Refresh our relationships

by: Zebes | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2024

Chapter 6
Regression slows down.

8th of April – 12th of April

During this period Dave became 5 years old physically. He had to come back to clinic for some observation. It was very boring for him. His newfound interest in drawing, mobile games and remained reading skill helped him to make this time move faster. Grace now left her job and started to run former David’s, now her business. She visited him every 2 days to cheer him up. It was obvious that Dave’s regression slowed down. It now took about 5 days to age down 1year. He returned from clinic with no certainity about his future.


                                                                12th of April- 16th of April

David became 4 years old physically. He was now at home. This time he was starting to notice how dependent on Grace he had become. Dave needed her help to get something from shelves which now had become too high for him, she ironed his clothes, cooked him food for the day and left it on the table when she was going out. Grace now inspected her business every day to gain more knowledge about it and establish relationships with her workers. Dave was getting tired much faster now, Grace even suggested him to start taking daytime naps, because he became asleep soon after she gets home at evening, so they don’t have much time to chat.

Grace thought about David’s education he looked for some schools that works with ARSV’s, due to his physical age she might need to find a kindergarten. She also thought a lot about homeschooling if his memories will remain.


                                                               17th of April

Grace came over to David’s bed in his room.

-          Wake up, honey… It’s time to rise and shine, now… - she said in a soft voice as if really talking to a small child.

-          Mmm… hmm… Grace, can I sleep a little longer?

-          I think you’ve slept enough. I’m staying with you today, so we can do something interesting. Isn’t that great?!

She carried sleepy David downstairs in her hands and sat on the couch with him in her hands. Grace let out a sigh of relief. He is still a little heavy for her.

-          I know in are rarely in good mood in the morning, Davie, but it’s time to start a new day. – she ruffled his hair and stroked his chubby cheek. - I’ve already cooked a breakfast for you.

Dave accepted this childish “Davie” reference used to him by Grace. After a 5 minutes David completely woke up, Grace served the table and they started their breakfast.

-          Would you like a cup of cocoa? I know, you prefer coffee in the morning, but now you’re too little for it. – asked Grace.

-          Yes, thank you, Grace.

After breakfast Dave went to his bedroom, Grace came here some minutes later. She opened the door and saw David playing with a toy robot, sitting on the carpet in his pj’s.

-          I want to talk with you, come here! – said Grace and patted her knee, sitting on the bed.

David knew what that mean, he came to her, climbed on the bed and sat on her knee.

-          David, I want to suggest you something… interesting. What if we do some roleplay? – Grace raised her eyebrow.

-          Wha… What do you mean?! I can’t do something like that! It’s too little… I mean, I don’t have the same attraction to you, like I used to!

-          *Hahahaha* That’s not what you think about! – she said giggling. – I was talking about me pretending to be a mother and you – my son.

-          Why do we have to do it?!

-          Oh, Davie, please don’t be so dramatic! You know, if we’ll get used to it that might help us in public places, you know, to avoid any questions with the need to explain your situation. And it’s just fun in some way, I think. Do you agree?

-          In some way… I think, yes. What should I do?

-          You only have to pretend that you’re a little boy and I’m your Mommy, that’s all. Of course, you need to choose your vocabulary, so you can sound appropriate to your appearance, your speech patterns are changing so there’s not so much work for you. 

-          When are we going to start?

-          Right now.

-          Okay, Grace, I agree.

-          Okay, who? – Grace raised her eyebrow again.

-          Okay… mother?

-          *Hahahahaha* Not “mother” silly. In your age it’s “Mommy” or even “Mama”.

-          Okay, Mommy. – David said shyly, blushing a little.

-          I’m going to take you to the mall. It’ll be so fun! Don’t you think?! Okay, now, Davie, clean your room, toss all this toys on the floor into your toy chest, brush your teeth and we’ll get dressed and go out. Is that clear?

-          Yes!

Half an hour later they headed out. Grace changed her clothes from yoga pants and tank top to blue jeans that hugged her ass and tights with a purple blouse. She also wore some make up with a red lipstick and silver earrings.

As they met each other downstairs, Grace saw that Dave gave her phone, because pockets on the little boy’s jeans were to smell for it.

-          Davie, don’t you think, there’s something wrong?

-          I don’t. What are you talking about?

-          I guess I have to explain, don’t I? You know, boys your age usually don’t have any phones. So I’ll put it here. – Grace put David’s smartphone on the tall shelf – no reach for “Davie”.

-          Okay, Grace, ermm… mother.

-          It’s “Mommy” to you, baby. Do I have to remind it to you still?

 Together they sat in the car salon that now had a booster seat appropriate for a real 4 year old boy.


                                                                             In the mall.

David and Grace entered the mall and started to discuss where they should go first.

-          Davie, what do you want us to do now? I want to do shopping first but there’s a nice park with a playground here, you know, with jungle gym, sandbox, ladders, everything you like! We can go there when we’re done. Oh! I know! I heard about new cartoon in the cinema, so we can watch it. Decision is up to you.

“Jungle gym!? That’s great! But M… Grace said we are going shopping first. I don’t want to do it, but I hope she’ll buy me something sweet or a toy. But I’ll be tired a little… And I really want to see dat new cartoon!” – thought Dave.

-          Let’s go to the cinema after shopping!

-          Ok, I heard you. Let’s do as you say. There’s not so much people today in the mall, so I think cinema hall won’t be crowded and we have around hour and half before the start of seans. I think we can go to buy tickets later. Now, let’s go to the kid’s shop.

-          M… Mommy, is “hour and half” long?

-          It’s long enough for us, sweetheart.

Grace kneeled down to David’s eye level and whispered to his ear:

-          Your roleplaying is great! I believed for a second, that you really don’t remember the meaning of “hour” anymore. Keep it like this!

“What Grace is talking about? I truly had a question: is that long or not?” – was a thought in David’s head for a second.

During the walk to the store, when they were standing on the escalator, David said:

-          Mommy, I need to go to the bathroom.

-          Have you got yourself dirty somewhere already? – she asked, looking down on him.

-          No, not it, I really need to pee. – he squeaked in his high voice, looking on the floor.

The edges of Grace’s mouth went upwards, forming a smile of the winner for a second. That’s exactly what she wanted David to say and she made him do it! They stepped from the escalator and Grace guided Dave to the right side (she was holding his hand the entire time), looked around to make sure they don’t get in someone’s way and started to talk.

-          Have I told you to go pee-pee at home? – asked grace in a calm voice.

Dave raised his head to look up at her. He was surprised by the question and the choice of such  babyish words.

-          Why are you being silent? You must answer when grown- ups are talking to you. Have I told you to go pee-pee at home? – she asked again putting up a more concerned look on her face.

