Refresh our relationships

by: Zebes | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2024

Chapter 10

                                                                                                    28th of April.

When Grace snapped her fingers and David’s mindset reverted to that of a toddler again, he started to cry again, because his emotions didn’t change, they only went to much more immature level, so he still experienced shock and anger from the words of Grace.

Grace struggled to calm him down and tuck him in, but with the help of cooing tone and pacifier, she finally did it.

With toddler Davie asleep in his crib, Grace used the opportunity to make an important call.

-          Hi, Dahlia! – she said, when Dahlia accepted the call.

-          Hi, Grace. What’s the matter? Something wrong with Emily doing her job?

-          No, no, everything is okay with it. I have an important theme to discuss and I want you to be honest with me as much as you can.

-          Beg my pardon, what do you want to talk about? I don’t get it.

-          I’ll explain it, Dahlia. Now I’m ruling David Sr.’s business that he left me to make sure I always can provide for his kid, I’m grateful for this. You know, maybe it’s his only male act after all. So, when I was at his office today, I checked David’s work e-mail and saw your message…

-          Are you sure you want to talk about it? – Dahlia’s voice became worried.

-          Yes, I am.

-          OK, you can visit me tomorrow, I would prefer to talk about this case in a private.

-          Understood, I’ll text you tomorrow. Goodbye. – Grace finished the call.

Grace guessed that it may be not an easy conversation between the two of them tomorrow…

Before she went to bed, she saw a message from Jennifer.

Jennifer: I want you to see what I’ve bought today. What do you think about it?

There was a photo of Jennifer dressed only in her newly-bought black lacy lingerie set, striking a sexy pose.

You: Hi! It’s great! U listened to my advices! Finally! Very HOT!!!


                                                                         29th of April.

At 9 o’clock Grace walked into David’s nursery, because she heard him crying “Mama!” “Mama!”.

David was standing in his crib with a sagging diaper between his pudgy legs – just an innocent toddler.

After the morning routine and a small breakfast Grace decided to take a shower. David was playing on the floor, so she left him like this and undressed. She took a chance to take a look at herself in the full length mirror.

Full breasts with pink areolas, juicy buttocks, that every man would gladly squeeze in his palm, nice, fresh face, that seemed to became prettier without all this worries about cheating boyfriend – Grace is young and beautiful and have a new life now!

She went to the bathroom and heard a high-pitched voice:

-          Mama! I wan’ be with wou! Pwease! – whined David as he toddled towards Grace.

-          Mommy needs a little privacy, Davie. I’ll return to you ten minutes later. – Grace was smiling while she was said it. It was so cute!

-          But, Mama! I thay pwee-ease! – Davie’s lower lip trembled a little.

-          OK, you’re too big for this, but I think it won’t hurt your young innocent mind if you saw your Mommy in the shower.

Grace took David with her in the bathroom, spread out a towel on the bathroom floor and grabbed some toys to keep him busy. She closed the curtain and started the shower.

When she finished and opened the curtain to see careless Davie on the floor. An idea came to her mind!

She made a snap with her fingers once again.


David’s mindset returned to toddler state.

He saw naked Grace in front of him. In his perspective she looked giant!

-          G-Gwace?! Wha’ happened?! What am I doin’ hewe and why you naked?! – asked shocked David.

-          What a silly question, Davie! I was taking a shower and you asked me to take you in! Don’t you remember it?!

-          N-No… no membah…

-          Yes, Davie, you asked me to take you with me and you were about to cry. By the way, do you like the view? Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot you can’t feel anything, because you’re just a toddler. Yes, you know, like your wee-wee getting bigger and… Oh, you’re just pouting like a small baby you now are, that’s not interesting at all!

Grace grabbed David and walked out. She dressed him, then started to dress herself.

Red lacy underwear – a bra and g-string now hugged the voluptuous curves of Grace. She turned over to David on the floor and asked him as she pulled on the pantyhose made in the same style:

-          What do you think about it, Davie? Do you like it?

David was silent.

-          Davie, you should remember that I can change the current situation with a simple snap of the fingers, so you better say something. I’m going to have a date, so I need to dress up a little for my man. – added Grace.

-          I… I think it’s gweat… - said David reluctantly.

-          Oh, no need to look at me like that! *Laugh* A toddler can’t have a girlfriend, that means I’m not cheating on you, like you did with me. You know, you said something about refreshing our relationship, didn’t you? Yes, everything couldn’t be fresher than it is now – I have a new stage in my life with a new lover and you can have a do-over, that definitely won’t hurt you! *Laugh*

-          Gwace, wha aw wou pwannin’ to do today.

