Refresh our relationships

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Chapter 5
Wonders of childhood

Chapter Description: David re-lives his kid years.

                                                                                                                  3rd of April

David went back to about 10 physically. His body was now at prepubescent state. It was slim and hairless in all the places except for head. His face is childish with big eyes and smaller nose. Dave’s head now was at the lower level than Grace’s breasts, he needed to look up at her when talking.

As for Grace, she sold David’s car and was considering leaving her job, so she can focus all her forces on a business, now registered on her. She spent a lot of time looking for schools that worked with ARSV’s and talking with Dave to help him accept that he might went through the educational system all over again. Grace also has bought a bike for David. It had a shifting seat and a possibility to add two small wheels making it a four wheel bicycle, so Dave can use it even if he will get younger.

They were going to have a busy day. In the morning they went to the doctor for check up. Grace was driving David in her Chevrolet Sedan, as he was sitting in the backseat. It was unusual for him, he was used to drive his SUV by himself, if he had drank some alcohol and Grace had to bring him home he would have sat in the front passenger seat. Car windows were higher by his new perspective which also added some discomfort. Seeing his sad face, Grace commented:

-          The last time I was driving at your presence, you used to gave me a ton of advices how to do it, maybe that’s a positive change in our lives that I don’t hear ‘em anymore.

-          Grace, I completely forgot all the rules, - he said in uninterested voice, which now was a lot higher, almost like girl’s, then added more enthusiastic – That doesn’t mean though that you no longer suck at driving!

They both laughed a little.

Test Dave had at the clinic confirmed that he’s now physically a healthy 10 year old boy and that he had lost almost all his high- and middle school knowledge.

When they arrived at home they had a lunch and went to work they have to do at future Dave’s room. For the last few weeks he has been sleeping on the couch instead of the big bed in their bedroom. Upstairs there was an empty room that was planned as a guest bedroom, but there wasn’t any furniture only plain white walls and dust. Grace suggested to make it David’s room, two days ago they started to prepare it for living. Now they were wallpapering the room. Dave was helping Grace and when they had a minute to take a break he asked her:

-          Grace, when we had a little conflict about me err… grabbing your… your butt. You called me a “young man” if I am really much younger than you, like I never was your boyfriend. – he said with a concerned look in his eyes.

-          I thought about it myself. I considered that it’s hard for me to see you as my boyfriend, a grown man who helped me to change the tire once and gave me orgasms during our “special time together”. You don’t act like one now and you don’t look like one, that’s for sure. That’s not only your appearance that changed, I mean, your mind too. I can’t be sexually attracted to a child! Of course, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you anymore, it’s just like a Platonic love. You know what that mean, do you?

-          Yes, Grace, I remember the meaning. You know, I feel the same way. I’m certainly attached to you but I can’t sense anything se… erm sexual. My dick is now much smaller and hairless. When I took a peek at the naked woman I felt nothing.

-          Dave!!! You googled porn on your laptop?! I shall install a “parent control”!

-          Sorry, Grace… I just was curious. – David looked at the floor, blushing and feeling ashamed like a child being scolded for things which are normal for a grown man. Grace made an impression of ADULT on him, like a strict teacher at school.


An hour later Grace said that she doesn’t need his help now and he can go for a walk. It was warm for this period today, so it seemed like a nice idea. Dave sat on his bike and went on a trip around the neighborhood, he had time until 7 PM.

He suddenly remembered Emily’s address. He thought it may be interesting to visit it, anyway Emily could hardly recognize him. Two hours later, David arrived near Emily’s home and saw a white Volkswagen in the driveway, riding to the house and parking at the garage entrance. Then a woman and a young boy walked out of it. They must be Emily’s mother and sibling. Woman had facial features very similar with Emily, thought she had laugh lines and wrinkles on her face and by her looks David could say she’s in her mid 40-ties. As Emily told him, her mother’s name is Dahlia, she divorced her father 2 years ago and it was a tough time for everyone in their family, now they don’t live together though they still have good relationships and both take a part in parenting their children. Dahlia wore a business suit with knee length black pencil skirt, dark pantyhose, white shirt and black women jacket – an office clothes, she must has just arrived from her job. A paunch was visible in her stomach area, she also had a starting second chin and her rear and thights had some extra weight on them. Her hair were auburn unlike Emily’s strawberry blond, David may have seen signs of graying if he stood closer to her, it was made in a blunt bob haircut. Dahlia’s eyes were dull blue color, closer to grey. Boy – Thomas, as Dave remembered, about 8 years old had the same auburn hair, though in a brighter shade. He had fair skin, eye color also similar to Dahlia’s, though facial features were different from her mother’s and sister’s, maybe he looked more like his father. Cute dimples formed on his soft cheeks when he said something to Dahlia smiling. Thomas has this vibrant aura of childish energy, he impatiently rushed to the house and opened the door wide with a fast move of his hand.