-          Y-Yes… - answered confused Dave.

-          Yes, I said so. And why didn’t you go then!? What should we do if there wasn’t a bathroom? Hm? – she raised her eyebrow- What if I’ll have to drive you home with a wet pants and everyone seeing what a baby you are? Don’t look at me like that. Big boys do as their parents say. – her voice had a stern notes in it, but the look in her eyes was a little playful. So he can tell she’s doing it for fun, though he was the only one able to understand it.

David decided to play over. He looked down to hide that he is starting to smile, went silent for a few seconds and said in his best adorable, disappointed voice:

-          Sorry, Mama…

-          Oh, kitten, don’t be so upset. I’m not angry an you. I just want you to listen to me. It’s good enough that you said about your need to piddle. Come on, let’s find a toilet! – she kneeled to him, gave him a kiss on the cheek and ruffled his hair a little.

Grace winked at David as if she was saying to him: “Everything’s great!”

She guided him to the bathroom. When they walked in, Dave noticed the door had a “circle” and a “triangle” sign – it’s a female toilet!

-          Grace… - he whispered, confused- Grace, Grace… - he noticed that she’s not reacting.

-          Mommy!

-          What happened, Davie?

-          It’s a girls bathroom!

-          Everything’s alright, I’m just want to be sure you’re okay. I know you’re big boy, but this way I won’t have to worry.

She opened the stall for Dave, he walked inside and noticed, that the toilet is a little tall for him.

-          Do you need any help? – asked Grace.

-          No.

He decided to seat on the toilet, so it would be more comfortable for him to pee. His legs didn’t reach the floor. Grace was standing here, looking at him with a door opened for everyone to see.

-          Close the door, please…

-          Ok, just call me if you’ll need anything.

He peed and noticed that he needed to go number 2.

-          Is everything alright? You’re a little long here.

-          I need to poop, Mommy. – David answered shyly.

Then he needed to grab a toilet paper and he couldn’t reach it with his small arm in sitting position.

-          Grace, Grace! – Dave whispered.

-          Mom!

-          Do you need anything?

-          Yes. The paper.

Grace opened the door again and gave him toilet paper. David wiped himself. Then he sensed someone’s soft hands on his torso lifting him up from the toilet seat. It was Grace. The entrance door was opened again. He saw two teenage girls walking inside. Maybe they were skipping classes at school. One of them turned her head towards Dave, gave him an embarassed look. The other one giggled, closing her mouth with hand.

-          Here, let me help you. – Grace turned him around.

David’s ass now faced the stall’s entrance.

-          I don’t need any help…

-          Davie, I know you want to be a big boy, but I saw some skidmarks in your underwear. I only want to make sure you’re wiping properly.

Teenage girls were refreshing their makeup near the mirror.

-          No! I don’t need your help – he shout as Grace started to cleanse between his buttocks

-          Stop it! – he shout again and stamped his feet.

Then David felt a weak slap on his butt.

-          Mommy?.. – he turned his head to Grace.

-          Are you throwing a tantrum? – her face was serious, unlike before.

-          No – he responded.

-          That’s good. If you’re going to throw a tantrum, I’ll spank you right here and we’re going home.

-          I’m sorry, Mommy. – he said with a little tremble in his voice.

-          For the first time it’ll be only a warning.


                                                               In the Kid’s store.

Together Grace and David were walking through the aisles. They already picked up some clothes and now entered the toy’s aisle.

-          Now, Davie, you can look for something you like. Of course, there’s a rule: you can pick one toy. I’ll buy you one toy. No tantrums. Do you understand?

-          Yes, I am. Here. I like it.

He grabbed a firetruck from the nearby shelf and gave it to Grace.

-          Are you sure?

-          Yes.

-          Maybe you’ll see something else?

-          No. I want it. And I’m afraid we’ll be late for the cinema if I’ll be choosing for too long.

-          What a clever boy I have! Oh, look what they have! –Grace said in a sing-song voice. – It’s a nice shovel and bucket. There’s a sandbox in the park nearby. Should we bring it here?

-          Yes, Mommy! I want it too! – David almost shout in excitement.

-          Shhh… We’re in the public, remember it. Okay, I’ll buy it too. Maybe you’d like this.

Grace showed a baby rattle to Dave.

-          No, Mommy, I’m too big for it! – he remembered to act like a small child and tried his best at it.

-          Of course, my small kitten, I know. Mommy is joking.

They walked towards the cash register and Grace paid for everything. Then they went to the 4th floor of the mall and bought tickets to the cinema. They took their places.

The cinema hall was almost empty, as Grace has expected. The places were their favourite, the best place for kisses. Now though they weren’t planning for such things. David asked Grace to sit on her lap and she agreed.


                                                                        At the park.

Grace was holding Davie’s hand as they were walking together. He was telling about the most memorable things for him in the cartoon. His tale was very emotional. Emotions were genuine.

Before that Grace carried all their bags to the car, so she held only her purse.

They finally came to the playground.

-          See, Davie, you can play now!

-          That’s great! Thanks Mommy!

David rushed to play. Everything was so appealing to him, he spent some time on the jungle gum (ages 4-6), swings etc. Grace meanwhile sat on the bench fiddling with her phone.

Some time later Dave has become a little bored and looked at the other jungle gym. It was bigger and looked more attractive. There was a writing also [Age: 6+]. David came closer to it and started to climb. It was more difficult this time because of his height and the size of his limbs. Grace raised her sight from the phone and shouted to Dave:

-          Honey, it’s made for older children, climb down, please!

David ignored her as if he is deaf.

-          David, come climb down and come to me, I beg you! I won’t repeat myself once more. Do you hear me? – she said in a more serious tone.

-          No, I won’t! I like it more.

He acted like this for two reasons. The first one – David wanted to add some realism in their play, children often misbehave and don’t listen to their parents. The second- he couldn’t help himself, he sensed an urge to climb this thing, the writing only made it stronger, as if it was giving him a challenge. It’s much more interesting!

Grace stood up and came to Dave. He felt her hands under his armpits lifting him up and carrying him to the bench. Of course, he was a little heavy for her, but her arms were enough strong to hold his weight. She sat on the bench again, putting him on her lap. David now was placed on her knee towards her face. He raised his head a little and looked right into her eyes. At that moment David’s small stature and fragile body made even more sense.

-          I thought you know, that you need to listen to me! – her voice sounded angry and stressed, the same could be said about her eyes, she looked like she is serious and not just playing as before, when she scolded the little boy at the mall. – I said, that I’m not joking. You deserved a punishment, David.