-          Wee-ell… I’m going to drop you off at Emily’s, so you can be watched until evening and after it I’m going on my date!

After saying this, Grace prepared to walk out, grabbed David from the floor, walked outside, buckled David in the carseat and started the car.

During their ride, David slowly drifted off to sleep and had a strange dream.

In his dream, he woke up in the crib and the first thing he noticed as he opened his eyes is that everythying seemed even bigger than before. David tried to have a wider range of view by taking a seating position. But it was impossible for him! His legs just won’t listen to him. Then he tried to rise his head up, now it took more effort than usual, the muscles of his neck were much weaker now.

Then David saw Grace walking closer to him.

Beside his own will, he started to bawl: *Whaaa* *Whaaa*.

His arms were moving without his own will too now and he can’t make them stop from twitching randomly as Grace lifted him from his crib. She started to pat his back gently and coo in a soothing manner, which helped him to calm down.

Grace held David’s tiny body close to her shoulder now and he was able to take a peek at his own reflection in the mirror on the wall as she carried him through the corridor. David saw that he is now an infant about 4-6 months old, without any teeth and with thin fair fuzz on his head.

He also noticed how pleasant Grace smelled now, she sensed so safe in her hands and the giant world around him seemed so dangerous and alien from new perspective, even though it was his own house.

Grace walked downstairs and David heard a high-pitched childish voice:

-          Mommy! Me done!

-          Wait a second, kitten, I need to put your baby brother down, then I’ll be there to help you.

David wasn’t able to see the other person in the room, but he was sure that voice belonged to a toddler. It was hard to judge was it a girl or a boy, because boy’s and girl’s voices are very similar to each other.

Baby brother? Wait, does it mean, he has a sibling now?

Grace put David on the coach. The coach was big enough to be sure that an infant his age won’t fall down, because he wasn’t even able to crawl and as he tried to consider his current abilities, he could roll over to his stomach with some effort, but that wasn’t enough to reach the edge of the couch.

David lifted his head a take a look at what was happening in the room.

There was Grace in the middle of the room, kneeling in front of a small girl about 2-3 years old with dark hair in a mess, naked except for a Pull Up that Grace helped her to put on. Toddler girl had an adorable round, chubby cheeks with some rose color to them. In combination with her dark hair that reached earlobes and white, almost pale skin, she looked like a toddler version of Disney’s Snow White. Girl would look like a child with poor health without those rose round cheeks. She seemed sleepy, should has just woke up.

-          You’re such a clever girl! Going potty without me reminding you, Jenny! – Grace was cheering the girl up.

Wait, Jenny? Yes! She really looks somewhat like Jennifer, David’s former lover! What does all of this mean?! How is it even possible?!

-          But, Mommy, I had acthiden’ at night…

-          It’s okay, kitten, accidents happen. Even with big girls like you. Go on, now you can go and empty your potty in the grown-up’s toilet, then I’ll help you to put on your favorite dress, brush your hair and we can have a breakfast.

-          Mommy! A star! – exclaimed Jennifer.

-          Of course, sweetie! I almost forgot that we need to add a star on your chart.

-          Mommy, can me watch toons? – asked Jennifer with a “puppy eyes”.

-          Yes, Jenny. I promised, that you can watch cartoons in the morning if you’ll be good and I think you deserve it. Of course, after you empty the potty. Go on, I’ll turn on YouTube Kids on TV for you. – said Grace as she smiled to Jenny.

David was shocked. Jennifer didn’t remember anything about her life! There’s not even a slight trace of an educated young woman, only a carefree child that believes that her former best friend is her so-called “Mommy” and looks at her with adoration and love.

David started to whine again. Grace rushed to the couch, took the infant in her hands and took a seat.

-          Hush, Davie, I know what you need, it’s about time to do it…

-          Mommy, Davie wants your boobie ‘gain? *Giggle*

-          Yes, Jenny, you ate the same way too, when you were this small. And you need to behave very well to watch cartoons, so, please, go and do what I asked.

-          Thowwy, Mommy!

Grace lifted her t-shirt, uncovering her breasts and gave David a large pink nipple.