-          Tom, don’t open the door so wide! Your sister is ill and it’s still cold outside. – said Dahlia to her hyperactive son.

Her voice resembled Emily’s it was a little deeper of course.

-          Okay, Mom! – answered Tom in his high-pitched voice, while shutting the door.

David was standing near Emily’s home for some time, when the door opened again and Thomas walked out of it with a garbage bag in his right hand.

-          But, Mom, it’s unfair! Why me again!? – he whined, then started to walk with fast gait, slightly bowing down on the right side from the weight of the bag,  coming closer to David.

When he was close enough, Dave noticed that boy is tall for his age. He stood at the same height as physically 10 year old David.

-          Hey, who are you!? What are you doing here?! – said Tom unfriendly as he came closer.

-          Oh, nothing, I was riding a bike and decided to take a break here.

-          Oh, I see. By the way, I’m Tom! – he extended his hand to Dave.

David was surprised by a sudden change in boy’s attitude.

-          I’m… I’m Dave.

They shook each other hands, then walked together to the trash can, David led his bike by his side, they chatted a little. Thomas was talking fast, he apologized to him for being unfriendly he did so just because he didn’t want to throw garbage away today, it was his sister’s turn, but she caught a cold. He suggested to play at the park two days later, when he heard that Dave lives somewhere close.

-          Listen, we can play in my yard now! – said Tom when they came close to his house.

Suddenly they heard:

-          Tom, move faster! Mom is waiting you!

It was definitely Emily’s voice. It was a little dark on the street now but David could see her slim silhouette. She was wearing a pink small shorts, a red tank top and had a jacket over her shoulders.

-          Emily don’t stay here for so long, that’s why you caught a cold again! – sounded Dahlia’s worried voice.

-          Ok, Mommy.

Tom giggled and said:

-          Can you believe my “cool” sister still calls Mom like it?! It’s time to go home for me. Will you come to the park on Wednesday, like I suggested?

-          Of course, see you!

-          Goodbye!

David walked down the road a little and suddenly heard a phone call. He pulled his phone out of pocket. The call was from Grace. Dave answered it.

-          Where are you!!! It’s almost 7!!!

-          I’ll be home soon, Grace. Why are you so worried?

-          Stand where you are now!!! I’m driving to you.

-          How do you know where I am?! Grace!

Grace hang up. Five minutes later she drove to Dave. She helped him to put the bike on the backseat and they sat in the car, David was in the front now.

-          I thought we made a deal, Dave! – said Grace angrily.

-          I’m sorry, Grace. How have you know where I am?

-          I put a tracker on your bike. Didn’t you notice it?

-          No… Stop! Why did you have to do it?!

-          It’s not a joke! – she calmed a little and continued:

-          Some of people affected by syndrome have suicidal thoughts, so I have to do it.

-          Oh… I understand. – David also calmed, when he understood that Grace was just caring for him.

When they arrived home, they had a dinner almost in complete silence. That reminded Dave about their dinners before his regression. Later Grace said to him:

Dave, don’t you think you’ll avoid any consequences! You’re punished now. No more walks for tomorrow, you’ll stay at home and will do the cleaning. And I’m taking away your phone and laptop.

She added:

-          Almost forget, I’ll install “parent control” on your laptop.

When David was preparing for sleep he was thinking about his punishment. He though how unfare it is! And there was no thoughts in his head that Grace is his girlfriend, not mother and it’s unconvinient for her to control him like this.

Grace walked over to him to wish a “goodnight”.

-          Do you think, that we might look like mother and son now? – asked Dave.

-          I hope not. Because that would mean that I gave birth to you at 17. I don’t want to be a teenage mother! – she said jokingly.

They both laughed a little. It seems that atmosphere between them has warmed up finally.


                                                                  From Dr. Weiss notes:

Patient hasn’t experienced any memory loss, kept his educational level up to his physical age except for reading skills which are similar to that he had at middle school. He remembers his sexual life with his partner and understands the meaning of it. By his words, he can’t experience any form of sexual attraction to his partner due to hormonal and physical metamorphosis. Emotional maturity has reduced, though he still has moments when his “adult self” as patient says takes over his thoughts and behavior completely.

