’m your Mommy and it’s my job. *Giggle* Usually you call me “Mommy” or “Mama”, Davie.

-          Mama… - David looked at Grace with his big eyes, he didn’t understand anything in the moment. - Mama, you hafta shtop it and take me to da sentew! – he was able to say, finally.

-          What center are you talking about? I don’t understand, kitten.

-          Dat sentew you towd me… - David forgot the word and was uncertain how to say it. – I weembew! An adoption centew, whewe I can live without wou!

-          Oh, Davie… Are you still pouting for me? I’m so sorry. I said that thing to you, but I was really mad at you for your behavior. Mommy works with her psychologist to learn to control her emotions better… I said to you I’ll take you to the adoption center and spanked you, but I was ve, very, very wrong and I promised to never do that again! Let’s go downstairs, a change and breakfast will help, kitten!

David understood that he didn’t understand a bit about this situation. Grace walked downstairs with him in arms. Downstairs, she placed him on the changing mat and started to do her work. During the process, she said:

-          Davie, you’re unusually silent, you know? Of course, I’m happy you don’t fuss, but I’m worried a little. Something bothers you? Something aching or you don’t feel yourself well? Please answer, baby, or I’ll have to measure your temperature.

-          No, no, no! Evwytin’ good! – David immediately responded, remembering yesterday humiliation with thermometer.

-          Okay, that’s great. Oh, what, no poopies?! No stinky, nasty  presents for Mommy in your diapie?! Hmmm… Maybe, you’re constipated though… Okay, I’ll wait until afternoon, then if you won’t poop I’ll give you a laxative.

Grace continued to do her work. She tossed the wet diaper in the bin, wiped David’s genitals and bum and slid a new one under it. Doing so, she said rhythmically in a sing-song voice:

-          ~Lift-your-bum-for-Mom-my~! Good boy…

When Grace was done she walked to the wardrobe. David saw something hanging on it. It was some kind of colorful spreadsheet with different pictures. Grace turned her head to David and started to talk to him, as if she wanted to show something interesting:

-          Look what a nice thing I bought for you, Davie! Do you know what it is, kitten?

-          No…

-          It’s a potty training chart! It’s a little early for you, but I’m preparing for your potty training you’ll have to go through. If we have started already, we’ll add a sticker with water drop. Isn’t it fun, Davie?

-          I don’t know… Wait, I can go potty!

-          *Laugh* I’m sorry, kitten, this – Grace cupped his diaper. – says otherwise.

David didn’t know what to do. His tactic at the moment is to act as if everything OK as it bit right now and wait for a right moment.

Breakfast went without anything special, because of this new “tactic”.

After breakfast David was left to play along as Grace did something with her laptop. David played with toys, it really helped him to relax. Then he started to look through the rooms to see if he can have a chance to get his revenge, because it seems Grace aren’t planning to take him anywhere and acts as if he really is her child and she is his mother.

David walked through the different rooms downstairs, opening some drawers and seeking for something. What is this “something”? David really didn’t know it himself.

Then he had an idea! Maybe he can find something in Grace’s room… Yes, he needs to take a look in her drawer!

David started to climb up the stairs. He carefully set his left foot on the first stair, checking that he is not making much sound. When he was sure, he won’t attract any attention from Grace, he slowly started to climb up. Hus awkward small legs made it much more difficult than he remembered. The thing that one day was easy for him and didn’t require any agility or strength and he didn’t even think about it as something that requires efforts.

When David reached the second floor he went to the Grace’s room. Fortunately, the door was opened, David had to jump and hang on the doorknob to open it, though. He almost fell down, but he was able hold enough tight to it. After such physical exercises he hopped on the floor and walked inside the room.

He saw Grace’s bed that once belonged to both of them, his former nightstand and Grace’s nightstand. There also was a drawer near the wall. David saw nothing abnormal here. Of course, there stood some items that he didn’t remember being here before – some toddler items like a package of diapers, wipes, etc. and some books on the table, which Grace usually use for work with her laptop. They stood near the wall and their front side could be seen.  David wasn’t able to read the titles, but from how the covers looked he could say they were about parenting.

Another thing that was different about the room – there was nothing left from David, like he never lived here, even when David took a look in the nightstand that belonged to him, there were only Grace’s things. David, due to his present height and strength he was able to open only the lower shelves, but he hasn’t seen anything beside items like Grace’s bra’s, panties, stockings, etc. Same situation with drawer – only dresses and other clothes that belong to Grace.

Then David finally remembered his purpose – Grace’s nightstand. It seems that his memory and attention span have became much worse, at some point he found himself just enjoying the process of opening everything and throwing some items out.

