Refresh our relationships

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Chapter 11
The End.

                                                                    30th of April.

Today David was left with Emily again for a half of the day, meanwhile Grace went on another date with Anthony.

David was sitting in the highchair, while Emily was trying to feed him.

-          Davie do I need to spoonfeed you? I think you’re a big boy, so you can eat by yourself.

David refused to finish his meal, so Emily had to do something.

-          I have an idea! Let’s have a deal, Davie. I’ll give you one spoon, then you’ll feed me another one. Okay?

-          Otay! – answered David.

-          Let’s make a deal on little fingers and I’ll go and bring another spoon for me.

When the meal was finished food was smeared on Davie’s face, but Emily had hers like this too, because David wasn’t very careful at “feeding” her.

She wiped his face, washed hers and then the door opened and Grace walked inside the house.

She greeted Emily and they talked a little. Emily took her money, said her goodbyes and walked outside.

Grace left Davie out of the highchair and put him on her hip.

-          How were you, Davie? – she asked.

-          I’m gweat!

-          What were you and Emily doing?

-          We… we dwaw! And… and… I fed her! – Davie started the tell of emotional toddler.

-          You fed her?! That’s interesting. Wait a second it’s time for Mommy’s kiss. – said Grace and made a finger snap.

Then she gave David a kiss on the cheek.

David’s mindset returned to him, so he felt a scent of another man on the lips of Grace and in her mouth.

He tried to push Grace away, his efforts to do it were futile, but Grace noticed them.

-          What’s wrong? You don’t like Mommy’s kisses.

-          No! Dat… dat smeww!

-          Smell? Oh, yes! I had some fun time giving blowjob to Anthony, while you had your bum wiped by Emily!

David’s face at the moment was hardly describable.


                                                                          1st – 6th of May.

During the whole week Grace continued to adjust to her situation as David spent more and more time being a toddler mentally. It was due to both: hypnosis and natural ARS mental decline.

Grace has bought a stroller for him and used it for their walks at the park together. She also started to spend some time with Dahlia. Grace just wanted to keep herself in good shape, since she is going to spend more time at home, so she needs some physical exercises. She decided to get some company for it and Dahlia was the perfect candidate. Middle aged woman, trying to lose her excess weight, took Grace’s suggestion without any second thoughts. Together they started to attend yoga and gym and quickly became friends, even their age difference didn’t bother them. Usually David was left with Emily or Jennifer, while Grace was out.

As for her romantic life, she wasn’t sure if she is really going to take her and Anthony’s relationship at any serious level. That meant introducing David to him. What is she going to say about David’s origin? So, she is going to wait until David’s mind will regress completely, then she will think about taking the next step in her new romance.

She was a bit worried, that she suggested threesome with Jennifer, because at the moment she wasn’t thinking of Anthony as a possible long-term partner and “father” for David. But Grace was sure that Jennifer won’t had any troubles with finding a couple for herself. And looking at the situation from the other angle, seeing each other in different positions in bed may only help to build their relationships, because it will give them more confidence in their future sex life.

During the week David, at the rare moments when Grace let him be something else than carefree toddler who doesn’t know any better, seemed to grow in accepting his new fate more than before.


                                                                      7th of May.

Lately Grace noticed how Dahlia misses any normal sexual life, during their heart-to-heart conversations. She decided to help her. Of course, she is going to do it the same way she did with Jennifer.

At first, Dahlia wasn’t supportive of idea at all, but her sexual hunger took over, so she decided to try a threesome.

Middle aged lady, who hasn’t done “it” since her divorce and before haven’t done it with her ex-husband a lot, since birth of their children, who had excess weight due to her age, because she let herself go a little after divorce and other results of growing older showing at her body, found the idea of threesome with a young couple embarrassing, but intriguing at the same time.

Dahlia left Tommy with his father, so they could spend some quality time together and Emily was busy with babysitting Davie.

By the way, Jennifer also came over to see how David is doing and to help Emily with babysitting.

Short heighted adult was a little uncomfortable being with a teenage girl who looked womanly than her. Especially embarrassing was the moment when Emily helped her to get something from upper shelf. Emily have done it without any second thought, that way Jennifer won’t has to bring a chair or something like that to climb on it. On the other hand, Jennifer did a s best as she could to hide the embarrassment and even made a joke about her “not being short, only being “vertically challenged” which led to both of them laughing.

Both of them enjoyed babysitting David. Emily, of course, saw only a normal toddler, while Jennifer sometime stopped to think what a strange thing life is, when David called “Aun’y Jen” to look at something.