As a specialist, I’m worried it may cause psychic instability on the later stages of regression as distance between his “adult” and “childish” selves will grow a lot more than now.

I suggested to work with patient and his representative/former partner using methods of pair consultation and personal consultation for both of them. To complete the work with patient, I set up a meeting with an activist of “ARS awareness group”, one of my former patients. I already told patient’s partner about her case.

She may help to convince them to start the using of medication.


                                                                                 5th of April

Grace woke David up and prepared him for the day by giving him new clothes and preparing breakfast for him. Dave slept all night without any dreams, tired from all day of cleaning yesterday.

Dr. Weiss set online consultation for both of them for today.  Around 10 AM she started with personal work with David. They were using Skype for chatting on distance. Dr. Weiss asked Grace to leave the room and she have done so. Dave went through some tests and discussion of his personal feelings and thoughts on the changing circumstances and his future. It lasted for about an hour and half.

Then Dr. Weiss asked Grace to step in and they discussed the same together. They were given some advices by doctor.

An hour later time for Grace’s personal consultation has come, so Dave had to walk upstairs to their bedroom. There he sat on the bed and played Sims on Grace’s laptop, since it was the only game here. It doesn’t mean he didn’t enjoy it, of course. David was surprised by that fact himself though.

Some time later Grace called him to walk downstairs. She explained to him, that Dr. Weiss suggested an online meeting with some social activist, because it could be useful for both of them. 

When David walked in, he looked at the screen of his laptop and saw a young woman. She had long caramel color hair, blue eyes and wore a light pink hoody. By the way she looked, David could say she’s in her 20’s.

-          Hello, David and Grace! - she waved her hand a little - Can you see and hear me? Is everything alright with the sound and picture?

-          Yes, everything all right. – answered Dave.

-          That’s great, let’s go! My name is Kate, I’m an activist of “ARS awareness group”. My first experience with ARS was when my mother got it. I want to help you establish your future life together, answer your questions and maybe give you some advices.

-          Ok, we understand. – said Grace.

-          First of all, I want to tell my story. As you already now, some people have a type of ARS that requires regression to early childhood and complete memory loss. That’s my mother’s situation. Here, let me show it to you… - Kate turned on the screen demonstration and started to show some slides. The photo of 50- something years old woman in business suit and reading glasses appeared. – It’s my mother before ARS which started 7 years ago. It was shock for her to know her diagnosis, I felt the same way when I learn about it. Her regression went on much slower pace, than yours, David. Half a year later she moved to my house, because she became a teenager. (A photo of a little younger Kate, about 20 and a teenager, about 16 looking similar to her, sitting on the couch together appeared on the screen). Dr. Weiss helped her to fight the depressed state, anxiousness and accept her new body. My mom went through tough time during regression, because she was fully aware of her mental capabilities loss. (Kate showed a picture of herself in her red bikini and a girl about 5 years old with a fair hair in pigtails in a pink one-piece swimsuit with floral print. Kate smiled, but in a way, like she was trying to cheer her little mother up. A girl made an impression of shyness and slight embarrassment on her face, her wise and adult glance, beyond physical age was the strangest thing here, it immediately attracted the attention of viewer. Maybe it is because her own daughter hugging her is an adult woman, while she is reduced to a sweet, innocent-looking child).  She regressed all the way to toddler three months after the start of therapy. She no longer remembered me as her daughter and needed me to take care of her, she even started to call me “Mommy”, so now I needed consultations from Dr. Weiss. – It was obvious, that those memories were especially painful to Kate. (She put a photo of her, holding a toddler girl in a baby T-shirt and diaper, on the screen.  Her tiny mother waved her hand a little to the photographer, while her new “Mommy” looked in the camera with a glance full of uncertainty).  I had to forget about my studies at university for some time, because I needed to bathe, fed and change dirty diapers to my own mother! With the help of therapy and the best medicine- time, I finally found a power to move on and accepted my new life with a little Sophie, who I started to perceive as my baby daughter. Now I really enjoy seeing her growing up the second time, I taught her new words, potty trained her, helped my mother to learn the alphabet at an early age and now I see her strides at school. When I took Sophie on a walk in a stroller to the park, I met my future husband. I found some courage to tell him the truth about my mother-turned-daughter. He likes to joke that he is the man who taught his mother-in-law to clean her teeth. Now, we have a child of our own and Sophie is just a great grandmother-big sister. ( Kate turned to another slide with a family photo of Kate, sitting on the sofa, a young man hugging her from behind, a grade school girl with a light brown hair pulled in a ponytail, checkered skirt, beige sweater and mary jane shoes, a second little girl about 3 years old with cute chubby cheeks, fair hair put into small pigtails by pink ribbons and red overalls put over a small white blouse, sitting on Kate’s lap and a baby with dark hair slightly showing on his head in a blue onesie in her arms).