In control of his instincts and reflexes, David latched to it. A warm liquid flowed to his mouth. He heard Grace talking:

-          I like you much, much more that way, Davie. A new portion of drug made you’re a life much simpler and our relationships now at completely new level, because before you didn’thave to suck on my boob to eat and could move around by yourself! Asking Jennifer to make another dose is one of the best decisions in my entire life too! I’m really fortunate that it worked on Jennifer just the way I wanted it to happen – with the complete loss of her memories, but old enough to be not so relying on me as you now. Having two kids still in diapers definitely would drive me insane! You know, I needed to do it. Jennifer deserved a good punishment for having sex with my boyfriend, even if she confessed to me as soon as she discovered that I’m your girlfriend! Now you have a great big sister, though, Davie…



-          Wake up, we arrived. – said Grace as she gently shook David to help him woke up.

He opened his eyes and looked around. Dream was so realistic, that he woke up being pretty much disoriented. At first, he felt easier, when he discovered that it all was just a drem, but then he remembered that he will be babysat by his former teenage employee and his mood darkened again.

-          No need to be so pouty, Davie, because Mommy has the best recipe to cheer you up.



                                                                      Grace’s car. An hour later.

Jennifer looked in the mirror as she was applying lipstick of the dark red tone.

Grace said from the driver seat:

-          You see, it suits you much better, you used to dress like a grey mouse in highschool and even though it changed, you still lack the womanly presentation, Jen.

-          I know what you mean, Grace, but “womanly presentation” is not my thing due to my… body type. – answered Jennifer.

-          Oh, that’s what I have meant. You became an adult, had university education, job of researcher in huge company but you haven’t got out of your highschool image completely. I now you were a late bloomer and you haven’t grown much in some departments since then, but your lack of self confidence is a real problem and not your body type, as you say. That’s why an asshole like my ex-boyfriend manipulated you and made you realize his fantasies.

-          Maybe you’re right, Grace… But I still don’t get why did you want me to be dressed like this today…

Jennifer was talking about the fact,  that Grace pushed her into buying and wearing something sexy, especially today.

Jennifer was now dressed into dark minidress and black stilettos, that added a little height to her. This attire increased her sex appeal and Jennifer knew that there must be a reason why Grace strongly advised to dress like that.

-          You’ll understand later, it’s a surprise. – said Grace and smiled.                                      


                                                                          At Emily’s.

David ran away from Emily, who was pretending to chase after him, and giggled happily. He was running through the corridor and suddenly his feet slipped and he started to fall, but was immediately caught by Emily.

Emily almost gasped, when she saw Davie falling down, because she was afraid that he may hit his head or something else. She held her urge to gasp, so she want scare Davie, immediately rushed to him and caught the clumsy toddler.

-          Emuwy! Me caught! – David shouted happily.

Emily was delighted to see that everything is okay and started to blow raspberries in small pudgy tummy. David laughed. When she stopped, she said:

-          We played a little, so let me see if you need to be changed.

Emily slid a finger into the pantleg of the boy’s diaper.

-          Just a little wet. Come on, we can watch some cartoons together.

-          With songs? – asked David.

-          Yes, with your favorite songs!- answered Emily.

As she carried the boy to the livingroom, little Davie looked at Emily with a sad and quizzical gaze and asked:

-          When Mama will be hewe?

-          Davie, as I said before, she will be here at evening. Do you miss her?

-          Yeth

-          But we had so much fun together!

-          Want Mommy… - said Davie with a shrill in his cute tiny voice.

Emily understood what a mistake she made, when she reminisced the boy’s mother. Her attempt to change the focus of their small conversation has failed too. So she need to invent something quickly.

The first thing that came to her mind was immediately spoken out:

-          Let’s call your Mom, maybe hearing her voice will help you!

-          Yaaay! Caww Mama! – Davie started to shout.

-          Hush, Davie, I’m calling. – said Emily as she started the call.

Soon Grace picked up the phone.

-          Hi, Emily! Something happened?!

-          No, no, everything is going quite alright. But it seems that Davie is starting to miss you.

-          Gib, gib, gib me phone! – said David as he tried to reach for Emily’s smartphone, spreading his small arms.

-          Okay hold it. – Emily gave him her phone.

She disliked the fact, that toddler’s sticky palms touched the screen of her expensive gadget, but she couldn’t help but smile at the sight of Davie desperate to hear his mom’s voice at the same time.

-          Mama! You heaw me? – asked David.

-          Yes, kitten, I hear you. How are you doing?

-          I’m good!

Emily left David alone. She took a chance to go to the bathroom.