Returning to Grace and Dahlia, they were in Grace’s car.

Dahlia was sitting in a passenger seat and looked somewhat worried, she turned over to Grace and started to speak:

-          I’m really not sure if I should do it. I know that we are friends and you want to help me with my lack of sexual satisfaction, but such things don’t happen every day right? And it’s still a little scary for me.

-          Why are you scared? You just need to relax a bit, just think about it as sport. Yes, a sport, just a small past-time, a spicy way to spend a weekend evening. Sex even have a lot in common with usual physical activities – you know, like heart beating faster, calories burning away, etc. – said Grace, smiling.

-          Maybe… But there’s another thing I’m embarrassed of, despite the fact that it will be my first time doing something like this.

-          What are you talking about, Dahlia?

-          I mean, I’m older than both of you and I’ve put on some excess weight after my divorce. Even though I got rid of some part of it, I’m still on the heavy side and I can’t say that I’ve “aged gracefully” or something like that.

-          Oh, I understood. Just nevermind! You can’t be called fat, I’m saying it honestly. By the way, some people really enjoy round forms on women and even women touched by time, there’s a term for that, invented by zoomers – a MILF. And you need to know that Anthony is open for different things in sexual life and it includes different body types. It is going to be an experiment for him! If you’re still insecure about it I’ll give you some wine to help you relax.


                                                                           At Anthony’s house.

Anthony was sitting on the couch and looked at Grace, who was walking from one side of the room to another. She was only in her sexy lingerie as she did this, she took every step like she was on the podium, but much slower, because she knew that Anthony is giving her a glance full of adoration and lust, at the moment hidden inside him. Those feelings is going to break out of him, like a hot magma out of volcano. Grace was waiting for Dahlia, who was undressing in the other room.

-          Dahlia, when you’re going to join us? – Grace walked to the closed door and asked Dahlia.

-          I’m coming, Grace. – answered Dahlia.

Dahlia walked outside the bedroom into the livingroom. She was looking down, as if she was seeking something on the floor, and got her hands crossed on her chest.

She was only in her underwear which consisted of see-through dark camisole, which she picked especially for this occasion, because it helped to cover her rotund tummy a little, black lacy bra, that held her soft bust and made it look more full and round, but her breasts still haven’t look like they did in her best years, and knickers in the same style hugged her wide hips and plump aft snuggly, unlike Grace’s thong, they covered her buttocks well, because Dahlia thought that she’s “not in the right age for skimpy things”. Her pale skin tone was accentuated by the contrast with her black lingerie set.

Dahlia held a wineglass she moved it closer to her lips and did a sip of wine, while her other hand twirled the lock of her auburn hair, which she dyed just two days ago to remove the signs of graying and make the color feel fresher.

-          Come on Dahlia! I think we can start! – said Grace, after she came to her and massaged her shoulders a bit to help her friend feel more comfortable.

Grace and Dahlia climbed on the couch to be closer to Anthony. They looked at the tight abs and a boner that started to form underneath his boxers tightening its fabric, and both sensed how their hearts started to beat faster and their loins started to become wetter as strange, lustful heat rose from them up through their bodies higher and higher to their heads, blowing away all other worries.

Dahlia felt herself uncomfortable, when Anthony pulled Grace into a passionate kiss, but then she felt his strong hand hugging her soft body and pulling her closer.

Anthony started to kiss her and groped her fleshy boobs after he unclasped her bra with an easy and fast movement of hand, making it fell down. Slight droopiness of Dahlia’s tits didn’t bother him. Meanwhile, Grace pulled down Anthony’s boxers and stroked his penis lovingly.

Grace teased the head of Anthony’s member by gently licking it. While she was doing it, Anthony slid a hand inside Dahlia’s panties, gently massaged her clit, then grabbed her knickers with his teeth and started to pull them off. Dahlia moved her legs to help him dispose them and uncover her recently shaved pussy that went through childbirth twice. Anthony placed his face between Dahlia’s fat thights and started to use his tongue. Dahlia was trembling from pleasure and made soft moans, she didn’t make that sounds for a couple of years before that moment. Anthony’s face, buried between Dahlia’s legs sensed her wet loins and rubbed against the folds of fat on the lower part of her stomach, while the lips of Grace was wrapped around his shaft, making it even harder.

They decided to move to the bed.