Saying this, Grace turned Dave over placing him on her lap, face down. She pulled her pants down, revealing his childish underoos. “What’s going on?! Is she going to… going to… No way! It can’t be! I won’t let her!” –he thought. Dave tried to struggle, to find a chance to break out, but Grace easily overpowered him. He quickly understood the futility of his attempts and layed down quiet. There was a pause for a moment, hardened with the waiting of the worst part.

*Slap* - sounded the first smack on David’s buttocks, it wasn’t so painful as he thought, but very humiliating. Dave was able to stay silent still.

*Slap* - the second one came. This time it was harder.

 - Nooo, pleeaaase! I won’t do it again! –David started to whine.

Grace ignored it. *Slap*, *Slap* - she smacked his ass again, a little faster now.

-          Grace, Grace, please stop! I thought we’re playing!

-          *Slap* Since when you started to call me by my first name, young man!? *Slap* You promised to behave just a second ago, *Slap* didn’t you? *Slap*

Now David wasn’t able to hold back his emotions – fear, disappointment, humiliation and the feel of being betrayed. He started to cry.

-          *Waahh!* Stop! Fuck it’s painful! Let me goooo! – tears runned down his cheeks.

This only made Grace even angrier.

-          Who taught you to swear?! *Slap* I’ve only started. *Slap*  You’re gonna have more at home!

Dave cried more, his mind was raging from emotions and growing sense of helplessness.

It’s not fair! I did nothing wrong, I thought we’re playing! I haven’t agreed for her to treat me like this. She isn’t my mother, only a legal guardian. Grown ups don’t spank children, that not their’s” – thought David. His adult and childish selves were mixing more than ever before.

-          Excuse me… - a high pitched tentative voice sounded in the air.                                                                          

Grace and David rose their eyes up. There stood a girl looking like a college student, she had a thin round glasses on her small pointy nose, a delicate face with fair, almost pale skin and smart gray eyes. They were big with some mix of empathy and anxiety in the glance. Thin, fragile body with small chest and hips, slightly wider than boy’s, was covered by black dress with the short skirt, revealing her knees and the piece of her slim thighs, long sleeves, fishnet stockings and boots on high platform, making her average height seem a little taller. Wide leather belt with elegant silver-toned buckle helped her to diminish the “boyishness” of her figure, dividing her frame in two segments visually and creating a touch of nice female hourglass symmetry to it. The top of her head was adorned with a stylish beige women’s French beret. In contrast with her dark-toned attire it seemed like a snow on a mountain’s top. She had her hair in a bob haircut, died with black near the roots and bright blue at the tips. Her elegant long “pianist” fingers were adorned with French manicure, her ears – with “yin yang” symbol earrings. A purse in the hand was decorated with little silver-tone chain and a couple of little chibi anime figures.

-          Excuse me, - girl repeated herself with more confidence, seeing that she was able to attract attention – I know that’s not my deal… - she continued, blinking with her long black eyelashes from anxiety, - but I think you might need to listen to me. I’m studying child psychology at my university and I can say for sure: physical punishments aren’t a healthy method for  parenting. Even if you think it helps to establish your authority – it only ruins your bonds with a child and harms his developing psychic. It’s even illegal in some states. – she was talking fast, speeding up with every complete phrase. It was hard for her to make a remark to stranger.       

-          I understand. I’m very sorry for it, I just overreacted. Thank you for intervention, I’ll try to never do such things again – Grace said a lot calmer than before. While she talked to David’s anonymous saver, she helped him to pull on his pants, sat him on her lap and hugged with his head close to her bosom.

David whimpered and sobbed silently, still in the state of shock.

-          Here, here, baby… I’m very sorry… I overreacted and got into my role too much. Now we’re going home. I can carry you to the car if you want… – she kissed David’s forehead and cheek.  A weak smile appeared on his lips.

A minute later they got up and went to the car, Grace was holding David’s hand again.                            


                                                                              Back at home. 9PM

David was preparing for bed. Grace was in the shower. Today she asked David about offering her help in washing him. That was a part of their “play” which had still continued at the moment. He got his clothes off and took a look at his body. Small pudgy limbs, a small belly, smooth, hairless and tender skin and a tiny pointy nub that’s his genitals now – that’s what he saw. His small stature and weakness didn’t make him more confident, of course, though his slow mental changes helped him to cope with it, he still felt his pride injured by those factors. The size of his genitalia was another insult to him. The thing, that was an instrument of giving pleasure to gals and the symbol of his manhood, now an almost useless little twig. David started to remember he used this part of his body for giving pleasure to someone.

He thought: “ Yeah, of course, I was embarrassed when Grace made that pinching gesture, meaning that I’ve become smaller down there, though I was A LOT bigger at that time and was able to get erect. After this we… It’s a little hard to remember… We were naked… For what? How have we done it? I recall myself thinking that Grace will miss this, now when I’m a kid. But isn’t she a little too big to play games with someone getting nakie? I mean, kindergarten girls can be called “big”, but Grace is like my Mommy…”.

His attention returned to his penis. David touched it with his hand and “explored” it a little. He felt nothing. Suddenly he heard a voice:

-          Hey! What are you doing?! Are you touching your wee? That’s what little kids do. I thought you’re a big boy, Davie… We have talked about it, haven’t we? – said Grace.

David hasn’t notice her walking into his room. She had only a bathrobe on and a towel wrapped on her head. Her voice went from exclaim to a disappointed but still caring tone.

-          I’m sorry, I remember we talked, Mommy. I didn’t forget, I promise I won’t do that again!

Of course, David knew they never discussed it in reality, but he played along.

-          Okay, kitten, remember, your promise. Oh! Look what a smart boy I have! You’re already preparing for bed!

-          Yes, I feel myself tired a little.

-          Of course, you’re tired. You hadn’t your daytime nap today.

Saying so, Grace picked David’s underoos with a cartoon print on them from the stack of clothes lying on the bed and held it with her two hands to Dave.

-          Come on, step in. – she said. She did it without asking him, if he needed help!

David got himself into his pajamas.

-          Now, go brush your teeth and lie in bed. You have 5 minutes to do it, if you want me to read you a fairytale.

-          A fairytale?

-          Of course kitten! You like it, when I read you a fairytale. Are you?

Dave walked into the bathroom. He climbed on the chair, because the sink was a little high for him now.


                                                   Night from 17th to 18th of April, about 2 AM. The same place.                

David had some strange dreams all night, when he suddenly woke up, he found himself in darkness. He couldn’t put a finger on the reason of his awaken. Darkness scared him a little, looks like he might ask Grace for a nightlight or something. David sensed something strange. His bed, the covers and his pj’s – all were wet! Have he really pissed himself?

David panicked and rushed to the Grace’s room. He quickly forgot his fear of the dark.

When he came to the right door he saw, that the light was flowing through it. David didn’t knock and just barged in, panicking and almost in tears.