-          Mama, whewe aw wou?

-          I’m in the car with Aunty Jen right now!

-          * Hi, my favorite boy!* - David heard Jennifer’s voice from the background.

-          Aun’y Jen? Where aw wou goin’?

-          Oh, David you’re asking too many questions for a guy that little! I have a surprise for you.

-          Suwpwith?!

-          Yes, a surprise, you’re right.  ~It’s time to wake up, sleepyhead!~

This phrase made a strange effect on David. For a second his mind went blank and his eyesight darkened.


David’s usual mindset returned.

Confused, he looked around.

And after a second he realized, what had just happened.

He heard the voice from the phone:

-          How are you feeling, kitten?

The sweet tone of Grace was hiding something bitter, no something devilish! It was easy to state that she knew what had just happened.

-          Why?! – Grace heard a weak, shocked voice on the other side.

David’s mind suddenly rushed with the new memories about things that happened since he and Grace arrived at Emily’s and until Grace said “special phrase”.

;He had a diaper change by Grace in front of Emily, who made a comment about “how cute” his buttocks are. Later, she applied baby cream and powder on him, before closing a diaper.

;He watched stupid cartoons on YouTube Kids.

;Emily checked the state of his diaper.

And the entire time he was acting like a toddler!

David looked around in shock.

He used to be the boss to Emily. He used to drive her in his car and flirted with her a little. And now she babysat him in her house!

David heard Grace say:

-          I think that’s enough for now. ~Nighty-night, Davie.~

The phrase activated the process of going back to toddler mental state for David.


-          Bye, bye, Davie! – said Grace.

-          Bye, Mama! – said Davie.

The call ended and Emily walked inside the room to take her phone away from David.


                                                                        In Grace’s car.

-          What the f**k I have just heard?! – asked Jennifer, who listened to the entire conversation, because Grace switched the phone to the loud regime.

It served two purposes: first – Grace didn’t want to get a fine for distracted driving, second – she wanted to impress Jennifer with the effect of hypnosis training.

-          I used two of my “special phrases” on David. It turned his state of mind to normal, than back to toddler’s. – said Grace.

-          I see…

They arrived at their destination point.

The car stopped in front of some small but comfortable-looking house.

Jennifer followed her.

When they entered the house, they saw Anthony greeting them.

-          What’s happening? – whispered Jennifer to Grace.

-          You lost your lover, so I’m sure you’d like to have some new experience with new man! – answered Grace.

-          But he is yours!

-          Don’t be silly, you’ll like what is coming!

Grace almost pushed Jennifer to the entrance.



                                                              At Emily’s.

Emily sat on the floor, Indian style. Near her, David was looking through her brother’s old toys in the box, that Emily found.

-          See something you like? – asked Emily.

-          Yeth, a wobot.

Robot that looked like a typical cheap Chinese toy, painted with silver grain, that erased in some places due to the time. It was a present for Tommy from one of his and Emily’s distant relatives for his 3rd Birthday.

Emily smiled when she saw that toy, because it was her brother’s favorite toy and seeing it made her remember Tommy, slightly older than Davie is now, playing with it on the carpet or during bathtime. It all was long before her parents divorced…

She suddenly heard someone opening the door and walking inside the house. Speak of the Devil! It was her little brother.

-          Hi, Tommy, I wasn’t expecting you, Mom said you’re going to your friend’s house for a sleepover. I thought you won’t return home until tomorrow.

-          No, sis, I came to pick some of my things. I’, going out in a minute.

He looked at the toddler who held his old toy in his hands.

-          Bro, I thought you won’t mind if Davie will play with that robot? Am I right?

-          Yes, he can…

Tommy looked at the toy again. He had a mixed feelings – he liked that toy and was afraid that small boy may break it somehow, but Tommy was too “big” for playing with it, so he pretended that he is OK with it.

As he prepared to come out, he asked Emily:

-          Hey, sis, I have been wondering, have you started babysitting, because playing with dollies is not enough for you anymore?

Then, Tommy thought that maybe he did wrong when said it. He knew that his sister disliked such jokes about her acting more like younger kids and less like her peers sometimes, so he added:

-          Sorry, sis, just a joke. Bye!

-          Bye-bye, Tommy!

David waved his hand “bye-bye” too. Tommy, of course, wasn’t able to tell that this small child is the boy that used to play with him in the park.


                                                                  At Anthony’s.