When David opened the lowest shelf on Grace’s nightstand he saw a bunch of socks and panties, but there was an object buried under them! He pulled his hand inside and took the item out. It was David’s old phone! Of course, Grace was lying when she said she can’t find it, how he wasn’t able to detect it earlier?!

The phoned was heavier to David now and it wasn’t a little uncomfortable for him to hold it due to his small, clumsy hands.

David turned it on. There was about 3 percent of charge left. The number “112” appeared in David’s mind. He needs to call the police!

Dash”, “dash” and “swan” – that’s what I need to type to call the police” – thought David.

-          Davie, come here, it’s time for lunch! – a shout came from downstairs.

“Fine I need to do it faster” – thought David. Another trouble appeared – his smartphone had a password. David didn’t remember the code, he wasn’t able to tell the difference between some numbers, since he forgot them and their meanings. There was an ability to enter the geometrical code, though.

-          Davie, where are you?! Stop playing and come to the kitchen please!

David remembered the password: it was square. He needs to draw a square using those points. It was harder than he thought, because his small fingers was so awkward. But on the 4th try he was able to unlock the phone.

Now he need to make a call. There was a sign with handset… He touched it…

-          There you are, what are you doing here?! – David heard the exclaim of Grace that appeared in the room in the matter of seconds.

She took phone away from him.

-          What are you doing here without my permission?! What, if you have hurt yourself, falling down the stairs?! And you may break the phone! It’s a no-no! – Grace scolded David.

-          But it’th mine! – he responded.

-          I don’t remember buying you an expensive thing like that, young man. It’s very, very bad to lie to you Mom. Do you want to be punished?!

-          No…

-          “No”?! But you deserved it! I didn’t want to yell at you but you made me. Look at this! I have told you not to throw things around like this!

-          I’m thowwy…

David felt his lip tremble. He couldn’t control his emotions well, so he was scared.

-          Oh, baby… I’m sorry. I overreacted. Please, don’t cry… Come here, it’s time for lunch. You can atone for your guilt later, by helping me to put all this things back on their place.

Grace carried him downstairs. Being held in her arms, David made a loud fart and after it, pushed an amount of waste in his diaper.

Grace praised him for pooping and changed him. Then she fed David and put him for afternoon sleep in his crib by singing him a lullaby.

During all of this David was calm again, because he decide to stick to his tactic.

Falling asleep David realized that he lost his chance again.

After his nap, when David woke up, he thought about his plan again.

Maybe he need to stop acting like this is normal and ask Grace straight: “What is happening?! When are you going to take me to the center as you promised, Grace?!”.

Talk of the devil and he is sure to appear. Grace walked in the room and greeted David in the same sweet~, caring style. It is almost as if not only her usual clothes and hairstyle changed, but personality too!

She checked David’s diaper again, took him out of crib and carried him to the livingroom, where she sat on the sofa and placed David on her lap, turning on the TV on some kid’s channel. She fiddled with her phone with one hand, motherly hugging David, still in his onesie-type jammies, with her other hand. Meanwhile David felt himself being a little too much fascinated with a cartoon on the screen, so he had forgotten about his plan.

Then the break for advertisement started. An image of mom leading a kindergarten age boy by the hand appeared on the screen.

-          *Sigh* I can’t believe that one day you and I will be like this, that I will lead you to your kindergarten by the hand, that you will be such a big boy…  - sighed Grace.

-          I’m big boy! – exclaimed David, remembering his plan.

-          Of course, you are, Davie…

-          No! I mean I weawwy big, biggew even dan dis boy! I finished school!

-          *Laugh* What?! You have to start it first, kitten! What an imagination you have!

-          It’s weal! You’we my guwlfwiend and I was… I was… like… weally big!

-          *Laugh* It’s not possible! Do you think big boys wear diapers like you do? And you can’t have me as girlfriend, because I’m your Mommy and you’re too little! I know we played and you were a big boy in this game, but hasn’t it got too far, kitten?

-          But I wath not baby and did not weaw dipees before! I become small, but I was weawwy big!

-          Oh, Davie… You have quite an imagination, of course one serious disease that can do that, but you know for yourself that you’re my baby and I gave birth to you. I should watch less news, when you’re near.

-          So, if you’we my Mom, where’s my Daddy? – David thought he just found a way to stun Grace and make her reveal that she is pretending.

-          Baby, we talked about it… Your Daddy left us, so it’s only you – Grace touched his nose. – and me, your Mommy.

Grace looked like she is sad, so David felt guilty and soon his emotions overpowered his mind again. He tried to say something and it came out as:

-          Mommy? Don’t be sad, pwease…

-          It’s Ok, honey, nothing to worry about. – she said and kissed his forehead.