There was one thing Dave didn’t notice. Some moans could be heard out of this room, even with the closed door. That’s because Grace was on her bed with her legs spread as she was pleasuring herself with Hitachi Magic Wand Mini. She looked at him surprised in only her white panties and top.

David didn’t understand what’s happening here and this wasn’t the thing that interested him. He whined:

-          Mommyyy! Please, I need your help! I wet the bed!

Tears started to run down his face as he sobbed. Grace came over to him, gave him a hug and started to reassure in a calm, cooing tone.

Grace’s erected nipples were showing through the thin fabric of top at the moment. Both of them now had wet panties, but there’s a nuance, of course.

She walked to the bathroom, holding little boy in her hands. She started the hot water and undressed him to the birthday suit. David started to cover his soaked privates with his hands.

-          Oh, kitten, don’t be shy, there’s nothing that Mommy hasn’t seen…

With this words Grace helped David to climb in the tub and started to wash him. She rubbed his body with washcloth – shoulders, arms, spine and genitals.

-          Let me wash our little elephant! – said Grace giggling while washing it.

When she finished, she dressed Dave in new pajamas and carried the yawning boy to her bedroom. They were in the bed together, when David asked his question.

-          Gra… Mommy, what were you doing, when I came into your room? What’s that tingy?

-          *Giggle* Davie, are you really that innocent now?! Don’t worry kitten, there’s nothing you really need to know. Next time just knock in the door. Okay?

Grace sang a lullaby to David and he fast asleep.


                                            18th of April.

-          Wake up, Davie. It seems you’ve got even smaller! As I expected, your regression haven’t ended.

-          What the… - exclaimed David hopping from the bed, his pajamas were really more loose than before.

-          Oh, no… It can’t be! – he said.

-          Shhh, everything is going to be okay, kitten. You’re still a big boy, only a bit smaller. We need to go to the mall again today. I don’t have much of my brother’s clothes in that size. By my estimation you’re 3 year old now.

Grace and David had a breakfast, during it she made a comment that she needs to buy a highchair now. Later she found him some clothes, that almost fitted him. Grace pulled out a laptop and started to look for the furniture on the net.

-          Here, look! Isn’t this crib nice, what do you think?

-          Gwace, erm, Gw… Gw… Gwr… Grw… Grace! Why it’s so hard to talk the wight… the riht way? I wanted to say, I like it, but why do you think dat I need a cwib? A crib, I mean.

-          *Hahahahaha* You’re so cute, Davie! Ohhh, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to make fun of you. Kitten, you need to understand – your tongue and facial muscles are a little underdeveloped now, so it affects your diction. I’m truly impressed you’re able to talk at that level at least. Maybe that’s because you already learnt to pronounce this words once a long time ago, so it’s easier for you. And I have to remind you, that I’m not Grace. We’re still playing, so I don’t have any other name than Mommy. Understand?

-          Otay.

-          You’ve asked do I really have to buy a crib and other furniture. My boy, I’m just trying to make your new life easier and more comfortable for you.

Looking at the laptop, David suddenly remembered something. His phone!

-          Where’s my phone?! You’ve taken it away from me yesterday!

-          Oh, I’ve completely forgot about it. It seems that I’ve lost it. It’s nowhere to be found. Here, take this.

Grace gave him an old phone with buttons, like Nokia, or something alike. It could be used only for calls, of course, if Dave won’t be interested in playing the “Snake” game.

Later, when David felt the urge to go to the bathroom, he noticed it’s a lot harder for him to do it now. He had to climb on the toilet and he wasn’t tall enough to close the door, so Grace saw it just walking by. She waited until he was finished and wiped his bottom, then came to the other room for a minute and returned with something in her hands. It looked like a white panties for a little boy with dinosaurs picture on them.

-          Now, Davie, put ‘em on.

He did as was said and found this underoos thicker and softer than usual.

-          Something wrong with those panties. – he said.

-          Of course, kitten. It’s training pants. They are… more absorbent. I decided to start with reusable ones.

-          Nooooo! Not it! I don’t need them! I’m big and going wee in time! – David shouted. He did so half seriously, from embarrassment, half in joke, as a part of role-playing.

-          Hush! Is someone throwing a tantrum? – asked Grace.

-          No… - answered David, remembering yesterday spanking, - Mommy, are you going to spank me?

-          No, kitten, I promised not to do that again. But if someone is going to be naughty, he may spend some time in the corner, thinking about his behavior. For your question, I know you’re big boy, Davie, but you’ve wet the bed at night and at your new age you may do it in the day too, so I decided you need some protection. Understand?


                                                                At the mall.

Grace and David were walking through the aisles. Grace picked up some clothes for him and gave it to him as they arrived at the dressing rooms.

-          Are you sure you’ll be Ok dressing yourself?

-          Yes!

-          What a big boy! Now, come inside.

While he was trying on his clothes, she opened the curtain a few times. That was embarrassing for Dave, because everyone could see his training pants and pudgy, babyish body just walking by.

As they picked all the clothes they need, they went into different aisle. As they were walking near the stand with different diapers, Grace suddenly stopped and started looking at them. She looked like she was really interested in price and quality. She turned his head to him and looked teasingly, if she was waiting for his reaction.

And she didn’t have to wait for it long, because his childish emotions took over.

-          No, Mommy! Let’s go! I’m big boy, I don’t need it!

-          Mommy knows, she’s just looking.

-          No, let’s go! Stop it! Everyone are gonna laugh at meeee!

Then they heard someone’s voice.

-          That terrible 3’s isn’t it? – it was a voice of shop assistant. A middle aged plump lady with a crow’s feet and smile lines on her face, her hair put into ponytail.

She continued:

-          I know it from my experience. They can be a handful at this age, aren’t they? How can I help you?

David suddenly became calm after seeing another person. Grace turned over to the woman.

-          Of course, I have something I hope you can help with. I’m looking for a training potty.

-          Oh, I understand. Late potty training isn’t it? It’s completely Ok, I’m not judging or something, when I was a young mother like you, I thought my first one will wear diapers until the wedding day.

-          Yes, we’re a little late at potty training. Right, Davie?

David was very embarrassed because of such talks. Couldn’t Grace come with a better explanation?

-          Look at it. There’s a casual potty, a firetruck one, one like a regular toilet, of course the price is a bi-i-it higher. This one prevents little boys from touching their wee-wees.

-          Come on, Davie, you can pick the one you like the most. – said Grace

David picked the regular one.

-          Okay, big boy, you can have it. – said the shop assistant as she ruffled his hair. Then she asked Grace:

-          Excuse me, is your boy in diapers right now?