Anthony, Grace and Jennifer were wearing only their underwear at the moment. Anthony was lying on his bed and Grace climbed on it too to be closer to him. Only Jennifer stood awkwardly in the middle of the room in her sexy lace black underwear, that she bought yesterday.

-          Oh, Jen, don’t be afraid, Anthony won’t bite you, if you won’t ask him for it, of course! – exclaimed Grace and started to laugh a little.

Grace was right when she said that Jennifer really wanted it. She looked at Anthony, his muscles, pretty face and a boner starting to form a bulge in his underwear, and she felt lust that started to take over her mind and body which resulted in the growing dampness in her lower areas.

Grace continued o hug Anthony and pulled him into a deep long kiss. Anthony didn’t wont to waste any time, so as he was enjoying puffy lips of Grace, he made a simple move of finger on her back that made her lace bra fell down, exposing her breasts.

Jennifer looked at it with some envy. She was jealous of Grace that had all of this  to herself! But she quickly realized, that there is no need to fight over Anthony, because they are in the same boat now! They can share Anthony!

She quickly stripped herself and climbed on the bed.

Jennifer wasn’t clean shaved in her private parts like before, instead, her bush was neatly trimmed unto a thin stripe. Grace had her pubic hair in V-shape.

Grace licked Anthony’s penis, going over it’s head with her tongue and gently stroking the tip.She stopped, when she heard that Jennifer finally has joined them.

Jennifer was a little shy still. She looked like undeveloped compared to Grace, as she thought. Now they were seating on the bed close to each other and the difference between Sexy hourglass and C-cups of Grace and skinny figure with A-cups of Jennifer.

-          Anthony, what shall we do now? – asked Grace, raising an eyebrow. She sexily bit her lip, when finished the sentence.

-          Well… If you’re okay with it, can you kiss each other and do some licking or fingering? – said Anthony.

-          Of course! Jen, I remember you were a little on “the Dark Side of Force” in highschool, so I think you won’t mind! – said Grace enthusiastically.

Before Jennifer was able to answer, Grace pulled her into a kiss and started to rub her clit gently.

Jennifer felt the light taste of precum in the sweet mouth of Grace, whose palm made her even wetter than before.

Grace was right, Jennifer wasn’t very popular amongst boys at school, so when she discovered her lesbian tendencies in higschool, she even thought about her and Grace becoming something more than just best friends. When she became older, she started to think of herself as bisexual, but time made her move closed to hetero.

This moment awakened the long-forgotten desire to kiss Grace and be intimate with her. Gourgerous breasts of Grace that touched her skin, made fire in her heart and loins burn brighter and hotter.  Nipples on her pointy, small breasts became hard and looked like there was a possibility to cut your finger if you’d try to touch them.

Grace stopped kissing Jennifer and started to suck Anthony’s dick again, taking hard member deeper and deeper, meanwhile her right hand continued to rub Jen’s clit making her do sweet moans.

When Anthony asked girls to try another position and started to put on a condom, Jennifer already had her orgasm. She hadn’t much time to recover, two strong hands left her with ease (one of them cupped and fondled her pert buttcheek) and put he down on the bed again, this time close to Anthony.

Anthony liked how light and small Jennifer was. He made her sit down close to his privates, then slapped her behind playfully and said:

-          Come on, let me enter you, dolly.

Jennifer rose her hips and Anthony made an intervention inside her. It almost made her cry out, because Anthony did it with masterpiece, being powerful and careful at the same time.

Grace crawled to them and slipped under Jen and between Anthony’s legs, taking place near her and his genitals. Grace licked the balls and a tip of Anthony’s member, then sucked on Jennifer’s slit, dribbling with fluid. She was switching between the two of them and masturbating.

They changed position once more. Jennifer need some rest after serial orgasms, waves of pleasure made her body soft like a ragdoll. Anthony and Grace took missionary position and Jennifer was lying near. She crawled closer to Grace and started to suck her breasts, gently caressing areolas with her tongue.

When they finished, all of three of them were lying on the king-sized bed happily.


                                                                          In the evening. At Emily’s.

After taking a quick hygienic shower and drying off, Grace went home and has been waiting until Dahlia gave her a call.

Dahlia did it to say, that she’s home, so Grace can came over to talk with her and to take David home.

Grace arrived at Emily’s and Dahlia’s home.

Dahlia greeted her, then Grace came to the livingroom and saw Emily, who was wiping David’s butt as she changed his diaper. Emily also greeted her and told how her day with Davie went.