-          Oh, you’re not only raising your mother again, you also gave birth twice!

-          Once. The birth of Amanda went not so well and the doctors are unsure if I could deliver another child. My son, Adam is adopted. He’s another victim of ARS and didn’t has any relatives to take care for him, so he contacted an adoption center and “ARS awareness group”. I decided to help him. Adam regressed all the way to 6 months old with no memories of his life when we adopted him.

-          So, Kate, does your erm… “mother”, should I say, remember anything from her previous life?

-          Good thing you gave me this question! Almost nothing. She doesn’t remember me being her daughter or being a teacher in a university. She couldn’t even imagine me not being her Mommy and my husband her Daddy! Despite this, I think there’s something left. I bought Sophie a lot of Barbies, a huge dollhouse – everything I dreamed of when I was this little and her favorite toy   is an old patch doll I found in her old house – her toy from the time she was growing up the first time. Once I was angry at her for misbehaving and during our argument she said “ If you don’t like listening to me, maybe you’ll like standing in the corner!” with the same intonation when she scolded me in my childhood! That shocked me a little, of course. Also when I was pregnant with Amanda and my stomach have become big enough to attract Sophie’s attraction and I had to explain that I’m going to have a baby, next morning she came to me and told about her strange dream. She said, she was grown up and had a “belly” even bigger than mine and she was at the doctor’s that told her she’s going to has a girl. I asked her for more details. From Sophie’s words I could tell that was very realilistic dream, she described me the look of our old house in the end of 90’s, her old car, of course, in the way a 5 year old girl can. One moment amused me even more! She said to a doctor, she’s going to name a baby “Olimpia”. Mom told me she wanted to give me this name after her grandmother, but father was against it. And I can swear, I saw a picture of an university auditorium full of students in her drawings. Her job is a thing she can’t recall anymore, but she may has had a dream about it.

They chatted for some more time, discussing David’s and Grace’s worries. Later Grace asked Dave to come upstairs again, because she needed to talk with Kate in a private. He had no second thoughts about Grace taking more and more control on his life, taking his responsibility away.


After the consultation and a small lunch, Dave remembered about his agreement with Tom. He felt like he really wanted to meet that boy, so they could have some fun. Anyway everything was so BORING for him. David told Grace about his plans and she suggested to drive him to the park and return for him after a couple of hours.

Dave looked for some clothes in Grace’s suitcase and picked the one he liked the most. Grace ironed them and he finally dressed himself. It was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (year 2003 cartoon version) in a blue color, light blue jeans and a green hoodie.

Half an hour later, Grace parked her car near the park gates, Dave got up from his seat and they both walked out. David saw Tom waiting for him, said “Goodbye’ to Grace and walked to the boy, standing near the park entrance.

-          Hi, Dave! – Thomas nearly shout.

-          Hi, Tom.

-          Your Mom drove you here? She’s so beautiful! And young! I wish I’ll have a wife like her, when I grow up.  By the way, I came here all by myself! My Mom let me if I’ll call her sometime, to tell her everything is Ok. She says it’s good enough, that I won’t spend my free time with my sister’s old IPad, she no longer needs. – he was talking fast giving tons of information to his new friend.

David was shocked about Tom’s comment. “Your Mom”? Am I really that young looking now?!- he thought. Dave’s confusion was disturbed by Tom’s words.

-          I thought you were taller.

Now he noticed that he is now shorter than a little boy. During their first meet, David noticed that Thomas must be tall for his age. Despite being physically younger they were the same height. Now Tom was the taller one, the difference was about a full head.

-          What are you talking about?! I was always this height.

-          Ok. Sorry. Hey! What are we going to play now?

For about an hour and half they were playing different games. David is about 8 years old now, so they’re peers. They played tag a little, then found some cool sticks and pretended to be warriors with swords, fighting against the evil wizard’s army, Dave – a knight and Tom – a viking. They walked farther into the park and Dave showed Tom Emily’s “special place”, they pretended that it’s a Magician’s Magic Cave. After their game ended, Thomas said:

-          It’s really cool, you know a place like this! We could blast some squibs here!