-          No, he is in reusable trainers. – answered Grace as she lifted David and pulled the waistband of his pants, showing his underwear. Dave suddenly became beet red and turned his head way from the shop assistant.

-          I think, it’s a little early for him, there could be leaks.

-          Thank you, I’ll buy some disposables myself.

They came to another aisle with Grace holding David’s hand. Together they have chosen a pack of “Pull ups” training pants suitable for a 3 year old boy.

On the parking as Grace put their shopping bags in the trunk and started to buckle David in his car seat. Seeing his sad face, she talked to him, like a mother trying to cheer up her child.

-          Why are you so upset, Davie? Don’t you like your new potty?

-          No, I don’t. – said pouting David.

-          Oh, but I thought you want to go potty like a big boy you are. You’ll be doing *pfrrt* and *hisssss* in it, don’t you, my precious kitten?- she made funny noises with her mouth, as if trying to make the boy smile.

-          You could buy a step seat at least, there were some in the shop. It’s embawas… embawrassing… It’s embarrassing! Why didn’t you buy a step seat instead of this freaking potty? This way it’ll be easier for both of us.

Grace ignored his question.

-          Isn’t someone a little cranky? Are you tired? I think a TICKLE MONSTER can help! – she exclaimed with a wide smile and started to tickle the little boy’s tummy and some other areas.

-          *Hahahahahhahahaha* Mommy, mommy, stop! *Hahaha* Gwace… *Hahahahahahaha* I’m gonna, I’m gonna… - saying this, David felt a stream of urine breaking out and a wet feeling spreading down there. – Mommy, no, I-I-I p-pe-peed… - his voice and lips were trembling and tear rolled down from his eye.

-          Oh, I’m so sorry, baby. Please, don’t blame Mommy for this. It’s not mine or your fault, that you tinkled yourself. It’s just a little accident. We’ll change your clothes at home and it’s time for a daytime nap.

But it’s Grace’s fault I could wait until we’re home, if she didn’t tickle me” – thought David. Grace was hugging him and caressing, so he soon calmed down.


                                                                  21st of April.

During the last two days things changed a bit for David. He now wore disposable training pants both at night and during the day. Grace helped him during his “bathroom trips”, he became much more depending on her.

Adjustable highchair appeared in the kitchen and there also now was a set of tableware more suitable for a 3 year old toddler, since it became harder to use the regular one, because it’s too big for his hands. The crib has also arrived, but Grace hasn’t assembled it yet, so David still slept in a bed. Daytime naps have become a completely casual thing now. Usually he spent all day with Grace watching cartoons and playing with toys, with not so much “adult” activities, except some cases she needed to leave the house for “very serious occasions”. As she said before leaving David alone at home: “Mommy has a very serious occasion, I don’t think you need to know, kitten. Come here for a “Mommy’s special kiss”! Good boy! *Mwah* I have to go. Bye- bye!”. She bought a smart speaker and explained they can use it to play “calming tapes” to help David with his anxiety and depressive thoughts, that he feels sometime.

Their roles established quit well for now. Of course, they continued their “roleplay”. The word “Mommy” now sounded a lot more appropriate as alternative for “Grace” in David’s head.

This afternoon after his daytime nap and lunch in a small plastic plate lovingly served by his girlfriend turned legal guardian-mother he played with his toys on the carpet in the living room. The TV was turned on. Some NickJr show played on the screen. Grace prohibited David from watching Cartoon Network, because: “Some TV shows on this channel aren’t appropriate for boys your age. I’m just caring about your young, innocent mind and protecting it. Because I’m your Mum and you’re my favorite sweet boy”. 

On the carpet was a home with garage built out of blocks. He parked a toy car in the garage making a ”Vrroom” sound with his mouth.

Car comes into the garage Brave Soldier Charles comes home” – he thought aloud, while pulling out a plastic soldier. Even one of Grace’s old Barbie’s came in hand, the doll was sitting inside the house. –“ Charles’ beloved girlfriend is already waiting for him. - Hi, honey! - Hi, dear, the dinner is ready!

If someone would see this, he’ll never guess that David was an adult man with business and girlfriend and he used to drive home in his car for real and not in his childish games.

-          Kitten, are you ready to go out? – he heard Grace’s voice.



                                                             At the park.

When Grace and David walked to the playground in the park, there already were some people – two women, one of them with a stroller, and two little girls about 5 years old.

One woman had an almond shaped eyes, yellowish undertone of skin and other features typical for people of East Asian origin. She was slim, small statured and small breasted pretty young mother with long hair flowing down to her shoulders, dressed in a business suit with a pencil skirt. Her daughter had the same features, dark silky hair cut at the level of her ears with a small quiff and decorated with a cute pink bow, she also had a round cheeks and was dressed in pink T-shirt with Hello Kitty print, corduroy light grey jumper, knee high white socks with small hearts on it and mary-jane shoes.

The other one- blonde with a little junk in the trunk and a body type usually called “pear shaped”. She was dressed in a “mom jeans” and purple blouse. As for her daughter, she had the hair of the same color braided into twintails. She wore a denim corduroy overalls over her red sweater and white sneakers. The woman also had a stroller with a baby in a blue onesie inside.

-          Hi, ladies, you won’t mind us here?- asked Grace.

-          Hi, of course, we won’t. I’m Cheryl and this angel is my daughter Anna and this sweet bun is my son – Jason. – said the blond one.

-          Nice to meet you, I’m Cherish. Jessie greet the nice lady. – calmly said the asian woman.

-          Good day, nice to meet you. My name is Jessica and I’m 5 years old. – said her daughter.

-          What a big girl you are! And here’s my little kitten – Davie. Oh, excuse me, he’s a little shy! – said Grace, as David hide behind her leg.

It was embarrassing to him to be seen by he is now by this people, especially little girls, which now are bigger and more mature than he is.

-          Hewwo. – he greeted all of them.

-          Cherish and I are neighbors, so we usually walk together, and today is such a nice weather! Come on girls you can play with Davie! Oh, don’t be afraid, they are smart little pumpkins, they won’t cause much trouble, they’re always nice with smaller kids. You can take a seat here. – said Cheryl sitting on the bench.

During their talk Cherish was texting and didn’t show much interest in conversation.

                                                         Meanwhile at the playground.

Girls walked to the jungle gym with a big tube slide. Anna led David by the hand. His little legs didn’t move fast enough, so he was behind a little.

-          Jessie, what should we play now, when we have a baby with us.

-          Hey, I’m not a baby!

-          Of course, you’re not! My baby brother is a baby, not you.

-          Annie, why he is so upset to be called “baby”. It’s true. And I bet he still wears diapers and need his mom to spoonfeed him.

-          NO! It no twue! I not weaw di-dies! And eat by myself! – he pulled the waistband of his pants and shown girls his Pull Up.