As Grace walked through the room she saw a photo of Tommy and Dahlia together from some school competitions.

She said:

-          Oh, your son is quite tall for his age!

-          Yes, he is. He has it from his father’s side. – answered Dahlia.

Dahlia and Grace went to the far room upstairs to have a small but honest conversation.

When they came out, Dahlia said:

-          I have been worried about Emily again, lately. She experienced a period of anxiety and depressive mood again not so long ago.

Grace went to the livingroom again and the three of them had a small tea party, while David sat on the floor and played with toys, those were Tommy’s one day, scattered around.

When tea cups have become empty and Dahlia walked out of the room to bring cups and dishes to the kitchen, Grace said to Emily:

-          Emily, I talked with your mom and she said something has been bothering you lately. I think we can talk about it, if there’s something you’re really worried of.

-          I… I’m not sure… - mumbled Emily in answer.

-          Emily, you can be sure, that it will be only between two of us. Your Mom won’t know anything from our conversation. I like you, because you’re nice girl, so I think we can talk like friends, am I right?

-          Ok, I think we can. – said Emily.

Dahlia returned and Grace said:

-          Dahlia, excuse us, we need to have a small talk, so I hope, you won’t mind if we’ll occupy one of the rooms.

-          Okay, I’ll watch Davie. – answered Dahlia.

-          Thank you very much! – thanked her Grace.

-          No need for “thanks”. It was so long ago, when I had my children that little, so it would be nice to remember how it feels to take care of a toddler. So, Davie, let’s collect all that toys together!

-          Yeth, Mommy will wike it! – exclaimed toddler Davie, that thought how his “Mommy” will praise him for collecting toys scattered around.

-          I’ll help you a little. – said Dahlia as she bent down and grabbed a toy car to carry it to the old toy box, that she will hide back in the closet.

When Dahlia looked at David, she saw that boy bent his legs in a squatting position and closed his eyes.

-          Oh, Davie! Emily just changed you and you’re pooping again! Come on I’ll change your didee. – said Dahlia and lifted David in her arms.

-          Didee. – repeated David after her.

-          I may give your boy a quick bath. – she said to Grace.

-          Okay, you may do it. – answered Grace.

Emily and Grace walked inside another room and a door was closed after it.

Dahlia carried David on her hip, with his legs straddled against her soft, pudgy tummy. She started a bath and blew some raspberries in his belly before the diaper change.


                                                                      Later. At home.

Grace returned home and laid David in his crib, because toddler fell asleep during the car ride. She was afraid to wake him up, because she wanted some time to think about things that she heard from Emily and Dahlia.

Suddenly, her phone started to ring. It was call from Jennifer.

-          Hi Jennifer.

-          Sorry for calling so late. I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Anthony. Everything went just great! You know what?! After you went out he gave me the greatest massage! And I paid for it with my professional blowie.

They talked some more and Grace went into Davie’s nursery.

She gently woke him up.

As he opened his eyes, she made a snap with fingers.


Look that sleepy David gave her has changed in a matter of seconds.

-          G-Gwace! How wong I was wike dis?! I membah you cawwin’ and and…

-          Shhh… Hush, Davie! See, I can do it with a special phrase too, not only with a snap of fingers. I tested it and the fact that “special phrase” has worked means, that soon your mind will be completely toddlers due to effect of Regressive Syndrome.

-          Oh, no…

-          Calm down, please, it will happen anyway. You know, I’m glad it took long enough for your mind to slip, because there’s something I want to talk to you about. It is bonded with Emily. I saw something interesting on your work e-mail, it was letter from Dahlia, so I asked her about it. Maybe you can tell me about it?!

-          No… I membah’ dat there’s sometin’ wwong with me and Emuwy, but I don’t membah’ what ‘sactwy.

-          Oh, Davie… If you were the previous you I’ve slap your face as hard as I can for your dirty and shameless lie! But in your current state you’re not so great liar, so let me remind you. I talked with Dahlia and learnt that, when Emily was working for you, you harassed her. Do you understand it?

-          Ha- Hawath-sed?