-          What?! You had petards?! – David remembered that they could get in trouble for doing such things in a public place.

-          I had. My Mom found them and confiscated!

-          How have you got it?

-          You know, some older guys from my sister’s highschool are trying to be my “friends” to be closer to Emily. They can give me some gifts in exchange for some information about her. So, I asked Steven to bring me some petards.

Some time later, David got a phone call from Grace as she arrived to pick him up. He said “bye” to Tom and they both came to the park entrance. Tom asked if they could exchange phone numbers, but Dave did the same trick that he have done with Emily before. He said he have a little time left and they can meet each other later if his family won’t rent another house to live. During the drive home, he felt a little guilty for giving boy hope. Dave added the comment about his “family”, because he didn’t want Tom to blame him for not coming for a walk. On the other hand if regression stops here, they could really meet each other again…


                                                                             7th of April

David now is 6 years old physically. He’s even smaller than before and his head on the same level as Grace’s stomach. His cheeks are puffier and his face has become more childish as all parts of his body.  His teeth completely reformed into baby teeth as if by magic. Yesterday his new bed had arrived and he helped Grace to fix it. His new room was finished. There was blue wallpaper covered walls, a carpet with a childish print (a small town cartoonish town painted on it) and a bed for a boy with bed sheets adorned with a pictures of cars.

At first, David didn’t like the childishness of his new room, though he hasn’t complained about it. Now he even liked it. Grace pulled out some toys (age appropriate, of course) out of the box in the attic.

Dave was skeptical at first but today he was spending some time playing with them. By the way, he really enjoyed it!

He built a City – small houses out of Lego bricks, skyscrapers out of building blocks, Hot Wheels cars parked here and there. A huge alien (a Bionicle) is attacking the city, cars are riding out of it to get away from the danger, Army (plastic soldiers and toy tanks) are here to save the day!

-          Dave, would you like some pancakes? – asked Grace who came over. She didn’t pay any attention to her small “boyfriend” carefree playing with toys.

-          Yes, I’m coming!

He sat at the kitchen table and saw Grace watching something on YouTube on her laptop. Dave became interested. Grace now controls his time using a laptop and he cannot watch any adult content. There was some TV talk show. A young female and a host were in a huge studio, some other guests was sitting here also. Woman was 20-something and wore a light dress in blue color, her long dirty blond hair was lower than her shoulder level. The camera moved closer to her nice face with green eyes, prominent cheekbones and straight nose. Dave thought, that he’ll find her quite sexy, in that dress showing her C-cup cleavage. Writing appeared on the screen:

Christine Murphy

 ARS Victim. Thinks that the syndrome was a “blessing” for her, more than a “curse”.

Christine Murphy

 A-R-S Victim. Thinks that the sy- synd-rome was a “bles-sing” for her… - read David. His reading speed has diminished, he wasn’t able to read the writing fast enough.

The male host spoke:

-          Christine, you introduced yourself to us, but only as your present self. Could you introduce yourself from the past and tell us more about your personal story? How the syndrome changed your life?

-          Well, I like you question, because I were completely another person. I were over 70-ty years old retired schoolteacher. I had a stable and quiet but boring life. All of my 3 kids moved out long ago, my husband passed away, I knew I already lived the best time of my life. It changed with an ARS diagnosis which slowly made me a teen girl about 14. My regression lasted about 2 years, so I had time to prepare for it. I moved to my son’s home and shared a room with my grandkids. I saved my memories, so it was really strange for me with a change in my mind that gave me a different perspective on everything.

-          Okay.  Christine, do you have any plans for future now? What aspects of your new youth you think are the best?

-          Oh! That’s a lot of aspects I like, I don’t even know where I should start… First of all, there’s a whole bunch of new opportunities for me nowadays. Literally, from spending my free time with a new kind of hobbies to a chance to have a career different from my old one. Now I feel myself confident when it comes to dealing with all that new technologies, but I don’t spend much time on the social sites, because I want to involve more in “live” activities, because from my experience I can say, you’ve got a small period of youth before turning into an old crone, like I were myself. So, why should I waste it? I tried some new hobbies, which were unimaginable for me not so long ago. For example, I tried anime cosplaying with the help of my granddaughter when I started college again. Also I’m planning to go a different way this time after my graduation. I’m going to have a career in IT. I won’t believe it if someone said it to me 10 years ago! But now I’m taking courses of programming and I have a noticeable progress in coding. During my first youth about 50 years ago I already knew that I have a talent for mathematics and other exact sciences, but I also liked humanitarian subjects, so I chose to become a  Math teacher in school. My family supported my decision and it was very important for me. But now I can use my talents in a way I like more and IT sphere is not only prestigious, but also very interesting. There’s another thing I like, it’s the freedom modern young people have. It’s different from old times. I mean, freedom in expressing their feelings, in the choice of partner and other things, like wearing revealing clothes if they like it. I grew up long before the so called “sexual revolution” even started. So, I really appreciate my opportunity to wear all this hot things like string bikini that shows my great assets, that returned to me.