-          We believe you, Davie. Jessica is very sorry for saying this. Are you Jessica?- asked Anna.

-          Yes, I am. Will you forgive me Davie?

-          Y-Yes. – answered David. A little shocked to be treated like this by such small girls, so his answer was a little short.

-          Good boy. Davie, we have a rule- you listen to me and Jessie, play nice and we won’t be mean to you and we’ll say your Mommy what a nice boy you are. Okay?

-          Yes.

-          Now, Jess, what should we play?

-          Now, that we have a playmate… What do you think about playing House? – asked Jessica.

-          House? And Davie will be the father? You like to be the mother… but I don’t like to be your baby! Yeah! I have an idea! We’ll both be mommies and Davie – our ba… I mean son.

-          But you and I – both girls! I heard, you can’t have a child without father. My Mom said – father has a magic seed and mother a magic pot and they plant a seed together…

-          My granny said a stork brings kids to their parents, but she and your parents are wrong! Before my Mommy brought us Jason she had a bi-i-ig belly. She said – Anna came closer to another girl and whispered in her ear – when man and woman really love each other, they kiss each other on the lips *giggle* and a baby starts to grow in woman’s tummy.

-          So a girl can kiss a girl and they’ll have a baby? That’s gross.

-          No, Mommy said it works only with boy and a girl!

-          Okay, so if I’ll kiss Charlie from next door we’ll have a baby? With a red hair and freckles, like he is? – Jessica smiled. Looks like someone has her first crush.

-          No, Mommy said we’re too young, we had to grow boobies first. Anyway, I heard about families with two moms. I asked Mommy about it. And she said it’s not right. But what’s wrong with it? For example, Charlie only has a mother and a grandma in his family, so why someone can’t have two mothers?

-          Yeah, I like your idea!  Let’s be mothers together. Davie what do you think? Do you like it?

-          Yes, wet’s go!

                                                             Meanwhile on the bench.

Cheryl and Grace chatted together, while the baby Jason was sleeping in his stroller. A minute ago Cherish excused herself. She had a call from work and really needed to go. Cheryl agreed to watch Jessica and bring her home later.

-          So, Grace, tell me, what’s your secret. You have a small kid and you look great!

-          I don’t know, exercise, diet, genetics maybe… - Grace had to come up with something. She may have said that David is adopted, but she wanted to pretend he is her own. And, of course she didn’t want to ruin her and David’s disguise. Cheryl may be shocked if she knew the truth. What would she say if she learnt that an adult man is playing with her little daughter, even if he is “former” adult?

-          That’s what everyone says! That’s what bothers me, I wasn’t able to recover completely even after the first labor! You know, I always had wide hips, like my mother had and Anna most likely will have, and sagging breasts is completely normal for me, because I breastfed, but I hoped for my weight to become smaller and I tried to make it. Maybe that’s because of stress and work that I have to mix with caring for children. I think, I already have learnt to live with a body like this, even if I worry a bit too much about being a little paunchy from my excess lbs. – by that moment Grace became slightly bored and irritated from their chatting. She easily can be understood, Cheryl wasn’t paying much attention to her listener’s reaction and just continued her speech and Grace wasn’t interested very much, because she wasn’t so familiar with these kind of troubles.

“Maybe Cherish ran away to escape situations like this?” – she thought. “They are really very different, it’s hard to believe they are close friends and even planned the birth of their children together, so they could become close friends too, like Cheryl said. It even sounds a little too strange?.. crazy?.. for a serious person like Cherish definitely is. Do all women with children talk about such themes? If it’s true, I’m going to have tough time later.”

-          I also tried belly bender, Spanx, push up bra to make them look more perky – I was tired of them all very soon. It’s good I have Cherish, she always supports me, tough her body hasn’t come through the same changes as mine, so she’s still slim. Oh, I’m sorry, jealousy isn’t a good thing really. But I have to say, my husband loves me this way too she calls me his “Chubby Queen”, I was a “Princess” before, and likes to play with my fleshy “things” *giggle*. He had a little “troubles” at first after I gave birth to Annie. But I heard some families comes through this, so it’s completely normal. By the way, if you’re not ashamed to tell me, how your sexual life has been since the appearance of Davie.

-          Ohhhh… Hmmm… Should I say it?.. Not very interesting? His father left us before his birth, so my only partner is vibrator now.

-          Oh, I’m so sorry.

-          Everything’s okay. There’s nothing to worry about.

-          Grace! But you’re so young and beautiful! Don’t waste it, while you still got it! Some asshole isn’t a reason to spend your life alone! We, girls, all deserve amazing sex. Here, I’ll write you an address of this club… Take it! I heard in this place you can easily find a man for serious, or not so serious, relationship. Depends on you. I know some gals, older than you, they could be called “cougars”, you understand, that go there to find a nice man, or a boy *khm* you know…

-          Oh, thank you very much! Maybe I’ll find the new “Daddy” for Davie and for me, of course. – said Grace with a mischievous grin.

Then Cheryl paid attention to the kids on the playground and saw David closing his eyes for a moment, suddenly freezing and then touching the crotch of his pants, that had training pant underneath, with a thumb in his mouth and a confused look.

-          Oh, it seems like someone peed his pants!

-          Yeah, I see. Unfortunately, I’ll have to change him at home.

Suddenly, baby Jason started to cry in his stroller. His mother lifted him out of it, pulled down her blouse, unclasped her nursing bra and started to breastfeed him, looking at her boy with eyes full of love. Her pale, fleshy, full of milk breast with huge pink nipple was out. After some crying tiny boy accepted it and drank making suckling sounds.

Half of an hour later all of them said “Bye-Bye” to each other and headed home.


                                                                           At home.

David and Grace finally arrived home. Dave’s mood became better at the park and Grace noticed it when they left.

As they entered she said:

-          Come to me kitten! Mommy needs to check one thing.

-          Check? No I don’t need!

-          Please, don’t be so stubborn. You were such a good boy at the park, you behaved so well and played with nice big girls! Davie, are you hiding something from me? You can tell everything to Mommy, if it bothers you. – she said in a caring, motherly and soothing voice.

Of course he noticed that he wet his pants, but at the playground he didn’t want to stop the game and have an embarrassment moment right before Cheryl, later he just forgot to tell Grace, but now the embarrassment have returned to him, because of his “Mommy” tone and attitude and refusal to accept that he’s a pee pee pants baby.

-          No, Mommy, I don’t.

-          Okay, then I’ll see it for myself.

He came closer to Grace then she grabbed the waistband of his pants with her finger and pulled it, seeing a swollen from urine front of David’s Pull-Up. She touched it a little and said:

-          I guess we need to change out of this soggy thing.