David thought: “ Mommy did it all for me… she loves me… I don’t want her to be said only because Daddy left us… Wait it’s not true I have to prove it! Oh! Paw Patrol!”.

After an awkward pause David turned his attention to cartoon again as he was sitting on Grace’s lap.

Grace left the room for a minute and returned with new clothes for David. She started to undress him, David, for his part, was so fascinated with the kids show that he didn’t move by himself at all, letting Grace do everything for him. When he was naked except for diaper, Grace slid her finger inside it.

-          Mama! Me not wee yet! – was his response.

-          Sorry, kitten. I just want to be sure everything is okay.

As Grace dressed David un toddler clothes, which included tiny sweatpants, shirt and booties, he didn’t fuss very much.

She walked out of the room and went upstairs, leaving David alone with only some stuffed animals sitting on the sofa.

When the break for advertisement started again, David realized – he failed again. Now, he need to let Grace know that he remembers everything and won’t play on her rules! He needs to try harder that time, before something distracted him again. Oh, God his mind is really slipping so much that it “switches” from more “adult” to “stupid brat” state in a matter of seconds! That’s what David thought about and it made hi, mad. He is ready to get going again!

Seeing that Grace is not downstairs anymore he shouted for her:

-          Mama! Mama! Need wou!

Grace appeared immediately.

-          What happened, baby?!

-          Wanna tawk to wou.

-          Okay, baby, I think it’s very serious for you, so I can get myself distracted from work for a minute…

-          I’m big, Gwace! You nee’ ta do as you pwomithed!

-          Davie, are you playing again?! That’s why you called me?! If you are bored, I can carry you upstairs  and turn the cartoons on my phone, so you can watch ‘em while I’m working.

-          No! I weawwy was big! I dwove a car!

-          Okay. Grace, calm down please… - Grace looked up at the ceiling made a sigh and counted “1,2,3,4, 1, 2, 3, 4”, as if she was trying to lower the irritation . Then she looked at David again and continued. – If you really have been driving a car, what was it’s color?

David tried to remember, but realized that he can’t do it.

-          Don’t membah…

-          Okay, kitten. What else have you done when you were big?

-          I… I… I wike… going to job! I membah it!

-          And what kind of job it was?

-          Ahhhh… It was in vewy  big buiwdin’!

-          What big building it was? Eiffel Tower?

-          Yeah! Eifew Towah!

-          *Laugh* No, baby, it couldn’t be Eiffel Tower, because it’s located in France.

David was disappointed, he thought that he was close!

-          And what were you doing on your job?

-          Sitting on the chaiw and wokin’ on puter.

-          That’s not very detailed description of your job for an adult, don’t you think? Probably, you just saw what I do, when I work from home.

David’s efforts were futile! But then he remembered an Ace hidden in his sleeve:

-          How can wou prove dat you’we weawwy my Mama? Dat it awwayws been wike dis?

-          You’re acting very strange today, but I’ll show you something. Wait a minute, Davie.

David was astonished by such quick response. What Grace is going to show him?

Grace went to the closet and took a book out of it.

-          Look, Davie, it’s all here.

Grace sat David on her lap, opened the book and pointed her finger to the one of the photos in the book. It definitely was a photo album.

David looked at the photo that Grace showed him. [There was Grace, probably on her 8 or 9 month of pregnancy, she wore a maternity dress].

-          There you are Davie! In my tummy. From the way you kicked, I guessed you’ll be a little naughty boy.

-          Mommy, I hurt you? – asked David with a surprised and concerned face, his big innocent eyes were wide open. His childish emotions overpowered him again.

-          Baby, you haven’t done it on purpose, of course. You were inside my tummy and you pushed sometimes, because you were impatient to be born. Here look at this.

[The photo showed Grace that was dressed in a hospital gown and holding a blanket with a newborn baby inside]

-          You know who it is in my arms, kitten? Yes, that’s my bundle of joy! On that picture you’re only a couple of hours old, can you believe that you were that small once?

Grace slowly turned the pages and David saw more pictures:

[Grace bottlefeeding an infant on the couch];

[Grace holding hands of a baby boy that was learning to walk]; David noticed how much baby boy on the photo resembled him.

[That one depicted Jennifer and Grace dressed in swimsuits on the beach. Jennifer held baby (he looked like David should have at that age, so let’s say it was David) in her hands, her small frame and lack of assets were more noticeable than usual, because she stood near Grace. David wore only a diaper on and a tiny Panama hat on his head].

-          Aunty Jen howdin’ me?! – exclaimed David.

-          Yes, baby, you’re right, Jennifer is holding you in her arms. Look how cute you are!