David ate all his food and brought his dish to the sink. Grace said she’ll wash it so he doesn’t have to do it.

That evening, when Dave was watching his cartoons that he now found much more fascinating than before. Grace came over to him and suggested something:

-          Davie, we haven’t been in any restaurants together for so long. Don’t you think it would be nice if we’ll come to the new one? We never visited it.

-          Why not. Do you want to do it right now?!

-          Yes, you got it.

They both prepared to come out and 15 minutes later they both were in a car, now equipped with a booster seat (that type without backrest) for David.


                                                  The same evening. In the restaurant.

“What an adorable son you have! And he’s a little gentleman too” – said a woman at the reception to Grace after David greeted her.

Dave was embarrassed. In his new form no one could tell, that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. He wore childish T-shirt, jeans and little sneakers while Grace had a sexy evening dress under her autumn coat. The difference between them was obvious. As they walked to the free table near the window she helped David to take off and hang his small denim jacket on the rack.

-          Grace, it’s embarrassing! – Dave said silently in his high-pitched voice, slightly blushing with a pouty kid face.

-          It’s okay to need help sometimes, you know it. – she answered in a calm, reassuring voice.

-          I could do it myself!

-          I bet.

They sat down. Waiter brought a menu for them – usual one and a kid’s one. Grace ordered some coffee, salad and pizza – a dish for both of them, Dave grabbed an adult menu in a demonstrative way and ordered a dessert and a cup of tea. When the waiter walked away he said:

-          Why didn’t you show my ARV ID at the reception?! That way I’ll be treated in a normal way. You could at least say something about that “little gentleman” comment, Grace.

-          First, I forgot to bring it with me. Second, I can’t do it any time it will happen. It’s sad, but maybe such situations could happen more often than you hoped it will. I think you can accept it, learn to live with it. Remember what Dr. Weiss and Kate talked about with us. I’ll help you with it, of course. And, by the way, don’t you think it’s even a little fun?

-          Maybe, I don’t know… Thank you, Grace. I think you’re right.


                                       The same evening. At home.

David and Grace prepared for bedtime. When the light went off, they were both in their beds, but Dave felt himself uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep, though he was tired. He went to the Grace’s room. The dark made him shiver a little, it was a forgotten fear for him. It’s so unrational to be terrified of the space without natural or artificial sources of light. The feeling added to his anxiety – the reason why he can’t sleep. Dave opened the door and saw a nightlight in Grace’s room, she was fidgeting with her smartphone.

-          David, what’s wrong?

-          Grace, it may sound strange… but can I sleep with you tonight?

-          Of course, you can, come here.

Grace grabbed her diary laying on a nightstand and put inside. She opened the cover for David to lay down.

Now both in the same bed. Grace was sitting in it as she ruffled Dave’s soft fair hair and said:

-          You know, Dave, I can’t help… but I’m starting to feel myself… don’t know how to say it… motherly towards you. I mean, our relationship really changed since it all started. Okay, it’s time to sleep now.

Grace turned off the nightlight and gave Dace an innocent kiss on his cheek. He sensate this wet touch on his smooth, young skin. She was fast asleep soon. David moved closer to her, now almost touching her back with his body. His thoughts now only hardened.

Grace is only in her sexy burgundy nighty and lace panties, so close to Dave only in his little boy’s underros with pictures of balloons on them and a thin pajama. I f he was his previous self, an adult man, maybe he’ll has an erection. But now he sensed nothing. It is obvious, he has no libido now. This thoughts are painful. David tried to clear his mind… Stop thinking about past…

Some time later he realized, he is drifting into the dreams slowly. Grace is so close, I’s making him so comfortable. No, she is not like a teacher, or a legal guardian, more like a mother…






End Chapter 5

Refresh our relationships

by: Zebes | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2024


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I’m loving it!

magicformula · Dec 25, 2023

What a cool story! Great action, captivating detail, very well written. I’m so excited for the next chapters!

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