David blushed red and reluctantly started to pull down his pants. He was used to piss himself and staying in wet underwear. But when it started he did it all alone in his room. Things slowly changed step by step. At this moment Grace not only stayed with him but also helped him to pull down his Pull-Up down, said him to step out of it and started to clean his privates with a wet wipe.

-          Turn around, please, let me clean your bottom. You peed so much that it’s wet too.

At first it happened with David during his rush to the potty, later when he was too busy playing or watching cartoons, today he did it fully aware of his needs. It was just easier, he didn’t need to hold it, go somewhere and just continue playing with big girls.

Grace put the training potty on the floor.

-          Sit down kitten. Do you want to tinkle anymore. – she asked and David shook his head. – But I want you to sit on it a little and a make a tinkle or poo-poo if you can.

-          Alwight.

To break the silence Grace talked with Davie:

-          Did you enjoy playing with girls? What have you played?

-          Yef! I wiked it! We pwayed House! – answered David excitedly.

-          Oh! That’s great! Who were you?! The Daddy? Or a child with another one of the girls.

-          No, they both were mommies and I was there son.

-          That’s a little strange, I never thought we could play like this, when I was a girl… Were they nice to you?

-          Anna was. She played with me all the time, said nice words to me and baked me cakes from sand…

-          Davie! Did you ate sand?! – Grace put on her best concerned look.

-          *Giggle* Not, Mommy. We pwetended. But I hafta say Jessie wasn’t so nice to me! – he pouted. For real or not – he didn’t know himself. – We made a deaw, Anna will be a hauf… housewife like her mom and Jessie will be going to work when I and Annie at home – like her mom do. So she left us a lot and just went to the slides or swings without us!

They both heard a sound. *Hisssss*

-          Oh, what a big boy I have! Doing wee-wees all by himself! Do you want me to buy a potty training chart? Sit here a little longer, maybe something else will come out. Here. You can have your car. – Grace gave a toy car to David. - And I’ll turn on your favorite cartoons.


During lunch Grace said to David, sitting in his highchair:

-          Davie, do you remember the baby Jason from the playground. Yes, that infant in the stroller. He’s so tiny! You know, of course, I hope you’re not getting any smaller anymore, but if it’s going to happen you could become the same physical age as him. I’ll do anything for you, I even could take some medication to start lactating, so I can breastfeed you. My friends with their own children described this as a very bonding moment. Would you like it, kitten? What do you think?


When it was David’s new bedtime, 8 o’clock to be sure Grace has already read him a bedtime story.

-          Oh, kitten you haven’t started to sleep yet? Let me sit a little closer… I’ll turn on a smart speaker and sing you a lullaby.

The soothing mix of strange sounds and melody combined with Grace’s calm voice and David was soon asleep.


                                                                       23rd of April.

It was evening, an hour or so was left before David’s new bedtime. He sat on the floor playing with building blocks. David hasn’t noticed the change in his interests, from pretending to doing it for real.

His bed now had a changing mat on, because he woke up wet every morning now, sometime his Pull Up wasn’t enough to protect his mattress, because it leaked. Sometimes he peed himself without even noticing it and for the last two days David went through 2 changes at least.

Grace walked downstairs and said that David needs to prepare for bed, interrupting his playtime.  

-          Come on, Davie. I’ll help you to brush your teeth and bathe you.

-          Mommy, pleeaaaase, can I have a wittle more time? – he whined. He wanted to play a little more.

Grace grabbed the boy under his armpits, left him up from carpet and carried him on her hip, without much effort.

 Carrying David to the bathroom, she noticed something.

-          Oh, what an odor is that? Davie, have you… No. Let me see for myself. – he pulled the waistband of his Pull – Up. Yes, David wore only his absorbing underwear and  tiny T-shirt at the moment.

-          Oh, that’s what I feared. David, you have pooped yourself! Why didn’t you tell me that you needed to go potty?! You did ca in your pants, like a baby!

-          No, no, I haven’t noticed it, it wasn’t for puwpose… -    he said with face changing from realization. David’s lip trembled, a tear rolled down, then he started to cry.

-          Noooo! Gwaaaace! No… Waaaaaahhhhhh!  

Grace started to calm him down, talking to him in a soothing motherly tone. Then ahe stripped him down to birthday suit. David now was able to see a small brown log in his Pull-Up. Grace started water in the tub and placed Dave on the potty, hoping he can make a little more “ca”.

-          Mom… I’m done.

-          Good boy.

Grace wiped David and emptied potty in the “grown-up toilet”, saying:

-          See, Davie. Bye bye pee-pee, bye bye ca-ca.     

When Grace washed him, David sat in the warm tub silently and suddenly memories started flowing in his head.

-          Remember, when you made a bwowjob ta me. Dat felt great… And now…

-          What Mommy did? Where have you picked those words? Someone’s going in the corner!

They both started to laugh, stopping their “game” for a moment, but later they returned to their roles.

When Grace tucked David in, turning on the smart speaker again to play the affirmation sounds, she said:

-          Mommy has to go out  this evening, so don’t worry about me. If you’ll need to drink, there’s a cup of water and there’s your phone, if you’ll need me.

-          Okay.

Grace waited till David started sleeping, then dressed herself in a sexy red evening dress and high heels, that was showing her curves well, and went out to that club, Cheryl told her about.    


                                                                    In the club. 9 PM                    

Grace appeared in the club entrance. From the first glance she could say that Cheryl was right. There were some attractive guys from boys just out of teens to men in his 30’s clad in an expensive suits. The same could be sad about female part of clubbers. Grace saw a company of college girls having good time, women in evening dresses like herself, so-called “cougars” – females older than Grace that still haven’t wasted their beauty, though they have some excess weight, wrinkles hidden with make-up, dressed in revealing clothes. There were even some women in their 40’s, one of them wore a leopard printed short skirt and blouse with an open cleavage. That looked so vulgar combined with her age and chubby cellulite thights. “How did security even let her in?! It’s just ridiculous! She can’t face the reality – I can see it from how she dressed and behaves herself” – thought Grace. That woman was flirting with a young guy, he looked confused, of course, remnants of her prime weren’t very appealing to him, her acting like a silly young girl didn’t help much with it. The guy looked to be in his late 20’s, toned abs could be seen through the fabric of his T-shirt. He was tall, clean shaved, with black hair, tanned skin and prominent jaw. He surely had an Italian origin.

They met each other with glance, when the guy turned his look towards Grace, sitting on the bar stool. He made an excuse, left the middle aged lady alone and came to Grace.

-          Hi, lady. Would you mind me to be your company for the evening?

-          Of course, not. Take a seat. I bet that crone made you tired from her attempts to flirt.