Anthony was on his back as he watched Dahlia and Grace licking his dick at the same time together. Then Grace turned her attention away from it, she leaned closer to Dahlia and latched onto her breast, sucking it, moving her tongue around the nipple and massaging the other breast with her hand. This experience reminded Dahlia about breastfeeding her children. She moaned in pleasure and closed her eyes.  She sometimes had a sore feeling in her breasts, common for women that fed their children. Now this soreness returned for a moment, but the stimulation made her feeling ecstatic. Sexual pleasure she experienced ( even though she never was bi-curious, unlike Grace at some point) mixed with her body memory from years ago, when her daughter and son nourished from her. Unknown to herself Dahlia patted Grace’s head as she continued to do it.

Anthony moved closer to the pair and reached to Grace’s slit with his hand. He started to finger her.

Grace started to moan too, but those sweet sounds were silenced by Dahlia’s flesh.

Then they changed the position. Dahlia placed herself upon Anthony’s member, as he was lying on his back again. Grace took her position sitting on Anthony’s face, with her wet vagina being right in front of his mouth. Anthony willingfully accepted it and didn’t resist.

Dahlia started to mount on dick. Her boobs were “jumping” up and down, due to their softness, and her rear jiggled as she did it.

Both women almost cried from pleasure a few moments later.

When the three was over, they were lying on the bed together, hugging and trying to return their breath to normal, as their heartbeat was getting slower like a professional runner’s heart after a good distance.


                                                                       10th of May.

 David was getting more infantile in his behavior even when he wasn’t under the hypnosis effect. He was calling Grace “Mommy” mostly.

Grace has started to introduce David to the idea of vacation together as mother and son. She suggested a trip to Mexico or going to her parents, whom now were aware of David’s current situation and won’t answer any questions. Of course, this plans were meant to be turned into reality, when his mental regression will be over.

David listened to the suggestions with some fear for his future fate deep inside, but mostly almost ignorant, because his mind was already used to it.   

On the Monday evening they spent some time together with Emily at the pool. Yes, ironically it was the same place where Emily first met David in his rejuvenated form.

That form of friendship between Grace and Emily seemed to be getting stronger, both of them enjoyed to spend time together. Emily saw Grace as a more mature person, a beautiful woman with money and business of her own, by the way, and with power to move on despite her break up with boyfriend and the need to take care of the child as a single mother. At the same time, she wasn’t like her mother, so they could exchange some secrets, talk about boys for example. Emily also was adoring towards Davie.

Grace thought: “Maybe years later Emily would be like the friend of family. Wonder if there would be place for Anthony in our family?” She was thinking about such things a lot lately. Of course, some time ago, she was sure that she isn’t going to “settle down” but a lot have changed since then.

At the pool Emily seemed to notice a young trainer of water polo team that was training in the pool while their small company was here. Her worries were wiped away after talking with Grace and there were place for love and small sympathies in her heart again.

When Grace and David arrived at home, Grace took a look at the pictures on her phone that she took at the pool. Little Davie in floaties, life jacket and swim diapers was just overly adorable!

Jennifer hasn’t seen them very much now due to the fact that she had more work than usual now, at least that’s what she has said to Grace to explain her absence. In reality, she stayed at the job overtime to look if any evidence left of ARS sample being “lost” in the lab or documentation. That’s really serious as you may guess.

                                                                        At Grace’s house.

Grace opened the door and came inside the house pushing a stroller in front of her. She just arrived from the small walk with David, who was sitting inside a stroller in babyish outfit and a visible diaper bulge under his small denim overalls with a thumb in his mouth.

Today Grace hasn’t used a “finger snap” on him, because he hasn’t said or done anything inappropriate for a toddler his age, most of the time during the walk he was silent and unusually calm (for the regular child). Somehow he resembled an autistic child, it all was happening due to the mental regression kicking in, but at the same time a part of his mind stayed in adult state. Grace decided to always be around him during this period.

She still has enjoyed taking the last bits of her revenge on David while she was able to, though, so she used her chances to tease him about the current situation.

As Grace finished unbuckling David from his seat, she sniffed the air.

-          Pe-ew! Davie, you pooped! But I’m not mad at all! Your stomach works just like a clock, you always do it during our strolls! Let’s get you changed. – reacted Grace at smelling a messy diaper.

David didn’t say anything, he didn’t even blush, like he did earlier. He turned his head, so Grace couldn’t see his face and smiled. He liked the idea that Grace is going to change his diaper and wipe his butt even though she dislikes it very much! That must have been thoughts that belonged to his “adult” part of the mind.

He was right. Diaper changes became a pretty much disgusting routine for Grace, unlike before, when it was a way to humiliate David further.