-          Okay, I’ll explain. You harassed a teenage girl in a sexual manner, I mean Emily told Dahlia that when you two were alone you touched her booty and said “something dirty”. I mean, she told, that you made her compliments unacceptable in case of teenage girl before, but Emily didn’t say about it to anyone. But that thing just made her so shocked, that she cried at home after it! It’s the real case why she quit, her Mom just didn’t want to take it to police, because she met me once and had a sympathy to me, hoping that you won’t do it anymore, so she made up an excuse like “Emily needs more time to study”. That’s why Dahlia wrote you that letter and you haven’t read it! You did a literal crime!  Dahlia should have bring cops, but he didn’t to save yours and mine reputation and you haven’t even read her letter! You used your position to sexually abuse an inexperienced teenage girl, that didn’t even had a boyfriend before! That’s what I mean! – said Grace, she went from calm voice to yell.

-          I… I’m thowwy… - David was frightened, so that was the only thing he could mumble.

-          You’re sorry? Do you know that Emily was affected a lot by her parent’s divorce? She even had a panic attack and had to attend psychologist. Of course, she healed her mental state, but the thing that you have done made some damage again. Do you care about it? I’m sure, that when you were your previous self you haven’t give a f**k about it!

-          Why aw you sayin’ dis?

-          Because I learnt another fact today. Emily told that about a month ago, she has met a guy, about her age, as she said, he looked kinda like you used to look at that time and even had a car like you. I don’t think that it’s a coincidence. I remember how you told me, that you’re going to attend a pool, and Emily met that guy in the pool. You were that guy, aren’t you, David?

David was able to remember it, even though it seemed like ages before at the current moment. No, not like “ages before”, more like a dream about future, that already had happened before.  

-          Yeth, wath me.

-          It means you flirted with a teenage girl even though you had a girlfriend – me! And it’s after all you did to her! I’m completely sure, that when you did it, you had your memories about that “incident”. You tricked Emily too. You promised her to meet her once more, but you had known, that you won’t be able to do it. Emily felt herself like shit, she thought that something must be wrong with her. This situation was very stressful for Emily, what if she had another panick attack? You know, sometimes I thought that me and Jennifer were too harsh on you with that little experiment with patogene, but now I think it suits you perfectly! This time I will raise you right, so you won’t do anything like this again, David.

David was silent when Grace stopped talking.

Later she called him to come over and sit on her lap. David did it.

-          Now, Davie, look at the photo that Mommy took especially for you!

Grace showed David a photo on the screen of her phone.

He saw a selfie with naked Grace with her gorgeous boobs on full sight and exhausted but happy looking Jennifer on the background, also naked, with a man, whom David saw on the previous “after sex pic” Grace has took.

-          I think it’s the best punishment for your wrongdoings, David. I and Jennifer have made your wish about threesome come true, but without you.

This evening David fall asleep with harsh thoughts.

Grace went to bed later. She had a strange dream.

Thin streams of morning sun came to her room through the window, they gently touched face of sleeping Grace and she woke up.                                                                                                                         

The first thing she noticed was the size of her covers, her bed and the bedroom itself. It all was A LOT larger than usual.

Second thing was her absence of breasts, she was flat as a board. No, the absence of boobs, hips and any other feminine assets!

Her limbs were short and pudgy.

Grace pinches her cheek, to check is it all just a dream. [It didn’t work, because dream was very deep and very realistic.]* She noticed how round her face is and how soft her skin.

-          Ouch! – she said, as she has done it.

Grace also noticed how high pitched her voce now. She got up from her bed and looked around. She wanted to look at herself in the mirror, but some items in her room were gone. They included mirror. She opened the door, walked through the corridor and looked in the full-length mirror.

Grace gazed at reflection in silence as her mouth became wide-open. A girl about age of 3 years old with chubby cheeks, light blonde hair and pudgy body looked back at her from the mirror. She had pink T-shirt with “My little Pony” print and girls bedwetting underwear, also pink.

Still in the state of shock she made one step backwards awkwardly, tiny girl in the mirror also made it, then Grace fell down on her padded bottom. 

She wanted to cry.

Mirriads of thoughts came through her mind. How is it possible? What happened?

Grace got up and started to climb down the stairs. She did every step as cautiously and soft as possible. She didn’t know what’s in store for her and she needed to be prepared for everything.

It was good enough that her mind seems to be untouched by regression. Grace decided to check her mental capabilities. During her slow walk down the stairs she saw a clock on the wall and Grace noticed that she wasn’t able to said time using it. She didn’t use this clock for purpose often, it’s role was more decorative than practical, but now Grace couldn’t read the numbers on them, like she never learnt anything about numbers.

She continued her walk down the stairs. Then she noticed that there’s someone in the kitchen.

Grace came closer and hid, nestling near the wall.