-          *Laugh* She’s quite nice, by the way, but you’re right, I wasn’t planning to spend this evening with her. Name’s Anthony. Forget to introduce myself.

-          I’m Grace. Tell me more about yourself. I don’t have any plans for tonight. – she winked.

They chatted as Grace was slowly sipping her cocktail. Anthony told her, that he’s a massage therapist, that used to dream about sport career, but that was before his trauma. His charisma and confidence gave him a special aura. Grace felt something strange, like a little electric signals running through her whole body, tickling her from head to toes, as they talked.

As they walked out of club, holding hands, she noticed how strong but gentle is the touch of his palm.

There was a certain reason why Grace left David alone at home in his condition and hanged out with another man.


                                                              At the motel. 1AM

Anthony and Grace came into the motel room. They came here by taxi.

Grace opened the door and they came inside.

The motel was cheap – the perfect place to have fun for an hour. The receptionist said they have good sound isolation.

Grace was a little drunk from cocktails and wine she had earlier, so her mood changed into more playful. She suddenly pulled Anthony into a French kiss and he squeezed her ass. Anthony pulled a condom out of his pocket. They undressed and Grace hopped on the bed. Seeing Anthony’s impressive manhood Grace said:

-          You’re a little bigger than my ex-boyfriend, we could use condoms left from him. Okay, let’s go!

Grace lifted her legs and opened them wide providing the view of her pussy with a suggestive look on her face.

-          Oh, it seems I forgot to shave down there. Sorry, I haven’t expected that I would go so far. – she said about small fair hairs on her crotch.

-          Nevermind.

Anthony put his palm on the place between Grace’s pubic and thight and got his thumb on her clitoris massaging it. He started gently, but was doing it faster with every 10 seconds. Grace was so horny from professional movements of her lover’s big hand! Grace made a soft moan and bit her low lip in a sexy way. Suddenly Anthony’s position changed, just a second before he surely was the one showing his supremacy and domineering position, now he kneeled down with his face close to Grace’s crotch as if he worshiped his goddess and started to play with her “special pea” between her legs with his tongue, as Grace let the waves of pleasure run through her whole body. Seeing the ecstasy Grace currently in and her wetness, Anthony decided it’s enough and started to put his hard member in.

-          Aaaahhhhh! – Grace moaned, she hadn’t has any sex for a long time.

They were having sex in a position with Grace on her spine and her legs laying on man’s shoulders. Anthony pumped harder and harder with any moment. He leaned even closer to her, cupped her breast, then pinched her pink nipple gently and pulled it a little. It was both pleasuring and painful for Grace. A tear rolled from her eye.

At the moment Anthony can do anything he likes with Grace’s body as long as his dick is inside her.


                                                                          At the motel. An hour later. 

Grace layed nude on the bed after she experienced her orgasm and sipped her wine, that Anthony brought for her. Anthony was in the shower. Suddenly she heard her phone ringing. She answered the call, from the high pitched little boy’s voice she realized it’s call from David.

-          Gwace, whewe’re you? It’s very late and you’we not at home!

-          Hi, Davie. The meeting is longer than I thought, so I’ll come later, don’t worry. By the way, I tucked you in, kitten. Why are you awake.

-          I had to go potty. And I found you nowhere at home. I can’t go to sweep. I’m a wittle scawed.

-          Oh, I understand. You need to turn on the smart speaker. It should be in your room.

-          But I can’t find it! It’s not there!

-          Sorry baby, maybe I have forgotten it in my room, so you need to find it in your room.

-          And Mommy, I peed again. I mean- I’m wet.

-          Already?! Kitten, there’s a pack of fresh Pull-Ups near my bed. I hope you can do it all by yourself.

-          Otay, bye.

-          Bye-bye.

Anthony has come back by the time she ended the call.


                                                                          Meanwhile at home.

The call ended. Confused David was sitting on the plastic potty. Of course, he wanted his Mommy… erm, Grace to be here with him. He stood up. “The pee in the potty will be poured in the toilet by Grace, when she’ll come back” – he thought. David stood up and walked to Grace’s room. He was naked except for the upper part of his pj’s.

Walking to another room through the hall he thought: “Wait, why Grace is having meeting so late? She said she has gone somewhere I don’t need to know… Why didn’t she tell me?”. He finally came to the right door, his fear of the dark and sort legs made the hall feel longer to David than it’s really is. He turned on the light and saw a pack of Pull-Ups.

David came closer to it and wore the training pant. He had a little trouble doing it by himself, almost mixed up the front and the back sides. Then he searched for the smart speaker. It was on the table, so David had to climb on a chair to reach for it. Then he saw something interesting. It was the diary of Grace. Of course, reading someone’s diaries is what bad boys do, that what his Mommy said (his real mother, that gave birth to and raised him).

“But isn’t Grace acting strange?! She was so cold to me before regression, since I got ARV diagnosis it changed. But now, when I depend on her more than ever before, she’s acting a little suspicious again. That “role play” of her is not so fun as I thought, it’s humiliating sometime and I don’t know when I can stop it and when can’t. It’s not fair! I’m afraid in combine with mental slipping it makes me percept not as a game sometime, but as reality. And her spanking me at the park? I know, she said it’s game that has gotten out of control and broken the borders. But now I realize it may have been an outbreak of rage. Grace left me alone at night, didn’t tell me the reason and stays somewhere so late. For the last weeks she never was without me for so long. Maybe this thing can help me explain it” – thought David.

The diary was opened. Usually Grace hid it in her drawer. It’s great for David that her handwriting can be easily understood.

David started to read: One- six, slash, three; To-day ay ca-n-t ke-ep my emo-ty-on-s from bre-a-kin-g out, dot.

The text written on that page of diary:


Today I can’t keep my emotions from breaking out. This day is especially challenging for me, I was so nervous that my colleagues suggested me to take a day-off to relieve my stress. Of course, that’s till evening, when it all will be started.

David was cheating on me with Jennifer. I tried to save our relationships with him, because I love (or at least loved, I don’t know for sure anymore) this asshole                 !!!

I was going mad from pretending nothing happens at all

                                                                           Because I know he’s fucking her

                                                                                                                              and I’m not THAT good in  acting

Of course David noticed the change in my mood and behavior.

But the day has come!!! It starts here

I’ve done my part by now

I can take one more glass of wine to celebrate it

Waiting for real revenge to start is all I need now

David was very confused after reading it. Of course he have questions to Grace, he should ask later.

David grabbed a smart speaker and rushed to his room and hopped in bed, under the covers. His heart was beating fast, his head was ready to burst from all his thoughts. The strange track played by smart speaker helped him to sleep this night.




End Chapter 6

Refresh our relationships

by: Zebes | Complete Story | Last updated May 19, 2024


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