-          Mommy, me hugwy! – said David, seeing, much to his pleasure, the disappointment on the face of Grace, due to her failed attempt to tease him and make him blush.

-          Okay, let’s have a snack after your change. – responded Grace.

When they were done with snack, David sat in the livingroom and started to play with his toys. Grace sat on the couch fiddling in her phone. She was bored of sitting at home and seeing no one except for Davie.

-          You know, Davie, I’m really tired of constant changes, I can’t wait for your potty training!

David was too passionate about playing to heard it.

Grace tried to attract his attention again:

-          Sweetie, do you want to sleep, maybe? I know you had your daytime nap, but I think another one won’t hurt.

-          No! – was David’s short answer.

-          Even if Mommy is asking you?

-          No, Mommy! Me no wanna!

Grace thought what else she can do. Her plan to quickly tuck David in and go out somewhere for an hour has just failed. Then, she reminisced about another one of her ideas.

She put a certain object out of her purse.

-          Davie, can you come to me?

David came to her and Grace put him on her lap.

-          Mommy, me want ‘toons.

-          I know, baby, it’s time when I usually turn on some cartoons for you. I’ll do it later, but now I want to show you something.

-          What? – asked David. He didn’t like the way that conversation was going due to the tone in the voice of Grace.

Grace showed David a thing, that she pulled out of her purse.

It was a small, long, white plastic object.

-          Do you know what it is? – asked Grace.

-          No… - answered Davie and stuck a thumb into his mouth, trying to think harder about the designation of this object.

-          Are you sure? You, definitely, used to know it. Try to remember.

David didn’t answer anything.

-          Davie, have you forget? Okay, I’ll remind you. It’s a pregnancy test. – said Grace. With a small sigh she made before starting to speak.

-          Pweg- wha’? – asked David as he had no idea what that meant.

-          It’s a thing that was invented to let women learn if they have a baby in tummy or not. Look at the control line. It’s placed here.

There were two red stripes.

-          It means that I’m going to have a baby from my new boyfriend. I have a bun in the oven for about a week already. Davie, why are you so silent? Aren’t you happy to have a baby brother or sister and become a big brother?

David was shocked to hear that news. He didn’t understand completely was all that meant, because he forgot about the nuances of the process, but he definitely wasn’t happy to hear that Grace got knocked up.

- But Mommy, you don’t have a tummy! – said David still in hope that it is not real and that Grace will say she’s just teasing him.

- *Laugh* I don’t have a tummy YET, kitten! The baby inside me is very, very, very small. But he’ll get grow, so Mommy is going to become much bigger later! Almost forgot! I have to warn you, that we’ll have to move in with Anthony, my new boyfriend, somehow.

- Nooo! Me don’t wan’ it! – shout David as he jumped down on the floor from Grace’s knee.

David stomped his little feet and continued to shout:

-          You betwayed me! I don’t want a thibling, esp- espe- espethially fwom your fuckew!

The last word was quite funny to hear from toddler. Shocking news woke up the part of his mind, so he was able to remember and say, with some difficulties, word like “especially”.

When Grace heard it she scooped David up and placed him on the knee, making him lie down on his stomach on her thighs and his face turned down. She pulled down his diaper.

-          Nooo! Th’top! Get away! – David shout hysterically. A tear showed near his eye and rolled down his cheek, as he understood what is going to happen.

Grace did the first slap and David started to cry, but she stopped and said to him:

-          Do I have to continue or are you going to stop this tantrum?

-          I-I’w be good. – answered red-faced David with a snot running down from his nose.

Grace grabbed a pair of wipes to wipe David’s nose and teary face. He sat on her knee, with his face buried in Grace’s sleeveless T-shirt, making damp spots on it in the area of stomach. His crying turned into sobs and whimpers.

Grace gently patted his back, saying:

-          No need for crying, baby. You’ll adjust to it. It’s not so bad for you, after all, the only thing you have to care for is your forced potty training that will be soon. I’ll have to do it because it’s too hard to take care of two children in diapers. You’ll love your new Daddy and baby sibling.

-          Okay, Mommy, I t’ink I wiww… - said David.

Grace was delighted to hear it. Following evening she fed David in his highchair, gave him a bath and tucked him in.

When she returned to her bedroom she looked in the mirror on the wall, made a loud gasp. Looking at her face closer she noticed some unusual glow in her eyes. “Victory!” – was the thought, that echoed in her entire mind. She started to think out loud, while she was preparing for sleep.