She saw diapered David, still 2 years old and woman with black hair in a dress with an apron over it. Woman stood with her back to Grace, so she wasn’t able to say who is it.

Then David made a pointing gesture towards Grace and said:

-          Mama! It’s Aun’y Gwace!

Woman turned over. There was no mistake – it’s Jennifer! She came closer to the puzzled Grace and picked her up. Jennifer, whom Grace always perceived as her short friend, now towered over her and lifted her easily.

Jennifer carried her over and said to David:

-          Davie, when will you stop calling Grace like that?! She’s your older sister, not some “Aunty”.

-          Sowwy, Mama! – answered David.

Jennifer sat down on the sofa, placing little girl on her lap.

-          Good morning, sweetie! How were you sleeping?

Grace was silent, because she still hadn’t recovered from shock and didn’t understood a bit about what was happening around.

-          Hmm? You’re not very talkative, sleepyhead. Have you overslept? – Jennifer asked once more.

-          Jennifer? – Grace said quizzically, that was the only thing that she could muster now.

-          Oh, my darling, I’m not “Jennifer” anymore, I’m your Mommy.

-          M-m Ma-Mommy? – Grace was stuttering. Oh, God, how high pitched and childish her voice has become!

-          Baby, what happened? – as Jennifer was saying it, she pulled the waistband of Grace’s nighttime underwear a little and made a statement:

-          Oh, it looks like you tinkled yourself during sleep. Is it the reason why you’re so upset and tired? You only need to ask me to help you get changed, when such things happens. – Jennifer continued in a soothing tone and ruffled girl’s hair a little.

-          Jennifer! What does it mean?! Why am I like this?! – shouted Grace.

-          Like what, sweetheart? – Jennifer said in tone that was calm, but somewhat worried.

-          That little!

-          Mama! Gwathe is thwovin’ a tantwum! – exclaimed David from his highchair.

-          Davie, please, can you sit here for a minute? – asked Jennifer.

-          Otay. – answered toddler.

-          Come on, Grace, we need to talk.

Jennifer carried Grace upstairs, to her room (Grace noticed, that it was HER room before, or her and David’s room even earlier) and placed little girl on the bed, kneeling near it to make eye contact.

-          Grace, why do you need to make a scene in front of Davie?

-          I just asked what’s going on!

-          You really don’t remember?

Grace shook her head.

-          It can be the effect of ARS. Let me remind you. I developed another dose of drug, only this time, especially for you, so you’re going to repeat David’s fate, becoming my daughter. – said Jennifer.

-          Why have you done it?! – exclaimed Grace.

-          That’s because I won’t to be with Anthony. I liked so much, when you introduced me to him and we had a threesome. I just want to be with Anthony without having to divide him with you.

-          It’s not fair!

-          Yes it is, but the fact that you got Anthony for yourself is also unfair. And you got me into this venture with ARS, so you can think about the fact, that you’re now diminished to 3 and half years old, as payment for risk. You’ll soon get used to it, because your mind is already slipping. Let’s go and finish our morning routine. Do you need to go potty?

-          No! No! No! I don’t want it!

-          Is someone throwing a tantrum? – Jennifer’s tone changed into strict one.

-          F**k you, Jen! – shouted Grace.

-          Now you’ve really pissed me off! – Jennifer shouted in answer.

Jennifer sat on the bed, put Grace over her lap, pulled down her damp underwear and started to slap her butt.




Grace was crying from pain and humiliation. She felt that her body started to change somehow.

Grace was quickly shrinking and getting pudgier, at the same time she started to lose her teeth and her hair was becoming a lot shorter. Jennifer gasped at the sight of her former best friends being regressed at such shocking rates.

Now only a year old infant appeared on Jennifer’s lap.

-          It come a lot faster, than I expected. It’s great, that I prepared. – said Jennifer.

She searched for something in the room, then grabbed a pack of diapers and put one on baby Grace.

Jennifer put crying Grace on her hip and carried her downstairs to show Davie his now “little sister”.

Suddenly Jennifer weakened her held and dropped crying baby down.

Grace sensed the feeling of falling down.

Suddenly, she woke up and realized that she is still in her bed and in the same adult body. It will be hard for Grace to fall asleep again…



* Seriously, I don’t believe that pinching any of your body part in a dream, helped anyone to wake up when they realized, that they may have a realistic dream, that they don’t want to see for longer. But it’s a common cliché, so I used it.



End Chapter 10

Refresh our relationships

by: Zebes | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2024


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