Grace continued to turn the pages of the album, so David saw more pictures:

[The one with Grace spoonfeeding David, which was sitting in a highchair, with mush];

[Grace on the bed with sleeping year old baby David];


[Grace with little David on her hip, her aged parents and young adult little brother standing near the Christmas tree]

David was shocked. How is this possible?! Grace never had children and David didn’t remember anything about events on the photo! Is he going mad? Is he really the child of Grace? Maybe the reality itself changed somehow?

-          Mama, I don’t wememba’ any of it…

-          You don’t?! Even your time with granny, grampa and Uncle Jack this winter?! But you had so much fun.  

-          Uncwe Jack?.. Gwanny?..

-          See, Davie, all that proves I’m your Mommy, I gave birth to you, fed you with my delicious bobbie… I bet you still miss it sometime, aren’t you?

-          I know it’th not wight, shtop gathlightin’ me!

-          *Giggle* Gas-what? Baby, it’s not even a word! Sit here, Mommy needs to do her work.

Grace walked upstairs, leaving confused David alone.

Then he remembered something that he needs to check.

David climbed down from the sofa and looked what’s under it. There he found what he remember putting here – a piece of paper with colorful writing on it. David made it when he found a document on the table and tried to rewrite its title. David’s confidence in his real personality returned to him. There must be something else!

David noticed the purse that belonged to Grace. He came closer to it and looked inside. There he found a whole bunch of different items that can be found in woman’s purse – lipstick, pads, discount coupons, etc.

But then he stumbled upon a thing that he remembered quite well – his ARSV license! It can help him to convince Grace to stop all of it!

When she came downstairs to check on him, David rushed to her.

-          Look what I found, Gwace, it’s my ay-ew-as-vi lithense! I ‘membew dat I weally not youw baby!

Grace responded with laugh, then added:

-          Okay, okay, I accept that I’ve lost! It was quite funny, though.

-          Gwace, why have wou done it?!

-          My plan was to stop your resistance. I thought your mind regressed enough, so I could keep you as my child.

-          So, what’s with dis ‘ictuwes?

-          It’s easy, baby. *Laugh* I did it with the help of Photoshop and some AI help too, printed them and made this album. I was worried about some mistakes that AI made, for example: on the photo from the beach, Jennifer has six fingers, but you haven’t noticed it! I’m so proud of my work! *Laugh* I disappointed, that it didn’t work, though.

-          Den take me to da centew!

-          No. I won’t do it, Davie~!

-          Why? You pwomithed!

-          Dave, when we started dating, you promised, that you’ll be faithful to me. You haven’t done as you said, why I should act another way?

-          So, I’m staying with you?

-          Yes, you guessed it. I’ll go finish my work you can play with your little toys~ and thinl about your behavior, while I’m working. You know, Davie~, it’s really hard job to rule your former business! *Laugh*

For about an hour, David played with toy cars, it helped him to abstinent from the current situation. He thought: what he has to do now? He need to find another way to free from Grace and Jennifer by himself.

When Grace arrived, finally, she sat on the couch and asked David to come to her.

He reluctantly did it.

Grace grabbed her phone and opened the “gallery”.

-          I have something to show you, Davie~! Oh, look, I’ve just took this photo, isn’t it nice?

[It was the picture of David pushing his toy car and making quiet “vroom” “vroom” noises]

Grace has found the needed photo and shown it to David.

-          Take a look. What do you think about it?

[The picture showed Grace, covered with blanket, in the bed with a man]

Grace swiped to another photo.

[Grace kissing that man]

“No… Why ?!” – thought David.

Another swipe.

[This time, Grace was naked on the picture. It was taken, when she held her phone from above and made a selfie, so her boobs were on full display. Her face was glowing from pleasure and a male torso could be seen underneath her]

What Mommy, (damn!) Grace is doing here all nakie? Wait… is it?” – thought David. And then he realized!

-          Gwace… Noooooooooo! Whyyyyyy?!

-          It’s easy to understand, Davie~! I have needs, as any of us - girls. And as you can see – your needs and mine don’t meet anymore. So, I found a way to satisfy myself. I don’t think my new lover plays with cars or needs his diaper to be changed. *Giggle*  It’s so funny! Such a tiny baby boy with such a big-big horns!*Laugh*

David didn’t show his true emotions. He tried very hard, because he didn’t want Grace to feel herself like a complete winner.

-          G-G-Gwace… Can you leave me awone?

-          Of course, let me carry you to your crib. Your bedtime will be earlier than usual today.

That evening David fell asleep sobbing and with tears running on his puffy cheeks. This day was really hard for him, but he need to stay strong for tomorrow, when he’ll eventually seek for the chances to escape and get his revenge on Grace and Jennifer. His declining mental state got worse with every day, so it won’t be easy.



End Chapter 8

Refresh our relationships

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