Of course, it was quite easy to make convince David that I’m truly pregnant. This test was fake, I bought it in online store, it’s used for pranks usually. But I have to say: it looks realistic. This small test for David went very well, he completely gave up on any resistance and is willing to take his fate. Another week and his mental regression will be completed. Also, I didn’t have to involve the power of hypnosis to calm him down. Of course, I used methods I don’t approve, but it’s a major change still.


                                               17th of May.

During the week, David seemed to lose any of his memories and now was an average toddler.

Today, Grace decided to test him. In the morning, David woke up and stood in his crib, waiting for Grace to arrive. Grace saw it on the baby monitor and came inside his nursery. She walked to the crib and made a fingersnap.

Nothing happened. David’s behavior didn’t change a bit.

That meant his mental capacity became fully equal to his physical age of around 2 years old.


                                                         18th of May.

Today was very important. Grace sat on the couch, waiting for arrival of Dr. Weiss, while David was playing with blocks on the floor.

Grace made a call to Dr. Weiss yesterday to ask her for a visit to confirm the new legal status of Grace and David as a child and his legal guardian/ parent.

Grace a heard a ring on the frontdoor.

She rushed to open it and greeted Dr. Weiss, guiding her inside to the livingroom.

When Dr. Weiss came in, she saw David sitting on the carpet and stacking plastic blocks to build a pyramid. He saw that a “stranger’ appeared in the room and rushed to Grace, hiding behind her leg. He looked at Dr. Weiss with his innocent, big babyish eyes, then gave Grace a quizzical glance as he rose his head up to do it. David started to tug the pantleg of Grace’s beige sweatpants as if he was seeking protection.

-          Davie, please don’t be shy, the good doctor aunty is here to see you and talk with you and me. – said Grace, when she bent her head down to see her regressed “boyfriend”.

When David heard the word “doctor”, he buried his face into her leg, hiding from the look of Dr. Weiss.

-          I don’t know why is he acting like this, I never scared him with medical workers. – said Grace turning over to Dr. Weiss.

She picked toddler up and continued in a soothing tone;

-          There won’t be any shots, I promise. Have you heard it? Mommy promised you.

Grace was carrying David across shoulder with his face turned away from Dr. Weiss and patted his back gently.

David looked at Dr. Weiss once more, this time, with a thumb in his mouth.

“Okay. It seems his reactions is that of his current physical age and so his mental capacity. But I shell continue for the protocol, maybe there’s something left from his old personality and David is just nervous over the normal level due to my visit”: thought Dr. Weiss.

David was put back to the floor. She came closer and kneeled to him.

-          Hi, David. How are you doing? – she started in a friendly tone. She didn’t want to use the “cooing” usually used to talk to small children. What if there’s an adult mind trapped deep inside? That way, he’ll be very embarrassed and she won’t be able to get a contact with patient.

Dr. Weiss haven’t heard an answer first, but then a high pitched childish voice came from David’s mouth:

-          F-fine…

-          I’m glad that you’re fine, David. Would you be so nice and tell me how old are you?

-          D’is many! – said David and proudly showed her “2” using his fingers.

-          Are you sure? Maybe your age is not 2 years old, but a little older, for example?

David looked at the floor and started to think.

Grace started to get a little worried. What if he simulated the whole time and is able to tell about everything? No, she can’t be wrong in her observations, she thought, he didn’t respond to trigger, it means, it can’t be simulation. But what if he remembered something?

Those thoughts haven’t appeared in her head before, but now they rushed through her mind, causing her to bit the inner side of her lip.

Dr. Weiss stood facing David, so she wasn’t able to see anything strange in the behavior of Grace.

Grace put her hands behind her back and crossed her index and middle fingers on both of them.

It lasted only about 5 seconds.

-          Me two! – David finally said.

Grace made a silent sigh.

Dr. Weiss talked with David a little more, then started to talk with Grace.

She told about David’s current habits, his interaction with other kids on the playground etc.

After they were done. Dr Weiss said;

-          It’s a pity to see how everything turned out, but, I have to say, I like your demeanor towards current situation. Here. It’s a document that confirms David’s legal status of a child and you as his legal guardian. I need your sign here and here.

When they said their goodbyes and Dr. Weiss walked out of the house. Grace looked at David, now her “son” if he can be called like this. He sat on the crook of her arm with a binky in his mouth, which Grace give him to soothe him a little.

It was a fresh start for her new life

And their relationship, with both of them in a completely new role.




End Chapter 11

Refresh our relationships

by: Zebes | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2024


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